Where Facebook's User Growth And Revenue Generation Is

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In the aftermath of Facebook's "blockbuster" Q1 report, the one thing everyone is talking about is the explosive, 15% growth, in Monthly Active Users to 1.28 billion. There is one problem: where said user growth is taking place.

The chart below shows MAU growth broken down by geography...

And this chart shows how much revenue Facebook generates in those specific geographies:

So yes, just 1 million users added in the US. Still, considering Facebook somehow counts 202 million monthly active users in the US, that is a phenomenal achievement considering there are 137.9 million working people. Oh well, those 62 million users who are unemployed - they will just grow into the labor force eventually and be able to buy all those products whose ads they click on.

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Fartbook, Fakebook, Fleecebook, Fonebook, Fuckbook, Fscambook

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Social Media is already beginning to reverse course and die, at least when it comes to the most mentioned, and past used forms of SM by the most important demographic groups.

There are many rational and GOOD reasons for this.

That advertisers haven't yet fully figured out they are being duped by Facebook's and the rest of the core SM's business model is only a matter of time and degree to resolve itself.

In the meantime, enjoy the comedy of what is now dot.com (and MOST things stock market) BUBBLE 2.0:

Farmers Only Commerical - YouTube
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The PROBLEM is that farmers are too fucking busy to be...

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Dear Ms. Yellen,

Since FB, AAPL, AMZN, and many other tech stock are doing VERY well, as are most of the banks, does this mean you will no longer need to continue QE?  Why do you think you need to continue to fund these large corporations, when they are all showing consistent YoY earnings improvements?

Back in 1996 you made strong arguments about inflationary concerns resulting from too much Fed Stimulus.


Don't you think its time for the Fed to stop monetizing the debt?



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Old habits die hard? </sarc>

Also ask her how come oil is over $100/bbl if folks in the US are consuming less. (where's the "plus" with all that energy-independence shale oil?)

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Does this take into consideration the multiple accounts of people.

My daughter has over 20 so that she can troll people.  That's the ones I know of.

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Can you share the names of those accounts with us?

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I hear Putin has taken over the Ruskie equivalent of Facebook.

Maybe Suckerberg ought to be worried...

Then again, on second thought...

Obozo's NSA and Facefuck's Suckerberg would probably wryly smile at that caution...


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Is that trolling thing genetic? </sarc>

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Yep.  I'm an active user.  I log in every month to turn off all the crap I get texted or emailed to me.  I don't want the crap and I can't stop.  Thus I'm an active user.


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US Population 318,000,000

Canada            35,000,000

Total              353,000,000


Facebook users 202,000,000

I believe the facebook numbers are real


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There are "officially" 18 billion active Facebook users, currently, or 1/4 of the population.

autobot/clickbot on, bitchez!

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Not that I want to defend the FB numbers, but you know that there are many businesses and other organizations that have FB accounts. 

Does FB provide a breakdown of individuals vs. businesses?

But always remember that our Supreme Court has decided that Corporations are people too, so things get a cloudy about this.

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I will "buy into" the Social Media advertising monetization model when someone convinces me that a) # of clicks are even a remotely accurate way to determine that a person will spend a single cent on some product or service being hawked, and b) the # of clicks being generated isn't being MASSIVELY & FRAUDULENTLY MANIPULATED by all form of methods/devices/software, etc.

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As I said before, I'm not trying to defend FB.  My comment about businesses using FB has nothing to do with FB getting paid for advertising, nor am I making any comment about a correlation between clicking on an ad & ultimate consumer spending. 

I have a number of friends with small businesses, and they all have FB accounts for those businesses.  Most of them see it as a necessary cost of doing business, even if they are not crazy about FB in general.  Its almost like the Yellow-Pages from many years ago.

Then you also need to add all the little groups, like the sewing clubs, the Econ Club of Dallas, and you can see how you get more numbers than the actual population.

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This is really something that gets left out of the discussion. Photography pages, movie pages, music pages, local organizations, restaurants, all sorts of groups. These are all 'active' users. So it would be interesting to see how this breaks out. 


And besides. Who the fuck actually clicks on ads? 

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I've been on the net before Mozilla released the WWW. I've NEVER bought anything from any ads I've seen, I've only purchased what I was going to buy anyway but want the convenience of free home delivery.I don't even see those ads, unless they block what I'm trying to view.

