Here Come The Boots On The Ground: US Troops Heading To Eastern Europe

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It seems the truce "deal" is well and truly dead...


The question now, of course, is - what will Putin do in response to this action?

As for where these troops may be arriving from the answer is simple: that other US military intervention success story - Afghanistan. From Reuters:

The number of U.S. troops in Afghanistan may drop well below 10,000 - the minimum demanded by the U.S. military to train Afghan forces - as the longest war in American history winds down, Obama administration officials briefed on the matter say.


Since Afghanistan's general election on April 5, White House, State Department and Pentagon officials have resumed discussions on how many American troops should remain after the current U.S.-led coalition ends its mission this year.


The decision to consider a small force, possibly less than 5,000 U.S. troops, reflects a belief among White House officials that Afghan security forces have evolved into a robust enough force to contain a still-potent Taliban-led insurgency. The small U.S. force that would remain could focus on counter-terrorism or training operations.


That belief, the officials say, is based partly on Afghanistan's surprisingly smooth election, which has won international praise for its high turnout, estimated at 60 percent of 12 million eligible votes, and the failure of Taliban militants to stage high-profile attacks that day.


The Obama administration has been looking at options for a possible residual U.S. force for months.


"The discussion is very much alive," said one U.S. official who asked not to be identified. "They're looking for additional options under 10,000" troops.


There are now about 33,000 U.S. troops in Afghanistan, down from 100,000 in 2011, when troop numbers peaked a decade into a conflict originally intended to deny al Qaeda sanctuary in Afghanistan after the September 11, 2001, attacks.

Of course, it would be peak irony if the next country Russia decides to destabilize is none other than its old "buddy" Afghanistan, which lately appears far more amicable toward the Kremlin than the White House. It certainly would be an additional egg in the face of US foreign policy if Aghaniitan - so critical to the US controlled heroin trade - were to show a return to some of its Taliban roots for which it is so well-known.

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ebworthen's picture

Fuck the U.S.

What the hell does that have to do with us?

We are an Imperialist Kleptoligarchy run by bankers and the military industrial complex; inhabited by sheep.


The Juggernaut's picture

The empire marches on... for now.

Slave's picture

So glad I never joined the military. Would have just been a pawn for the NWO and possibly gotten killed...

Wanna fight for freedom? Join the militia.

Say What Again's picture

BULLISH News for sure.  Should be good for another 10 point on ES

knukles's picture

How do you spell "Step all over your own dick and make it from bad to horrifically worse?"
I knew you all knew.
Nevermind that I asked...
Silly ass me... 


Mrs K just said "Oh great!  Sure will be fun to fight the Russians, somebody who actually knows what they're doing!" 


PSS  Somebodies need their fucking heads examined

McMolotov's picture

Uncle Sam is basically a playground bully who likes to beat up handicapped kids, and the minute he picks a fight with someone his size, he'll get his teeth kicked in.

yrbmegr's picture

But you only know what they want you to know.

Say What Again's picture

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Latina Lover's picture

I'll bet some of those soldiers will show up on the ground in the Ukraine.  Here we go again, USA, sending our young men and women to die for a bankster cause.

Doubleguns's picture

Son of a Bitch!!! When is this going to stop. How many more trillions in debt will this take us. Clear to bankruptcy!!!

yrad's picture

Come they told me
Pa rum pum pum pum
A new born King to see
Pa rum pum pum pum

nope-1004's picture

Son of a Bitch!!! When is this going to stop.

This is about USD reserve status.  Do you like Wall Street controlling the world finances?  If so, you support this war.  Now go die for a bankster, my fellow sheep.....

ZerOhead's picture


So the exercises are in response to the Ukrainian crisis... but which one?

Is it the crashing Ukrainian economy problem they hope to solve... or is it the flagrant disregard of those Russified Ukrainians in the East to stay and pay the banksters their pound of flesh for the money stolen by the oligarchs?

In any event someone better tell Bonesman Kerry that the Ukraine is a little south of where they are sending the reinforcements...

rubiconsolutions's picture

It's time to have a frank conversation about the US military. Stop encouraging your children to join! STOP! Now! The military is no different than any other part of government. They've done a great job of marketing themselves as unique, special, "exceptional" when the fact is that they are simply another part of government. I say this as a Vietnam era vet who long ago shred my DD-214 and (not so)honorable discharge. I discouraged my children from joining and their friends and their friends friends. Worshiping the military has got to stop. Otherwise these kind of misadventures will continue and the US will keep sticking its damned nose into other people business while enriching the military-industrial complex including the body bag business.

Say What Again's picture

You guys know that today's epic 3:30 ramp-a-thon will most likely take the ES to new all-time highs, right?
Have you got all your SPY Calls / VXX Puts in place?

15:22 UPDATE:

This can't be happening!  Someone is bidding up the VIX.  This needs to be investigated!

john39's picture

generations of war propaganda films from hollywood leaves a mark.  blind subservience to the military industrial banker complex now is thought positively of as patriotism...  recall what the founding fathers said about standing armies.  very bad idea.  so much wisdom forgotten.

