Tanks Flying Russian Flag Enter East Ukraine City

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The latest development in the ongoing Ukraine escalation are reports that in the aftermath of yesterday's crackdown by Ukraine special forces against "separatists" in Krematorsk and other occupied eastern cities, in an operation which involved fighter jets and helicopters, that an armored column of military vehicles flying a Russian flag and carrying dozens of heavily armed fighters motored into the city of Slavyansk early Wednesday.

Clip summarizing the situation from AP:

The WSJ adds that "it wasn't immediately clear whether the men were Russian soldiers or local militants who had gotten their hands on military vehicles." Curiously a soldier on one said the unit was part of the 25th brigade of Ukraine's airborne forces that had switched sides and was joining the pro-Russian forces, but that couldn't be immediately confirmed."

Additional photos of the Russian-flag bearing tanks:

More from the WSJ:

All of the men appeared to be wearing military uniforms without insignia, similar to the heavily armed uniformed men who have seized government building around the region.


Six vehicles took up positions in the center of the city outside the city council building, and dozens of men in fatigues, balaclava masks and carrying automatic weapons milled around. A crowd of about 200 locals gathered around the vehicles and began cheering when one of them showed off by driving in tight circles.

While it is unknown if Russia troops are actually operating in Ukraine - something we doubt as it would give the west far greater ammo in the campaign to demonize the "Russian invasion" - it appears that the next standoff between Ukraine soldiers and separatists will be violent and quite bloody, and explains why earlier today Russia's foreign minister said:


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The spin on my local tv station is that the Russians are invading Ukraine lol

Haus-Targaryen's picture

If only someone somewhere would start shooting.

PartysOver's picture

I wonder when it will come out he Putin caught Obama's Brown Shirts trying to influence the decision to join the EU or not. Seems to me this all about Putin saying "Oh really, screw you".

Another day, another pathetic screw up by this administration.

Headbanger's picture

As the old saying goes..  In a war the first thing killed is the truth.

Joe Davola's picture

In Soviet Ukraine, Russia invades you!

(Sorry, can't do it as well as Boris Alotov)

cifo's picture

These are not tanks, they are APVs.

Occident Mortal's picture

They are Ukrainian APV's flying Russian flags having defected to join the seperatist movement.

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Exactly. The south east Ukrainians want to be free of the Kiev Kriminals, of 120% increases in gas prices, 50% pension cuts, wage freezes,  currency controls, huge tax increases, all to pay off the IMF/USSA.

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They are Ukrainian APV's flying Russian flags having defected to join the seperatist movement.


Item on BBC World Service, shows Ukrainian soldiers confronting mothers in Eastern Ukraine village and then deciding to join the villagers.

"You stupid boys! Nyet, Nyet, Nyet!", "What would your grandmother say?", etc, etc...



CNN NEWSFLASH::: Obviously these old women are elite KGB operatives, conducting horrific acts of phychological terrorism/WMD.

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these old folks are dangeus


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Freedom comes in different shapes, like one MPV at a time.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

Shame that SU-27 pilot didn't land in Russia. 

"Here Mr. Putin, may I present you with Ukraine's only functioning SU-27."

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Russia is likely paying for it just as a lot of Polish military gear has been paid for by the American taxpayer in return for "jobs" in key Congressional districts.

Russia probably has a somewhat similar job-creation project of their own.

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Very interesting, all these insignia less "fighters". It looks like wars are goign to get more and more mercenary fought on the ground and pilot-lessly from air and sea.

How convenient, changes the meaning of everything in the "theater" of war.

Asynchronous warfare FTW!

In case you were not mad enough...




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Standard Soviet (and later former Soviet successor states, i.e. Russia, Ukraine, etc) military protocol to have "sterilized" uniforms when in a combat theater. Look at photos from Afghanistan, the conflict in Chechnya (wars 1 and 2), the activity in Georgia in 2008, or basically anytime, any FSU military force is involved in a "hot zone", they wear sterilized uniforms. No rank, no branch of service tabs, no insignia, no unit patches, no flags, maybe if you are lucky you will spot a cap pin of some kind. It has been that way for them since WW2, standard operational proceedure.
As explained to me years ago, you already know the men in your unit and your superiors on sight, you do not need "battlefield bling" to identify them. You do not take orders from 'superiors' not in your unit/chain of command, either. So the bling only serves to give your opponents information about your forces and their dispositions, to make you more visible, and to make obvious leadership into sniper bait. US special forces do the same when operating outside of FOB.

