Meanwhile At The CBOE

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...The HFTs are providing so much liquidity they are literally making it rain. Courtesy of@EltLearn33

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wow that's a lot of liquidity

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did this have somthing to do with the the loss of control with the PMs.

nice spike we should be pulling the fire alarm more often

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They wanted to reign, and got rain

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Oh, SHIT!  That building's gonna collapse any minute!!! 

Oh, nevermind.  There's no fire to pulverize the structure.

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I betcha, someone will find a way to securitize rain water and turn it into the “paper-water”, just like the “paper-gold”.

Moar rain-water profits, bitchez! ;-)


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"nobody ever scanned a computer before"

666's picture

I had lots of liquidity when my toilet overflowed, too!

PT's picture

It'll rust the steel frame.



An unusual frame that was extra prone to rusting.

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Boy I bet Krugman is hoping the whole goddamned roof falls in.

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It is a derivative trade bob - – Bill Ackman “SIMPLEST TRADE IS TO `BUY VALEANT STOCK’”

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Since when is Rain a problem ?

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Can't see by the pics but the "water" is yellow. Yellen Yellow actually. 

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That's just the tears of bankers who are about to be suicided.

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Thats the 3rd toilet Janet yellen clogged this week

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Ballers on a budget. Get your goggles hoe's it's time for some hft change, copper, silver, ..........Oh wait primarily zinc.

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all that liquidity you'd think someone would be smart enough to bring a few buckets

ParkAveFlasher's picture

They have buckets.  The problem is, all of their buckets come with long strings tied to other buckets inextricably tied to them and scattered hodge podge throughout the exchange, themselves tied to other buckets rehypothecated bucket upon bucket.  To pull one bucket would be MASS HYSTERIA. 

If you ever wonder if you're living in a house of cards, give it a good sneeze and see what happens.

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Please God, let there be no life preservers.

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Buy the drip!

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Warren Buffets Tub is overflowing....

buzzsaw99's picture

someone gave them an upper decker

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Carney saw the latest gold vault inventory.

youngman's picture

any South Korean ship captains there right what they do..if they jump out of the window..follow them

youngman's picture

Its just Warren Buffet and Becky Quick playing hide the soap in the tub again

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Flash Boys = Flash Flood

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those 2 fellows in blue shirts carrying tri-corders are from the Starship Enterprise.  Their prime directive is not to interfere in the native society they are visiting, but in this case they are having second thoughts.


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Looks like some serious orgasming going on in the VIP lounge on 2nd floor.

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Good time to bring in the strippers for a golden shower at the snake pit.