Monday Humor: So You Want To Be A Trader...

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Months of BTFD momo mentality lost in days... so we thought this was appropriate



Source: TradingMemes

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Rainman's picture

Clever .. not funny ...but clever

cifo's picture

I completely agree.

I would also add a few crevices on the flat surface.

Four chan's picture

great view from the noose.

aVileRat's picture

Had to do a double take because of the source joke. Agreed.

Funny how nobody is talking about the Cattle futures & OJ futures making historic (inflation adjusted) highs. No way can that be healthy for retail margins.

kaiserhoff's picture

Soon Amazon will be the only retailer,

  and Bezos will still lose money.  WTF?

Stoploss's picture

I thought it was the IPO market...

jefferson32's picture

Great, but the 3 coloured lines need to be consistently above the black one (otherwise don't change a thing, it's very funny thank you :) )

db51's picture

hmmmm...I don't see any Goldman or JP Morgan Types in that Graphic?   Must have accidently trimmed that part....where they're sitting around popping Champagne, fist bumping and high fiving each other.

Blano's picture

They don't lose money trading silly, that's why they're not on there.

vie's picture

I thought they were well represented by the bulldozer.

mkkby's picture

They don't trade, they steal.  Al Capone's numbers raquet wasn't gambling either.

Obchelli's picture

Where is a nail gun on this chart?

mkkby's picture

Look at all those muppets being bulldozed to their graves.

holmes's picture

Gartman's still on the x/y axis.

incalculable captcha's picture

Hey you finance people are supposed to be good with charts... at least label the axes correctly.

X axis should be Skill.

Y axis should be Time.

atomicwasted's picture

So if I become a trader I can go back in time?  Cool!

Goldilocks's picture

Van Halen - Diver Down - Little Guitars (3:47)

Van Halen - Diver Down - Where Have All The Good Times Gone? (3:02)

Bananamerican's picture

Van Halen, butchering another perfectly great Kinks song....

besnook's picture

you are not a trader unless you have cheated death a few times or have died several times and come back from the dead as a zombie trader. the eyes give us away.

nonclaim's picture

When you start noticing how often an ambulance is parked in front of your office building you realize there's something deeply wrong going on around you ...

nmewn's picture

I'm long the crony 3X levered short Bureaucrat-Statist ETF.

(Bull Shit for

kaiserhoff's picture

That's great, nmewn,

  but I'm trying to figure out who I can tell that to who will understand it;)

nmewn's picture

Thats the problem ain't it?

Just like Goldman Sux, the government has its tentacles in everything now...from food, to tech, energy, name it.

kaiserhoff's picture

Let's pitch it to knucks as a real ETF. 

He might do a master piece of a rant before he realizes we're just drunk;)

nmewn's picture

lol...he's much better at than I.

Him and stooging, I can't contort myself like those two.

But I'm trying ;-)

Spungo's picture

According to that graph, trading is the easiest job while social work is the hardest job. With very minimal time spent, the trading skill goes parabolic. Social work is mostly flat, showing only marginal gains in skill as large amounts of time are spent learning it.

RaceToTheBottom's picture

For proof, just look at "Community Organizer"......

OK, nevermind.

ronron's picture

start high, stay high. then buy a nail gun.

BlueStreet's picture

See mom, trading IS a profession, it says so in the chart!  So stop asking me when I am going to get a real job.  

Yen Cross's picture

   I already said the equity market charts looked like the Matterhorn at least 6 months ago.

dirtyfiles's picture

I like the parabolic/vertical trading chart with the blow of the top hook..after which there is no way but go down I'm afraid with same down momentum

Philalethian's picture

Maybe it is better to laugh all the way back to the gas chambers.:


booboo's picture

Now can we show the learning curve of a entrepreneur, at least the fuck ups are on his nickle.

Snoopy the Economist's picture

Sure this is the majority of daytraders - but it doesn't mean that those who follow the market's signals can't be successful.

spanish inquisition's picture

I remember that graph. It's funnier in the original context of the learning curve for popular MMORPGS from 2008, with Eve being the top one. Man I am getting old.

Notsobadwlad's picture

That's only because to be successful, not only fo you have to be able to recognize the fraud, but be complicit in it.

whisp's picture

Stolen picture. Originally, this is learning curve of EVE Online.  Red blue and green lines does not belong there.