The "Housing Recovery" Is Complete: Major US Banks' Mortgage Originations Tumble To Record Low

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Not much to add here that we haven't already said before about the state of demand for housing by the ordinary American.

First it was Wells Fargo:


Then it was JPMorgan:


Then it was Citigroup:


And now, it is Bank of America.

Remember when bank success (and profitability) depended on them lending such trivial things as mortgages so they could arb the Net Interest Margin (which incidentally also tumbled to a record low for Bank of America)? Good times...

In other news, the "housing recovery" is now complete.

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In case we forgot...

Definition of 'Green Shoots'

A term used to describe signs of economic recovery or positive data during an economic downturn. The term green shoots is a reference to plant growth and recovery, and has been used during down economies to describe signs of similar growth.

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Bad news is good news! For the QE sucking wall street banks that is. Keep it coming so they can game the markets and HFT circle jerk themselves to riches!

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Bortherly Chekoslovakia has been NORMALIZED!

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Breaking the numbers down would enhance the understanding of how bad it really is.

How many loans are re-fis?

How many loans are purchases of new homes?

Home many loans are for existing homes?

Home many loans for for second homes?

KB Homes and DR Horton, et al - about to test lower bounds of their trading range?


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Can we fly the "Mission Accomplished" banner over Detroit??? GWB loved that banner!

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A home for everyone, and everyone in his home.  So get out of your parent's basement and enjoy the American dream!

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What!? Artificially juicing the market may result in a later crash? Phhhh! Whatever!!!! 

-Bankster spokesman

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Price cuts galore !!! 10% discount on the house !!

[after builders and sellers quietly hiked listing prices 20% up in February]

Houses are still seriously overpriced to the tune of 40-50% [sadly] in many many locations. Reversion to the mean is going to be a Bitch.

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2015=2008.  Prices are the LAST indicator (hence confirmation) of a crash.  All this data on mortgage originations and sales volume is exactly what we saw in 2007 (if not worse).  The correction will be a bitch for specuvestors but great for the banks as they'll be quite profitable as the downturn leads to greater affordability and the high interest rates create greater profitability in the mortgage sector.

2012-2013 was the mother of all dead cat bounces.

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I glanced something about a new website for Detroit real estate that will try to move the thousands of $1 abandoned houses. Maybe this really is a bottom...

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Yes, the city of Detroit is trying to cash in on the folly of home ownership, even in a city where the natural cause of death is a bullet or a beating. 

Yes, you too can own a home for $1.00, title and all 

You have to pay all back taxes, liens, re-incorporation fees, inspections, upgrades, city municipal fees for water and sewage, any penalties for non-comforming pets (rats and roaches), and you are responsible for evicting squaters (read: close down the crack house)


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You have to pay all back taxes, liens, re-incorporation fees, inspections, upgrades, city municipal fees for water and sewage, any penalties for non-comforming pets (rats and roaches), and you are responsible for evicting squaters (read: close down the crack house)

Nothing that a decent real estate lawyer& property management couldn't handle.  I wouldn't actually live there!

Real estate lawyer nullifies the back taxes,  liens,  etc. 

Property management kills off the roaches, rats, & squatters. 


$300 for 300 houses, property management gets half,and takes care of the lawyers out of their end, leaving half for me.


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i wish i had that banner. or maybe on a t shirt

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DR Horton has just begun construction on more ugly cheap-ass condos (masquerading as high quality residences with all those flags) in my community, which is already overbuilt and for some reason seeing an explosion of new crap housing on marginal "next to freeway" lots that have sat for decades.  I have zero idea what business sense this makes, but I suppose they do.

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DR Horton gets paid to build shit. The bankers get paid when they finance shit.

Fed gives banks free money, bankers write loan to DR Horton, and pocket their fees for the loan.

DR Horton builds crappy condos, pockets fees for building, and profits if they actually sell one to a sucker.

DR Horton goes BK, it falls back on bank who gets bailout via taxpayer. Sucker goes BK, it falls back on Fannie/Freddie who gets bailout via taxpayer.

