302 Reasons To Jump Ship

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Submitted by Simon Black of Sovereign Man blog,

Thirty-six year-old Koo Bon-hee recalled hearing a loud bang, when suddenly the ferry he was on tilted drastically in the water.


The Sewol ferry, traveling from Incheon to Jeju Island in South Korea, was starting to sink, and it was sinking fast.


Those still standing after the impact began to scramble for the exits, when they heard an announcement over the speakers telling everyone to stay in their places and sit still.


Some, like Koo, followed their instincts and ignored the announcement, leaping into the icy cold water where they were able to be rescued.


Others heeded the announcement and remained sitting inside the cabin, waiting for further instructions.


One young girl called her mother and said, “We’re putting on our life vests. They’re telling us to wait and stay put, so we’re waiting…” This young girl still hasn’t been accounted for.


An entire ship full of passengers dutifully followed the instructions set forth by the crew. The ‘experts’ told them what to do.


Yet as it turned out, the ferry quickly became submerged. And following orders cost many their lives. 302 are either dead or missing.


Koo, lamenting the others’ failure to escape said, “We were wearing life jackets. We had time… If people had jumped into the water … they could have been rescued. But we were told not to go out.”

Just like Sewol, many countries in the West are sinking, and it’s up to you whether you sink with them or jump ship while there’s still time.

You can see the desperation as governments have already begun to freeze assets, impose capital controls, seize private pensions, and tax bank transfers.

They’re using any justification they can conjure to award themselves even more desperate powers to stay afloat.

Regular citizens are being accused of being money launderers and tax evaders, having to prove their innocence in order to keep their own money.

Governments are exercising unprecedented authority over our bank accounts, even going so far as to openly suggest ‘one-time levies’ on people’s life savings.

But despite their best efforts, they won’t be able to remain above the surface much longer.

People may think you’re crazy for wanting to make an escape. “It’s just a bit tilted”, they say.

But in reality most Western countries are far beyond the point of no return. They are nearly submerged, with little hope for recovery.

As debt continues to rise swiftly, GDP has barely budged.

It’s no wonder why ratings agency Fitch lists a third of European countries with a negative rating. Had that been the case back in 2007, people would have been panicking all over the place.

Those who stayed on the Sewol ferry trusted the authorities when they announced that ‘everything was under control.’

Just the same, politicians keep telling us that they’ve got things under control.

If they can do just one more stimulus injection, then the resulting GDP growth will make up for all the debt they’ve been incurring.

Or if they can just freeze capital in the country for a short period of time, they’ll be able to fix the system.

None of this will really make a difference, and none of it will save the ship.

Right now it’s not too late. You can still grab a life vest and escape an obvious conclusion.

Of course, we’re told that doing so is cowardly. The propaganda says that we have some moral obligation to stay on board the ship and obey their ‘authority’.


Our obligations are to our loved ones - not incompetent politicians or ship captains.

We have the time now to get ready. We can help our families put on their life vests and make it to safety.

But the water is rushing in fast, and the last chance to jump is approaching.

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Say What Again's picture

So do you think I should buy moar physical gold?

jbvtme's picture

so no one used their "come in out of the rain" app?

NotApplicable's picture

I realize this is Simon, but what a stupid fucking article, even for him.

This is what happens when people have to write crap to earn their keep.

Pladizow's picture

and my wife blames me for not following instructions?

ZerOhead's picture

Just like Costa Concordia and Wall Street. The Captains always seem to just ship first and leave the Muppets behind...

0b1knob's picture

Everybody knows that the boat is leaking 
Everybody knows that the captain lied 
Everybody got this broken feeling 
Like their father or their dog just died 


0b1knob's picture

There was a discussion on another board (which rapidly degenerated into an ugly flame war) about how this disaster is due to the Asian mind set.   People standing around  waiting for somebody to tell them what to do.    People who would rather perish collectively than act as individuals.

There is an old joke about Winston Churchill.   He said that he always preferred to sail Italian liners.   Not only was the food and service excellent but (as he said) "If the ship is sinking there is none of that women and children first nonsense."  Not a very funny joke after the Costa Concordia.

ZerOhead's picture

Nothing but independant thinking minds over here.

BTW... Just BTFD!

SamAdams's picture

Gee, I wonder what that boat hit out there in the deep water?  An iceberg?  Semi-floating reef?  Weird how the top had no problem extending beyond the bottom when capsized.

Buck Johnson's picture

That is funny, lolololololololol.

BTCTalks's picture

What was the point of this article?  How would one 'jump ship'?

nortie's picture

"We have the time now to get ready. We can help our families put on their life vests and make it to safety."

Precisely, BTCTalks. I hate when people warn using metaphors for advice. Scare tactics are unethical.

What constitutes "life vest" and where do you go or, what do you do, to "make it to safety".


jimmytorpedo's picture

Western Samoa is awfully nice.

Hell, American Samoa is nice apart from the refrigerators and carcasses floating in Pago Pago harbour.

Oh wait, I forgot the radioactive sea water.

Scratch that idea.

Diego Garcia? We could hang with the captives from Malaysian Air 380.

Simon wants you to go to Chile.

CrashisOptimistic's picture

There are insulated places.

Pick a place with farmland near to customers.  Even if those customers have no money post upheaval, they will barter.

Central America has many such places.  Very long term visas too.  The only problem in general that exists with the whole "expat retiree" concept is the pension may end.

