Shrine Visit Retribution? China Seizes Japanese Cargo Vessel (Over War-Debts)

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We noted yesterday, Japan's decision to send an Abe cabinet official to the Yasukuni shrine (home of Class A war criminals) and Abe's sending of an offering, warning it will likely see retaliation from China. We didn't have to wait long. As BBC News reports, China has seized a Japanese cargo ship (over a pre-war debt). With President Obama due to visit in days, it seems the tensions between China and Japan may force his hand to pick sides.


As BBC News reports, China's seizure of a Japanese cargo ship over a pre-war debt could hit business ties, Japan's top government spokesman has warned.

Shanghai Maritime Court said it had seized the Baosteel Emotion, owned by Mitsui OSK Lines, on Saturday.


It said the seizure related to unpaid compensation for two Chinese ships leased in 1936.


The Chinese ships were later used by the Japanese army and sank at sea, Japan's Kyodo news agency said.


"The Japanese government considers the sudden seizure of this company's ship extremely regrettable," Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said on Monday.


"This is likely to have, in general, a detrimental effect on Japanese businesses working in China."

It seems the Japanese shrine visit sparked some more "war" memories for the Chinese...

The owners of the shipping company, identified by Kyodo as Zhongwei Shipping, sought compensation after World War Two and the case was reopened at a Shanghai court in 1988, China's Global Times said.


The court ruled in 2007 that Mitsui had to pay 190 million yuan ($30.5m, £18m) as compensation for the two ships leased to Daido, a firm later part of Mitsui, Global Times and Kyodo said.


Mitsui appealed against the decision, but it was upheld in 2012, Kyodo said.


Kyodo said this appeared to be the first time that a Japanese company asset had been confiscated as war-linked compensation.




Japan has always held that the issue of war-related compensation was settled by a 1972 agreement between the two sides when ties were normalised.


But now for the first time, a Chinese court has ignored that agreement - and the Chinese government appears to be giving full support, says the BBC's Rupert Wingfield-Hayes in Tokyo.

It seems China and Japan are testing their relationship with the US...

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Honest Abe:  A house divided against itself cannot stand.

duo's picture

Hey, Japan attacked Russia unprovoked in 1905 and pretty much sunk their whole navy.

Vlad, there's YOUR excuse.

I guess there's no statute of limitations on this kind of stuff anymore.

Stuck on Zero's picture

No statute of limitations?  My Great Grand Uncle was shot stone cold dead in Havana in the Spanish American war.  I want compensation.


knukles's picture

Hah ha ha ha ha
Poor Obie... They're coming at him from all sides, now
It's tough being the Messiah*

*courtesy of the DNC, et al. 
PS  The Chinee and Vlad are not fucking around. 

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Leave Barack alone!

(I swear it never gets

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With President Obama due to visit in days, it seems the tensions between China and Japan may force his hand to pick sides.

Obama will do what he always does:  stab America's allies in the back.  Therefore he will chose China over Japan.  For him, it's a slam dunk

nmewn's picture

His wife and kids were just over there.

What is this,

knukles's picture

Dude, now you're gonna get all sorts of ads for Gay Ukranian Brides on your computer

nmewn's picture

Wait...did you say gay Ukrainian brides?

Not sure if my heart can stand the strain but if everyone thinks it will help!

Its for a good cause ;-)

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Frequent fLiar miles.

Omen IV's picture

OBAMA is a dumb fuck! - east and west they are going to squeeze this arrogant bastard - regional power.......hmmmm

chess is not a game - serious people -  dont give 1,800 +++ speeches

now its rope a dope time!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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So now he will be caught in the ring between Russia and China for the next few  Lots of back and forth, and soon Biden is caught in the vortex too.  They probably have putting green on the plane and put put to each other across the way.

MillionDollarBoner_'s picture

You think they might batter him about the ring...?

He may enjoy that ;o)

Dr. Engali's picture

I guess the Wookie with all of his charms wasn't as persuasive as Zero and Reggie love had hoped (there's that word again).

The Persistent Vegetable's picture

Looks like the end game is finally approaching. No matter who the Prez is, we all knew it was coming. The behemoth is going to be brought to its knees sooner or later and i'm better its sooner.

Berspankme's picture

Odumba is so out of his league. A fucking petulant child among men. Such a fucking cunt. He should home and play doctor and nurse with Reggie

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What do you expect from affirmative action and Chicago hoodies, NEWTON OR EINSTEIN?

Winston Churchill's picture

If China nuked Japan would anyone be able to tell the
difference ?

rbg81's picture

Japan has been nuked twice and it hasn't slowed them down much.