All of this makes great business sense if you're a banker or homebuilder. If you're a taxpayer it's insane.


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Get over it, in central planning economic fundamentals do not matter.

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Who needs NIM when you can simply borrow for free and win everyday in the casino......and if you lose in the can cry foul and get your money back.

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guys, the economy is so "green" that families don't even need to borrow money to buy houses.... FOWARD!

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I disagree.  I think everyone is happily living in a desired home now with a comfortable job and has no desire to relocate. 


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"The term green shoots is a reference to plant growth and recovery, and has been used during down economies to describe signs of similar growth."


"In the spring, there will be growth" Chancey Gardener.

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Yellin......where's my fucking QEternity back ??!!

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Please, BofA doesn't need to make loans or do any actual work with a gun to the taxpayers head and the ability to outright steal property.

hedge accordingly.

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At the risk of incurring the wrath of my fellow ZHers for admitting it, I do business with BofA (oh the shame of it!).  So I will write a bit of intel on them.  I own a rental prop in the heartland with 10years left on a mortgage originated with BofA at just over 5% API.  I receive at least weekly letters and even calls to refi it - a rediculous amount of glossly paper and lovely card stock is spent trying to get me to refi.  So I guess that qualifies as actual work, and in my case, at least, they're working hard but not so much smart.

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I have been recieving simlilar refi offers. These can all be boiled down to "please, let us collect more fees and interest from you in exchange for all our paper printing and paper-shuffling".

The bottom line is, what is the real value of all their "labor".

Surviving and surving well is all the people (and Nature) really give a shit about. Many waking up to what their "lying eyes" have been telling them all along.

Exponential equations are a bitch and mother Nature and the Laws of Physics bats last motherfuckers...

hedge accordingly.

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The laws of physics were repealed on 9/11/2001.

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So...who really owns the note? Not BofA, that is for sure. 

IF you are can ask them to validate the debt according to your state laws. 

Who has the right to enforce the note according to your states Uniform Commercial Code? 

IF you do write to them they will freak is kind of a sport to fuck with banks, at least for us sick folk. Ha-ha. 

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According to most state Attornies General that I see in the news, they don't give a fuck about the mess called MERS as long as they get their billion in loot from Linda Green's hide.

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as a mers victim, i can attest that judges eyes glaze over and they become transfixed on their retirement and payscale knowing full well the generous support of the housing industry and banks.

they don't understand it and if they don't understand it and can pooh pooh it away they'll do just that.


no one owns shit in this country due to mers.  violates 500 years of real estate law.  utter travesty of land rights.  and you're right no one cares til it happens to them

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For a second I thought you were talking about the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome.

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or the Michigan Employees Retirement System?

waterhorse's picture

They'll retaliate with forced-place insurance, putting your payments into "suspense" funds and declaring you late, billing for bogus late charges or putting you on the robo-dial to get a call every 10 minutes saying they haven't received your payment and send you harrassing letters.  How dare you question their standing!  Even if you do, 99% of the "just-us" system is rigged in favor of the fucking banksters.

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'The $6.3 billion settlement with the FHFA, and concurrent agreement to buy $3.2 billion in RMBS from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac at fair market value, was the latest in a serious of huge settlements.' 

 'Bank of America in January 2013 agreed to pay Fannie Mae $3.6 billion in cash and pay another $6.75 billion to buy back 30,000 mortgage loans. Then, in December, the bank agreed to pay Freddie Mac $404 million to settle claims on all loans it sold to Freddie through 2009. 

Unresolved mortgage putback claims against the company totaled $20.3 billion as of March 31, increasing 19% from a year earlier. That figure represents the unpaid principal balance on loans the company may have to repurchase, and not the losses it would take. Mortgage repurchase reserves totaled $13.4 billion as of March 31, but that includes the $8.5 billion yet to be paid out to the private investors covered under the July 2011 settlement.' Marketwatch

Looks like they're fixing that problem. Once they buy those loans back CHEAP(fair market value), they'll crank up the foreclosure mill.
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Yes. People are basically honest. They know they have missed some mtg payments. So...the bank would not lie about their standing now would they? Yes, they do. EVERY SINGLE TIME. People project their honesty on the banks and attys. 

