VIX Is Where The Volume's At

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Despite tumbling volumes overall as the rally of the last few days progresses, today's terrible equity market volume is absolutely not evident in VIX - which has already traded more volume than an average day in 2014... "unrigged"


Volume has slipped as the rally progressed but a look at the collapse in stock futures volume compare to VIX futures volume explains where all the action in these "unrigged" markets is now...


As VIX is slamed once again to bring stocks higher... (as JPY loses its grip)

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XIV @ 2:30- they pound the vix like veal cutlet into the close-  Every f()cking day



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Strangely enough, I've been noticing how many of the sock-puppets posting here also started around the first monday in March.

So, instead of this place getting taken down, it's getting taken OVER!

asteroids's picture

Folks stop buying the VXX, XXV, etc... The boyz and their supercomputers are waiting to put you through their meat grinder as soon as you step onto the playing field. Tempting as it is, don't do it.

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any general vol. gimmick is just asking to be slammed


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and gold and silver is down as China opens a big back door for the both of them

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Just go with the flow.

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i understand the manipulation intent of the seller (aka fed) but why would anyone want to buy? the market never goes down and never can go down. why buy?

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and as well calls and options trade lower in general even as stocks are definitly up.

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Reverse repo is where the volume is at - $130 billion worth of collateral to short treasuries and rehypothecate in support of leveraged trades.  Courtesy of your friendly NY FED, friendly if you are a banker, of course.  Plus $20 billion in securities lending.  Who needs QE.  


And to think that the NY FED pays interest to dealers and money market funds when they give them treasury collateral - why ever go to market if you can get collateral and be paid while doing it!

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And when it spikes up it is almost guarenteed that the Daily Vix closes above the Daily Bollinger, then the following relief rally assures a close back inside--- the market buy signal-- rinse wash repeat. If POMO doesn't work then they use JPY carry, if that isn't working then they manipulate VIX. If good news doesn't spike the Algos then bad news does. Heads the Banker scum win, Tails you lose,..

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Or the algos buy "most shorted" (short squeeze)

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Brought to you by Kevin "I beat VIX like it owes me money" Henry.

theyellowking's picture

WOW Tyler! You mean to tell me that the volume in the April VIX futures increased when the March futures expired?! Misleading charts on this website are rampant but hey, what ever gets those page views.

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The VIX the Focking VIX ! The Vix is going back to Focking 80% like it or not! Bwaaaahahahaha buy the vix every month, roll it over and lose 1-2% month for sure babs!