Now, ads are placed in front of some news videos, and I just click off and find the info elsewhere.

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<Hey Zero>  Why the hell haven't you just deleted the account?  It is possible.  It will actually disappear 30 days after deletion.  It is not that difficult, my 15 year old daughter did it.  I independently verified it.  It was her idea, she thinks facebook is for creeps and old people.

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She can delete her account, but never her personal data & information, which has been forever assimilated into Facezborg's collective cloud conscience.

"Zuck: Yeah so if you ever need info about anyone at Harvard

Zuck: Just ask.

Zuck: I have over 4,000 emails, pictures, addresses, SNS

[Redacted Friend's Name]: What? How'd you manage that one?

Zuck: People just submitted it.

Zuck: I don't know why.

Zuck: They "trust me"

Zuck: Dumb fucks.

Dadburnitpa's picture

Zuck is just one of the creeps she was talking about.

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What's the over-under on him surviving long enough to also be "old" someday?

TruthInSunshine's picture

Depends on whether he becomes a threat in revealing where any of the bodies are buried.

The Inner Sanctum expects complete & total silence.

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I have said it before, there were and are tons of social media websites, the only reason Facebook became big is because the Big Media promoted it like crazy from daily shows to evening news.  Why was it so heavily promoted over other sites I leave that to you to figure out, its not hard.


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Only reason Facebook blew up is because they sold out to the NSA, hence the promotion by the MSM.

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Facecrook is but one touch stone on the path to Total Information Awareness, Main Core, DARPA LifeLog, Global Surveillance Directorate, Skynet, The Matrix.  Or did that already happen?

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I thought I read "Facecrock," which, IMO, is better, even if I say so myself!

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"FaceInvader" and "Gulag+"

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FB is FREEEEEE!! So people use it.

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I'm employed and do not use Facebook.  Neither do 2 other guys in the office.  I'm sure we are the only ones, so that must mean there are 62,000,003 unemployed FB users.

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...that Facebook is monetizing...

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Why all the hate for funemployed people?

Hey advertising works for all that EBT money too.   And extended (forever?) unemploymnet benefits. And they got those free Obamaphones to see the ads too.

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Wait, you have a job, and you don't use Facebook? Wow, what kind of freak are you?

Next you'll say you don't own a TV and don't vote.

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Stop it, man, you're freaking me out!

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Have they offshored all their profits yet?

Looks like Zuckerberg should be moving to Singapore.

I'd bet the MySpace trends were similar, and Netscape usage back in the day.

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"Looks like Zuckerberg should be moving to Singapore."

My Yellens on Israel.

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the "like" scam probably didnt help ad revenue too much

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"those 62 million users who are unemployed - they will just grow into the labor force eventually and be able to buy all those products whose ads they click on."

Nice to finally hear good news.  Let's be sure to let those unemployed folks know so that their spirits are lifted!


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You can't play on game center anymore without a facebook account.
So millions of people made accounts in order to play pad games and link their buddies for gems in the games.
They don't really use the facebook but the accounts are made.

I'm pretty sure that's the biggest part of new users. Totally worthless.

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I figured that the peak was Farmville (it's like the gods laughing at us).


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Heh, looks like it's time for this story again ... I was trying to finish Angry Birds on iPhone. But there were three levels you couldn't get to unless you liked Angry Birds on Facebook. (Which miffed me a bit because I paid for the game, why should I have to like you on a social nerwork I don't use?) So I create an account using the name of an old boss of mine, my brother's birthday except change the year, and for the city put where I went to college. Logged in and duly liked angry birds. Then Facebook suggested someone it thought I knew and asked if I wanted to friend request her (nobody I'd ever heard of). I laughed and clicked yes, and logged out. Never logged back in again to see if she actually friended me.

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I've heard there's about 250 million new users on Antartica who all joined last month!!

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"weather today is COLD.  FML!  lulz."


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That pretty much sums things up re FarceBark as well as anything.

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Oh, BFD... don't look at the details, just drink the damn koolaid.

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Social media is the future of marketing - say the experts at this years social media marketing conference - 

watch this - and then try not to short FB - 



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I dont blame you for being a mad cow after watching that video.  What kind of people are we putting out of these colleges?  Some dimwit chick singing about social media to a bunch of lard asses while everything around them is made in china.  This country is TOAST !

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That is the worst thing I have ever heard.