Does The iSplit Mark The Top Of The Market?

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Presented with no comment...



h/t @Not_Jim_Cramer

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The chart is not convincing.  Look, I am as financially paranoid as the next guy, but I see no predictivity value in the AAPL stock split.  The S&P 500 run-up is scary enough looking for me.

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Like 2004.....we hope....nice chart


Where's the bonus chart!

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2 of 3 for crash. Better than Vegas odds!

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I'm pretty sure the chartmaker intended it to be taken lightly.

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Perhaps a toppy market is a good predictive indicator of an AAPL split?

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This is the 999th prediction of the top in the last 6 months. It's all Bullshit until the printing stops!!!

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Anyone know if cash is offshore, do they borrow for buybacks?

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They have quite a bit of on-shore cash, too.

Still a valid question, though.  Just because they have the cash doesn't mean they're going to use it.  Why not float a 1% coupon bond like IBM did a couple years ago?

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Could they use offshore cash to buy offshore equivalent of ADRs?  Does buying ADR or ADR equivalents have any effect on the price of the underlier?

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All my cash is offshore,... right where the boat sank...



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And in other Apple news, why would a company with so much cash already plan on selling even more debt? Hmmmm?

Apple is a financial company masquerading as some sort of
manufacturer (when Foxconn does the real manufacturing):

News Headline Summary

Apple (AAPL) says it is planning another large debt sale

Update details:
- This follows a USD 17bln offering from the co. in 2013.

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Because they have run out of innovation ideas and they don't want to pay taxes repatriating some of that "money"  in order to reward shareholders. It's cheaper to issue debt to fund a dividend or buyback.

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ding ding ding, chicken dinner. I joke with a guy I work with that said he used to fire spitballs at tim cook. Who would've wanted to fill those shoes. Their whole business model was innovation. plastic cases and ofshoring to decrease mfg costs, hardly innovation. any regular suit with a business degree from a juco knows that little ditty.

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They're likely borrowing against their offshore subsidiary hoarded profits (which are tax deferred so long as they aren't repatriated).

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Maybe they plan on "loaning" the money to Ulraine to cover their gas bill.  Borrow it for zero interest and charge the Ukie's 10% compounded weekly.   now thats a spread

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Fed will never let it go down. Im sure they have 50 phds looking at this exact fucking chart as a indicator for greater monetary stimulous.

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"Fed will never let it go down. Im sure they have 50 phds looking at this exact fucking chart as a indicator for greater monetary stimulous."


How many crashes have there been since the plunge protection team was created?  I can see a couple on the chart.


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Do chickens have lips?

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iSplit On Your Grave wsa a pretty good movie

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I-war might mark a top. The all cash buyouts are flying here. Zimmer had a monster today.

"meanwhile back at the Dacha...

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No, it marks the bottom; generational lows, permanent high plateau, green shoots, new paradigm, escape velocity, the whole deal. 

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Isn't a stock split and a dividend hike a sign that a company is cash hungry?

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When does the new iPhone come out?

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The dollar goes before the market does...

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Email from "STAPLES" in my inbox this morning:  "Just in!  Special iPad offers!"

Offering actual discounts of 10%-30% off retail price.

Since when does Apple need to promote and offer discounts?


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Since their market share AND profit margin succumbed to the forces of gravity.

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in fairness, just like the ZUNE, the SURFACE is going nowhere,,,

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This time=different.

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I hear Putin is an Android man- So are the Chinese



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Note - CSCO - the first company that was going to have a Trillion $ Mkt Cap - did its last split on 3/23/2000.  Coincidences but still worth noting

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I want to know what impact weather played into this chart. Was it too cold or too hot? Too much rain or not enough?

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it is apple conceeding that growth is over....gimmicks are only thing left.  signifcant buy-back programs will be announced when there is a meaninful dip in price, then a string of insanely overpriced aquisitions,