This Is The 7500 Square Foot Soho Loft That Just Sold For $27 Million

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It may not be a castle, but this $26.58 million penthouse loft in Soho (New York) has become one of the priciest co-ops ever sold in Manhattan below 34th Street. As The Wall Street Journal reports, located in a former manufacturing building at 383 West Broadway, the duplex unit is roughly 7,500 square feet, with four bedrooms, five full bathrooms and one half bath. The deal closed Monday. The buyer is unknown... nope, no bubble here...



The penthouse had been listed for $32 million in November 2013 as a co-exclusive between Leonard Steinberg and Herve Senequier of Douglas Elliman Real Estate and Adam Modlin of the Modlin Group.


Monthly Maintenance/CC a snip at $5,223


According to the listing, the unit has its original cast-iron columns, a wood-burning fireplace, a 1,500-bottle wine cellar, and a media room with custom seating.


Above the stairway, there's a 30-foot-tall bulkhead skylight.


There's a roughly 4,200-square-foot roof terrace with a covered seating area, an outdoor kitchen and an outdoor shower.


All quite ironic really when you consider these two charts...

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Great Gatsby anyone?


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OT Flash Hash: Here it comes, bitchez!

News Headline Summary

ECB wants to relax bail-in principle in some cases, according to a report in Handelsblatt

- Cites unidentified EU diplomats on ECB plans.
- ECB officially denies plans.

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I will take my Tahoe cabin and my little Reno sugar babies, cheaper by a factor of 1000 and way better time by the looks of it. It really seems like money don't buy shit, just sayin'.

DavidC's picture

I agree wholeheartedly. Whenever Tyler(s) shows articles like this (or the Chinese car the other day) my overriding impression is that money does not buy taste.


icanhasbailout's picture

Also looks like it would work just fine as a gallows.

Mine Is Bigger's picture

Yes.  The buyer needs to convert part of the roof terrace into a heliport.

Mr Pink's picture

Pay cash for the place and still pay $5200 monthly fees plus property tax. Great deal , especially with the view of the old water tower

Handful of Dust's picture

Which Saudi prince bought it?

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He's from the Keynesian tribe, Ali-Krugmani.

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failure to perform's picture

Nah, let a meteor hit it and take out most of the city.

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Wonder what the homeless are doing ...

prains's picture

is it zombie proof?


think not



IridiumRebel's picture

I'm sure he will be fine in an EMP event.

Sabibaby's picture

adequate water storage at least!

ACP's picture

Nope, but I'd bet a bachelor would get plenty of split tail before they get there.

FieldingMellish's picture

Good thing homelessness is falling in NYC... oh wait.

666's picture

Is it me? I have absolutely no desire to live in a place like that. Does that makes me un-American?

ACP's picture

Well, if the question was technically, "would you want to live there..."

Hell yeah...

Would I buy a place like that?

Hell no...

666's picture

Even if I could afford it, I would not want to call that my home. It ain't me. I prefer practicality without the frills.

I guess I'm just stoopid after all...

NoPantsSpongeBob's picture

The "frill" in Manhattan real estate is ample square footage, which is anything larger than 200 sq feet.

IridiumRebel's picture

You're a domestic terriss.

NOTaREALmerican's picture

Well,  yes and no.    As long as you know your place and get the proper training.

McMolotov's picture

This post and the obesity article before it show that there's a wide variety of options when one chooses a life of gluttony.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Useless eaters spenders.

<The only thing that trickles down from these transactions is their urine as they piss off the balcony onto the little people.>

Sorry.....was that my out loud voice?

/super snarc sarc

jusman's picture

Hi CD,


Less is so much more, when one realises that there is no need to impress anyone!  Happiness comes from within....


Xibalba's picture

looks like a deal

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Paging HH to show us the county in Texas you can buy for less.

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Shit... Chicago is trying to sell lots in the former community organizer's back yard for $1 (A testament to his prior successes LOL).  The new owners of this PH could have purchased practically the entire south and west side of Chicago and developed it for a fraction of the cost.  Current FOID card and CC permit strongly advised.


In a plan approved by the Chicago Plan Commission Thursday, homeowners and nonprofits in Englewood will be able to buy city-owned vacant lots for $1.

In Chicago, the hope is to use more than 5,000 vacant lots for something other than litter.

Being Free's picture

Don't ever live in a one horse town, unless it's your horse.

NOTaREALmerican's picture

It's good to be a member of the Elysium Class.   

Save_America1st's picture

I'd rather have a nice and simple log cabin in the mountains, off-grid, with lotsa huntin' and fishin' in my backyard.  Real far away from the zombies.  To each their own I guess. 

willwork4food's picture

Nice, but if you're off grid I would have a solar/wind generators going 24/7. Rather expensive.

BoingBoing's picture

Lemme guess? All-cash overseas buyer looking to park some funds in a buy-to-leave property?

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It looks cold, sterile and lifeless like the banksters who live there.   Maybe it looks nicer at night filled with hookers and blow.

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It better come with a plank.

nakki's picture

$3500 a square foot!! $27 million doesn't go that far anymore. Entire Empire State Building cost $41 million. 

order66's picture

That's Bernanke's.

JamesBond's picture

purchased with bitcoin no doubt




buzzsaw99's picture

thanks bernanke, that trickle down is really working good

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That's the water tank elevated above the roof.  Cue the "Petticoat Junction" theme song with three nekkid chicks popping up over the side...

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Insanity. Nothing more, nothing less.

Berspankme's picture

I could damn near pay the maint fee