Once you realize ALL that they, the banksters, say is a lie, it is easy to destroy their claim.

Fight foreclosure with education. Banksters have no standing to foreclose. 

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How will the Obama cultists spin this? Tune into cnbs, should be fun!

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Just look at that, Larry ....this is what happens when mortgage rates rise 50 bps .

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Nobody needs a mortgage anymore, nowadays they just use all their profits from going levered long TSLA and NFLX to pay with an all cash transaction.

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correction:  you no longer need to PAY your mortgage.  the Fed is buying all delinquencies and taking the losses and passing them to the US Treasury.  Socialism fucking rocks.

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Actually, nobody really knows what socialism looks like. Just like nobody knows what communism looks like. In the Soviet Union, it was Lenin/Stalinism but Marxism? Not so much.

In the US, so much is spent on making war by invading countries that are absolutely no threat to the US, that we really don't know what the effect of allocating those trillions in war spending might have to the improved the life of evey American, We have never seen a socialism where the trillions that the Fed handed to both national and international banks and corporation might have been handed instead to American citizens. Or the socialism where HUD, VA, FHA, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac weren't narco money laundering operations.

My point is the Socialism is a smear by the Oligarchs as an agent of fear and loathing as they loot Social Security and smash other social programs for the benefits and entitlements of transnational banks and corporations, while the rest of us whither to nothingness and all the while cursing the threat of Socialism.

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The oligarchs seem to be the only ones enjoying "socialism".  For everyone else, it's on-your-own rugged individualism.  Now when is the next bankster bailout?  They're so deserving.  Fraud is such HARD work.  Doing "God's work" isn't easy, you know?  That's why Jamie Dimon is richer than YOU.

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"Corporate welfare" indeed. 

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Wake me when the number of living BofA executives tumbles to a record low.

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Plow them under already...and start the hangings.

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Can Angelo Mozilo go first?

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What is funny to me is that in the meetings of the Fed...they think they knew what to do to start the housing recovery by dropping lending rates.....that was their idea...and it seems to have failed....just having low rates will start the rush they thought....what do they talk about now???___  whats for lunch....what great new idea are they going to

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Respectfully disagree.  The Fed has achieved their goal.  RE values are up, which was the qualifier for a "housing recovery."  I heard a speech by a Fed economist (staff level) and she was touting the strength of real-estate value recovery in the mid west.  This was last year.  In the Q&A I asked her if she thought RE valuations would be sustainable once the Fed withdrew $65B/mo of QE from the real estate market and, I kid you not, she waggled her finger at me and spoke about something else, basically ignoring the question.  Housing Recovery aka Higher MTM on financial firm's balance sheets which is defined by accountants as Profit and the prerequite for avoiding bankruptcy.  Mission accomplished.

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I sort of agree that the Fed reached its goal.  

When you have a system where staff and elected office holders merely need to create a temporary facade of success in order to land that high paying private sector job ("Revolving Door"-a form of quid pro quo bribery) then even an UNSUSTAINABLE propping up of apparent home values is sufficient.

That 85% of homes are considered unaffordable by time honored income to mortgage ratios (and by the over-leveraged, house poor home buyer who is one pink slip away from ruin).

This whole system can come tumbling down a month from now and the former elected folks who authored this mess and who already cycled through the system to a high paying private-sector job will just say "Ya, but look at how good it was while I WAS in office!".  They will emphasize the past with nary a blush.


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we see what happens when rates creep near 5%.......the RE market freaks the fuck out.

the die has been cast. Prices are propped by easy/cheap money. 

no turning back now. 

And as long as prices are propped up, the all cash market will continue unabated as well, since fewer are qualifying for conventionals anyway.

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Bullish! back up the truck and BTFATH

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Trading desks still batting 99.99%