Five Reported Killed In East Ukraine Following Ultra-nationalist Attack

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And to think it was just two days ago when all the USDJPY momentum ignition algos roared to life on flashing headline news of yet another diplomatic "de-escalation" of tensions in Ukraine. What was clearly ignored is that since John Kerry was involved, it was nothing but the latest sham. And the proof came moments ago when Reuters reported, citing Russian state television on Sunday, that five people were killed when Ukraine gunmen attacked a checkpoint manned by pro-Russian separatists near the eastern Ukrainian city of Slaviansk.

Reuters was not immediately able to verify the report. Ukraine's Interior Ministry in Kiev could not immediately be reached for comment and Interior Minister Arsen Avakov had no word of the reported incident on his Facebook page, where he usually posts updates on any clashes - perhaps because this one was allegedly started by Ukraine ultra-right nationlists of the Right Sector.

Russia's state-run Rossiya 24 news station, citing its correspondent in Slaviansk, said three of the dead were with the pro-Russian separatists who control Slaviansk, and the other two were from the group which attacked their checkpoint.

The self-declared mayor of Slaviansk, who supports the pro-Russian separatists in the city, said there had been a clash overnight and there were casualties, a Reuters Television team in Slaviansk said.

RT has more:

The fatalities came after a night attack on a protester checkpoint on the outskirts of the city, a Rossiya 24 news channel correspondent reported. Four cars drove by the checkpoint and opened fire at the local residents holding it, killing three people and seriously injuring another one.


A group of protesters, who had firearms unlike those holding the checkpoint, was called from their camp in the city. They opened fire at the attackers, killing two of them, the report said.

The protesters in the confrontation reportedly captured the attackers’ two cars. Firearms, explosives and aerial photos of Slavyansk were discovered there. RIA Novosti cites a doctor at the city’s main hospital as saying that four people with gunshots were brought in overnight.


“Apparently, something serious happened,” the doctor said.


The protesters believe that they were attacked by paramilitary from the Right Sector.

The full report from LifeNews, in Russian, can be seen below:


And some additional reporting from British blogger Graham Phillips:

So if this is not merely another attempt at provocation and indeed the attackers' cars were captured and can be provided as evidence, and it can be verified that it was indeed Ukraine elements who were in breach of the now clearly null and void Geneva agreement, this may just be the escalation that Putin, who last week admitted for the first time the massing of Russian forces at the Ukraine border, will be free and clear to finally roll the tanks across the border purely with intentions to "protect" a "separatists" population which is clearly now targeted by its own government.

* * *

Update: completely in line with expectations, the Ukraine government promptly accused Russia of staging the whole thing. Via Reuters:

Ukraine's police and intelligence service accused Russia of staging a fatal shooting incident on Sunday in which pro-Moscow separatists were killed in the east of the country.

"Armed lawbreakers and saboteurs who are terrorising the local population around Slaviansk ... have turned to cynical provocation," the SBU security service said in a statement, describing the incident as a "staged attack".

No group was present "other than the saboteurs and crime figures, supported and armed by officers of Russia's GRU" military intelligence, the SBU added. The Ukrainian nationalist group Right Sector, blamed by separatists for the shooting, denied involvement and also accused Russian special forces.

Russia has accused Ukraine of failing to protect civilians in the Russian-speaking east and has threatened to intervene on their behalf - as it did before annexing Crimea last month.

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lolmao500's picture

will be free and clear to finally roll the tanks across the border purely with intentions to "protect" a "separatists" population which is clearly now targeted by its own government.

Funny that's the same excuse used by Stalin to invade Poland. Link to document :

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

Happy Easter from the N.E.D. (Nazi Extremists for Democracy) and their supporters in Vichy DC.

intric8's picture

Trot dead bodies out in the media, why dont they. That'll get us gullible americans behind the effort. Lets ID those 'pro russian seperatists' and find out if theyre actually even russian!

Latina Lover's picture

Nulands/Nudelmans Easter gift to  the Ukraine:  Chaos, disorder, violence, horror, profit for the insiders. 


I look forward to the day when the Local Citizens of the south east start stringing up the oligarchs by their balls. 

Adahy's picture

Well, I don't know about Florida, but the rest of us are ready I hope....oh, you were talking about Ukraine...