Of course, if the retiree is not an expat and the pension ends, he's screwed regardless of where he lives.

SilverDOG's picture

Insulated is correct.

However, unless those who need insulation intergrate, are physically capable, persue self reliance, they are done.

Just spent two weeks in Ecuador.

Many insulated pension SSI reliant niches of reality denying expat retirees. Dollar done... so are they.

Met some great individuals truly attempting or already beneficially intergrating small town to medium city.

$1000 a month = comfort if home is already paid.

Know how to farm and store proverbial wealth diversely(outside digital, paper, "belief")?

You are in.


McMolotov's picture

I'm not Simon's biggest fan, but he makes a decent point here. Herd mentality and normalcy bias are hard to overcome. Smear a layer of patriotism/nationalism on top of that and it becomes obvious the US will be one hell of a mess when the shit hits the fan.

Grande Tetons's picture

Generations ago, people came to America to escape tyranny. Their descendants have been forced to do it again.

ZerOhead's picture

The citizens will be in a mess... the powerful however will probably make a killing.

hobopants's picture

Im guessing civil war is imminent...

Headbanger's picture

Yeah but who is the enemy this time?

Pickleton's picture

To the honest person - anyone proclaining their right over you, to your labor, to your stuff.  The progressive

To the power hungry progressive - the people that actuall work and deny you have a claim to them.

Critical Thinking is Dead's picture

I understand the logic but, using such a disaster to further an argument (no matter how valid) crosses the line IMO. 

UselessEater's picture

Rather tacky to quote a missing young girl presumed dead to sell a completely unrelated product.

Having read some of his "recommendations", I hope his 'clients' have the nouse to do their own research.


RafterManFMJ's picture

This guy, like Balzac, must be paid by the word.

KickIce's picture

Except when you realize that the captain was Obama's cousin, the boat was sunk in conjunction with a joint Navy Seal/CIA operation and that Jpe Biden was supposed to be a passenger.

So now what do you think?

August's picture

Bear in mind that there are for more dumb bunnies in the market for life counselling than sophisticated, debonair men-about-town, such as the denizens of  ZH.

MeBizarro's picture

One person who when they put him in the ground finally the world will undoubtably be better off.  Even among the blood suckers, Icahn is a bottom barrel feeder.

IridiumRebel's picture

The SS 'MERICA is running aground.

SoberOne's picture

And that is why the SS (dhs) in America is running around.

Billy Sol Estes's picture

I wonder if the soil in my region is suitable for construction of a below ground shelter?

Should last me a good month for all the miscreants to kill each other off.

NotApplicable's picture

More importantly, how high above the water table are you?

SilverIsKing's picture

Or you can kill off all of the miscreants yourself.

Rakshas's picture

Where is Mscreant......... what have they done with her!!!??

Tengri Temujin's picture

You can always build the shelter above ground an pile a bunch of gravel and dirt above and around it to make it look like a mound, then put some grass around it.  This would work fine if you have a high water table.

Joebloinvestor's picture

People think lemmings don't exist.

They should WAKE THE FUCK UP and notice that it is the people at the helm that are the first ones off the ship.

kito's picture

yes, simon says run!!! buy his monthly newsletter and learn about the 100 countries that will let you store gold safely!!!! run away from america. become the ultimate pussy!!!! pick up and leave the country that your founding fathers fought to create, so that you can become the 1% in some third world shithole!! yes, the good life awaits on the backs of the poor!!!! run now!!!!! hurry and you will get free chilean inflation protection bonds as a bonus!!!

fonzannoon's picture

I wonder if simon has this running on a loop in his grandmas basement apartment that he rents out.


Atticus Finch's picture

Michael Ruppert went to Venezuela and recommends staying in the culture you know. He wrote this in his FTW web site before he died.

Ribeye's picture

ohh, its much worse than that, unlike on the ferry, underneath their smart uniforms, our crew are wearing their real pirate clothes,   

Seasmoke's picture

They just gave Chris Christie. Father of the Year. Please remain seated and do not panic. All is well.

worbsid's picture

So he joins Bill Clinton and Michael Bloomberg ... if I were him, I wouldn't go there.

X_mloclaM's picture

“It’s just a bit tilted”, they say.


NO, 'they' don't even say that

agstacks's picture

Seriously, they tell you YOUR HEAD is tilted! +1

NoDebt's picture

Not cowardly, Simon.  A calculated risk, jumping ship.  

All those American-friendly destinations of which you're so fond won't be so friendly when US influence wanes.  You'll be a stranger in a strange land and a prime target for anyone who wants to take a shot at "appropriating" the weath you worked so hard to get out of the US.

How many banks in how many of your favorite "money destination" countries have recently started complying with IRS reporting requirements?  How many more to follow in the next few years?  And how many will even ACCEPT and American account any more?

Remember, not everyone who shows up when you're in trouble is there to help you:


john39's picture

it is possible that TPTB want the best minds to leave, the minds that could see through and oppose the agenda.  in any event, the real problems facing the world are global, you can't really get away from them for long, no matter where you go.  its not too late to stop where this is all heading... their control is actually very weak, if only sufficient numbers of people would focus and not let fear dominate.

Ms. Erable's picture

Eggzachary. When the petrodollar gives up the ghost, it's going to take down more than just the western bankster syndicate. The safest place to be when that happens isn't in another country -  it's in front of a large cache of foodstuffs and behind the trigger of an accurate and well-maintained firearm.