The "New" SATs (Summed Up In One Cartoon)

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Presented with no snark or ironic comment whatsoever...



Source: Sunday Funnies at The Burning Platform blog

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SAT = Sorry Attempt to Transcend.

Nothing will ever beat the "School of Hard Knocks", EVER.

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@ Third Rock.

"Dying to Graduate"

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Pin interest



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The world needs ditch diggers too.


-Judge Smails

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agreed....too bad nobody's hiring even for those jobs. WTF with all the fucking roads bridges, etc. cannot this POS gubmint pull its head out of ass enough to even borrow a few trillion more from Mr. Yellin to at least offer some shard of "dignity"/respect to even a few 1000"s workers?

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Sorry - feminists have decreed that jobs for burly men are unacceptable.

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Is it just me, or is no one murdered with an axe anymore? If I saw someone with axe, I wouldn't even be scared- I'd be impressed someone was doing manual labor!

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I finished college after a circuitous detour and much hard work about the same time that I developed an interest in reading business bios.

Therefore the first thing I learned upon earning my degree was that most successful businesses were founded by people without degrees.

Ray Kroc, Glen Bell, Jobs, etc.

They and many more only went to the school of "hard knocks."

Well isn’t that sweet?!

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There is only one SAT democrat.... No answer're entitled to be left but not right.

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True, it is amazing how little you need to know and yet you can still be successful in this world.  Just ask the Kardashians.  And while you're at it, you may wish to reconsider the correlation between hard work and success.

If I remember rightly, it was Mr Honda that used to go to university.  He never got a degree (which really pissed off the uni).  He just used to go there and study whatever it was that he needed to know to help him build better engines, or whatever else it was he needed to know for his business.

Sometimes it has taken me six months to figure out something that someone else could have explained to me in five minutes.  I do value good teachers.

One of my first days with the Electrical Engineering lecturer and he writes on the board:

VL = L di/dt

"Bloody hell!", I thought to myself, "Why didn't anyone tell me this ten years ago???!!!"  Then I remembered that ten years ago I was only eight years old and I didn't know anything about calculus until two years ago.  I really do value good teachers.

But it is true.  If you know how to pull cables then you can actually be very successful without knowing all the little intricacies of what is happening inside those cables.  And the time you save by ignoring calculus can be time spent creating customers.

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I'm am EE, with about 20 years total experience. Your comment reminds me of one that my older sister made about a year ago on Tracebook. "See, another successful day went by and I didn't have to use one bit of algebra"!

To which I responded, "You used your cell phone today"? 

Sis: Well, yes. 

Me: You used the pump at the station to fill your tank this week? 

Sis: Yeah, what are you getting at? 

Me: Did you walk to work? 

Sis: Of course not, stop pestering me!

Me: Was the building heated? 

Sis: Knock it off. What's your point? 

Me: A lot of people used algebra to design that cell phone, the gasoline pump, your car, and the nat-gas distribution system for your heating. Everyone's doing the algebra for you, except YOU. 

I could throw a few technical quirks into the input of those cables, and without a manual you'd be screwed in trying to figure out how to get a signal through them. Unless, that is, I wrote the solution into the manual for you. 

Extrapolating anomalies and implying that they are statistically more probable than they are is just another form of logical fallacy. Kroc, Bell, Jobs, are outliers used to propagate "the American Dream" (because you have to be asleep to believe it - Carlin). 

Don't let your schoolin' interfere with your education (Mark Twain) doesn't mean that you should necessarily forego the later. 

Get your "engineering vocational training" in something practical and useful and go off and design a new, innovative cable (then sell the start-up to one of the monopolies and retire, because if you don't, they'll steal your patents anyways, bury you with lawfare tactics, and in the end you'll have nothing).  Then, when not at university, go off and educate yourself. 

Those that can read and don't are no better off than those that can't.  ~ Mark Twain. 

BTW. Twain's my favorite humorist. My favorite: It's not what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It's what you're sure you know that just ain't so!. 

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Frankie, to these people all of the technologies are magic. Kind of like how their EBT card gets filled monthly until it stops working one day because the wizard stops working.

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Mark Twain, more revelant now than ever

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FC:  Thankyou very much for that nice, big comment.  Now I dont feel so alone.  I've spent a bit of time wondering how other tradies solve certain problems without algebra, trig tables and calculators ( the way I was doing it ).  Eventually I learnt that they only deal with 30 and 45 degree angles, and that a lot of "sins" can be "forgiven" with a well placed whack with a hammer.

I'm actually the guy that never should have dropped out of uni ( that's another story, suffice to say that if I won lotto then I'd go back to uni and never leave - there's too much stuff I want to learn.  Why don't I go back anyway?  I want to actually use what I learn and I can't imagine acquiring capital while taking on even more debt. )  Some stuff I have "learnt" 3 times and I must say that I prefer the university's way of teaching theory over the tradesmen's approximations any day.

I had a goal of returning to some "serious study" within 3 years, but that was five years ago.  Sometimes life doesn't quite go to plan.


