Putin's Top 10 Q&A Quotes: "The US Will Cut Off Their Nose To Spite Their Face"

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Originally posted at Russia Today,

Ukraine’s crisis was, predictably, at the center of Vladimir Putin’s annual televised interview. He said the situation can only be solved through a compromise between internal players. Below are the president’s ten most significant quotes.

“[Yanukovich] didn’t have the heart to sign an act that would see force used against his citizens”

Answering a question from an ex-Berkut - Ukrainian special forces - commander as to whether the ousted Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich has always been such a “weakling and traitor,” Putin said that Yanukovich did his duty as he thought was right, proper and necessary.

“I spoke with him, certainly, many times, during the crisis, and after he arrived in the Russian Federation; we talked about using force… The gist of his answer was that he thought about using force many times, but he didn’t have the heart to sign an act that would see force used against his citizens,” Putin said.

“Faina Ivanovna, dear, what would you need Alaska for?”

Asked by a pensioner if Alaska could follow Crimea’s example, Putin said “We’re a northern country. 70 percent of our territory is in the North or Far North. Is Alaska in the southern hemisphere? It’s cold there as well. Let’s keep cool about it,” Putin said.

According to Putin, he is also aware of the fact that some Russians call Alaska “Ice-Krym” (“Krym” is the Russian for Crimea).

“Tanks, jets against own people?! Are they nuts?”

The Russian President said he thought that asking activists in the southeast of Ukraine to hand in their weapons was the right approach, but this measure should also be applied to armed Ukrainian nationalist groups.

Putin also said that the crisis in Ukraine can only be solved through a compromise in the interests of the Ukrainian people.

“The coup-appointed government in Kiev needs to come to its senses before we can negotiate,” said Putin.

“They don’t want to see us in PACE? Better lost than found!”

Russia won’t insist on staying in several international organizations, but isn’t planning to walk out in protest, Putin said.

“The world is developing intensively, and if there a player who wants to turn it unipolar and align all organizations according to their will, it won’t succeed,” the president added.

“It’s hard to speak with people who whisper at home, afraid of US surveillance.”

Putin noted that there are some problems in the dialogue between Moscow and its European partners.

“Many Western countries have voluntarily relinquished a large part of their sovereignty. That is, among other things, the result of bloc policy. It’s sometimes really difficult to negotiate with them on geopolitical issues,” he said.

“It’s difficult to talk to people who whisper even at home, afraid of Americans eavesdropping on them. It’s not a figure of speech, not a joke, I’m serious.”

“Obama is a decent, courageous man, he would save me from drowning”

To the question whether Obama would save the Russian President from drowning, Putin answered that the US president is “a decent, courageous man” and “would save” him.

However, Putin stressed that the relationship between them wasn’t a close one.

“In addition to intergovernmental relations, there are personal relations, but I don’t think I have a close personal relationship with Obama,” the president said.

“You’re an ex-intelligence agent, I have something to do with intelligence, let’s use professional terms” – Putin to Snowden

Russia’s president received a question from Edward Snowden who was granted political asylum last August. Snowden asked Putin if Russia is involved in “intercepting, storing and analyzing the data on communication carried out by millions of people” and whether Russia’s president thinks this kind of mass control is fair and justified.

Putin stressed Snowden was an ex-intelligence agent, while he himself used to be in intelligence, so Russia’s president said he would be speaking “using professional terms.”

“First of all, we have strict laws governing the usage of any special means – including ones to monitor telephone conversations or the internet - by intelligence. This regulation makes it necessary to get a court order to surveil an individual. That’s why we can’t carry out mass surveillance, and we don’t, in accordance with our law,” Putin said.

“No plans to remain President for life”

Putin, who served as president for two consecutive terms between 2000 and 2008 and was elected again in 2012, was asked if he wanted to remain Russia’s head of state for life.

“No,” was his answer.

“Russia didn’t annex Crimea by force, but created conditions for people’s self-determination”

“Russia did not annex Crimea by force. Russia created conditions – indeed, with the help of special formations and the armed forces, I’ll be honest – for the free expression of will by people living in Crimea and Sevastopol,” Putin said.

“The decision on joining [Russia] was made by the people themselves. Russia responded to that appeal and accepted Crimea and Sevastopol into its family. That’s natural, it couldn’t be any other way.”

