Martin Armstrong Asks "Will We Have Another 'Waco' In Nevada?"

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The Feds are gathering and have brought in hired guns. We are more likely than not headed into a military confrontation – the first since Waco. Keep in mind that Obama’s head of the Justice Department, Eric Holder now Attorney General, called the shots on Waco back then. He got away with it before – why not again?



There is a hope that if enough people show up the Feds will stand-down.

The likelihood of the Feds ever backing down is highly unlikely.

The Federal Government is severely disconnected from the people and views anyone who stands up to them as a criminal and domestic terrorist.

This is merely a dress rehearsal for the next 5 years that we face – a rising confrontation between the people and the government.


Source: Armstrong Economics

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The Nevada Cattlemen have the best take. Can we go after Al Sharpton who owes more than Bundy? 


The Nevada Cattlemen's Association believes that private 

property rights are at the foundation of our country and our liberty, and we know that the rule of 

law protects those property rights. Our policy supports private property interests that exist on 

public lands, including water rights and grazing rights. We also support the continued multiple use 

of public lands, as authorized by law and confirmed by the courts. It is under this framework of 

the rule of law that our property rights and multiple uses are protected. 

The multiple-use statutes allow timber, grazing, wildlife, recreation and other uses to carry 

on side-by-side in a way that, as the statute reads “will best meet the needs of the American 

people.” Increasingly, we see the federal government placing higher priority on uses other than 

grazing. This not only violates the multiple-use statutes, it violates the grazing and water rights 

that are also protected by laws such as the Taylor Grazing Act (TGA). Under the TGA, ranchers 

have a right to graze livestock on federal lands based on historical utilization. While this property 

interest is complex by nature--given that it exists on surfaces owned by the federal government—

it is nonetheless a real property interest that is taxed and saleable. It must be protected. On the 

same token, ranchers who exercise their grazing rights are obligated to pay a grazing fee as 

established by law. 

Ranchers such as Mr. Bundy have found themselves with their backs against the wall as, 

increasingly, federal regulations have infringed on their public land grazing rights and the 

multiple use management principle. This is not only devastating to individual ranching families; it 

is also causing rural communities in the west to whither on the vine. In the west, one in every two 

acres is owned by the federal government. Therefore, the integrity of the laws protecting 

productive multiple use is paramount to the communities that exist there. 

The situation in Nevada stands as an example the federal agencies’ steady trend toward 

elevating environmental and wildlife issues over livestock grazing – in violation of the 

abovementioned laws and principles. Well-intentioned laws such as the Endangered Species 

Act—which are factors in Mr. Bundy’s case--are being implemented in a way that are damaging 

to our rights and to our western families and communities. In Bundy’s case the designation of his 

grazing area as a critical habitat for the endangered desert tortoise gave the BLM the rationale 

P.O. Box 310 • 285 10th Street 

Elko,NV 89801 

Office :: 775.738.9214 

Fax :: 775.738.5208 



News Release  




They needed to order a 500% decrease in his cattle numbers. There never was any scientific proof 

that cattle had historically harmed the desert tortoise. 

However, in accordance with the rule of law, we must use the system set forth in our 

Constitution to change those laws and regulations. Nevada Cattlemen's Association does not 

condone actions that are outside the law in which citizens take the law into their own hands. 

Nevada Cattlemen’s Association (NCA) works hard to change regulations detrimental to 

the sound management of public lands in a lawful manner and supports the concept of multiple 

uses on federally managed lands and encourages members of the livestock industry to abide by 

regulations governing federal lands. 

Furthermore, Nevada Cattlemen’s Association supports effective range management 

through collaboration with resource management agencies and interested parties to achieve 

rangeland management goals for economically viable ranch operations and the conservation of 

wildlife species. 

With the above stated this case was reviewed by a federal judge and a decision was 

rendered to remove the cattle. Nevada Cattlemen’s Association does not feel it is our place to 

interfere in the process of adjudication in this matter. Additionally, NCA believes the matter is 

between Mr. Bundy and the Federal Courts. 

We regret that this entire situation was not avoided through more local government 

involvement and better implementation of federal regulations, laws, and court decisions. While we 

cannot advocate operating outside the law to solve problems, we also sympathize with Mr. 

Bundy’s dilemma. With good faith negotiations from both sides, we believe a result can be 

achieved which recognizes the balance that must be struck between private property rights and 

resource sustainability.

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...We citizens of Western Canada have growing concerns. If WW3 breaks out, the USSA will definitely annex Western Canada, (British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan & Manitoba), in the name of "Security of the American Homeland" to defend Russian and Chinese attack. Western Canada own a plethora of Natural Resources, but only 12.5 million citizens.

