The IPO Window Is Closing Fast

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With a multitude of equity valuation dreams hinging on the success of Alibaba's forthcoming IPO, the following chart is likely the most frightening one for many VC companies currently. As Bloomberg notes, it's becoming much harder for companies to close IPOs successfully with only 2 companies last week raising money at an amount within the expected range. On average,  the eight companies from last week priced their offerings 12% below the mid-point of their range. As one analyst noted, "investors have more or less said "enough"."


As Bloomberg notes,

while 167 companies are still on tap to raise $12 billion through U.S. IPOs, the calendar for the rest of April looks bare with only two issuers seeking less than $100 million combined, data compiled by Bloomberg show.


That doesn’t include Alibaba Group Holding Ltd...

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Vampyroteuthis infernalis's picture

The muppets tired of being treated like puppets?

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Old Wall Street saying: "Sell in May and go away."

21st Century version: "IPO in April, and AMFs!"

ndotken's picture

Dont worry ... the future is bright ... there are more suckers being born every minute

mjcOH1's picture

Clearly, investors are holding out for the next Groupon.

Everyman's picture

The "trend" is now "destruction of capital formation", so who is the "friend of THAT TREND"?

This is what happens when pyscho economic terrorists (call financial advisers, economists, or "the FED") try to "control" the market.  Who the hell wants to just give these idiots and criminals money???  FUCK YOU, you imbecilic little freaks.  Go find YOU OWN FUCKIN' MONEY TO LOSE> 

I ain't givin' you anymore.  You taught me well.  Never give a banker or financial guy money.  They keep it and insist on sending you the bill.

The only smart move is "not to play".

qazwsx's picture

I'd only buy GoPro, I love their cameras!

813kml's picture

Those Snapchat idiots will rue the day the turned down that $3 billion from Facebook.  Of course, to today's kids the first dotbomb took place in the prehistoric days of Web 1.0.  How could they be expected to learn from such ancient history?

unplugged's picture

The Leftist's destruction of our economy is almost complete.

Dr. Engali's picture

Oh brother. One would think you would have this figured out by now. .... They are all on the same team. You only think you have a choice.

nmewn's picture

Well, you're both right, in my opinion.

One is just happy to suck our blood a little at a time and not kill the host. The other, sucks it all out (killing the host) and just wanders off in search of another.

Hard to tell which one is more honest about it though ;-)

disabledvet's picture

red team, blue team...all part of the "bled dry" team.

hmmm. "facebook or twitter. twitter or facebook."

Toolshed's picture

The illusion of choice makes the common moron's slavery slightly more tolerable. For the more enlightened, who recognize the deception, it is salt in the wound.

Notsobadwlad's picture

Investors? There never were any investors. There were only the banks, hedge funds leveraged with bank money and retirement funds arm twisted and promised to be exited at the right time.

No real investor in their right might would buy that crap unless the were in on the "con".

Dr. Engali's picture

Maybe Wallstreet should let the muppets have a winner every once in a while.

holdbuysell's picture

When it comes to overall market share dilution, what the stock buyback extravaganza taketh away, the IPO surge giveth. It'd be interesting to know what the number of dollars is for each.