Tuesday Humor: QE Was For "The Man On The Street" Says Chairman Emeritus Bernanke

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The proud recipient of today's $250,000 invoice for propaganda rendered by Ben Bernanke will be the Economic Club of Canada...

  • Bernanke Says US Economy Is Heading Towards Complete Recovery

Just don't tell Obama (or the Democrats who have been told not to mention the 'recovery'), or the record number of middle-aged people living with their parents, or the almost imperceptible rise in the employed population since QE began...



Chart: Bloomberg

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medium giraffe's picture

Go fuck yourself you little toad.

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This from the man who said, "It's contained to subprime."

I would sooner believe that WTC7 was NOT imploded.

Honey Badger's picture

Who is in charge of putting a bullet in this guy's head when the collapse comes?

Keyser's picture

I think a simple Fuck You Ben Shalom is in order here... 

DeadFred's picture

I personally would check the waether forecast for the chance of lightning before I uttered such an outrageous lie.

BringOnTheAsteroid's picture

Does it really have to wait for collapse?

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Ben...just remember this. 

After death....comes Judgement.  And everyone great and small will get what they rightfully deserve.

Thing is......there are going to be a shit-ton of people VERY....VERY....surprised at the kind of justice they get.

XitSam's picture

Which is why Ben will get a trial before he dies.

max2205's picture

So.....he was in on it.....fucktard....I'll listen to him even less than Greenspam.   

SoilMyselfRotten's picture

The only way this POS would have benefitted Main St was if he actually dropped $100 bills from his freakin helicopter

Stuck on Zero's picture

Au contraire.  He could have benefitted Main Street by falling out of the helicopter and landing on Main Street from 1500 feet up.

SoilMyselfRotten's picture

If you're falling from 1500 ft. it has to be from a building. If banksters start falling from helicopters peeps might start getting suspicious.


BringOnTheAsteroid's picture

That's just more claptrap fed to the sheep by the wolves. Make people fear death, or even better, fear what comes after death (for eternity ! ! !), and it makes them even easier to control.

After you die the very biological structures that allow you to think decay and cease to exist. The very notion that the activity of your brain can somehow be metamorphosed into some other host outside of this universe is so stupid, dumb, moronic, infantile, it beggars belief.

BringOnTheAsteroid's picture

After death, the body and mind no longer exist, even a devout christian can't argue this. I mean they watch as the body is rolled into the oven and burnt to a cinder. Now that we have that out of the way, how do you see this judging playing out. Do you get your body back and end up standing in the dock, sort of like a court room? If there are no bodies or tangible beings is this played out in some sort of bodiless, timeless, placeless manner where communication is done telephathically. Can you see, hear, smell, taste in this afterlife? If you get your body back how aged is the body? Do you get your 90 year old body back if you died at 90? If you are still born do you emerge in heaven with no memories but grow to be an adult in heaven with no earth memories - that'd be wild. If it's just the soul that goes to heaven, does it have an identity that retains memories of life on earth, does it retain the same name. Is a soul at all physical, if it isn't, how big is it, where is it, is it 3 dimensional, where does it end?

How you people can keep sprouting these stories and not for a second stop and think just how dumb they are, how utterly ludicrous they are, probably sheds some light on just how primitive the human mind still is and why a large number of dumb fucks can be talked in to going to war in far flung countries and dying for their banker overlords.  

stocktivity's picture

It's a scary thought but I really think he believes it.

Berspankme's picture

To this fucktard, the man on the street is the guy making $500K and up. Fuck You Bernanke

tardball's picture

the man on the wall street.


fuckin' a, ben shalom bernanke

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sha·lom SHä?l?m,SH?-/ exclamation exclamation: shalom
  1. 1. used as salutation by Jews at meeting or parting, meaning “peace.”
tardball's picture

the bernank is at peace with himself while he destroys the world

Ham-bone's picture

What Bernanke represents makes my skin crawl...

Price of PM's collapses which sends buying into overdrie which...collapses prices further???

Yield of Treasuries collapses which sends the "foreign" (Belgian, Irish, etc.) buyers into delerium...and yield of Treasury's collapses further???

Price of housing rising...which causes fewer and few to want to sell and inventory's collapsing???

Dollars supply goes insane while US trade deficit cut in half since '07...which has no impact on dollar???

Stock valuations at all time high which brings out no sellers or buyers...which pushes prices higher as if on command???

Blah blah blah...anyone notice a repeating pattern here???  The most ludicrous "market" data, statements, actions...all brilliantly baffling bullshit

Yes We Can. But Lets Not.'s picture

and Bernanke does not rhyme with don't-thank-me

Yen Cross's picture

    Bernanke needs a hoodie,beanie,hairpiece-anything, to cover his numbskull from that cold Canadian air... It's affecting his ability to think rationally.

101 years and counting's picture

and, whats the excuse for the other 58 years of his miserably pathetic life?

Dr. Engali's picture

Lol... I'll tell that to the families of dumpster divers next time I see them.

kito's picture

you know doc, qe has helped quite a number of everyday people. im not saying qe is good, im not saying qe fixed structural problems, but qe has absolutely kept a significant portion of the population from losing everything. (for now)

there are trillions of dollars in major retail mutual funds out there--vanguard, fidelity, t rowe price, etc. and lets face it, the huge returns in the markets over the past 5 years has benefited millions of people who have their savings wrapped up in these fund companies. through 401ks, iras, etc. lets also not forget the massive pension funds out there that have kept the savings of many middle class joes alive and well through massive run up in stocks. if not for these returns in the market, massive pension funds like calpers wouldve collapsed by now.

so looking at the facts regarding the average joe, qe has helped them-----for now.

