S&P, Dow Jump To Green For April

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The morning opened with stocks decoupled from FX carry - despite some random Nikkei headlines to juice JPY - and S&P futures pinned to 5Y yields (as the correlated pair of choice for now). S&P and Dow have rallied back into positive territory for April - so Mission Accomplished for now...

For get JPY for now... equities are all about bonds...


as TSY weakness lifts the S&P to unch for April...


Charts: Bloomberg

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ho-hum .... just another Tuesday .

jubber's picture

DAX on steroids, up 500 points in the last week 150 of those from close Thursday, rest of Europe +Hong Kong and Japan all red to green this morning dragged up as usual by this endless US futures overnight ramps

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China the new PPT until they off load all the worthless paper they hold (buying america)

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S&P and Dow have rallied back into positive territory for April - so Mission Accomplished for now...

You forgot to add that gold and silver have been smashed - now that's mission accomplished by the Fed and its minions.

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Trannies have a boner...

Doubleguns's picture

Must be another April Fools joke and there are plenty of Greater Fools.