Unidentified Fighter Jets Open Fire On Kramatorsk Airfield, Casualties Reported

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Things in east Ukraine have spiraled out of control. Moments ago Itar Tass reported that there has been a shoot out at the separatists-controlled airport in the city of Kramatorsk where according to on the ground witnesses,  four Su-27 fighter jets have allegedly opened fire at the local airfield. It is unclear who the unidentified warplanes belong to although Itar Tass notes that one of the jets was allegedly taken down, so there should be confirmation shortly. Eyewitnesses also add that there are victims and an ambulance has been sent to the scene.

Itar-Tass also adds that according to the newspaper "News Kramatorsk" three helicopters were circling over Kramatorsk.

Elsewhere, RIA adds that Ukraine troops have now successfully regained control of the same airport.

Here is a photo of one of the fighters seen circling above Kramatorsk.

From Kyiv Post:

Espresso TV's correspondent on the ground at Kramatorsk airfield in Donetsk Oblast reports that the elite Omega unit of the Interior Ministry has taken control of the airfield.


Citing the Defense Ministry, Interfax is reporting that Ukrainian armored personnel carriers stormed the airfield, which lies between the cities of Sloviansk and Kramatorsk. Ukrainian troops fired on pro-Russian terrorists who had occupied the airfield.


Russia Today reported that several members of armed terrorists were wounded in the attack and there "may be deaths."


Quoting "activists" at the airfield, Russia Today reported that "Other members of the militia (Kremlin-backed terrorists) have blocked the entrance to Kramatorsk and are ready to defend the city, the activists added."


Concurrently, RIA Novosti reported that Ukrainian troops had laid siege on Sloviansk.


Interfax cited eye witnesses who said that a caravan of 500 Ukrainian troops and military hardware has entered Sloviansk.

Russia is keeping mum for now:


More on the escalation:


Finally, from Bloomberg citing RIA:


At what point does one declare that there is now a civil war going on in Ukraine?

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God left the building a long time ago...

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God gave us free will.  Right now he's just doing ANOTHER face plant.

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it will be what is meant to be ... asking for God's help it showes you are in good terms with yourself, everything else we do not control ...

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Barry, send in the drones now

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...and he confiscated all National Guard helicopters from all 50 States !?

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Must.  Hide.  Financial.  Collapse.

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Sickening and disgusting, but this will be good for the US dollar.

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So what was it that Putin and Obama spoke about on that call? Perhaps just confirming a date and time. 

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1 SU-25.  1 SU-27.   And I do believe they're both packing.

FinalEvent's picture

<- My name

<- Not my name

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Just the Apache gunships.  NG will be getting Blackhawk (not gunships) in exchange.  Yay.

"All the better to eat you with."

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there are no foxes in atheist holes.

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This whole revolution thing looks like fun!

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You have free will only within your operating system and its software.

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Not according to the NSA!

And no mention of this news on CNN.com!!??

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still looking for flight 370...

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It's in Michelle O's big black butt.

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The US has God and Jesus in a terrorist camp.

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Where's your Messiah now, Flanders?

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Repugnant is a creature who would squander the ability to lift an eye to heaven conscious of his fleeting time here. - MJK

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God was all out of face plants the second time Obama was elected....

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Text on the Devil's phone after 2012 election "well played"

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Air superiority is critical here.  The West can not match Russia's ground hardware / troops.  But NATO and the US can fight for air superiority, along with using covert SOF units on the ground.


This has definitely escalated to a new level.  


The airspace over the Ukraine is, for now, the real area of conflict I think.

sushi's picture

The USSA and NATO have not gone up against a state with an integrated air defense system such as that fielded by Russia. The S-400 is a pretty sophisticated piece of kit.


Jack Burton's picture

I noted before that Russia stopped backing down to the west just a year after S-400 began to deploy as the main Russian air defense missile, protected by TOR M2U.

Vampyroteuthis infernalis's picture

The US military is in shambles after playing around in the sandbox over the last few decades. Throw in the rump ranger military, we are in serious trouble. I smell an ass kicking of Ukraine forces by their old (new) masters.

nightshiftsucks's picture

Really and you have first hand knowledge of that,right Sushi ?

Jack Burton's picture

Really. Last time was over North Vietnam in the early 70's. You can tell me the incident after that where a modern missile system engaged US aircraft. I mean modern, contemperary with the aircraft.

S-300 was considerd an act of war by Israel if Iran bought them. S-400 is a far more advanced system, and S-500 anti missile system is arriving soon. Also TOR M2U mediam and short range is deploying it's newest advanced missle.