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QE put a floor under the market and avoided a complete financial collapse of both the currency and the economy. the average guy on the street would have been much worse off if there was no QE. that is just a fact. however since then both the banks and the public employee sector have raped the system and left the average guy (whoever he is) much worse off again. since no one sincerely cared to change the system to make it more sustainable (slashing entitlements/hanging bankers) we will just ride this until it crashes again and at that point there will be no rescue again.

kito's picture

pshhhhawww. crashes again? come on now fonz, skynet has this perfectly under control. globally. look at those spanish 10 yr yields today!!!! we have reached investment utopia. enjoy it. bask in it. melt down any shitty assed gold you have, turn it into productive bling, go out and lease a new convertible benz, put the top down and cruise around town making the most of our new system......

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Fonz - what happened was/is the largest and most corrupt among us were bailed out (free money) while the average guy was wrung out...exchanging a free market for a command economy built on fraud @ every level is not avoiding a collapse...the collapse is complete..the collapse of truth or honesty or even demand / supply.  What has been done is far worse than what would have happened in '09.  Average guy has become ever more reliant on the fraud continuing, growing and less capable absent the lie perpetuating.

Saving a few by inflicig a killing  cancer on the rest isn't exactly how I view success...fraudulently reporting, fraudently pricing, fraudulently governing, etc. etc....

fonzannoon's picture

Hambone you think pre 2009 the economy was not built on fraud?  

Come on man we had a 30 year debt binge start to go bad. Everyone was in on it to some extent except this guy.


so 2008 happened and we got a peek behind the curtain and a run on the eclectronic money markets and it was game over, and anyone on here who thinks the average guy would have come out of that okay is kidding themselves. I am not saying we should not have let the chips fall where they may, maybe we should have. But it would have been awful. Instead we now have a completely centrally planned economy with a ton of fraud and a dumbed down public and we will extend and pretend until this does not work. When that happens....it's over.

Ham-bone's picture

QE was "good" for those with assets...for those who manage or sell or insure those assets.  This "good" was at the expense of those without assets...the young, the poor, the fixed income old, etc. etc.

But just because the system was broken in '08 didn't mean would have been over...a true market based on real needs, wants, and supply based on real "money" (not credit) would have taken over.  It would have been chaotic and cathartic but people adapt and innovate amazingly fast.

Doesn't matter what I or you think (sort of like discussing the weather) but I can't say I endorse the view that people are better...just drugged and wasting their time and effort in darkness instead of building in the light.

fonzannoon's picture

"QE was "good" for those with assets...for those who manage or sell or insure those assets.  This "good" was at the expense of those without assets...the young, the poor, the fixed income old, etc. etc."

I don't fully agree with that. But I understand the sentiment. All I can tell you is that is how it has always been. Until the young and the poor figure out who their enemy is and take vengence on them that is how it will continue to be.

"a true market based on real needs, wants, and supply based on real "money" (not credit) would have taken over."

I would like to believe you but I don't think that is what would have happened. Nor is it what will happen if/when what we have now finally gives. 

BTW good on you hambone for speaking up, unlike the rest of the red arrow crowd who has no understanding of what fight club used to be. I get where you are coming from man. I am just calling it like I see it. 

Pee Wee's picture

"anyone on here who thinks the average guy would have come out of that okay is kidding themselves"

You mean anyone who thinks the average guy wouldn't is only kidding themselves.

kito's picture

ham bone you miss the point. we speak of fact regarding the effects of qe on the average investor. the averaage investor has absolutely benefitted from qe. if wall street has benefitted from pouring free money into equities, so has the average joe. neither fonz nor i have stated the qe is ultimately good for the system. it isnt. 

Squid Viscous's picture

Fonz the initial move was called TARP, passed with martial law threats by thug Paulson, then immediately co-opted to become an equity injection into TBTF's... then QE which only helped TBTF's again... if you think kicking the can down the road, while saving banks that should have gone tits up is good for the economy long term then you are sorely misguided   

fonzannoon's picture

Squid I don't know how you can think that hiring midgets and training ham sandwiches to replace human labor until the aliens come is in any way good for the economy. I think it's ridiculous for you to assert that.

I hope I have twisted what you said enough to equal you twisting what I said into somehow claiming that I believe that what is going on is good for the economy long term. Seriously man? I said that? Where?

I have no problem with having let the banks fail. As I said to hambone 1) I think the average guy would have been materially worse off and 2) I don't believe the free trade based on money and not credit would have evolved. We were already too far gone. It's over. Maybe...just maybe if we let the banks fail, and hung some politicians and plenty of bankers and slashed entitlements to the bone, and went back to a gold standard etc. etc. etc. we would have had a chance at avoiding the fate that we will arrive at. But the chances of that having happened were the same as monkeys flying out of my ass. By 2008 it was going to be horrendous. If/when we give it up again it will be immeasurably bad.

DeadFred's picture

The reset, had it happened, in 2008 would have been very painful but survivable. America will die with the reset in 2014,15,16 or whenever. I don't think it helped any ordinary people except those lucky enough to have died in those brief years.

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DavidC's picture

Bernanke, you fucking idiot. Forgive my language but honestly, the man's a moron if he believes that.


101 years and counting's picture

remember, if he didnt print, the world would have ended.  so, the peasants did benefit....

Nick Jihad's picture

To be fair, that is what Ben sincerely believes. So, not evil, just an academic in way over his head.

alien-IQ's picture

how the fuck is this man allowed to utter such complete bullshit and be paid in the process?

i_call_you_my_base's picture

Keep telling yourself that ben, you asshole.

Nana's picture

Rather shit on me hands and clap than listen to Berns 250K BS Speech....CockSUCKERS LOONY

PlusTic's picture

i'm offering $10k per pint of blood taken from this vampire!