Is The US Military Preparing For The Collapse Of The Dollar?

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It almost happened in 2008... but as this excerpt from Casey Research's Meltdown America documentary notes, it appears the US military is preparing for the potential collapse of the US dollar. As Scott Taylor warns, "...if the carrot (of credit worthiness) is fading, and the stick (of military threat) is weak, that empire is going to come down in a hurry..." which leaves a serial economic mis-manager only one option to 'secure' the empire.



To see what the consequences of economic mismanagement can be, and how stealthily disaster can creep up on you, watch the 30-minute documentary, Meltdown America. Witness the harrowing tales of three ordinary people who lived through a crisis, and how their experiences warn of the turmoil that could soon reach the US. Click here to watch it now.

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NoDebt's picture

Son, everyone who can fog a mirror is preparing for the collapse of the dollar.  It's just a question of when and how fast she slips under the waves when she goes.

Most people are betting they can see it coming and react fast enough to get to the lifeboat.  Most people will probably be wrong.

with the king's picture

It's worse, most people have no clue at all about the collapse of the dollar

Doubleguns's picture

If you do not own a life boat already, your screwed. PM's in possesion, a working farm, method to keep those items and the fortitude to do so. The new 1% will be whats left. 

SoberOne's picture

Holy doom-porn! Need popcorn.

robertocarlos's picture

I'm praying to God I live long enough to see it so I can have a good laugh.

BKbroiler's picture

The great experiment will end with a whimper not a bang.  See Japan.  No mad max fantasies, no urban warfare.  Just slow grinding deflation until the joists give out.

The_Ungrateful_Yid's picture

I'd prefer Nukes than financial gets you quickly the other is long and painful.

BKbroiler's picture

I hear ya. I might just go out guns blazing while everything is still normal.  Pre-empt the apocalypse.  Bush doctrine, bitchez.

Soul Glow's picture

There is a constant deflation.  Problem is, the central banks are creating an inflation +2% above par.  This type of monetary poiicy creates hyperinflation because the basis of the credit is fiat - it is by decree.  This has only happened so many times in history, and it has never ended well.  

Debt needs a backing, a basis.  When it has none all hell breaks loose.  Chaos finds a home. 

There is no growth - oil exploration vs demand has shown such.  Employment has shown such.  There are so many homeless, destitute - it's almost like the Elite are trying to usher in the Bible's Apocalypse.

erg's picture

There's a trap-door at the very bottom of the rabbit-hole. Fortunately or unfortunately it probably involves death.

I didn't ever want to pass away in my sleep. Better to go out a champion of things good and wholesome and honorable.

That's the key. Stick to the truth and no one can ever lead you astray.

dryam's picture

Japan's monolithic culture is extremely different than that of the U.S.  Politicians have tried their best to polarize this country for years, and they've done a great job of it.  Commonality is anything but common in the U.S.  People have been angling for a great cultural reset to coincide with the financial reset.  Kids that have never experienced real discrimination a day in their life feel as though (via inflammatory rhetoric) that they have been persecuted more than the Jews during the Holocaust.  Various groups have loaded up with ridiculous amounts of guns & ammo.  No, we are not Japan.  We are a country that's had cracks in our foundation for a long time, and it's going to just take a little extra stress to crush the foundation.

Stackers's picture

Make no mistake the US military is actively training to sieze and occupy domestic urban areas with lethal combat force. This has never happened, even during the World Wars.


Little bird gun runs down Biscayne Blvd in Miami


Downtown attacks on LA








and many others


Pure Evil's picture

And, what, pray tell, exactly is the common denominator in all these cities?

You'd be surprised at how many of our African brethren have moved to Minneapolis from Shitcago, Minneapolis, and Detroit to take advantage of the bountiful welfare benefits in Minnesota.

DeadFred's picture

Don't be racist! The EBT zombies will come from all races and creeds. The FSA is everywhere.

e_goldstein's picture

The FSA is everywhere.

But mainly on Wall Street.

dontgoforit's picture

Man who walk on razor blades sure to have cut feet.

HardAssets's picture

If I were an evil genius wanting to employ Divide & Conquer strategies against my enemies, what would I do ?  Well, I might use the (hidden to most) tool of my fiat fake 'money' system to steal 97%+ of all they ever earned or saved during the last century - through long term printing induced inflation. After stealing that 97% I might tax them and 'give' back a few pennies to some specific groups. Pick out groups large enough & distinct enough to be easily identified. Then salt my owned media with some juicy commentary to get things going. Natural human tribalism will take over from there.