Pairadimes's picture

The only good reason for sending these troops would have been to make sure that Biden shut his mouth and got back on the plane.

Abi Normal's picture

Ain't that the truth!  Oh, the bankers will get their war, and it will be a dooooomzey one!  It's a good thing at least TPTB have their undergound bunkers at the ready.

Every day that goes by, the cracks keeps getting bigger, the crap keeps getting thicker!

If they wanna send troops over to Europe, enlist the pols kids first.  Let them be the first 600 to be cannon fodder for Pukin.

Tip for you all, there are no white hats in this thing, none!

McMolotov's picture

My oldest kid is only a few months away from turning 13, and I've already told him and his siblings I don't want them anywhere near the military. My dad is a Vietnam vet, and he said the same thing to me around college application time when I started getting shit from West Point and the like.

As a side note, my kids probably know more about this mess in Ukraine than most Americans because, while they may not understand everything, they at least know about the fucking Nuland recording and the $5 billion.

Doubleguns's picture

Its not the men and women in the military that want this. Its Ceasar and the congress. Put the blame where it belongs not on the patriots serving and willing to die for you to make such silly suggestions. Your wrong.

SMG's picture

Ceasar and the Congress are just a puppet show.   The Bankster Oligarchs are the real power here.

Unknown User's picture

“And above all, while defending our own vital interests, nuclear powers must avert those confrontations which bring an adversary to a choice of either a humiliating retreat or a nuclear war. To adopt that kind of course in the nuclear age would be evidence only of the bankruptcy of our policy – or of a collective death-wish for the world.” - JFK


Are we at DEFCON 1 yet?

Flux's picture

This is more doom porn.

Ignore it.

Follow the money.

Colonel Klink's picture

President peace prize hard at work bringing whirled peas.  Eat'em bitches!

ebworthen's picture

Capitan Amurika says "buy".

And invest in pine coffins.

rubiconsolutions's picture

"Its not the men and women in the military that want this."

That's a bunch of horseshit. By saying that it attempts to relieve people of personal responsibility. It's precisely the kind of thing that was said at the Nuremberg trials by people who should have known better. It isn't Caesar (I presume you mean Obama) or congress that pull the triggers and drop the bombs that have killed millions of innocent people in sovereign countries. These people aren't patriots because if they were they'd be protecting us here by stopping TSA from raping and assaulting tens of thousands of travelers each and every day. I'm sick and tired of giving those that are ACTUALLY responsible for killing a break. I'm one of those people that participated in the whole Vietnam debacle and it wasn't until I returned in 1999-2000 for a few month to help with de-mining operation that my eyes were opened. And I'm the first one to admit I was not, NOT a patriot. More like puppet.

European American's picture

I never thought there would be a day that I would say this, well, I could have said it sometime since a little before 9/11, but to be quite frank, I don't care if all 600 come home in body bags. If they, the 600, the military mindset (strung out on PsyOps/steroids/alcohol/SSSS/power tripping/violence, anger, etc., etc., etc., ad nauseam) were here, in the US, they'd probably be working for one of the Gov Agencies, like BLM, strategizing their next move to SWAT out hundreds, thousands of law abiding American citizens, when the "Great Land Grab" goes into overdrive.

BringOnTheAsteroid's picture

Rubicon, you are in the prime position then to tell us how the fuck you can manipulate someone to go to a jungle on the other side of the world and experience living hell and most likely a terrible death far from your loved ones. With all due respects mate, how can you have been so dumb. We get a once in eternity chance to experience this amazing thing called consciousness on this tiny blue marble of a planet. This is a serious question brother. How the fuck did they get into your head. Once you can articulate this then I assume you will understand why the current generation go to Iraq and Afganistan to have their limbs blown off.

The incredible power that the sheep actually have over the wolves if only for lack of cunning. 

r00t61's picture

If you join the Mob, and the Mob Don tells you to go break some shopkeeper's legs for not paying his protection money, do you bear any of the blame?  Or were you just "following orders?"


rubiconsolutions's picture

r00t61 - Another analogy: Since U.S. soldiers were invaders, not defenders, they are guilty of murdering everyone that died at their hands in Iraq and Afghanistan and Vietnam. And please don’t tell me that they killed in self-defense. That is like an armed robber breaking into your house and then when you point your gun at him he kills you and claims that he did it in self-defense.

Doubleguns's picture

Apparently we should just sit on our ass when terriorists come calling to America according to many. No retaliation etc....just sit on our ass and die. 3000 some jumping to thier deaths to avoid the fire. Yep thats a great solution. We went to afganistan for a good reason and Ceasar and the congress turned it into a disaster along with their Ceasar. 