“Punishing others, the US will cut off their nose to spite their face”

Putin was asked why the US can do whatever it wants and no one punishes them, while attempts are being made to punish Russia.

“The US is certainly one of the world’s leaders. At some point it seemed that it was the only leader and a uni-polar system was in place. Today it appears that is not the case. Everything in the world is interdependent and once you try to punish someone, in the end you will cut off your nose to spite your face,” he said.

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And spend 3 dollars to cheat ya out of 1

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How to tell when you're being sold another war



And if you look in the comments you'll see that everybody is buying this shit. The connection you're supposed to make: Putin registers Jews. Putin = Hitler. Hitler had to be stopped. Putin must be stopped! Christ, I thought the first person who brought up Hitler or Nazis was the loser in a political argument? What the fuck happened to that? Is everybody forgetting the first round of protests in the Ukraine? You know...the ones we were told by our media that were good? There were Nazis there too (proven by wiretapping to be financed by us and colluding with us and the EU). Then we get our puppet regime installed in the Ukraine... Now suddenly protests are bad. Look over there! There's Nazi's protesting...THIS IS BAD. They are taking over government buildings (just like last time). THIS IS BAD. OMG they are registering Jews!! Hitler! Hitler! Putin is Hitler! Anybody else getting whiplash from the bullshit? So the same people who were working with the Nazis before (US) who want a proxy war in the Ukraine (again, US) are now handing out fliers to Jews telling them to register (once again, US) and now we have to go kick some Russian ass. Remember when they were cooking this shit up all last year making a big deal about anti-gay policy from Russia, etc. During the Olympics too. This whole ordeal has been coming for a while, and none of their bullshit reasons are justifying it. Am I really supposed to care about Russia annexing an island without firing a shot, that voted overwhelmingly to join Russia? I thought we liked democracy? Oh wait, they'll tell you the vote was rigged. Let's look at the demographics:  http://i.cdn.turner.com/cnn/interactive/2014/02/world/ukraine-divided/media/ukraine_map_region_language.jpghttp://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/worldviews/files/2014/01/ukraine-map-composite.jpgIs it rigged when everybody in D.C. votes for Democrats to keep their job? Is it rigged when almost every Mormon in Utah votes for a social conservative? Is it rigged when 95% of blacks vote for the first black president? ..... The economy must really be bad if they want to tango with another world power (who by the way has even more nukes than us)... just because the EU tried to make more debt slaves out of the entire Ukraine and Putin pissed in their cheerios...and he's not done. And I'm no Putin cheerleader, that little skit with him and Snowden today was complete bullshit (and I am a big Snowden fan). Must be how Snowden earns his keep? I'd rather live here than in Russia, as would any sane person. I'm very grateful for being born here, no place else I'd rather be. But WHAT THE FUCK? How many proxy wars have they been trying to start since the Afghan drawdown? This must be like the 6th one...do we need more stimulus because QE is ending or something?

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Drudge posted a "WWIII?" article a day or two ago which laid out the case for Russia being a rogue state that must be stopped.  Yes, it is being sold like heroin to Phillip Seymour, and like all junkies a lot of the U.S. sheep are asking for more.

vic and blood's picture

I read it. The British papers are far more shrill than US papers.

Manthong's picture

“Obama is a decent, courageous man”..  who we can count on to vote “present” every time SHsTF.

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Those leaflets have already been dismissed as fake by the ADL:


It seems like Opuppet is enraged by the fact that Israel has not sided with the euro-oligarchs who want war with Russia:


So now that it is clear that Israel is not supporting the euro-oligarch WWIII, whom will the usual trolls blame now?
Anyone can check the digital fingerprint on those leaflets, as every printer leaves a traceable signature. I'm sure the path leads to the same place that was responsible for the last couple world wars and that keeps trying to establish a thousand year empire...."uber alles".

john39's picture

I wouldnt be so quick to buy Israel's appearance of neutrality here.

Ahmeexnal's picture

I think that is not the case here. Remember...Opuppet and his euro-oligarch masters say that "You are either with us....or against us."

john39's picture

his euro-oligarch masters are zionist bankers... 

TheReplacement's picture

Who only represent themselves.

Vampyroteuthis infernalis's picture

Damn it Tyler, you forgot the best Putin quote,

"Debating with Obama is like playing chess with a pigeon. He knocks all of the pieces over, sh*ts all over the board then struts around like he won."

