Moldova's Transnistria Region "Approves" Appeal To Russia For Independence

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As the EU seeks a closer association with Moldova, the 97% pro-Russian state of Transnistria (that we first warned was next here) is accelerating its move towards independence. As Bloomberg reports, despite condemnation by Moldova's government of the "direct defiance", the Transnistria Assembly has approved an appeal to Russia to recognize the region's independencee. Neighboring Romania is "worried" and there are growing 'actions' by the so-called "Supreme Soviet" in the region's capital.


Who is next?


As Bloomberg reports,

Moldova’s breakaway pro-Russian region of Transnistria has appealed to Russian President Vladimir Putin to recognize its independence after Russia’s annexation of Crimea.


The appeal by the Parliament of Transnistria, city and district council members and community associations “express the aspirations of the people of Transnistria” and is based on the results of referendums held in 1991, 1995 and 2006, the parliament of the unrecognized state said on its website.




The Transnistrian parliament’s appeal is a “direct defiance” of Moldova’s territorial integrity and efforts to settle the territorial dispute, the country’s government said in a statement on its website.




Russia has maintained troops in Transnistria since the 1992 military conflict with Moldova as part of a peace-keeping force that includes Moldovans, Transnistrian militants and Ukrainian military observers.

However, it seems the Transnistrian and Moldovan government is busy with other matters... Nina Shtanski (minister for foreign affairs) and Deputy Chairman of the Central Transnistria Olga Radulov made news after agreeing to model clothes in a local charity auction - "I do not believe that the main task of the members of the government - to show clothes," - said the prime minister.

You decide...


In summary, a nation bordering Russia is being chased by the European Union for closer association... a region in that nation is extremely populated by a pro-Russian citizenry and they are seeking independence and closer association with Russia... 'activists' are taking action in the region's capital... the government is deloring the "direct defiance" - how dare people have free will? And a neighboring nation is worried of the consequences...

Ring any bells?

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Forget Russian Mail-order brides... I'll take Moldovan!!!

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Not bad...did not.know about this Transgender Region

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now you got SEC investigators and Bart Chilton very busy ... looking at ZH ... among all places ... who would believe it?

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Barf Shilton is preoccupied with his own hair - he ain't got no time for some Moldovian chicks... ;-)


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No wonder Russia wants Transnistria !

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Sounds like the Jersey shore on any given summer...

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"look like guys who'd love to rape torture and kill people."...

Fuck no man that's our job!  The U.S., Israel and U.K. are #1 in that department.

As a matter of fact we're so good at it, we have a Director of Central Intelligence that can help plan the overthrow of legitimate governments (who don't see things our way) with paid mercs and still fight a criminal investigation on the subject of torture and murder back home in D.C. blackmailing U.S. Reps in the House and Senate into letting that Agency conduct it's own internal investigation in the interest of National Security with the seal of approval by both the DoJ and the Executive...

Looks can certainly be deceiving.... Be very careful who you point the finger at in that department knuks!

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No wonder the WEST wants that REGION LOL.  I can see how the mercenaries are willing to take such big risks by coming to Ukraine

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I came back for the girl pics. Shame on me.

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Methinks your friend needs to go back on his meds.  The women are just average and they men are on average very tall and yes, tough-looking.  But realize what that country - and Serbia - has been through in the last 100 years.

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I can not decide. Tough decision. All three are gorgeous.

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"No wonder Russia wants Transnistria !"

Easy Tiger.....there may be a reason they call it TRANSnistria.

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LOL yes they could be Tula hahaha

No but Transnistria comes from trans=across and istria=river Istrus it it the river that runs down and separates the rest of Moldova (Romanian majority) from this breakaway Russian predominant region

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Funny how rivers do that kind of thing.  Same situation pretty much in Ukraine with the Dniepa River.....if I am not mistaken on that name.

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Now we know why Putin wants that country. 

Fuck yeah.

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Transnistria ? Is this beginning to remind anyone of "The Mouse that Roared" ?

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The Moldovan I spoke with yesterday mentioned something like this would happen. Putin's "Blut und Boden" landgrab is making diehard Blitzkriegers blush with envy.

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Tell us, what's it really like to come in here day after day sharing your 'intellect' only to receive a boot kick to the head for your trouble?

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Million Dollar Bonus Syndrome

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And here I was worried that you may have experienced a stroke...

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No Russian tanks were harmed in this land grab.

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Good looking politicians... Now may not be a good time to assert sovereignty however. It might be best to wait till the US/Russia pissing match is over and the US implodes from debt. If I were them, I'd align with Russia.

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When was the last time we had a good looking female pol in the US? Like, never?

How come Raquel Welch never ran? Oh yeah that's right, she was classy. And you can hate Jane Fonda for her bad choices but she was a hottie ("Barbarella") . I wish she had found Jesus and run for office under the Reformed Bitches party.

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At the national level not too many, I think mostly because you've got the be fairly old to work your way up in the parties. Palin is about it.

State level, it gets better. I dislike her party and most of her politics, but one of the House reps in AZ (Sinema) is pretty bangable (and she's goes both ways.) You can tell in her publicity pic that they had to turn her down a few notches and fuddy-her-up to not scare away the old ladies.