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Regarding the "uni drop-outs who make it".  I think the fallacy lies with people assuming that the drop-outs succeeded in business because they dropped out, where the truth is probably that the drop-outs dropped out because study was getting in the way of their successful business.  And then there are the Mr Hondas of the world - they never graduate because they are not interested in graduating, they just go for the specific info that they need.

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It sounds like you're in Europe and "Uni" doesn't equate with the "Universities" in the U.S.

For instance, in your previous post you wrote:

""Bloody hell!", I thought to myself, "Why didn't anyone tell me this ten years ago???!!!"  Then I remembered that ten years ago I was only eight years old and I didn't know anything about calculus until two years ago."

So if my math is correct, you are currently 18 yrs old.

But you dropped out of the Uni 5 years ago at age 13, if my math is correct in looking at this latest post:

"I had a goal of returning to some "serious study" within 3 years, but that was five years ago.  Sometimes life doesn't quite go to plan."

In the U.S. one wouldn't go to a university until about age 18 or so unless they had skipped a grade or more. That would be "13th grade" if they continued to number them like they do in the U.S. grade school system. Any idea what the "Unis" would equate to in the U.S. system?

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Not quite.  I'm talking ancient history.  I dropped out of uni over 20 years ago.  So it was over 20 years ago when I was thinking, "Why didn't someone tell me this ten years ago?"  Does that clear things up for you?  Sounds like I left something out of my sentences above.

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OK, thanks for the clarification.

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"Extrapolating anomalies and implying that they are statistically more probable than they are is just another form of logical fallacy."


I love it when I see AGW so simply summed up :)

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We got told long before. 

It's the way of the world:work fast and die young.


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It's like those schools patented their students and expect a return on it for the rest of their lives!!
Slaves to "knowledge"!
Man this is getting weird...
Education should be available to all for free.
And now we've got lifetime taxatiion by the state, banks and schools.
Everybody has it's piece but there's nothing left for the drone itself!

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SD (and any others)!  Are the schools in Europe teaching the same kind of garbage as ours are?

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Well, education used to be great but, and I work a lot with young people, the education levels are dropping like a brick.

We used to speak 4 languages at school. Now it's 2 at max.
History, math, geography... all cut.

People know shit anymore! And the excuse is those stupid tablets! Why study when you can look it up...
they get classes: google.... how to search...
now... I don't get that. At all!
Young kids now know shit, and can't do shit anymore. And they say: we've got to adopt, the "older" people (I'm 37). Now, whenever a young kid enters my team, I setup a crash course of 6 months where I teach them everything I know and can. If they fail of lack interest, they're cut.
And sadly, 80% doesn't make it. 20% has potential but I only had 1 in the last 5 years that made it to managment.

Kids now think they know a lot but whenever I ask a question, I get the google response. And mostly I get the answer from the first 4 results. Always. And that bothers me because 90% of what's online is bullshit.

Half of the presentations I see these days at corporate level? Almost most is copy pasted from slideshare or straight from google.
And sadly, everybody thinks what they see is true!

Same for example with infographics! I hate those! You can "prove" anything you want with it without proving anything!

A book is sometimes deducted to a simple slide!! Wtf!

No, our education is not what it was a decade ago.

Recently we had a study that showed 85% of our teachers lacked the knowledge and skills to teach the courses they are giving!!! 85%!!!!

Society is dumbing down at a alarming rate. Cut the internet for 1 day and the world won't be able to operate anymore.

People ask themselves: how could we work without the internet?

I can tell you know, most people wouldn't be able to do shit.
Just watch when the servers go down in a big company. Everybody stops working and goes straight to the coffee machine.

I had college kids with all the right papers that I offered the option to go to data processing or be fired. Most are all still there since I moved them there years ago. No ambition. No skills. They love the drone work and that's what data entry is.

And remember, most of all current jobs are sales, data processors in any form and marketing.
I'm working on automatisation of sales with integrated data processing. We'll lose hundreds of jobs over here in the next year when my project is finished. And sadly... I'll be very succesfull with it. Currently I'm looking why I actually still need people in certain devisions!
My bosses still don't fully understand how everything will work but they do understand they'll make serious cost cut.
I can make the company run with 20 people instead of 450 now. And we'll move more work.

All thanks to the technology everybody still loves.
Whatever makes you work easier, actually makes it easier to replace you if connected in the right way.

If your job is to press a button, it's just a matter of time before they install a button to press all the buttons.

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That's why I do embedded design. We make shit that hasn't been made before. That kind of stuff makes you happy and shit.

Had to bust my ass to gain the knowledge and expertise to do that kind of stuff though. You can't bullshit your way around design...

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This site sez you can bullsh!t yer way around design (software, that is):

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Good to see you around, SD! I was worried there...