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I'm heading to Nevada for a big circle jerk, anybody want to come?

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5 years? God damnit. I cant wait that long.

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I hope same number of people will stand up for Bundy's as stood for Iraqi, Afghan and Pakistani innocent people.



Karma is a bitch

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The Empire likes to raid and withdraw before the situation escalates. They view the fiasco in Nevada as a failure to execute quickly. They will get better at Blitzkrieg-type raids. The Militias will need to have excellent inside intel and be able to assemble at a moments notice.

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You're right.

Not everybody who assembled in Lexington and Concord were the renowned Minutemen. Those guys were a special group. Wish I were 30 years younger now.

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< Grass fed beef

< Grass fed tortoise

What do you want on your plate?

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Libtards especially, but all Statists have been criticizing and demonizing Bundy over fines/fees.  Never once have I heard a libtard or other Statist criticize the government for their blatant misuse of power in this situation.  They also don't even question the authority of government to levy fines/fees.  These people are fucked in the head.

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Goebbels never criticized Hitler and believed Hitler had unlimited authority to do whatever he wanted.

MSM is the new Goebbels. Simple as that.

MSM is proof large numbers of people have no conscience and will adopt whatever loyalty their career and paycheck requires.

Same can be said for those BLM agents rounding up those cattle, the other federal agents involved, the local sheriff dept, the local police, and the various hired guns.

95% of Americans would do the same thing, be totally loyal to the govt if their career and paycheck required it.

Hell, 90% are totally loyal to the govt without their career and paycheck requiring it.

And that's why America isn't worth saving.

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It isn't going to be your choice.  The answer is, Soylent Green.

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Where is Lon Horiuchi???????????????????????  Eric Holder wasn't the only one with dirty hands at Waco, or Ruby Ridge.

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No! Fighting is what they want. they are tryng pretty hard to provoke armed conflict with the American people to justify even more of a police state. they do not fear anyone going toe to toe with their sociopath pawns. they only fear zero squads and whistleblowers.

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They could easily have had a fight at Bunkerville.


They chose not to do so.


If it's simply about provoking armed conflict ... well, that could be achieved in a matter of hours. 

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If Bundy is right, then anyone can use BLM land at no cost, and no obligation.

I want his cattle gone so I can use the land for my own purpose, at no cost.

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If I was living in America I'd show up. Unfortunatly I live in ENgland and we had our guns taken off us a long time ago.

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Unfortunatly I live in ENgland and we had our guns taken off us a long time ago.


hows that working out for you?

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"If Bundy is right, then anyone can use BLM land at no cost, and no obligation."

Explain to me how the BLM and the federal government have a legal claim to land in Nevada.  Let me guess, the federal government passed a law giving the federal government ownership of the land.  Is that right?   Sounds self-serving to me.  Statists like you only show up when there is something to be stolen.

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"If it's simply about provoking armed conflict ... well, that could be achieved in a matter of hours. "

I said their goal is to provoke a fight to justify more of a police state, which obviously means they have to first be confident they can make enough people believe that they did not provoke the fight.

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Yes... provocations and false flags are a dangerous game for them at this juncture. They realize public trust has slipped significantly since the 90's. How couldn't they know? They have us all on record in Utah.

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But the provocation has to be handled carefully for public relations purposes. When you're going to slaughter scores of citizens, you first have to complete a few things. From the Waco massacre playbook, you first want to control access to facts so that none of the soon-to-be victims can present their side of the story. You need total blackout so that you can control the narrative. In Waco this was done by unnecessarily surrounding the "compound" and then restricting all access. After the Branch Davidians were shot and burned to death, they mantianed control over the area so that they could run tracked vehicles over the wreckage so that nobody could review the evidence of the military assault on women and children as paybakc for the deaths of their "comrades" killed and injured in the initial unwarranted attack. The government and their media organs then trafficked the narrative of the Branch Davidians as a "doomsday cult" and that they were "suicidal," followed by the repeated charge of child abuse, and children needing to be saved from these religious crazies. This narrative replaced the earlier, lamer, version that they were allegedly making automatic weapons. 

In Nevada there were too many loose ends and the narrative got away from them. They will almost certanly be back, but they have to figure out how to create the story that the Bundys had it coming for some heinous crimes. Property crimes are insufficient and petty disputes over land use work against the Feds. But they cannot forgive, and everything to them is a do or die confrontation where they are the good guys. Resistance is self-evident that the opposition deserves the most intense annihilation possible. 

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Have I missed something?  The article makes reference to a five year time frame; can anyone elaborate?

