Unhappy Earth Day

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As the world celebrates "Earth Day" and all the wondrous beauty this planet has to offer, those investing from another world will likely be allocating away from the constant economic-growth-disappointing planet Earth. As the following chart of world growth hopes shows... it's anything but happy...



h/t @Not_Jim_Cramer

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Missed it by that much!

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Happy birthday Vladimir Lenin... er... I mean happy Earth Day! And no, it is not a coincidence that that Earth Day is on Lenin's birthday.

Here are the details:

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How much of this GDP is simply inflation?

Is GDP rising faster than inflation?

How much hedonics go into inflation numbers?

Other than looking at the price of everything needed to live a productive life......food, fuel, shelter, energy......what else can be used as a common sense measure of real world inflation.

.....I know.  The increase of the 1 percenters and the .01 percenters rise in GDP.  For they are the ones fomenting inflation and benefitting the most from it.  The skim the spoils of inflation.  Measure their rise in GDP and you measure the rise in inflation.

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A lot of it is fake or fraudulent growth or newly invented growth equations to continue with the never ending summer of recovery memo. Just remember none of this could have been avoided and it's clearly not at all Obamy's fault according to the NY Times. Do any remember that even former president Clinton went so far as to say that no one could have been expected to recovery very quickly from the deep hole left by the Bush yrs. much less the incumbent Obamy. At what point does the faulty economic policy of this socialist/fascist Obamy come into play?

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i was waiting for ZH to post a piece about Earth Day.  thank you :-)


New York, 22 April 2014 - Secretary-General's Message on International Mother Earth Day [Delivered by Mr. Thomas Gass, Assistant Secretary-General for Policy Coordination and Inter-Agency Affairs, UN-DESA]

Each year, on Mother Earth Day, we reflect on our relationship with the planet that supports us.  The air we breathe, the water we drink and the soil that grows our food are part of a delicate global ecosystem that is increasingly under pressure from human activities.  From tropical deforestation to depleted ocean fisheries, from growing freshwater shortages to the rapid decline of biodiversity and increasingly polluted skies and seas in many parts of the world, we see the heavy hand of humankind. 

As our population grows we have to recognize that our consumption of the planet’s resources is unsustainable.  We need a global transformation of attitude and practice.  It is especially urgent to address how we generate the energy that drives our progress.  Burning fossil fuels is the principal cause of climate change, which increasingly threatens prosperity and stability in all regions.  That is why world leaders have pledged to reach a global legal climate agreement in 2015.

Action on climate change presents multiple opportunities to reset our relationship with Mother Earth and improve human well-being, especially for the poorest and most vulnerable.  Sustainable energy for all can increase health, wealth and opportunity for billions of people, as can climate-smart agriculture, more efficient cities and better managed and protected forests. 

To generate ambitious action on the ground and raise momentum for a new climate treaty in 2015, I am convening a Climate Summit in New York on 23 September this year.  I am inviting Heads of State and Government along with private sector and civil society leaders to showcase initiatives and forge alliances that can help launch a sustainable future.  But they need support and encouragement, for change is never easy.  So today, on International Mother Earth Day, I appeal to all people everywhere to raise their voices.  Speak out on behalf of this planet, our only home.  Let us care for Mother Earth so she can continue to care for us as she has done for millennia.

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The guy's name is really.... Gass? On Earth Day ?


good catch ClownsOnAcid. The fourth and final Working Group for IPCC AR5, about six years in the making, is set to be released... this Halloween. 

Thanks trader1, all roads lead to Paris 2015.

"There is no pause"

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all part of a plan to eliminate GDP as a "meaningful economic" data point.as if it ever was

and, it's for the best ;-)

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Do you have any idea how much it costs to calculate the number? Why so much, that if they stop reporting it, the economy might recover on its own.

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The YoY consensus appears to be improving tho,  so that gotta be worth a new high in a market someplace on the Earth. 

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"The Sun will come out, tomorrow!"

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given the ZH primary customer base, this article will get the fewest "reads" of the day (tied with those "frontrunning posts"...)

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Just wait until the night crew gets back from happy hour. They get real chatty in some of these threads.

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In any event, a time to tip our caps to a real hero...


First man to know the true age of the earth, and very precisely known and basically unchanged since he measured it in 1956. And also related to Earth Day, he was no small actor in getting lead out of our enviroment...

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uh, I think I have all of the lead at my house....