LetThemEatRand's picture

According to the Urban Dictionary, I think that's a "D.C. Steamer."

markmotive's picture

Least exciting Putin moment: When Snowden asked if Russia incercepts communications...


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"Only a Sith deals in absolutes."

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How many times has Israel been thrown under the bus or dissed by the arrogant narcissistic lying illegsl alien indonesian kenyan muslim sociopathic fudge oacker in chief?

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"And for that answer let's go to Walid, our roaming Palestinian on the street..... today he's on Al Mosader Street in Gaza. 

Walid your thoughts?  Walid?  Are you there?  Walid?  Uhhh.... it seems we've lost Walid.  Well, we'll try and check in with him a little later."

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it seems the zionists, banksters. neo-cons, etc. are  trying to use common jews as cannon folders. Perhaps it was what happened in the Weimar Republic. Then banksters and zionists get out of Nazi-Germany and the common jews paid the price for others crimes.

Ahmeexnal's picture

wrong. The imperial euro oligarchs massacred their serfs, and they will do it again.
Remember, the big german corporations were never penalized, and the imperial family was never held accountable.
The Kaiser did not surrender like the Japanese emperor did.

Ifigenia's picture

Kaiser after ww1 run to Holland. And after ww2, Germany was occupied till today by US. Japan surrender after ww2 and still is occupied by USA.

So, I dont see why Europe oligarchs are the masters and not USA oligarchs?

kchrisc's picture

You might change your tune if you'd realize that the Jews won WWII.

Tengri Temujin's picture

IRONIC how the Russia ended its occupation of East Germany but the USA never ended its occupation of West Germany.  Mr President please tear down these American BASES Walls !!!!!

The East Germans should of stayed separate, that way they wouldn't of had any foreign troops on their soil, instead they ran into the arms of  another occupier the USA

TheReplacement's picture

You realize the Kaiser was WWI and Japan fought (a little) against Germany in WWI?  WWII had Hitler dying and a Japan's emperor accepting surrender.  He was forced to admit to the people that he was not, in fact, a god.

Leaping Lizard's picture

You ever really dig into the evidence about Hitler's "death" in the infamous bunker?  I mean really look at the factual evidence. I understand that they burned his body in accordance with Muslim tradition.  lol

Ahmeexnal's picture

Not to mention that he was not of royal blood. Again, the german imperial family never surrendered. Only the armed forces (cannon fodder) did.

supermaxedout's picture


The Effect of Victoria’s Death on the Kaiser


“Queen Victoria had reigned for almost sixty-four years, only subjects nearing seventy could remember another monarch. More than a sovereign, she was an institution, and most of her people thought of her as permanent, like the Houses of Parliament, or the Bank of England….. the sense of loss was many-sided: loss of permanence, loss of authority, loss of security. On no one — not even on her heir –did this loss have a greater impact than on the Kaiser. In spite of all, the emotional link between them had never been broken. He was her eldest grandchild, she was his august, but also warmhearted Grandmama. The happiest days of his youth had been spent in the relatively informal atmosphere of Osborne and Windsor, an atmosphere dominated by the personality of the Queen. As the years went by, he never gave up his feeling of tenderness for his aging grandmother, and respect for the Queen-Empress. She scolded him, but she also showed him affection and understanding. She criticized him to her ministers, but she also stood up for him, advising Lord Salisbury and others on how to deal with him. In many ways, she was like him: both were sentimental, subject to strong likes and dislikes, capable of gushiness and sharp anger in writing to subordinates. Because Victoria had had (her late husband, Prince) Albert and a series of independent prime ministers, she had learned to discipline her feelings and language as William never had. As long as she lived, she posed for William a model of how an Imperial sovereign should behave. When she died, that model vanished. His Uncle, King Edward, could not replace her; for too long, Bertie (the name by which Edward VII had been known to his family) in William’s eyes had been the frivolous Prince of Wales. And so, at forty-two, the Kaiser was left alone to follow his own path, bereft of the presence, the counsel, and the affection of the one human he admired as well as loved.”

onthesquare's picture

subject to strong likes and dislikes, capable of gushiness and sharp anger in writing to subordinates.

With all the inbreading going on with that family this is probably a sign of being by-polar

This stuff is written by people whose main objective is to sell books.

Volkodav's picture

Nyet  skull represented as Hitler is proven to be mid age female.

South America...

