What Google Autocomplete Tells Us About America

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Submitted by Simon Black via Sovereign Man blog,

“Why does Obama suck?”

If you’re not sure, ask Google. It seems that millions of Americans already have asked this question, along with:

“Why does the government want to kill us?”, and

“Can the government take your gold?”

These are among the jewels of Google autocomplete– instantly displaying results from the most popular searches.

Try it yourself. The results vary slightly based on geography, but if you type, for example, “Obama is “, I get the following:

obama is Check out what Google autocomplete tells us about America

Not exactly the hope and change he was looking for I suppose.

(Canadians and Brits, don’t feel left out. Google tells us that Stephen Harper is “the anti-christ” and David Cameron is “a lizard”.)

While I’m sure we can all appreciate the humor, the reason these searches show up instantly in Google is because so many people are looking.

For example, when I type “Is America”, Google completes it with the most popular hit– “Is America doomed”…

is america Check out what Google autocomplete tells us about America

Typing in “Why does the government” conjures all sorts of interesting queries, ranging from:

- need to collect taxes?
- want to kill us?
- lie?
- restrict seditious speech?

Or, typing “Why does the Federal Reserve. . . “, Google asks, “still exist?” Good question.

On the topic of the dollar, Google tells us “the dollar is” collapsing, dead, crashing, dying, devalued, not backed by gold, losing value, etc.

The dollar is Check out what Google autocomplete tells us about America

Apparently more and more people are starting to question the value and worth of their currency.

They’re starting to have second thoughts about a system in which we award a tiny banking elite with totalitarian control of the money supply.

And they’re starting to realize that that their government is corrupt, far too powerful, and overrun with liars and thieves.

In fact, for proof, I typed “does homeland s”, and Google completes with:

“Does Homeland Security pay well?” – and -
“Does Homeland Security hire felons?”

does homeland s Check out what Google autocomplete tells us about America

So it seems that convicted felons are looking for highly paid government employment. Perfect.

This is rather fitting given that typing “Will Ob” (not even the full word) returns “Will Obama declare martial law?”

Will Ob Check out what Google autocomplete tells us about America

People are certainly wondering.

Getting to this point of mistrust has taken years of endless warfare. The embarrassing failures of Obamacare. NSA and IRS scandals. Constant stories of police brutality. Higher taxes. Higher consumer prices.

It didn’t happen overnight. But over time, people have lost confidence not only in individual politicians, but in the system itself.

The institution of government is now viewed as the problem, not the solution. And this represents a complete breakdown in the social contract.

From the Romans to the Ottoman Empire to the Venetians, history is full of examples which show that once societies lose confidence in the system, substantial change and turmoil often follows.

I suspect that if Google had been around in the mid-1780s, autocomplete would probably tell us things like “Why does the King Louis” suck? And, “Will France” collapse?

It did. And when the French stormed the Bastille in 1789, they entered a 26-year period of revolution, civil war, hyperinflation, and genocide.

I’m not suggesting that we’re in for exactly the same fate. But we would be foolish to presume that this lost confidence and mistrust is a consequence-free environment.

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Diablo's picture

For shits and giggles go to google and type "Zerohedge is"


NotApplicable's picture

LOL indeed. Our little hideout is safe, it appears.

I was disappointed that "low-brow, fringe blog" didn't make the cut.

Say What Again's picture

I just tried the "Is America" example.

The top answer I received is

"is american idol on tonight"


Enough said.

fonestar's picture

fonestar always suspected Obama Israel was a gay, muslim communist.

dontgoforit's picture

'Zerohedge is down.'  is what came up. 

Say What Again's picture


This is a test.

Ignore this post.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

gold is

gold is best

gold is money

gold isotopes

gold is a mineral


freegold is city island

freegold is battle islands

what is freegold

dragon island free gold

hunter island free gold


bitcoin is dead

bitcoin is stupid

bitcoin is evil

bitcoin is a joke

bitcoin issues

(Google users hatin' on bitcoin)


Ameru is

[did not autocomplete, ah well...)

McMolotov's picture

I just tried "is google," and the top result is "is google making us stupid."

Wahooo's picture

Tyler is ...

Gay song
The best
A loser

XitSam's picture

"is Harry Reid " and one of the suggestions was "is Harry Reid mentally ill"

BLOTTO's picture

The masses stop reading after just typing in 'Zerohedge' and getting - '...is always wrong', ...'is a joke', etc...and then never bother to go to the site. While the small group of independent thinkers would go to the site to form their own conclusions and do research.


