The Annotated History Of The Russian Empire

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The potential geopolitical, economic, and asset implications of the tensions between Russia and the West over the crisis in Ukraine are weighing on growth hopes around the world (and not just in Russia). Russia's promising outlook for 2014 is fading fast but a worst-case scenario that includes a disruption in energy flows would likely wreak more economic and asset damage. However, some context at the growth of the Russian 'empire' is worthwhile before extrapolating Putin's demise too soon...

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Source: Goldman Sachs

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The Commie-hating Dulles brothers must be twitching in their graves

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one of the ads on this page tells me I have to go check out Michelle Jenneke's amazing warm-up routine, so I'll have to check out the chart in more detail later

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One word: Ad Block

OK two words.

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Thanks Burning, I just added it and it works like a charm.

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The Russian Empire may be getting stronger, but the Russians as a group are killing themselves with alcohol, drugs, disease, abortion and suicide.   The future belongs to those who show up for it.   By 2050 Muslims may be the majority of the Russian population.

Putin better keep grabbing all the Russians he can get his hands on.

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To understand Russia you must understand the Russian mindset. This act has been repeating for hundreds of years.

"Geography determines destiny"

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If Muslims can take over Dearborn, MI...

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That's the consequence of 70 years of bolshevism.

It was a disease injected into Russia for that purpose.

But Russia is starting to recover, it seems.

...meanwhile, the West is succumbing to the same fever.


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Yes, the Bolsheviks on taking power immediately introduced a whole range of anti-family measures including easy divorece and abortion availability.

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Hey, thanks for reminding me. I almost forgot to watch it today.

SafelyGraze's picture

now I feel like a baaaad influence and georgewashingtonblog is going to tell me which of the 15 disruptive behaviors I exhibited


written from my lynx browser

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Michelle Jenneke is a little slice of Heaven.......

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The Dulles brothers were in the same big club as Uncle Joe Stalin. Its all bullshit

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Red globalists and Yellow/Orange globalists have the same goal: world government. And the same enemy: souvereign nations. Therefore they always ally, when push comes to shove.


Very interesting: Gorbi, the Red globalist (and in the last years a big supporter of a worldwide ecology-tribunal) always claimed, that Glasnost and Perestroika spinned out of control. So according to the Red globalist propaganda the class enemy won. Strangely, shortly after the collapse of the USSR, the Red globalist Gorbi held a speech at a US thinktank, where he said, that he has the hope, that the world now would be developed faster torwards world government...

Which system was more "revolutionary" in the sense of destryoing the European culture and nations? The Yellow globalism: capitalism. Hedonism, feminism, pornography, modern (anti-)art, White genocide. Nothing of that could be achieved by the Red globalists.

And what is even more impressive: the Red Globalists needed extreme pressure to achieve their goals. The Yellow globalists use modern media and the power of money to turn humans into animals and destroy all traditional values.

Absolutely, it's the same club. But as Aldous Huxley feared: the sheeple wouldn't even care anymore, as long as they are receiving PLEASURE.

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...and it's bad for you.

John Wilmot's picture


Sullivan and Cromwell


They were communists themselves, but that only makes sense if you understand what communism actually is.

Did you know that the most important financiers on Wall Street financed the Bolshevik revolution?

If not, read Antony Sutton's book, "Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution." (free, pdf)

Monty Burns's picture

I was always puzzled by this as well but in later years learned that in was not a financial transaction/investment rather an ethnic one.  If you get my drift.

Confused's picture

It would be interesting to see it charted against the United States. 

Stuck on Zero's picture

Yep.  And stop citing that GDP/capita bullshit.  Put in the discrationary income for the median wage earner. 


globozart's picture

... and it's done in 2012$ by Goldman. A result with at least 2 manipulated numbers by a trustworthy source. Waste of time.

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Yeah, well we got better beaches.

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Oh Boy maybe the DHS globalists will hold off on attacking the United States of America until they figure out what they are going to do with Russia and China.

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"some context at the growth of the Russian 'empire' is worthwhile before extrapolating Putin's demise too soon"...

Was that statement coming from Llyod?... John Watson over at Chevron??...  Or both???

If they are attempting to tighten the noose with a show of force rest assured Putin will be raising a "middle digit" along with the batteries of S-400s along with what he has deployed underwater and that "extrapolation" will only make the already "untenable" permenantly impossible for both Goldman Sachs and Chevron! Might as well throw BP in as well.

Putin gave the both of them ample opportunity for future projects and energy and they both blew the opportunity cause they are American greedy motherfuckers!

This ain't 1953 with the "Seven Sisters" facing off with Mosaddegh even though the delusional SOBs think it is... That's what makes this situation and crisis so dangerous

Lumberjack's picture

Chevron has a 'few' banking issues... 

Son of Captain Nemo's picture


It certainly does, and wouldn't Mr. Watson just love it if he and GS were still the middlemen converting all of that Russian oil for sale via USD.  And because of their need to covet everything?

ALL GONE!... POOF!!!...

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wow! look at the hit they took during the banking collapse! one less bottle of vodka! they all must have gotten delirium tremors(dt).

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Russia's promising outlook is not fading fast. Putin is playing the world. He has "The" seat at the table. He does not need to project violence at this time.

Russia most likely has never been this strong. Even at the end of World War II, when they were victors (at a terrible cost) they needed to tend to their wounds.

That being said, Putin needs to find common interests amongst the world`s nations. The world runs on intellectual capital, not Das Kapital.

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Lets see....the west has panty hosed Catherine Ashton and Samantha Power telling Putin to "stop it". Invade already!!

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It was understood in London in the 19th century that Russia and the United States, as the largest European states, would be the great powers of the future.

What's London to do?

It co-opted the government of the United States: quite easily, given the Anglophile Yankee scum on the East Coast.

But it could not co-opt the Tsar of Russia, so it killed him instead, in 1917 (the first color revolution).

History since then has been the history of the growth of the Anglo-American world empire.

But in 1989 Russia shook off the enfeebling Western-imported Bolshevik regime, and, oops, now it seems Russia's back.

...not that I have any special love for Russia, but I don't see much to cheer in the West.

The great game, after a long intermission, is now back on.

The Turks better be careful, the Russians still want the Hagia Sophia.

Chuck Knoblauch's picture

Roman Empire West fighting Roman Empire East.

Asian Dragon watching from its lair.

falak pema's picture

This has all the premises of a 1914 remake.

A world monetary order being challenged; like the Britsh pound then, and the IMF as well. The emergence of a BRIC alternative to IMF would be similar to the creation of FED in those times as an alternative for world finance to the Imperial pound and City.

Three empires then were in the stages of advanced decay : Ottoman, Russian and Habsburgs.

Today, we have a similar situation with USA, EU and Russia all sucked into the fossil fuel and consumer debt fed paradigm.

Something has to give today just like then.

Lets see if Oppenheimer's toy will be an accelerator or inhibitor to this impending stand-off.

It avoided the Cold War from going hot.

But now in addition to the Imperial rivalry we have the additional dead weight of a failed financial and technological cum consumerista paradigm.