Tengri Temujin's picture

What gets me is that the EU and NATO and western media keep harping about Russia violating Budapest accords concerning Ukraine sovereignty but nobody mentions the fact that Nuland and the USA overthrew a 'DEMOCRATIC' government in Kiev with a coup that used Neo Nazis as shock troops.  Now tell me where in the world would a democracy overthrow another democracy, unless the USA is not a democracy to begin with, but a kleptocracy serving Oligarchs and corporations.   That would then make sense of the piling body counts now into the millions and the fact that the govt in Kiev is appointing unelected oligarchs as regional governors.

Patriot Eke's picture

I'm not surprised to see brand new $100 bills on the body of a dead ultra-nationalist.  One of my grandfathers died fighting fascists in France, and now our government is openly supporting them all around the world.

Beam Me Up Scotty's picture

Thats what I was thinking.  They use fresh $100 bills to transact in Ukraine?  Just print em up and ship em out.

Jreb's picture

The strange part is that they ARE fresh.

They haven't been folded, put in a pocket, a wallet or anything. How many mercenaries operating in "conflict" zones do you know that run around with cash freshly retrieved from an ATM and never put it in their pocket or wallet? A little strange don't you think?

Also - the back pack the guy keeps handling looks like Eberle Stock. Made in Vietnam - sold in North America. The pack looks relatively new as well.

It's a cluster fuck of messages.

Too much propoganda on both sides. The real victim here is the truth.

Latina Lover's picture

The crisp dollar bills are easy to explain, it was part of Brennans cash drop in Kiev.

ebworthen's picture

Let's look on the bright side; maybe those Kiev checkpoint crashers killed were from Blackwater.

Manthong's picture

Of course there was no connection to NATO… like there was no connection gadaffi,  

Tabarnaque's picture

The CIA continues to unleash its Neo Nazis dogs against Russian civilians despite the Geneva talks. This means only one thing: The USSA want an escalation of the conflict.


The Chief's picture

Ukraine no longer has a military. The real military has either defected or wants to.

The only thing maintaing the semblence of solidarity is propoganda. Strategic actors in the Ukrainian military...certain pilots, certain spec ops (now ruled by Blackwater contractors), and of course some worthless colonels and generals, have all been "incentivized" to basically do the bidding of the new fascists from the west or die. Millions of freshly printed benjamins have been distributed to help them with that decision. Millions more will be. Now they have something to fight for.

Greed is found in abundance in Ukraine. Since they don't have an army, guerilla war is the policy. It pays well until it doesn't. It won't for much longer.

SilverRhino's picture

Russians get VERY leery of folded 100 dollar bills so I can only guess that Ukrainians are like that too.  

When I was exchanging dollars for rubles they actually kicked out bills that had been folded once.


Deathrips's picture

Duh? John Madden....


Fuck Em'



g speed's picture

The pictures seem a little too convenient ?     "Not all is what it seems" and of course there is always reverse psychology?? IMHO don't be the first to storm the barracade PE-- Tyranny has lots of faces.

ebworthen's picture

Patriot Eke said:  " One of my grandfathers died fighting fascists in France, and now our government is openly supporting them all around the world."

Yup.  And weren't the Nazi's very talented propagandist's too?  The U.S. Government also supports radical Muslims who kill Christians and burn churches when it suits their agenda (Syria, Serbia, Africa, etc.).

ZippyDooDah's picture

Keep repeating the Russian propaganda, over and over.

Tengri Temujin's picture

Vicky Nuland is that you???

Propaganda, what cookies have you been eating Zippy?  Your aunt violated a country's sovereignty, did she kick back to you some benjamins for your spring break, are you by the pool side in Niece working for her overtime?  You prick!

Sabibaby's picture

Victoria Nuland is an Obamagagging whore!

Abi Normal's picture

Isn't that special...look what the liberal-tards have done in can thank the liberals for this mess people, happy now?

john39's picture

Nazis and zionists, together again at last...

Oh regional Indian's picture

History rhyming indeed. so many things, as if on cue....

Cue : The dreaded Protocols....x posed...