Gazooks's picture

 Hitler actually Hitlery

Volkodav's picture

You mistaked about Hitler...

eurogold's picture

Actually Germany and Japan had a pact with each other and were very close partners

earleflorida's picture

Germany and Japan both 'surrendered unconditional'! PERIOD!!!

War criminals were prosecuted and executed!

The only reason Truman had dropped the A-bombs was that Japan would never agree to an unconditional surrender in which Truman wasn't about to recognize and except,  period! [any appeasement was out of the question-- the Japanese ahd agreeded to surrendered once before, but reneged, sticking it to america once again-- couldn't be trusted-- I agree the Emperor should have beem tried for war crimes which MacArthur also thought but wasn't?] The war in the Pacific was devastating... any delay of victory, perhaps six months to a year longer with tens of thousands US casualties was out of the question.

Germany's industrial infrastructure was dismantled and navy divided up. Not to forget how Stalin went on a killing spree with German prisoners. The entire country was to become a giant agricultural field [a potato field!]!

BlindMonkey's picture

Isn't it just adorable when they believe in justice in the world?   It just melts my heart to see people that think the bad guys get theirs while on this earth.  

Lemme lay out some truth on you.  Some war crimes aren't equal to others if you are willing to share the research with the winner. 



BTW. THIS is the story that, for me, pulled back the curtain on what a monster our government is.  I invite you to see the ugly bastard hiding behind the curtain too. 

MsCreant's picture

All of us are horrible and fucked trying to pretend that every one else is more horrible and fucked than we are, if that wiki entry is true.

No one is pure. None of this kind of argumentation works to convice anyone of anything.

Humans suck.

Volkodav's picture
  • MsCreant.....can't you say something edifying? get better mood?

pet your kittie


GetZeeGold's picture





You pet his kittie!

earleflorida's picture

absolutely total bullshit!

think before you spout-out... you 'pious naivete'`,  paid troll'? lots of newcomers swarming the boards with outrageous unfounded and not 'thought-out-thoroughly'... biased statements.  

the US Dept of War and Sec. of State as well as Truman were aware of these abominations-- what was important ,was to get this type of chemical-biological [human experimentation as was done in Germany] warfare out of the country before Stalin got his hands on it!

america saved the world during WWII & V-J Day,... if not for us we'd be speaking German, Russian, or even Japanese!!! and we owe it all to FDR, Truman leadership and the Military that was unquestionably the bravest and greatest in our military history!!!

you are indeed a 'blind monkey'

yours truly

earleflorida's picture

"The Wars for Asia: 1911- 1949"  by   S.C.M. Paine c.2012

excerpts pages 134-35::  The Japanese also turned to poison gas and germ warfare to economize.(37) To develop these weapons, they experimented on prisoners of war and civilians at their notorious Unit 731 in Manchukuo.(38) They equipped units with biological and chemical weapons and used them throughout China.(39)  In 1938, they employed poison gas thirty-nine times in Jiangxi and twenty-one times in Henan.(40)  They tried to spread amthrax, the plague, typhoid, and cholera, sickening their own and the enemy alike.(41)  As the belligerents in World War I had discovered, poison gas was not particularly effective because it often killed its deployers instead of the intended victims. So Japan used gas less frequently in 1938, but by then the damage had been done.(42)  Its use appalled Chinese and Wesern public opinion. Whatever savings Japan generated from cheap provisions, narcotics sales, and exotic weapons, the savings did not offset the hatred these actions caused. The hatred then fueled recruitments for the Nationalists and Communists and heightened Japan's diplomatic isolation. Whereas the Han had been unwilling to fight in support of Manchu minority rule in the First Sino-Japanese War, they became determined to defend their homeland in the Second Sino-Japanese War. This change in public attitude meant the war would not be short. Yet the longer it lasted, the stronger Chinese nationalism became.     End Excerpt

Ref: Notes To Pages 134-35 (37-42):: Book Page 360

Lastly, as a side note: During the Korean War, the U.S held 132,000 captive NK communist prisoners during early 1952. The NK wanted the POW's repatriated... as part of a working treaty. The Truman administration denied their request knowing quite well that when they were freed they'd be executed by their own generals. Half didn't want to go back to North Korea and the other half later decided to move on elsewhere and take their chances never returning home.

Stalin was famous for slaughtering his own POW's or sending them off to Siberia.