You might as well blame the military complex that builds those weapons too, the construction workers that build those factories, the stupid tax payers that foot the bill for this killing too. YOU are one of those aren't you. Please dont even attempt to blame the soldiers any more than you blame the tax payer paying for this crap that Congress and Ceasar push upon both of them. Have you stopped paying your taxes, disobeyed that order to pay your taxes. Nope cuz you would go to jail. If you have become so enlightened why have you not refused to pay for the killing and hiring others to do it for you.  Your shame and guilt is yours Rubicon not the soldiers or tax payers. Yours. 

Grimnir's picture

Ignoring for a minute that you are actually stupid enough to believe the obviously horseshit official story of 9/11 that anyone who does 5 minutes of research can figure out is a pack of lies...

You just admitted yourself that people pay taxes because they don't want to go to jail. Who enforces this putting of people in jail? What happens if we resist going to jail? They'll shoot us for resisting arrest and take our money anyway. The taxpayers are coerced. The police and military are not. They choose to join, knowing exactly what they are getting into. If anybody willingly gives their time and money to support the troops' killing, then yes they are just as guilty. For the rest of us who are forced into giving money by the same organization that employs these killers.

People like you who perpetuate this myth of the military being heroes are the problem. All it takes is one day in a base town or a soldier bar to see that the troops are not the models of virtue we pretend them to be.

Doubleguns's picture

Your argument about choice indicates you are stuck here and can not leave. You chose to remain here and pay the tax. You could leave for any other country you wish. No one is forcing you to pay the tax. You choose that. You are just as complicant as every one else except you claim that if folks join the military they choose to attack some country in the middle east. They join to serve their country. The fact that the country sends them off to be Ceasars attack dog is Ceasars fault. If they do not go they GO TO JAIL. The same thing YOUR  afraid of when it comes to buying Ceasars drones. You bought the drones willingly or you would have left. 

Omen IV's picture

"reflects a belief among White House officials that Afghan security forces have evolved into a robust enough force to contain a still-potent Taliban-led insurgency."

They said the same thing about the South Viet Military in 65'

end game: Ho Ho Ho Chi Min!


Andre's picture

"Worshipping the military" stopped as a practial matter years ago when it went "all-volunteer". Yes, they still push it, but most kids stay out - if they can.

Think aout how convenient it is the job creation and employment stats for 18 - 24 year olds is so poor. Just wanting to get out of the parents' house creates a huge incentive. 

And if that's not good enough, they will draft them.

Sad fact is, the US armed forces are basically a colonial force. Tactics, logistics, training, and equipment are predicated on fighting a vastly inferior force. Armed conflict with another "first world" country bids fair to be...


gonetogalt's picture

I'm pretty much in favor of reinstating the draft for two reasons:

1) Most importantly, to get more pissed off patriots with military training back into the civilian population. (Go Militia!!!)

2) A more broadly based pool of citizens who question the kool-aid, energized by little Johnny who may be deployed next.

 (a lot of the public pressure contributing to the end of the USSR was plain old anti-war protests over the amount of body bags coming back from Afganistan, the babaluskas had had it)

TeamDepends's picture

And Keynesian Slim is Commander and Chief!!!  GOD HELP US

Bastiat's picture

Slim just does whatever he's told when he hears the cattle prod arcing behind his ass.

American Dreams's picture

Right before he says "give it to me, OH YES! please give it to me".

Know your enemy


Mesquite's picture

Or is it the big energy companies that planned to mess around there.. (And as always the banksters, and mic..)

PT's picture

Military Exercise ?  Oh yes, I see.  Let me have a try:

"No officer, I wasn't speeding.  Me and the motorbike were just on a training exercise."
"Oh, we're not really robbing this bank.  It's just a training exercise."
"Stop worrying Mr salesman.  I didn't steal the Ferrari and I'm not doing burn-outs and snakeys.  This is just a training exercise."
"Don't worry luv, I'm not really putting my hand up your skirt and taking your clothes off.  It's just a training exercise.  Just wait a little while longer and I'll have one last "troop surge" and then I'll pull out."



PT's picture

You gotta let me have the troop surge, otherwise I can't pull out.

Lore's picture

In the interest of reciprocity, maybe Russia should hold an exercise in Canada and Mexico, built around a scenario like, say, the annexation of Quebec. (Please!) 

When was Afghanistan ever a "war?"  The correct term is OCCUPATION.

On the matter of "training," what kind of job requires TEN YEARS OF TRAINING?  Are they trying to turn every single sheep herder into a UNITED NATIONS CLIMATE SCIENTIST?  If they need sales clerks and security guards, send some of our unemployed basement dwellers.  Call it an international exchange program.  No need to involve the military at all.  Picture the savings!

If they really want Al Qaeda out of Afghanistan, simply remove all those tourists from Langley, West Virginia, and let locals finish burning the poppy crops, which after all is what started this whole godforsaken debacle in the first place.

disabledvet's picture

we invade them next.

thanks for reminding us that borders are meaningless President Putin!

TungstenBars's picture

You were disabled serving the american banksters (and creating more danger to americans) and you still defend them. wtf

fxrxexexdxoxmx's picture

Russia spent a decade in Afghanistan killing brown people. Why did they invade?