They will be fighting among themselves over the pennies, totally blind to the big picture of the 97% taken from all of them. They will fight and blame each other. They will never recognize their true common enemy or work together to rid themselves of him. The best part is that it plays into human vices - prejudice, simple mindedness & easy answers, rage expressed in ineffective violence.

Sounds like a plan.

And actually, you don't even need to be a genius to come up with this plan. Just have dumb opposition more driven by their  emotionalism than intelligence.

snr-moment's picture

No.  They will be protecting the domestic areas and seizing farmlands to feed them.  Think you can take your farmland with you?  Yes, they will have to pacify the urbad rioting, but once accomplished, they will turn their attention to food.

Farmers always get it in the end. Just ask Stalin.  Then ask why there are vaccines for rabies and lymes disease for dogs, but not people.  Control.

No Quarter's picture

Interesting- In the LA clip, the helicopters are circling around a bank and a multinational staffing/insurance company. Coincidence? Perhaps training for protecting the elites from the rable when SHTF? 

boogerbently's picture



Is capitalism, communism, abortion, gay,gun rights, Christianity......

"good and wholesome and honorable."

Who decides ?


erg's picture

Don't steal each other's shit, basic contructs. Don't fuck each other's wives. Don't blithely accept government grinding your face into the dirt because they tell ya you should.

UselessEater's picture

interesting read including the comments, thanks. I thought this comment succinct:

"That is, socialism appeals to the regressed, fearful and not-quite adult. It’s why one so often meets sullen,aggrieved socialists who have no idea how life works and no plan for their own life outside the safety of governmental largesse. All they’re sure of is that life owes them and somebody gonna pay for what they didn’t get or don’t have. They are perfervidly envious redistributionists.

In the Coming Unpleasantness that is bound to happen in this country, none of The Dissenters will be socialists."

0b1knob's picture

Collapse of the dollar is the boogie man that the TBTF banks bring out whenever they want to shake the people down for a few trillion in bailouts.

The government collects ALL tax revenues in dollars.  Dollar collapse = government collapse.  We should be so lucky.

All we will get is more of the same.   Biflation and the end of the middle class.

Leaping Lizard's picture

The problem is which government collapses?  The NWO order has to take down the USA to usher in a world feudalistic government, currency, bank, army, etc.  Been doing a hell of a job since Nixon (Kissinger - Rothschild fixer) went to China.  I think the revolution will be shooting at blue helmets,

They are also doing a hell of a job with their divide and conquer mind control shit.  Why do you think they installed a half black, pseudo-liberal project Monarch beta who was a male prostitute in high school in the White House.  From the comments I read here, they have us drooling like Pavlov's dogs.  Where were all the comments about Laura Bush when our idiot-in-chief presided over the 9/11 false flag, the stupid wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the castration of the constitution?

Mr. Magoo's picture

That could never happen here (sarc)

rubiconsolutions's picture

Uh, don't US soldiers get paid in dollars? Or is part of the planning some other kind of compensation? If (when) the dollar collapses I doubt that many soldiers will stick around on principle to fight all the domestic terrorists (See: Cliven Bundy).

Zadok's picture

I strongly suspect a large percentage of them will be stuck across the oceans and unable to get home when it matters.

Mr. Magoo's picture

They might be better off

Keyser's picture

In Afghanistan, you've got to be kidding. 


dontgoforit's picture

My son was in Afghanistan and is still active army.  My grandson, a Marine, also did a tour there and one in Iraq - he got out.  Men will not follow orders to kill their own; however, they will fire on rioting groups in urban looting situations where the rioters are burning down the house. 

Calmyourself's picture

And you keep a mechanized division from leaving how?  Blow up your own ports & Airports or better idea help them leave..

TheFutureReset's picture

The hidden truth is that many military bases state side are huge unsustainable beasts. They need constant feeding to stay effective. Most barracks hold only 10% or fewer people in uniform and 0% of the bloated number of civilian contractors, the rest live in your neighborhood. If the bases are starved for supplies (medieval seige type) they will not be able to function. The same restraints on the general population will be felt by service members. Bottom line: their effectiveness will be very hard to sustain for any length of time. 

The same goes for local law enforcement. 

Long drawn out conflicts like Syria cannot happen in the US. One there will be no outside funding and arming. Two the US citizen is the best armed in the world. When the trigger event happens the government goons will be the last worry. We will be fighting ourselves for resources. 

DFCtomm's picture

You wouldn't fight for food, shelter, and the promise of pay in the future? Many will stay at least initially, till someone makes them a better offer. Spare parts however will be an entirely different issue. You know how many hours of maintenance required for one flight hour of F-22 raptor? 10.5.