These are the hard facts my friends!?! And this is not american history written by american authors, but the recipients of these foreign wars.


again, yours truly  

Ifigenia's picture

how about the view of russian and chinese view of those facts? or only the anglo-american told the truth?

Think of Iraq or Laos tragedies and who is telling the truth.

earleflorida's picture

facts below... just read

ya know, when Marshall couldn't get the Nationalist Chinese a victory after the US poured billions into their government... he [Marshall] through-up his hands in disgust, knowing he would take the fall for Mao's communist government in which Joe McCarthy threw in his face as a communist symtheziser while politicking about the country in 1952.

Russia supplied Mao with weapons and all logistic provisions in order to defeat the Nationalist Chinese an had agreed to help Truman defeat the Japanese at Potsdam Conference-- Berlin, Germany. Russia controlled most of Germany with its troops, but what Stalin hadn't told Truman was that he had amassed a million troops just on the border of Manchuria.   (Eisenhower, Patton, and Bradlee-Europe)

(MacArthur Japan/Asia & Marshall/ China)

Please realize I am not defending our actions in Vietnam, IragI/ IraqII, Libya, Egypt, Iran?, Syria, or Ukraine--  all small wars to promote our, 'new-lost-and-found-fascism'. I agree with Putin that we've turned into the aggressors, period.

but WWII was all together different, and we had to get involved {if by chance Germany had finnished developing their ballistic rocketry we'd be all speaking German if they didn't gas/ incenerate us all first} and certainly we never should have gotten involved in WWI

Bush Sr., Bush Jr., Cheney, Rumsfeld, should all be charged with war crimes!!! Ps. Obama is getting close to the 'red-line' also...?


Ifigenia's picture

I dare resume that it is a dispute about the division of the World by the 2 real winners of ww2. Europe went down to be puppet, western part to US empire and eastern part to URRS.

earleflorida's picture

Links: #37 (Saito Michihiko), "First Attempt at a Journal of the Poison Gas Operation of the Japanese Army Focusing on 1937 and 1938," 157-274;  (Ishijima Noriyuki), A History of China's Anti-Japanese War, 171; (Eguchi Kei-ichi),... ("The Japanese Army on the Chinese Front") in History of the Fifteen Year War, eds.  (Fujiwara Akira) and (Imai Seiichi), Vol. 2, 60-2.

 #38    Peter Williams and David Wallace, Unit 731: Japan's Secret Biological Warfare in World War II (New York: Free Press, 1989, passim.

#39    (Wu Yuexing), Modern Chinese History Map Collection, 112-16

#40    (Saito Michihiko), "A First Attempt at a Journal of the Poison Gas Operation of the Japanese Army Focusing on 1937 and 1938,"177.

#41   Jonathan Fenby, Chiang Kai-shek, 359

#42   (Saito Michihiko), "A First Attempt at a Journal of the Poison Gas Operation of the Japanese Army Focusing on 1937 and 1938," 217, 225, 242, 257, 264-5, 267, 269.

another great reference:  "Cival War in China: The Political Struggle, 1945-1949"     by Suzanne Pepper  c.1978


Ifigenia's picture

so simple to believe the shit.

Volkodav's picture

da...cos the shit is written with the simple in mind

UselessEater's picture

An interview between Joseph Farrell and Catherine Austin Fitts on her Solari blog went into detail how the Japanese surrender was unconditional unlike the German surrender.... very interesting:

"What I had not focused on was that fact that, when the
Germans surrendered, it was the German military. It was
not the Third Reich and the Nazi Party was not involved,
which, if this is correct, and I’m assuming it is because
you’re an Oxford-trained scholar, meant the German
government never surrendered."

ross81's picture

Not so sure about that. Hitler nominated Karl Donitz his successor. Donitz was the last Fuhrer of the 3rd Reich and he ordered General Jodl to sign the surrender of German forces, therefore the German govt did actually surrender unconditionally.

Ifigenia's picture

anyway, Japan and Germany are occupied to this day. My country and a lot others that had not lost the ww2 are also occupied by USA, why?

knukles's picture

Upon hearing of Mr Putin's comments, Secretary of State John Kohn stated emphatically; I was uncertain and clueless before I was befuddled and wondering why.  So take that single serve Ketsup package and deal with it.  It is a vegetable. 

Let them eat iPads's picture

"It is a vegetable."

God bless you, Ronald Raygun.