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As the economy continues to collapse it's only going to get worse nationwide; police state versus citizens.

This is why every .gov agency has bought billions of rounds of ammunition, and why posse comitatus is dead.

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I hope Bundy is the straw that awakens a sleeping giant!

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I am getting reports from people who were there, and from those that are still there. This will not go away. Bundy may be yet another sacrificial lamb, but a few more Wacos and a certain part of the people will wake up.

Y'all keep your heads down and your powder dry.

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Comparing this honest rancher with David Koresh is insulting. He was a douchebag kid fucker. Find another analogy.

WillyGroper's picture

So what you're saying is Koresh was imitating he beltway, no?

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Koresh raped children. He was never arrested for it because the kids would never speak against him due to pressure from their parents. The governments actions were wrong. But so is ass rapping little children. I feel for the children whose parents took up with that nut Koresh.

jimmytorpedo's picture

Oh Migra, I guess you were there to watch the ass raping of children?

I don't believe in God, but I believe in your right to believe in God.

Either go watch "The Rules of Enagement"  or CNN.

But either way, shut the fuck up about shit you you have no idea about apart from that which you were spoonfed

Calmyourself's picture

Honest question; are we sure about that?  If so why wasn't he taken on his frequent trips to town or his daily runs?

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Local Sheriff investigated Koresh several times about the underage sex charges, never once arrested him for it.  Plus, if pedophilia should be punished by burning down churches filled with innocent people, there are hundreds of Catholic Churches which need to be torched.

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You should start here, with the lawyer who got all the (very few) surviving Branch Davidians acquitted when they were vehemently prosecuted after the massacre.

This lawyer's Congressional testimony should be mandatory viewing. Of course no punishment was ever delivered to the Feds who orchestrated the massacre.

The evidence suggests that the Koresh as pedophile meme originated in the Reno Justice Department to justify the overwhelming force approach adopted by the Feds on the ground. That claim appeared after the initial assault was a debacle. Previously the story was only that of ATF going after alleged automatic weapons.

Notwithstanding Koresh's sexual activities, was the remedy of immolating and crushing 76 mostly women and children hiding ina buried school bus the way to prevent these kids from being molested? A list of the dead is here:


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His character assasination is already underway in the MSM. headline today "Bundy's shocking comments on slavery":

"GOP scrambling to distance themselves from defiant Nevada Rancher..."

Harry Reid already called he and his supporters "Domestic Terrorists".

Not enough giants left, we have crossed the Rubicon.

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The endless lies about what really happened with the Ukraine are beyond sickening.   I stopped watching Tv a long time ago but the crap MSM news on the net is sickening.  Making Putin into Hitler and endless crap.  Bundy is getting the same treatment and lies.


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"sleeping giant" is a myth. There is no such thing.

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""sleeping giant" is a myth. There is no such thing."


...said some dipshit in DC, as Tim McVeigh rolledup up to the Murrah building in a yellow Ryder truck.

Drifter's picture

Good god what mind boggling stupidity.

There ya go folks, another loony tunes "patriot" thinking TM and a Ryder truck anfo bomb brought down that building ...and killing 168 children was some sort of "patriot" victory.

With this kind of mind boggling stupidity displayed by "patriots", govt has nothing to worry about.

MayIMommaDogFace2theBananaPatch's picture

Mirage or MGM ?

Circus, Circus seems most appropriate -- given the situation.

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The right-wing really messed up with making Bundy their hero. Mr. "let me tell you about the Negro" Bundy.

 You guys really stepped in it this time.

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Al Sharpton shouldn't have to pay taxes. It'd be rayciss to tax a good man like that!

Oh regional Indian's picture

That Sharp Ton. He one heavy weight...

Have he and Don King ever been seen together?

HyperinflatmyNutts's picture

R we talking about AL THE RAT SharpTongue????

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Cliven Bundy perfectly described the intentional, designed, and enforced transition from compelled slavery of a sub group of human beings to 'voluntary' or slavery by trickery of all human beings. Central in this is the redefinition of a 'person', the 14th amendment, and multiple contrived nation bankruptcies used as false justification.
Clear articulation that no one was 'freed', only further enslaved by different methods is crisp and clearly articulated by Cliven.
To say otherwise is to remove all doubt that you are a useful idiot or a troll cultivating race conflict.
To you sir, piss off!

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Brilliant. Whoever downvoted that is pissed off :-)

Very well said...



jimmytorpedo's picture

In other words,..

The slaves were never emancipated.

The rest of us were enslaved along side them.

P.S. most of the slaves pre 1750 were actually Irish

Stefan Molyneux is the smartest man on the internet.