Anyway, this means we are definitely on to something when you get '...is always wrong' as an auto complete.


BLOTTO's picture

Putin is...gay, evil, is a thug, is hitler

Obama is...is a muslim, is gay, is osama, is the anti-christ

Pope Francis is...is awesome, is the anti-christ, is a heretic, is an atheist

Prince William is...is the anti-christ, is ugly, is gay, is indian

Steven Harper is...a criminal, is evil, is a liar, is a dictator

Ron Paul...is an idiot, is crazy, is the only honest politician, is a freemason

Dalai Lama...is a fake, is a liar, is evil

Buzz Aldrin...is a liar, is a jerk, is crazy

Hitler...is alive, is jewish, is informed

Edward Snowden...is a hero, is not a hero, is a traitor, is in Russia

God is...able, dead...is love

Headbanger's picture

Hillary is too old, sick, a liar, ...

Seems to be working fine to me..

FinalEvent's picture

You know, subliminal messages work!


IronForge's picture

I did that and this was on the Query Results...


"Zero Hedge[1] is a batshit insane Austrian economics-based finance blog run by a pseudonymous founder who posts articles under the name "Tyler Durden," after Chuck Palahniuk's Fight Club personality.

Tyler claims to be a "believer in a sweeping conspiracy that casts the alumni of Goldman Sachs as a powerful cabal at the helm of U.S. policy, with the Treasury and the Federal Reserve colluding to preserve the status quo." While this is not an entirely unreasonable statement of the problem, his solution actually mirrors the anatagonist in Fight Club in that Tyler wants, per Austrian school ideas, to lead a catastrophic market crash in order to destroy banking institutions and bring back "real" free market capitalism.[2]

The site posts nearly indecipherable analyses of multiple seemingly unrelated subjects to point towards a consistent theme of economic collapse any day now, and has accurately predicted 200 of the last 2 recessions. Tyler seems to repeat The Economic Collapse Blog's idea of posting blog articles many times a day and encouraging people to post it as far and wide as humanly possible. Tyler moves away from the format of long lists to write insanely dense volumes[3] filled with (often contradicting) jargon that makes one wonder if the writers even know what the words actually mean.[4] The site first appeared in early 2009, meaning that (given Tyler's habit of taking a shit on each and every positive data point), anyone listening to him from the beginning missed the entire 2009-2013 rally in the equities market.

The only writer conclusively identified is Dan Ivandjiiski, who conducts public interviews on behalf of Zero Hedge.[5] The blog came online several days after he lost his job at Wexford Capital, a Connecticut-based hedge fund (run by a former Goldman trader).

Zero Hedge is not quite the NaturalNews of economics, but not for want of trying."

Are we seeing a hint of Jealousy over at Rational Wiki?

NotApplicable's picture

Is Simon going to keep his subscribers when he charges them for this 'valuable' information?

ParkAveFlasher's picture

Does Simon Black command a llama calvary platoon.

Does Simon Black eat his banana split with fried quinoa.

Does Simon Black carry gold watches in his colon.

prains's picture

Does Simon Black rule a colony of lesbian alpaca's

Pladizow's picture

Does your name apply to all your comments?

y3maxx's picture

Nicknames of President Obama include...

Hafro, Bobble Head in Chief, Bathhouse Barry


drendebe10's picture

...fudge packer in chief....

taketheredpill's picture



Come to Canada.  You can party with 18-year-old girls at 24 Sussex (our White House) and if they get sick the healthcare is free!!!



BlindMonkey's picture

Bill Clinton is visiting Ottawa?

irishlink's picture

While listening to the radio today and the subject matter of property tax and water charges in one of the rainest countries in the world, I thought about the revolutions in the past. When the oppression of the state feels like a bar across ones chest , the state should be worried . Here in little old Ireland. The police force cannot and do not trust the minister for justice. The education minister was booed and megaphoned at the teachers annual conference! Are the masses waking up finally????

Colonel Klink's picture

Federal feral government no longer serves the nation, the nation serves IT!

Oh regional Indian's picture

Well Colnel, that is why IT is IT...see?

used to be "I AM THAT I AM"


NoDebt's picture

Wait... what?  

I thought it was "I am what I am and that's all what I am".  Then you slam down a can of spinach and kick Bluto's ass.

Ah, whatever.  It is what it is.

Oh regional Indian's picture

No trust left in the system. 

