Nigel Farage Blasts "There Is No Consent For A United States Of Europe"

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In one of his more vitriolic speeches, UKIP MEP Nigel Farage lashes out at the terrible deja vu being 'imposed' on supposedly democratic nations across Europe. "The whole European project is based on a falsehood... and it's a dangerous one.. because if you try to impose a new flag, a new anthem, a new president, a new army, a new police force; without first seeking the consent of the people you are creating the very nationalisms and resentment that the project was supposed to snuff out." Farage concludes, he is not against Europe but is "against this Europe," and this year's European elections will mark the turning point.



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Hey everybody, a new Farage Barrage!

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Queue up plane crash 2........this time "get it right".......

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Bad guys...USSA/Israel/UK/Saudi/Qatar/Japan

Bad guys...Russia/China/India

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You forgot the EUSSR. 

Good Guys -- Switzerland 

The_Ungrateful_Yid's picture

Bad guys   = NWO   not the countries

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I thought that went without saying.  However, these nation's leadership are as complicit in all this as the people meeting at the Copenhagen Marriott next month.

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You guys have it all wrong... Bad Guys = any country with a Rothschild controlled central bank. That only leaves N.Korea, Iran and Cuba. So they must be the Good Guys... 

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The US is as big as Europe.  Americans should reject the federal government and bring the power back to the states and then eventually the people. The federal government once existed with the purpose of preserving liberty for all states.  Now that it does the opposite we should stop paying taxes...STARVE THE BEAST...They can't put us all in jail.

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Truth that, Lawdy.  Good time to rewatch 'America: Freedom to Fascism"? R.I.P. Aaron Russo

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President of what? -Snake Plissken

Nigel states that no democratic states ever went to war with each each other. I am compelled to point out that in Weimar Germany Hindenburg (who was elected), appointed Adolph as Chancellor. Stalin won elections to the Central Committee for 25 years. Demockracy is simply the means through which those men, and their cohorts, acheived their ends. Divine Right of the Majority.

i thought no countries in which McDonalds exists, had ever gone to war with each other. Your dollars are your vote, not some paper prayer, offered in a dark booth to select from among the lesser of all evils.

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in ww1, every democratic parliaments vote for war alonside the authoritarian one.

By the way at that time, German parliament are more representative than english parliament.

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"In one of his more vitriolic speeches, UKIP MEP Nigel Farage lashes out.."

Maybe I was distracted, but I detected no vitriol in his talk.  Seemed rather like a calm and reasonably well-spoken truth to power moment.   I disagree w/his premise about democracies dont go to war w/each other, but that separate issue for a different day.  Indeed, Farage seemed unusually calm (for him) to the point of almost resignation.

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I have to agree with the Ungrateful-yid, I would add that the NWO has taken over the leadership of many of the countries and have expanded those govts to fit their plan all around the world so we need new leadership ASAP and we need to restore our govts. 

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Huh? All of Europe can fit inside Texas... on what dimension are you referring to "as big as", please?

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Democracy is nature's way of getting people to embrace tyranny.

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There is nothing natural about democracy.  I've never seen a organism from a thriving ecosystem vote on production and consumption.   Have you?

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Its a ship this time. Over in Korea.  Gotta mix it up ya know!

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I concur ... the first thing I thougt when the news broke.

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I agree with Nigel Farage on this. There is no consensus for a United States of Europe. And there is no USE.

There is, though, something like a proto-confederation, in certain focused areas. and a lot of federalist propaganda on both pro- and anti- EU sides

After this truth, he usually goes down the hill into populism, but hey, after all UKIP is a party specifically crafted to get the UK out of the EU

to which I say: please, Nigel, get Albion out of our club. we are not compatible. we don't mind Scotland to stay if it wants, btw

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But they are trying desperatly to make one come into existance.

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so you at least agree that the status quo is not of a federation. then Nigel in this speech seriously mixed a few angelic truth with a few turds from hell

so what? can you blame a minority of Europeans of asking for a federation? some think that a common navy would make sense. others think that some EuroBonds would make sense (though often it's London bankers). some even wish for a federal police, of all things. and some ask for federal taxes

Farage's own children have a German mother and a staunch English father, for criminy! He is himself spawning Europeans who might find the old nation "thing" outdated, in a generation's time. Currently, there are 8 million, and some projections give it for 40 millions in twenty years

the question is only how fast. and thankfully, we are creeping there. at this pace, it would take 500 years just to reach the federal status of the US before 1913

if now Uncle Sam would just stop pushing, interfering and make indecent trade treaty proposals...

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Pushing towards a united federation is a bad idea, eventually the central government becomes too powerful and you end up having a crony state (like the U.S.).   It is much healthier for countries to compete and trade with each other as sovereign nations.   Homogenizing everything dramatically increases the risks because a uniform approach also ensures uniform failure.

Ghordius's picture

there is no such thing as a united federation. the usual progression goes like this

1) friends - 2) allies - 3) confederates - 4) federates - 5) unitary state

the USofA was long time at stage 3, then long time at stage 4 and 1913-33 it broadly transitioned into 5

the EU is not even at the cusp of stage 3, in most areas. and no, the eurozone is a different club

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I got a great BIG IDEA.

How about one world-wide govt. with the Chinese to run it?

They have 1000+ years experience with civil servants to iron out the bumps and create 'Harmonious Blossoms'.

Laugh all you want, but it would have serious trade advantages for some well placed enterprises.

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Ghordo, you're conveniently forgetting the cataclysmic, bloody civil war that took America from 4 where it had been since the Articles of Confederation were done away with to 5 during Reconstruction.  I'm guessing that's in the cards for a "United Europe" which is precisely the point NF wasmaking with the Yugoslavia analogy.