Hippocratic Oaf's picture

3 if you count fuckyoushima

Rican's picture

Enjoy your trip, Barry! (Avoid the fish.)

Oldrepublic's picture

where will we bury US war criminals?

rsnoble's picture

That would be an awful lot of wasted space.  Maybe a jungle where they will decay fast.

napper's picture

Let's not pollute the environment with so many corpses of US war criminals.


Make some dog food out of them. Keep some for medical research. Powdered bones make good fertilizers.



JuliaS's picture

Quick, send John Kerry there along with some icognito CIA director of operations! Things happenning elsewhere on the planet and we're not there? Are we not the world policeman? Shouldn't we be standing on every corner like a British Bobby minding the business?

Commence twitter "we're all Chinese" or "we're all Japanese" campaign... or both! Let's sanction both nations, until they surrender all their ships and barges to Jerusalem. I mean, why not. What we steal's gonna end up there in some shape or form anyway.

Bastiat's picture

Send Brennan -- with Groucho glasses and a wig. 

williambanzai7's picture

Please do not worry...

Doubleguns's picture

War debt is just a red herring. This is leading up to a Chinese Crimea event. Hide and watch.  


Time for BO to go golfing I think.

Winston Churchill's picture

Its always tee time for Obozo.
Good title for a musical,with the 4 horseman as the chorus line.

HardlyZero's picture

Tea time for Bonzo...err...different prez.

countryboy42's picture

Wait, so, now we are going to war with China? This morning it was Ukraine (hey did you know that cloned weapons are made all over the world?) , this afternoon someone used some bleach in Sirya, and Assad was accused of chemical weapons use.

...And don't forget kids, when you see the bright flash, just Duck and Cover. Hide under your desk, huddle up against a wall. It doesn't matter, as long as you have something to think about as you die.

Who was that masked man's picture

China rike eating bowl of chop suey.  Half hour rater, hungry for more power

optimator's picture

Two cargo ships that were later sunk?  Y'know who's gonna pay for this, plus interest.  The Sinker, the U.S. Navy Pacific Fleet.

cdude's picture

A prime example of typical  ZH "sky is falling" drama. This is really not such a big deal. It is an action against a specific Japanese company, who does business in China. The ships were docked in port in China and  the seizeure of said "assets" mandated by a Chinese court.

BFD.... let's keep our freakin' shirts on here.


Update: A lot of replies.

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gotta love the chinese. their negotiating style will never change, whether it is 5th generation san francisco or shanghai.


yankee dog! we take japanese boat! what you do! ha! ha! maybe we take some more! you no fight for yourself! you think you will fight for japan? japan are belong to us! ha! ha! yankee dog! go pee in your bed!

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the m.v. BAOSTEEL EMOTION is a chinese ship?

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whatever happens i sure hope chinese slave labor keeps building doo dads for walfart [/sarc]

The_Prisoner's picture

You mean Filipino slave labour?

But as Hillary put "What difference does it make?"

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'scuse me while I go short Honda stock, I guess all the Chinese can drive around in their Red Flag L5's instead.

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it seems the tensions between China and Japan may force his (Obama’s) hand to pick sides”

Are you serious?  Obama has had no problem voting present in the past and nothing has changed.  Over five years and there is still no presidential decision on Keystone XL. Red lines crossed in Syria, Obamacare deadlines that are not deadlines and the list goes on. I predict another punt.

litemine's picture

NESD.......The Control of Canadian Oil if shipped thru a PIPELINE would be less than the American Oil Barrons want. The proper hands are not and will never be greased enough to allow the keystone to be built.

Anyways.... Canada would be better off refining and shipping Alberta's Oil to the east, and using it themselves, cutting out the southern middle man, even if the petro dollar could take another hit.

We don't really need f35's anyways......and we have more Justin Bebers to export.......

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I am wrong, the Japanese don't have any nukes because if there was ever a good reason to use them this is it. Pre-emptive defensive strike. No I'm sayin'.

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Pick sides, Obanga can barely pick his own nose.

Upton's picture

It worked so well with Russia.

I believe Obama should send Billie Jean King and Caitlin Cahow to represent him in China.



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Chinese Toast: The Rant

Podcast now up on the Doomstead Diner.

Also dont miss

Financial WWIII and Deflation Doom



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"Sorry, Asians, but my ass belongs to Vlad. Those KGB boys are just soo hard."

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US aircraft carriers in the area always keep the peace and grant permissions.



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And... it's ON like Donkey Kong-san