Ukraine Tanks Stopped By Unarmed Woman

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There days ago it was the male "separatists" that stopped Ukraine tanks armed with just their bodies. Yesterday, in the seceding Ukraine town of Kramatorsk, it is a woman's turn.

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If it was Hillary im certain they would've ran her ass over.

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Conscripts, they're just good boys, they don't really want to hurt anyone, they really don't even want to be there, can't imagine themselves hurting someone's mother.

Good for them.

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sounds familiar...


Just'a good ol' boys
Never meanin' no harm.
Beats all you never saw
Been in trouble with the law
Since the day they was born

Staightnin' the curves
Flatnin the hills
Someday the mountain might get 'em
But the law never will

Makin' their way
The only way they know how
That's just a little bit more 
Than the law will allow.

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I loved that show (and the A-Team) when I was a kid.



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Me too. Per DVR days. Missed a few episodes. Need to catch up. Every A team episode had 40,000 rounds of bullets flying and nobody ever got shot. Loved it.

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Hillary? Naw they wouldnt run her over. Those kankles are the best anti-tank weapon ever devised.

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So let's see....ass in jeopardy. No staffer to do the heavy lifting. No check for $100k+ awaiting signature.

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A Team was kinda like Looney Tunes, all kinds of violence yet no one ever is seriously harmed.

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I'd stop for a woman with no arms also.


It's not right.

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a pair of tits is more powerful than a pair of tanks

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Hmm, time for a "consultation" with my wife...

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Hum, it was not the case with Rachel Corrie

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The real face of courage; you have to admire this woman, more 'balls' than most american metrosexuals.  The Kiev Kriminals have lost.

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Some here have jested that they should have ran her over.  See those troops sitting on top?  They would pay dearly.  Those are APCs, not tanks, and there are a lot of exposed troops.  One ran over civilian could easily bring out the molotovs.  Think about it.  They should tread lightly--pun intended.

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You gotta wonder who the mole is that keeps turning the armor over to the other side. Halarious..

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This woman has some balls.

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When this turns into a real civil war, rather than a few isolated incidents, I might believe it.  But this says more about the guys in the APC than it does about the woman.

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Zionists building New World Order are deliberately trying to start a civil war in Ukraine so christians will kill other  christians. This is what Jewish Bolsheviks has done in Russia in 1917 and this they are doing in Syria where Muslim religion fanatics are killing other Muslims and christians.

This video at the end has a message in Russian: "The Kiev's Junta and oligarchs have sent an army to kill Russian civilians. Now, it is our turn to respond."

Here, Obama and Putin are on the same side but, it appears,  people of Ukraine are not "cooperating" with these gangsters. Now, Putin is in a hurry to negotiate. He is afraid that people in Russia may revolt and his own army will join the people against his own corrupt zionist-dominated oligarchy.


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apollyondestroy=s*it for brains

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No, it's called "megaphone desktop tool".

Such a courageous action has lots of potential to move and influence people (remember the Tianmen pictures and how they shaped our impression of the evil Chinese government)?

So the shekelblogger brigade becomes active immediately to ridicule the courageous person from the very beginning.

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"Mulga Mumblebrain said...

Nora, the image of a tank stopped in its tracks by a lone protestor is reminiscent of the famous picture of a lone nut, probably drunk, holding up a column of tanks in Beijing. The tank moved back and forth to try and evade the idiot, until he was hustled away by others. In the Western MSM sewer this was, naturally, transmuted into a story of ChiComm evil, which was echoed at the time by the Australian Prime Minister, Bob Hawke, a real Zioslave of long standing.
Hawke gave a blubberous speech in the Parliament detailing the 'events' in Tian An Men Square, culminating in bursting into tears as he related how the 'peaceful protestors' were run over and over in the square until they were turned into pulp. Only one problem, of course, with his tour de farce of public lamentation-it was all total bulldust. Of course Hawke whose egomania is legendary, has never apologised for his performance. After politics his Zio-mates ensured that a few juicy 'business opportunities' flowed his way, he dumped his long-suffering wife for a new model, and he visits Israel often. A morality play for our times. And I lost my thread a way back. I forgot to compare the two tank-drivers with those Israelis, who, in a master-class of 'moral purity' ran over Rachel Corrie a couple of times, and did the same to a poor Palestinian in a wheelchair in Jenin, I think, but it could have been another of the concentration camps in Occupied Palestine." IN

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Not enough maple syrup to go round for the size of that pancake.

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I would rather "pancake" you, but only after I would beat the crap out of you, so you would feel how much fun it is.


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Learn to smell the shekelbloggers!

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Congratulations!  You have won this morning psychopath award which will entitle you to a five minute conference with Jaime Dimon to perfect your art.

Phuk u's picture

Sorry, I'm a little insensitive today, we'll skip the syrup and stick with the

sugar and lemon.

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Just sayin, it looks like her fat ass and is probably her double. We will be seeing her heroic "under fire" advertisements soon.

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Watch in slow motion, bitch literally stops and rocks not only the 1st tank but the 2nd as well! I'm certainly no translator but I think she said " turn back or I'm flashing these here bitch tits"

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Where's her gotdam Nobel Prize?  Oh that's right, epic serf heroism doesn't get rewarded.  EDIT.  I forgot, epic serf heroism only gets rewarded under the command of its superiors, and only in the context of rank and file.  No other form of heroism will be recognized and legitimated.

kchrisc's picture

"Where's her gotdam Nobel Prize?"

One must use drones to bomb schools and wedding parties to be eligible for that. See, dead people are more peaceful.


"Think about all the peace and pieces my guillotine will produce."

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How tall is yer guillotine?  Because I'm thinking that the taller the guillotine, the less you have to sharpen the blade.

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If that were Hillary the tank would have run her over, backed over her, driven forward again ...

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The devil can't let her die that easy. It was in the contract for her soul. She is a lawyer after all.

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Flashpoints abound.  One day a Russian will get runover and the cameras with unbounded honesty will record her guts getting squished out. of her torso.    Roll cameras...

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Hillary's face could drive a train down a dirt road.

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Sort of reminded me of this Axe commercial.....

Start at 0:33, but the whole commercial is worth watching for once....

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and OT.. Donetsk demands for Jews to sign documents and sell their properties ARE FAKE...PLANTED BY ISRAEL!

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More likely planted by CIA

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Actually June 4th is upcoming, Tiananmen Square anniv.

Suddenly we are seeign all these tank stopping pictures.

Rhyming, rhyming....

What days...



T'was foretold...

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Fellow Americans, let me be clear, we have proof that she is Russian special terrorist forces causing trouble and they have WMD.


If Ukraine people can stand up to oppression when are the American people going to do the same to rid themselves of banksters and corrupt politicians.


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But we love our corrupt leaders.

The check is in the mail...I'm sure of it!