EU Confidence Hits 7-Year High (Just Don't Tell The Record Number Of Unemployed)

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Pre-crisis levels of confidence... never before seen bond yields... stocks surging back toward record highs... just don't tell the record number of unemployed Europeans...


Peripheral bond yields continues to plunge (as ECB QE hopes are front-run en masse)...


Remember what happens when the ECB actualy switches from promises to actions...

Lower pane is the weekly purchases of bonds by the ECB and the upper pane is the now all-important spread between Italian and Spanish bonds and the German Bund - higher being more risky.


Well that plan didn't work so well eh? It would appear that during the 2010 period spreads doubled from 100bps to 200bps and once again during the 2011 period, spreads almost doubled from 260bps to over 500bps in Spain.


The new Greek issue is back at par.


And EU Confidence soars to its highest since 2007...


Just don't tell the record numbers of unemployed Europeans


Charts: Bloomberg 

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where the fuck do they get these "confidence" numbers? what the holy fuck....

Divided States of America's picture

If I was unemployed and getting paid Unemployment Benefits for DOING NOTHING and SITTING ON MY ASS all day, I would feel CONFIDENT AS HELL also.

alien-IQ's picture

Yes, those hefty benefits provide for quite a luxurious lifestyle. I suspect it's all lobster and caviar on the deck of their yacht for these unemployment recipients.

for fuck sake...

EconomicGenocide's picture

Yeah,,they sit on their ass and eat crap and wonder about tomorrow. You are on your knees suxing Ziionist kock.


At least they have some dignity left.

Divided States of America's picture

You rather do nothing and get paid half of what you get for working long hours, its a tough call but I am sure a lot of people would take that over working. Regardless of working in a shitty job or getting benefits, you WONT be eating caviar on a yacht. Be realistic here.

And you can call me anything fuckin thing you want, but everyone here knows that what I think of them zionist. So STFU 12 and a half weeks a-hole.

Sudden Debt's picture

It's the weather I tell ya!

Sunshine is recovery
Rain is... will be....

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Kreditanstalt's picture

"EU confidence"???

I'll bet they merely surveyed CEOs of "major corporations"...lazy...

Sudden Debt's picture

actually... that's exactly how they measure it.

Ghordius's picture

actually... it's not

If I'm not mistaken Tyler is using today's fresh Flash Consumer Confidence Indicator 

here the link:

the methodology used is quite sound, and the political capital (hehe) invested in keeping certain indicators untampered is higher than in most other places on this earth

big exception: unemployment is still overreported in several euro countries, particularly in Spain

Haager's picture

Other countries are notoriously underreporting - put the unemployed into some government programs en -bam-  thousends of ppl no longer are workless...

Unknown Poster's picture

And the CEOs base their guesses on projected GDP growth.

intric8's picture

The sample population is corrupt politicians from throughout the EU

MFL8240's picture

Disgraceful liars!

derek_vineyard's picture

a guy could get rich buying stocks and junk EU debt and take profits and buy gold

NotApplicable's picture

Yeah, if only Corzine could've stayed liquid with OPM, why he'd be on the cover of the WSJ as an investment genius!

QQQBall's picture

Just ignore news and gov't figures.

Rising Sun's picture

I am totally confident that Europe is totally fucked economically and has been for much longer than 7 years.


Socialism fails.

SpasticGramps's picture

Confident that there won't be any food on the table?

youngman's picture

We are assuming that unemployed means they have no income...I am sure they are well paid from the government trough...the .government teat is very big in the EU

walküre's picture

Back in the EUSSR !!!!

All news is propaganda, all the time!

Black market is soaring from Amsterdam to Zagreb, from Athens to Zarkrisdal!

Economic news is all so fucking fantastic until the day the people start screaming bloody murder because the fucking money is worthless and doesn't buy anything. In the meantime, resourceful people are making up their own minds and prepare as best as they can.

The day of reckoning will come as certain as the next Pope will be a male!

Next up, the EUSSR 5-year plan targets will be met as always!

falak pema's picture

Central banks are powerful. Until they aren't. The marriage of government bonds and private banks is looking swell for the time being; as cheap money makes the world go round. 

The question mark  in EU's finances  is the private banking debt and that struggle is still up front; "bail-ins" being the Damocles sword held by the State Oligarchy (Merkel) over the financial Oligarchs in case things go from bad to worse. 

Meanwhile, we live increasingly in  a two tier civilization : Baby boomers comfy and young millennials more n more without work; the rich filthy rich and the others (90%) going south fast.

2014/2015 is a tipping moment and stays so as long as this current Pax Americana paradigm does not change course in all its surrogate regions feeding themselves at the Oligarchy's fiat trough. 

Nobody knows how and when the asymptote will be reached. Maybe Putin, -- as contrarian to Caesar-- who now has a handle on the balancing fly wheel of the system. 

A striking analogy with all ages of past history show us that when we hit a tipping moment in civilization, ONLY A HANDFUL OF PEOPLE CAN CHANGE THE COURSE OF HISTORY when the balancing wheel achieves unstoppable momentum. We look like we are heading there. Those central bankers will become totally ineffective when the political "hot spot" is achieved as the needle swings away from finance to military-geo political issues. 

Others can be the the Gavrilo Princip of that flash point but not the Kaiser Wilhem or those facing him. 

Power will always be wielded by a few when push goes to shove. We see it today in the Ukraine to Syrian stand off. 

EU leaders are voiceless and headless in this increasingly polarised game around the OIL PATCH, the Jerusalem of our age. 

AdvancingTime's picture

If things get rough across the globe expect eyes return to Europe, where they continue to talk. I have not written much about the Euro-zone as of late because nothing is really happening.

The Euro-zone is engaged in a talkathon, with fear of an immediate collapse off the table the members of the Euro-zone much like their political counterparts in America just talk about solutions without any action. Below is an article updating what is not happening in Europe.