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Nothing more than sound OPSec

Flagit's picture


The following passage is from "To Be A Military Sniper" - Gregory Mast, Hans Halberstadt

General David Morgan, cousin of the legendary Daniel Boone and one of the most gifted battlefield tacticians in the Continental army, was one of the first colorful characters to become associated with the development of sniping. In July 1775 he raised a company of marksmen that became known as Morgan's Riflemen, which he led with distinction during the disastrous invasion of Canada later that year. He was captured during the expedition against Quebec, led by Col. Benedict Arnold, and promoted to colonel after his release from captivity in January 1777. He was assigned to raise and lead a new regiment, the 11the Virginia Regiment, which he filled with four hundred of the finest marksman he could find. Later that year, he made his mark in sniping history when he reluctantly ordered one of his men, Timothy Murphy, to shoot Gen. Simon Fraser during the Battle of Bemis Heights on October 7, 1777. General Fraser was rallying the British troops during the battle when Murphy's rifle mortally wounded him. Fraser was just one man but he was worth a regiment of troops and removing him from the battle was instrumental in the American victory.


The Americans targeted officers at least once. A sniper at Saratoga, armed with a rifle and lodged in a tree, shot British officers and was instrumental in the American victory. The sniper is reportedly named Timothy Murphy.


This is an excerpt from the Wikipedia article:

"Morgan called on Murphy and said: "That gallant officer is General Fraser. I admire him, but it is necessary that he should die, do your duty." Murphy climbed a nearby tree, took careful aim at the extreme distance of 300 yards, and fired four times. The first shot was a close miss, the second grazed the General's horse, and with the third, Fraser tumbled from his horse, shot through the stomach. General Fraser died that night. British Senior officer Sir Francis Clerke, General Burgoyne's chief aide-de-camp, galloped onto the field with a message. Murphy's fourth shot killed him instantly."

Patriot Eke's picture

Have you ever been hit with a broom handle?  They hurt.  Beware of the angry elderly.

TheMeatTrapper's picture

Don't work over here in USA - broom handles are all plastic and made in China. Walmart brooms = no good for revolution.

Oh regional Indian's picture

Witches and warlocks are pretty ineffective with plastic brooms too ;-)


Liquid Courage's picture

Oh no!


It's the dreaded "Babushka Gap".

ilion's picture

I guess this video sums it all up who is in control currently in Ukraine. Sad to watch how a nation with 45 million people has no future.

Anusocracy's picture

It's apparent that some of the Ukrainians understand what the US has been doing to countries for the last 30+ years.

Destroying them.

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john39's picture

>> "seized"

i didn't realize that baghdad bob is now employed by the Kiev bunker regime...   well, the coming epic collapse of the banker regime in kiev should be nothing if not entertaining.    Next up, desperate attempts to get the Russians to attack...   which seems more than unlikely as there is no need to fire a single shot as anyone in Eastern Ukraine with a brain wants to cut ties with Kiev.

Son of Loki's picture

Putin is simply looking for those WMDs....

NotApplicable's picture

Baghdad Bob is a fixture in every regime, as the 'comedy of the absurdly inept' is an excellent defensive diversion.

Ask him any question you want, and it won't matter what the answer is because it's nothing but a tacky facade.

MarsInScorpio's picture



You just gave me a new understanding of Jay Carney . . .


Nevsky's picture

Seized in Kramotorsk.


To be fair Babushkas were masked heavily armed men who seemingly appeared unexpectedly for Ukranian military after the battle for Kramotors airport was over.

dogbreath's picture

Finally. ............................ Some smart women

813kml's picture

Old women can perform brutal psyops of nagging and guilt trips, the Ukrainians probably defected to just shut them the fuck up.