TheReplacement's picture

The problem with the S-X00 is that it is that it can be overwhelmed by not very high numbers of targets.  This is where drones come in handy.

This is a fundamental truth about most defensive systems.  That and they tend to be static targets.

El Crusty's picture

in Vietnam they ran into this same problem with Russian SAM systems. we lost a bunch of planes at first, but we developed fairly effective tactics and counter measures to deal with them. i would expect the US to come up with a wild weasel type strategy using armed drones.

i've heard many times about how the US MIC wanted the conflict in Vietnam to happen so they could test US military technology directly against Soviet military technology. this situation doesnt feel any different in that aspect..

Tabarnaque's picture

If Nato starts shooting down Russian airplanes then look for ICBM's to start flying soon.

Invinciblehandaxe's picture

oooh yeah nato bitches just come taste the S400's



Perfecthedge's picture

S400: this looks like a truck with 4 pipes mounted on top.  Doesn't look like a game changer. I might be wrong though.



Ralph Spoilsport's picture

The  S-400 Triumph is considered by many experts around the globe as arguably the best air defense system.


seek's picture

It's what's in the those "pipes" that matters. Which is a solid fuel rocket on one end, high explosives on the other, and sensors paired with what would pass for a supercomputer 10 years ago in the middle.

For comparison remember that plenty of US pilots ended up in the Hanoi Hilton thanks for archaic vacuum-tube based radar guided missiles in Vietnam.

This is not Afghanistan where the people on the ground had nothing much more than RPGs to go after aircraft.

pods's picture

Probably the Ukraine government. The Su-27 is more of an air superiority fighter and is not as well equipped at ground attack.

Ukraine has ~50 of these I think (wiki).

This is the MO of a military that is ill equipped at the task at hand.  Use what you have I guess?



CH1's picture

That's the point:


And those assholes shot the truth before starting this insanity.

mrbadexample's picture

What a stupid fucking comment. NATO forces are superior to Russia's conventional forces in every possible quantifiable way. In their wildest dreams the Russians have never dreampt of defeating NATO in a full on conventional war. Russis has great weapons systems but they are mostly for sale. They do not have the capacity to fight a conventional war against NATO and will not have one for the foreseeable future. This is brinksmanship pure and simple. All the children in the room should just take a deep breath and get  a diaper change. If the ICBM's ever "start flying" they will be coming from Israel, not RUS or USA... Russian doctrine calls for limited nuclear strikes on purely military targets to "deescalate" if they ever go too far and NATO gets involved. That would likely not include ICBM's  because any likely ICBM launch would provoke a full retaliatory strike, it would most likely be a tactical nuke deployed by an aircraft.

Invinciblehandaxe's picture

NATO will never attack Russia cuz they know damn fucking well

their raptors and other shit would dropping like death flies


Invinciblehandaxe's picture

eat a dick and go play with you plastic f15s made in china

fucking NATO and UFSA would have to borrow from China and Russia

first if they wanted to start the war

just come and try them S400s

fucking NATO pussies


what&#039;s that smell's picture

fucking NATO pussies? what's wrong with good ole american pie?

spine001's picture

I repeat. And check my words with any electronics expert. USA's only problem is not to humiliate Russia and thus trigger an arms race and an end to globalization. Anybody who thinks otherwise has no clue of the advances made in the last 14 years.

mrbadexample's picture

Yes, NATO war gamers stay up all night worrying about an air force where the pilots average less than 100 hours per year flight time and have no combat experience and an army of 350K composed of 2/3 conscript troops who are essentially combat ineffectives i.e. a drunken, raped and/or otherwise demoralized liability commanded by psychotic NCO's. The Russian professional core including airborne troops are as good as any NATO has (morale/equipment wise) but they add up to about 130K all told or about twice the size of the Heer alone. They also have none of the sophiticated logistical support and interservice training that NATO has pretty much perfected, nor the C5I advantages that NATO forces possess and could presumbaly employ to completely overwhelm and destroy, in a matter of days, the Russian core professional troops who cannot be replaced. This isn't WW2 and "Human Wave" tactics won't work. Quit talking out your ass, you don't know shit.

CH1's picture

Oh yeah, you're the big badass!

Never seen that fail, have we?

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I applaud your attempts at trolling, but you're pretty bad at it.


Sorry :(

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Not that I agree with many things our government does

But do you really think they spend all that money on screw-drivers and toilet seats....Star Wars brother