Hollow Cost revisionism




THX 1178's picture

I was wanting to ask you something, ORI. Slumdog Millionaire (I know its not an authentic Indian film...) is basically an apocalyptic movie right? Apocalypse being a greek word meaning "great revealing" or "great unveiling" or just revelation of hidden truth. I mean, at the end, Jamal (who is undervalued) gets revalued upward and Salim (overvalued) gets revalued downward. The truth of reality is revealed here. Salim Dies in a bathtub full of paper money at the very moment Jamal wins the quiz show. As jamal wins, a shower of gold and silver confetti rains down on him. It is symbolic of the coming monetary collapse; paper money dies, precious metals thrive. i mean the whole movie is essentially an allegory depicting the entire history of cenntral banking. It also might depict the entire history of human civilization. I just wanted to know if there was a sort of instinct or intuition in India surrounding this apocalyptic phenomenon... or some other narratives that express the same thing.

Oh regional Indian's picture

Sorry ThX, did not watch it. Too much hype means not-good message in my book....

They set these feel good, one in a billion chance meeting type movies to unrealistically aspirationalize their target class.

Think "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous", but on movie screens...they ever told you how deep in the hock all these r and f people were....

Robin leach, fitting....

Anyways....Movies, what a trip....


tony wilson's picture

never saw the show

but i worked with danny boyle long ago

a mason

a shit eater for real

a satanist pretty important dontes you nose.

order is oto i believe just like the director of billy elliot movee.

ordo templi orientis aleister crowley crew kill kids for kicks and ritual.

take a look at the london olympics opening show.

TheReplacement's picture

Liberals?  Why do you continue to use that word to describe the most illiberal people on the planet outside of the jihadis?  Aren't you mad that they have been doing what they have been doing in your name?  Of course you are.  Then why do you accept and even perpetuate their assualt on our language as well. 

Stop calling them liberals.  They are tyrants.  Call them what they are.

TBT or not TBT's picture

They have to be jealous of the type of domestic power Vlad has, that's for sure.

Leaping Lizard's picture

I am waiting for the fudgepacker to do a 5 hour Q&A with some hardball questions from all over the USSA.  Not that's serious tyranny.  

Abi Normal's picture

Damn, I stand corrected, thanks.


Sic Semper Tyrannis

Xibalba's picture

Nah, he only let's older white men blow him. 

TBT or not TBT's picture

We have always been at war with "Ultra".

TungstenBars's picture

Zippy, you .gov troll, you're on the wrong side of history. Not a smart move. 

Buck Johnson's picture

Bingo, also when we in the US finally see our govt. for what it truly is it will be too late.


TheObsoleteMan's picture

We don't string 'em up, we elect them Govenor!

scrappy's picture

Did they take the Livers for Easter din din?



Antifaschistische's picture

disclaimer:  I have no idea what the truth is in this Ukranian situation.  Truth is impossible to distinguish. 

I am wondering what the appropriate parallel is.    Is it  "Mexican Separatist have set up check points outside of San Antonio......"   

I'm not pro-Russian, or pro-Ukranian...but I do have two opinions.   No freedom loving person appreciates check points and I don't like seeing people get killed over this dispute.

chemystical's picture

"disclaimer: I have no idea what the truth is in this Ukranian situation. Truth is impossible to distinguish.

I am wondering what the appropriate parallel is. Is it "Mexican Separatist have set up check points outside of San Antonio......"

With whatever respect is due, while you present at least a pretense of impartiality, the "parallel" that you chose betrays your leanings, and that parallel is as specious (or naive) as I've seen today. 

The USA did not pass legislation banning the use of Spanish.  A worldwide bully did not overthrow the US govt and replace it with an anti-Mexican government.  A worldwide bully did not loot the US treasury.

* otoh, ISR is a worldwide bully, and they have occupied D.C., and they have looted our treasury, so maybe I'm wrong - with the exception that they have not banned the use of Spanish.  To the contrary they have forced multilingual multicultural separatism of spirit and mind on the people of the USA - and exempted themselves from needing to embrace multiculturalism

TheReplacement's picture

I hate to argue with you but you are 100% wrong (to be fair, not for obvious reasons).