Spitzer's picture

You know how many hours of maintenance required for one flight hour of F-22 raptor? 10.5.


Couldn't they spy on the Russians to find out how to make a practical fighter ?

DeadFred's picture

Practical fighters don't have the important couuting edge advantage and don't make as much money for the MIC

Dugald's picture


Surely its time to go back to Sopwith Camels etc...

TheMeatTrapper's picture

I have been on prepper websites and survivalist forums since 1999. Every time somebody asks "When will the <revoluton>/<SHTF>/<collapse> happen I always say the same thing:

The day the cops paychecks bounce - and not a day sooner. 

My Sheriff recently told a group of us, off the record, that when TSHTF he is sending his deputies home to protect their families - the people will be on their own. 

I shit you not. 

El Vaquero's picture

I hope APD does that, because I don't want to have to deal with a bunch of dick cops on top of all the other bullshit.  Especially since APD has proven time and time again that they are more than proficient with their firearms.  They just killed another person this morning. 

Took Red Pill's picture

If you want to see an example of how the police will respond, just look at what happened in New Orleans after Katrina.

Cloud9.5's picture

Same thing here in Central Florida.

stocktivity's picture

yeah...a lot of wackos here think their pop guns and ammo will  save them. They won't. Their guns and ammo will get them killed. Your best defense is to get off the recliners, quit ordering burgers & fries, lose weight and get your fat ass in good shape.

toady's picture

Yeah, the only time a weapon will work for the average citizen is when they are in their element. Hunters in their blind, pimps behind the wheel of a large automobile, etc.

But when the hoard is snipping them from the woods, or the cops have the place surrounded, forget about it.

That's not including combat vets and the like.

Drifter's picture

Then SHTF won't ever come, because cops' paychecks won't ever bounce, because Fed can print all the dollars needed to keep govt operating.

No, their checks won't bounce. Those dollars just won't buy anything. Just like dollars in your paycheck won't buy anything, dollars in social security checks won't buy anything, etc.

Society didn't break down in Weimar Germany when the mark lost all value. People simply adapted. They bought wheelbarrows to haul currency to the store for groceries.

We won't need wheelbarrows, we have debit and credit and EBT cards.

Society won't break down. Prices will just go thru the roof. Gas will be $100 / gal. Then $200 / gal. Then $500 / gal. Then $2,000 / gal.

As the dollar collapses and hyperinflation sets in, you'll get a raise every week and hastily buy stuff with your paycheck before prices double again in 3 days. Exactly what people did in Weimar Germany.

People won't have time to revolt, they'll be too busy trying to survive. Exactly what govt wants. People scurrying around trying to survive, no time for any revolution. And DHS military deployed everywhere with shoot-to-kill orders making sure people don't revolt.

What? DHS doesn't have enough goons? Of course they do. One squad in full military readiness can keep thousands of gutless so-called "patriots" from trying anything.

America is the first communist nation with 400 million privately owned guns. Just behave, keep those guns put away, and they'll let you keep 'em.

XitSam's picture

It isn't the pay (minimal) that will keep them around and working for their statist masters.  It is the other benefits they won't be able to afford if they desert.  Food, shelter, medical care, and security1, for them and their family. The government will concentrate its resources on what keeps it in power.  Not so much maintenance for the F-22s, but supply the basics for the trigger pullers.

Stay alert for black market opportunites in this situation.

1- See Maslow's hierarchy of needs

DFCtomm's picture

The saga of Japan isn't nearly finished, and what happens after the joists give out? We hold hands and sing kumbaya my Lord while we starve? The bang is created by the air rushing to fill the vacuum left by the experiment.

migra's picture

Your post is a voice of reason in a sea of tinfoil types. The idots here who hope for mayhem have not a clue what that really entails. If they did, they would be singing a different tune.

JailBank's picture

I can't say for certain, but Japan have 42 million people that rely on government to wipe their ass? If you think the trailer parks and ghettos are going to empty out and these folks are just going come "borrow a cup of sugar", then you are mistaken sir.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture


That's about it.  In TEOTWAWKI, not many will survive.


But a complete meltdown, IMO is not very likely.  I am betting more on "Great Depression v. 2", which would NOT be the end of the world, but extremely damaging to many.  Gold & guns and food & water are a big part of our preparations.

But, Mr and Mrs Bearing are too old to go and learn to farm.  We'll "Bug-In" our condo if it comes to that (or exfiltrate to Peru if we time it right).