Trust went home, took the ball with him....


crazzziecanuck's picture

Just about any institution you can think of can be described as failure.  Full.  Spectrum.  Failure.  The clergy, the business elites, the professional classes, and especially academia, from which all our problems now derive largely from.  So why trust any of it?  It's not as if they are doing anything much to reassure or remedy problems.  All they seem to do is coat things enough so they can glide into a nice retirement or something.

All this crap going on the Ukraine is just another glorious example of how government fails and the media watchdogs fail.

El Vaquero's picture

A couple of months ago, I was in a large group.  One of the topics of discussion was how poorly run education is these days.  I muttered under my breath "It seems like everything is poorly run these days," and a friend of mine next to me caught that and started chuckling as a result.  He has had some very poor experiences when he has had the government approach him to do some work, and those experiences involved costing him money because some sniveling bureaucrat didn't understand the rules he was operating under. 


This is what happens when we try to preserve the status quo when preserving it does not meet the physical reality of resource constraints.  People resort to fraud and bureaucracy that is actually harmful to get things done.


NWO?  I think not.  It may be what our clownigarchs want, but they aren't competent enough to run that shit.  It'll fall apart.  The question is, what are we going to do when it does?

Oh regional Indian's picture

For some reason, Penn State students rioting for their JoePa after the Sandusky sex abuse case broke comes to mind...

What a mangled idea of trust....


seek's picture

"NWO?  I think not.  It may be what our clownigarchs want, but they aren't competent enough to run that shit.  It'll fall apart.  The question is, what are we going to do when it does?"

Nailed it. Shit's getting crazier because they're failing, not because of their success.

You can see parts of the system breaking everywhere. Small business collapsing, middle class disappearing, government incentivising people not to work, etc. Yesterday I posted in the college cost article my discovery of the Michigan's teacher's pension system having unfunded liabilities increase 300% in five years while cutting schools and raising college tuitions.

At the core of all of this is government promises of money for no work. It depends on its ability to tax those that do work, and that it will have buyers for what it prints to make up the difference, and both of those revenue streams are finite resources that will die well before the promises can be made good.

Anyone who's reading, if you're planning on a check the government promised you arriving 5 years from now, don't count on it showing and/or being worth anything near what it is today. One needs to plan their life around all those promises being broken and a government out to take every last dollar it can from those that have them.

El Vaquero's picture

How is the NWO going to control me when they don't have the oil based products to send armed thugs out to make me bend to their will?  Global means a lot of transport needs to happen, and oil's getting pricey for that.

Max Cynical's picture

Seek, imagine how much these pensions are underfunded when you adjust the expected rate of return from 8% to 4%?

DontGive's picture

He went home empty handed. The ball was "donated" for redistribution to the ball-less.

Oh regional Indian's picture

Funny that is, coming from a poster named DontGive :-)


Looney's picture

ORI, you owe me a cup of VERY HOT coffee, my friend - I've just sneezed mine all over the keyboard! ;-)


El Vaquero's picture

Speaking of trust, just a few days ago, Albuquerque Police Department shot and killed a THIRD person since March 16.  APD officers are required to have their lapel cams on when on duty, and the cocksucker that shot a 19 year old woman didn't have his on and rumor is, he had a history not turning it on and had a history of being abusive.  If true, at least fire the cocksucker.  He is claiming that she pulled a gun on him, but APD has been caught red handed planting guns after they shot somebody.  (Again, what trust?)  Video from a local business makes it look like she was running into an alley to hide, but thus far, there has been no footage of the actual shooting itself.  Oh, and they're demonizing the hell out of this chick, trying to make it sound like she was an uber-criminal.  In her adult life, she had a few minor criminal charges, including assault, which she pled nolo contendre to, shoplifting, which was dropped and drinking in public.  Fuck up?  Yes.  Uber-criminal?  Hardly. 

If I have an encounter with APD, am I going to have to just start shooting and call it self defense? 




StychoKiller's picture

You should send a link to that "5 chinese policemen killed by angry mob" article to yer police dept(s).

Chuck Knoblauch's picture

We're either too lazy to type or too stupid not to favorite the page.

If you can't turn it off, change your search engine.

ebworthen's picture

"is the u.s. constitution..."


"toilet paper"



"being trampled"

"good, but needs more vitamins"


"Did you mean 'what is the u.s. constitution?' "

centerline's picture

The sheeple smell something burning.

Dr. Engali's picture

True more people are asking questions, but wtf are we doing about it? .... Nothing except bending over and taking it.

NotApplicable's picture

When so many are completely dependent upon the scam du jour, there's not much to be done.

Well, other than to watch it all collapse in real-time.