A worldwide bully did overthrow our government and they looted the treasury.  They are also anti-Mexican.  Obamao is part of a grand scheme by TPTB.  TPTB have looted our treasury.  TPTB are destroying Mexico in a classic pincher movement - the drug lords run wild in Mexico and that causes the decent people to want to leave.  Our non-existent border defense and immigration policy encourages the decent people of Mexico to leave for the US.  This is absolutely destroying Mexico.

If you doubt me, go live in Mexico.

Leaping Lizard's picture

A worldwide bully did not loot the US treasury.

Wrong, only it was an inside job.  When the truth comes out it will be good to be short tungsten.

Jreb's picture

Anti - the longer I watch this the more I realize that the truth is simple if not somewhat obscured.

There are five sides:





The rest of us

The Russians and the Americans are fighting a proxy war economically and militarily. The Russians are at stale mate in the financial war and are not making as much progress as they would like. The Americans are losing the hot war which the Russians are winning without firing so much as a shot.

The Europeans are confused and afraid. Less of Putins tanks and more of the price of gas.

The Ukranian people are basically getting screwed in general. The average guy packing groceries has no money, no say and is probably wondering if he willbe conscripted, shot, dissappeared or bombed some time in the next few days. He now realizes he is a pawn in some grotesque game of chess that he can do nothing about. Women standing in front of tanks aside he probably feels pretty hopeless and wishes everyone would take a chill pill so he can go about paying his gas bill.

The rest of us are wondering if we will eventually be turned into a smoldering pile of ash some time in the near future because the big banks and corporations that are running this whole show from behind the scenes seem intent on starting something they ultimately will not be able to stop through their puppet governments which are run by narcisistic psychopathic poltiicans and generals (on both sides).

Does that about sum it up? Or did I miss something?


Omen IV's picture

you said: "Does that about sum it up? Or did I miss something?"

yes you missed a bunch !

Europeans  = Germans (2 groups) and the rest of Europe - 1#-the Germans at the top level Merkel and the banks are lead by USA / 2#-The Germans in the street and the unions and the industrialists are pro- Russia for all the reasons you know economically but more importantly they despise the USA starting with NSA and they know the whole Nuland story - Merkel cant hold the line for the USA - german people are set up solidly against the USA - Impossible to hold them !

Americans = Government + 1%, the american sheeple, people who can think and dont follow the MSM

Ukrainians = western Ukraine to include Swobvda and Right Sector and the american stooges - Yats et al, the eastern and southern Ukraine, Billionaires who stole public assets in the last twenty years

those in south and east read the tea leaves - IMF is going to destroy them and foreclose on the loans and convert to public assets and transfer the assets to the Ukrainian-American Business Council (Monsato / Chevron / Cargill / etc) - population will end up as refugees in Russia - so they will fight to the end and get federation with R after referendum - EU gets the debt / western Ukraine and the Fascists

Billionaires run the risk of ALL assets returned to the provinces stolen in the last twenty years upon freedom from UK via 90% tax, lawsuits and assassinations and then redistribution to the people and then IPO of 49%.

Russia: keys -  control the southern pipeline, control and limit  the new oil and gas drilling, control the breadbasket, control NO new NATO (will never believe any US pledge for the Uk on nATO or use of pipeline), therefore must control south and east, crimea, istretsia and then new currency established with China / Iran, BRICS et al  plus eastern pipelines  built to china for long term security

Obama the lamest lame duck in history of the republic!!!, the record will show the loss of reserve currency status since Bretton Woods on his watch, deutchbag and arrogant motherfucker!

OBAMA today 40% has approval rating but if you take out blacks from that - 18% of population and 93% voted for him of all blacks - without refinement of calculation -  that leaves 23% of the rest of the US population supporting him "before" this fiasco - HE IS DONE - GAME OVER for next two years!







Jreb's picture

So what you're basically saying is the main players are all corrupt assholes and the rest of us honest hard working folk are fucked?


TBT or not TBT's picture

The perps are "Ultra-" this and "Ultra-" that. An extreme response is illicited in our amygdalae. When people are hurting, government has to move. This will not stand.

Wahooo's picture

Yep, looks like the Easter Bunny from the CIA stopped by to say hello and wish them hell-on-earth from the Kenyan demon. Couldn't be anymore obvious with the Franklins. Our nation is going to get the biggest karma payback in all of human history.