Ghordius's picture

you had one huge civil war and we hosted most of two world wars. meanwhile we have a lot more differences, in our histories. it's still an American thing to mistake the current EU as "something like the US", conveniently forgetting that we are using a completely different sets of structures

separate, constantly rediscussed and redrawn structures, with shifting sovereign membership

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Or, simply said in antiquity - birds of a feather, flock together.

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That sour taste you have in your mouth is from an EU boot shoving their agenda down your throat. Same in the US and it appears there is little that can be done about it... 

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There might not be a USE in name YET, that's just a matter of convenient timing.

Recent EU criminal meddling in the affairs of Ukraine - for which the EU has NO authority - is exactly indicative of where it wants to go.

The sooner Barroso and a few of the Brussels elites are wiped out, the better.

Ghordius's picture

for which you have no evidence, if I recall correctly. or at lease not any I have seen yet

Yet in one thing I do give criminal negligence to the EU commission: any trade deal between Ukraine and the EU should include Russia at the bargaining table

though my sources point to... "perfid Albion" as the instigator of a specifically disrupting scenario. and Uncle Sam as source of the request. and you know what? Moscow seems to broadly agree on this

Miles Ahead's picture

Geez.  So self-important.  "... you have no evidence... at lease not any I have seen yet.  I guess you told him (or her). I'm sure they've gone out to correct their impudent behavior and provide some evidence for your review.  (perhaps they should refer to Nuland's leaked phone chat).

How can one take someone seriously who uses capitalization; just not at the beginning of a sentence.  And also is not very fond of periods either except to preceed the word "and" for some strang reason.

ZH.  Things ain't what they used to be...

Ghordius's picture

you don't need to take capitalization seriously. or the way people type. arguments would be enough. which is yours?

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The biggest problem is which of the big powers tolerate a USE? Russia, China or USA? I think USA only tolerate this formation if they can perpetually mantain their military bases and nukes to control us. So, Farage no need to worry about a USE. He could concentrate more about his UK and the subserviences  to US.

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Free Scotland!  Free Wales!  Free Northern Ireland!

As I have posted last Monday, regarding Farage...  Mon, 04/14/2014 - 11:28 | 4656931  

The EU and Germany are tied together.  Which is good for both, but bad for The City (London)...

As Frankfurt rises as a financial and stock center, it takes away from London.  It's almost a zero-sum game.  This explains why the Brits -- and even Nigel Farage* -- want the EU to fall apart:  To ensure that Britannia rules the (financial) waves... sort of.  The Anglo-American alliance is symbiotic, or has become so.

   * "Nigel Farage, who are you?" asks a libertarian investigative UK journalist:

thamnosma's picture

What a dufus to compare the UK to the EU.  Sheesh.  And if you fantasize that Scotland will be "free" by leaving the UK teat and going immediately to the EU teat, you are a complete fool.

MrsMerkel's picture

If his party were one of principle, rather than opportunistic populism, then Farage and UKIP would support the Scots independence movement.

However, as I've said many times before, this is the issue where Farage unfortunately reveals himself for what he really is.

Lost Word's picture

And following the trend to local government,

soon we will be back to city-states and petty-kingdoms of warlords and serfs.

Or gangs and gang members.

Somewhere there is a middle ground compromise.

But is it ethnic, or national, or religious ?

Cannot be global, without a blended racial existence and one world religion,

which is the Liberal plan.

sondernauch's picture

You make it freedom and local control sound like a bad thing.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

"Free" means just that:  Free.  Free to trade with whomever you please, and have sovereign control of own currency and laws:  Labor laws, taxation laws, immigration laws...

It is not you or I who define this for them, but THEY do.

IOW:  "A people's right to assembly or disassembly shall be inviolate -- on any scale".  If you truly believe in Freedom and Self-Determination.

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Does this mean we shouldn't let the government tell us where the "free speech zones" are?

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Spot on sir, it has long been my view that the only reason the English are in the EU is to destroy it from within.

Perfidious indeed. They have always known that the Europeans and in particular the Germans are their superiors in every sphere, which is why we had the previous two wars against them. All this shit in the Ukraine is most likeley the start of an attempt at the smashing of Germany once again. Just my gut feeling.

aleph0's picture

Interesting article ... where it all makes sense  :

The US is prepared to plunge Europe into a war with Russia in order for Washington to preserve its hegemony over the transatlantic axis


... The  key issues are the prevention of Russia and Europe developing closer trade and political ties - stemming primarily from a vast trade in energy fuels; and, secondly, the survival of the American dollar as the world's reserve currency.  ....

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

+42.  Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding.

You NAILED it.  That, my friend, is the really BIG PICTURE.  People often lose sight of the forest for the trees.  Mountain climbing provides us with clarity and view, but does take some effort.  Hence, not a sport for Everyman.  :-)

p.s. I wonder how many "got" my reference to something else with the "+42".  ;-)

Jack Burton's picture

Nice link, it all makes sense in that context.

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I keep telling my UKIP buddies on Twitter that we demand an exchange of Nigel Farage for Piers Morgan. So far they are resisting. But I don't consider this negotiable.

VD's picture
There Is No Consent For A United States Of United States.
Kirk2NCC1701's picture

There was, but there is less and less consent for it -- given what our leaders and the TBTF have done to the country and the world.

The US would be better off, if broken into regions.  Although the foreign parasites who depend on its largesse, would weep and knash their teeth.

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Don't agree with all of Nigel's banter, but on this one key point he's absolutley right: Fuck The EU.