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Mother earth does not give a rat's ass what we do, we are a surface irritation at best.  As to fossil fuels being the driver of climate change, I'm pretty sure the climate has changed many times in the last few billion years. Humans will one-day be just a thin line in the geological record, doesn't mean we shouldn't exercise sensible stewardship while were around, but this Gaia religion bunk is counter productive.

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how could the gaia religion bunk be any more counter productive than the conservative/radical judeo-christian-islam bunk?

don't get me wrong, i find some value in all religions.

in that case, why not synthesize the best (and discard the worst) of what all the current belief systems have to offer?

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Any belief system requires one to jetison inconvenient evidence, Gaia worship included.  Once you choose to 'believe' evidence has little part to play, be you a fundamentalist Zion nut or an ecomentalist 'saving' the planet.  We need reason, not faith.


And let's remember that fascism is syncretic by definition, mixing futurism with the occult, for instance.

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what is faith without reason and reason without faith?


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Faith is the absence of reason FFS.

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and your point?

my point, againfor the slow ones (i love you!!!):

you can't "define" the terms without each other, i.e. they are interdependent.

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That is mere sophistry, one cannot argue with you! :D

The last refuge of the scoundrel, along with patriotism etc.

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Faith is the absence of proof.

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"Faith: not wanting to know what is true."


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Sounds a lot like the people that like to pick and choose the science they believe in....

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“There are no facts, only interpretations.” 
Friedrich Nietzsche


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The trouble with reason, is that it takes an immense amount of time to KNOW the best solution to a problem, and hard to motivate the general masses to do what reason dictates. Emotions and feelings and faith are more effective at getting results, I think.

Also, are you confusing Fascism (merger of Government and Corporations) and National Socialism?

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Depends on the results you're after. If your aim is compliance in the absence of evidence, then be all means knock yourself out with emotive propaganda and faith-based moonshine.  Yes Nazism has a different flavour to Italian fascism, but government and big-corp are hand in glove giving you the solutions to enviro crisis......mix Gaia with stonhenge and wind-turbines and its a veritable smorgasbord of delights.

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Nothing says "Happy Earth Day!" quite like the world's largest nuclear powers rattling their sabers at one another.

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big news out of china!

who would have thought "the commies" would save the world from our own self-destruction?!



Amendments to China’s 1989 environmental protection law that will mean stiffer punishments for polluters have been submitted to the country’s parliament for deliberation, the official Xinhua news agency reported late on Monday.

The National People’s Congress (NPC), China’s legislature, will consider the amendments during its latest bi-monthly session, which runs until Thursday, Xinhua said.

The first change to the legislation in 25 years will give legal backing to Beijing’s newly declared war on pollution and formalise a pledge made last year to abandon a decades-old growth-at-all-costs economic model that has contaminated much of China’s water, skies and soil.

The amendments, now in their fourth draft, are expected to enshrine environmental protection as the overriding priority of the Chinese government, and will also include provisions to help Beijing impose rules on powerful industrial interests.


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The amendments, now in their fourth draft, are expected to enshrine environmental protection as the overriding priority of the Chinese government, and will also include provisions to help Beijing impose rules on powerful industrial interests.

Sounds great but I don't believe it. Politicians and governments say a lot of things.

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I remember the first Earth Day marching down 5th avenue and ending with a Jefferson Airplane free concert at Sheeps Meadow in Central Park. Most of us were there to cut school and get high. Those were the days my friend. Now the environmental issues are used as distractions for the corruption of the politicians and cronies. They really don't give a shit about the planet or most of the living things on it.

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A few years from now when shit hits the fan economically we will look back and laugh at the fucktard bedwetters droning on about AGW and all the rest of the Earth Day bullshit.

This has always been a political project of effete westerns.

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Exactly what the planet needs! Less GDP growth.

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Buy your under armor during this summer as the Maunder Minimum is upon us.

Arrest Al Gore for heresy.

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An alledged Maunder minimum (sic) and still it warms...

Stick to tiddlywinks or the mornings Box scores, because you know SFA about climatology...

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Long-term planning has not been something politicians excel at or are even good at. Our system is geared at getting politicians reelected and fulfilling the most pressing needs of today.  Things like profit and quenching our unrelinquishing desire for growth are moved in front of the longer term issues and needs. 

Mapping out a logical and sustainable long-term plan wound require delving into some rather hefty philosophical questions like what brings real happiness. We would have to think about what kind of society and world future generations might want to live in. We would have to recognize the role of the human animal in the overall scheme of things. 

Do not expect to be guided by politicians, the super wealthy or most business leaders. Few people are willing to come out and say the recently adopted modern model of life based on lifestyles developed in America and western society are unsustainable.More on this subject in the article below.