Homebuilder Confidence Misses For 4th Month In A Row

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NAHB confidence missed expectations once again - the 7th miss in the last 8 months - as the 'hope' priced into this index is eroded and collapses back to the reality of actual sales. The index was up very modestly but all thanks to yet more "hope" as Future (expected) single-family sales expectations rose to 57 (the highest since Jan). The Northeast saw prospective buyer traffic rise while all other regions fell with the West collapsing.



NAHB catches down to reality as yet another false dawn breaks...


Charts: Bloomberg

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The recovery that never was.  A speculative bubble created by printed money and goverment lies!

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....I'm a homebuilder and I support this message

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i used to sell new homes and left the building...

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Yeah, tell me about it. We have our house for sale. I tell my wife that the market is dead and it is not coming back, but she keeps coming up with various and assorted reasons to sell, sell, sell, So I let her list the damn thing knowing it won't sell. So far 500 prospects have looked at the listing without one bite. She just can't understand why. By the way we own the house for exept for the rent we pay to the state.

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Got more Mexicans mowin lawns, tree trimming and pounding For Sale signs into the ground than you can shake a stick at round here.

Did you see the blood moon last night? Looked like it was a marble planet hanging in the sky above Los Angeles.

For the times they are a changing.

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We missed the moon, had clouds and snow - snow, for fuck's sake.

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Flood of extremely cheap labor is one of the bonuses of zero border control.

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It's only cheap for the employers.  For everyone else the medical costs, education, crime, and crowding the costs are dire.


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At the same time, surging rent prices are leaving people in a lurch:

From the MSM (but still informative):