Occident Mortal's picture

Exactly, they turn up with instructions from the new leadership in Kiev to apply law and order and are confronted with...


"Ivan, what are you doing?" "You silly boy, leave that flag alone." 

"Your mother is looking for you" "Why haven't you called her"


"Who has been ironing your trousers?" "Where is your scarf? You look cold, come inside and have some soup. Your uncle is on his way home, he wants to talk to you"


Blah blah blah...

BorisTheBlade's picture

And that's how highly sophisticated CIA plan was undone. Babushka is a secret psychological KGB operative.

MarsInScorpio's picture

Occ: Please tell me that news flash was a sarc . . .


ebworthen's picture

Yeah, on the back of U.S. taxpayers too!

$1 Billion to those fuckers!

Fuck you to hell John McCain!

jerry_theking_lawler's picture

Good thing its not real money.....

Mountainview's picture

Right, the current Kiew leader don't look very inspiring..and EU and US don't seem to fetch that a Ukrainian Federation is probably the best they can get...

Boxed Merlot's picture

all to pay off the IMF/USSA...



Yeah, but weren't they gonna be able to use moar borrowed money to service the debt?  Whatta deal!



Without an eventual and certain jubilee clause at the initiation of any debt, the prospect of freedom and hope is absolutely meaningless.  Hence the "need" for war / hostilities.  Rule of law is great if one were able to abide by the rules of the contract, including dissolution, end tbtf NOW!



Latina Lover's picture

Oh, and one more thing, the right to speak the language of their choice,  without criminal sanction by the Kiev Putchists.

Latina Lover's picture

Nuland/Nudelman and the state department cronies underestimated the desire of south east Ukrainians to be free of the USSA's Kiev's proxies. 

fleur de lis's picture

Where is Nuland hiding out these days? She got this thing started, now she's nowhere to be seen. Probably off looking to start a fight someplace else.

Leaping Lizard's picture

Having a liver sandwich in Syria.

caShOnlY's picture

isn't the underlying plan being missed here?: 

The US forces the Russian bear into a defensive position while the US sells it as an "offensive".  This then sells the "GOOD AMERICA" meme that will defend all the Europeans who may have thought about all those negative things such as spying and what not.   "See, we need the good ol' USA after all!, isn't great all our gold is in NY is safe hands?" Wow.... those USA folks are just the best friend a Nation can have!!

Nuland was right after all, we will (mind) fuck EU (one way or another).

NotApplicable's picture

WAT??? Put down the Kool-Aid!

They are absolutely BANKING on this desire, as they desperately need a hot war to cover their tracks.

Hegel 101: It's never that action that matters, but the REACTION. ALWAYS!

If you're set out on destroying any competition to your global dominance, then activation energy (ala "desire") is your best friend.

I'll remind you that Nuland et al. will NOT be the ones suffering for their "failure" to successfully install new puppets.

Occident Mortal's picture

I think it's safe to say large numbers of the Ukrainian military will follow the example of their Admirals and simply join the Ukrainian separatists who are seeking to seceed into the arms of Russia, ships, tanks, jet included.


Oh well, Putin doesn't even have to fire a shot, or even set a single boot onto the soil of Eastern Ukraine.

Headbanger's picture

Yeah.  Who knows, the BLM forces might just defect to the ranchers now!

chapaev's ghost's picture

Americans live in a time warp. Used to be that everyone wanted to be an American. Americans still think it is so, and wonder why half of Ukraine wants to be Russian. Even Americans don't want to be American any more, since being an American means your mail is searched, your internet is monitored, your every move is surveilled, you are groped and cavity searched in transport, and your government is a criminal gang out for personal profit and totalitarian control over everything.


forwardho's picture


The truth really does hurt.


MarsInScorpio's picture



Doesn't hurt me . . . just makes me more determined to be one of the thousand cuts that brings the monster down.


Note to MSM: You always take such pride in displaying the material wealth of the deposed - how about showing us all the things Moochele has "collected" as First Lady. Amelia Marcos will be jealous . . .