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I'm starting up 2 new businesses and I still have a fulltime job also and it's been a total sponge on my time so far.
It's like I work 20 hours a day these last few months :)

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Keep it up, brother.  I've been studying forex for the last four years in my off time and holding down a full time job.  I've been making head way in the last month and eventually want to trade forex, futures, stocks and options full time.  I have lost about ten grand in the last four-years (I'll chalk that up to the cost of education.).  At least, you are adding innovation to society and my endeavors are really no different than that of JP Morgan or Goldman Sachs.  I'm so disgusted by my government job and the entitled assholes that work there that don't realize that their whole existence is dependent on the forced redistribution of wealth.  I'm really no better because my own lifestyle is dependent on taxes.

Nonetheless, wish you and myself the best.  Keep up the great posts and let us know your status on your entrepreneurial ventures.

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But SD, "thinking makes my brain hurt".....I can hear them now.

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Thinking? I try to think ... but nuthin' happens. (R.I.P. Curly)

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@Sudden Debt

"If your job is to press a button, it's just a matter of time before they install a button to press all the buttons."

Great phrase, is it original to your? Maybe you should have it printed ON a button

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You aren't secretly talking about Janet Yellen are you?  Her only job is to press Ctrl-P.  Unfortunately, she can never lose her job because she is the front man for the most evil rock band ever called the Federal Reserve and her audience are full of powerful Keynesians like the President.

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effectiveness and results matter. 


read Peter Drucker, Managing for Results.


computer is a moron, the ability to perceive is something else.  

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I am amazed how often I find "the edge of the internet".  The internet "knows everything" in the same way your local bookshop, library or newsagency "knows everything".  There is actually a lot of stuff that ain't on them shelves.

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Dear Sudden Debt:

Your posts are, typically, logical and have common sense, BUT:

"Education should be available to all for free."

Please, nothing is free.

FREE education is paid by taxpayers.

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What you call "free education" is really nothing but training that TPTB want for their livestock.

There is very little "education" anymore and what there is isn't usually paid for by the "taxpayers".

PT's picture

The best information is always hidden.

1.  Once it becomes common knowledge, it loses its premium.
2.  If no-one cares about it, then no-one asks about it, no-one writes books about it ... that is why modern computers don't come with built-in computer languages, memory maps or decent instruction manuals.  Frustrates the shit out of people like me, but the majority of buyers don't care.

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homeschooling is (mostly) free

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Homeschooling our daughter required my wife quit her profressional job and we moved to BFE Oregon where we could scale back to a sub 100k home and I could work from home, as an architect. Since we just turned the corner on the IRS deadline I can say, quantitatively, it costs over $100k per year to make the lifestyle change, Plus I reduced my working hours to only about 25-30 max per week.  So at an architect's market billing rate, homeschooling is thousands per month in un compensated billable revenue hours.

However I have never been happier and my commute is 16 feet to the spare bedroom, except client meeting days about once per two weeks. I have time with my family whom I dearly love, time to help in my community and a motgage less than my truck payment. we have local friends, and this year we are planting orchard tress and starting to garden.

I know my daugher and have hours with her never possible in my former life. I ask if she knows her daddy loves her and she says  " of course daddy"

Its not free, but it IS priceless. I highly recommend it to anyone.

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That's an enviable life and one I wish  I could transition myself into.  As of now, my wife and I are both caught up in the rat wheel and feel the ever increasing need to make more money for ??? I don't really know.  We just know we need stuff to be happier.  OF course it never works.  I am extra happy that both our educations cost us a small fortune which was partially funded through government loans.  


As they have made us productive tax paying citizens, I'm wondering now if fully funding some college educations wouldn't be in the best interests of the government as we pay over 30,000 dollars in Federal tax a year.  If we do that for the next 30 years, I'll pay over 1 million in fed taxes in my life.  That's a pretty good return on their investment.  But alas, I pay them a small fortune in student loans as well.  Double dipping on my success at this point.  


As said initially, I really wish I didn't want any of it anymore.  A peaceful slower life sounds much more appealing right now.  I'm sure it would to my two daughters as well. 

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I completely disagree.  You can make information readily available over the internet (lectures, reference material, etc.). Let people view this stuff so the barriers to education breakdown.  Why should colleges, schools etc have a monopoly on education.  Don't let Prometheus's sacrifice go to waste.

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If you buy something from a shop and it breaks, you return it to the shop and get your money back.
If you buy something from a shop and it does not perform as advertised, you take it back to the shop, declare false advertising, and you get your money back.

So what happens when your education doesn't perform as advertised?  You've still lost four years but can you get your money back?  How do you prove that your "education" didn't teach you what you needed to know?  I guess the boss (either the one who hired you or the one who asked you a few, simple questions and then refused to hire you ) could help you sort that out. 

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Wow! Retarded down sysndrom 18 year old is accepted to college!? Lets rule out Physics, math, engineering as majors. That poor kid will probably get a student loan and be eaten for life by the banks.

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This is a big shame as we see thru the veneer.

But most of the sheeple are bleeding hearts, etc. but would any of them volunteer to co-sign this young man's loan?

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What they should be doing is talking this person OUT OF signing serf-loan papers!

Larry Dallas's picture


This is a big shame as we see thru the veneer.

But most of the sheeple are bleeding hearts, etc. but would any of them volunteer to co-sign this young man's loan?