Meet AISight - The "Pre-Crime"-Detecting Software Being Installed On Global CCTVs

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Submitted by Mike Krieger of Liberty Blitzkrieg blog,

If you thought that CCTV cameras tracking your every move in public was bad enough, you’re going to just love AISight (pronounced “eyesight” of course). The invention of a Houston, Texas based company called BRS Labs (which stands for Behavioral Recognition Systems) is headed by former secret service special agent John Frazzini, and this Orwellian surveillance platform brings artificial intelligence to all of those creepy cameras that have been installed everywhere around you.

Apparently, this system is currently being installed in Boston, and has already been implemented in Chicago and Washington. In the event you live in these cities, I bet you’ve never heard of AISight, and more importantly, I bet there’s been little to no public debate.

The most disturbing part about this platform is that this artificial intelligence defines what is “normal” behavior and anything that falls outside of that narrow band can be flagged for “pre crime” potential. Ultimately, if these things are allowed to proliferate, it will condition humans to behave like zombie automatons fearful that anything interesting or creative might be viewed as criminal.

The NYPD recently engaged in such behavior when it arrested a street artist unlawfully. Now imagine if a computer could do the work the work without human involvement.

The entire sad incident was caught on video. See below:

The “War on Street Artists” – Puppeteer Unlawfully Arrested and Harassed in NYC Subway

For more details on AISight, we turn to ITProPortal:

Imagine a major city completely covered by a video surveillance system designed to monitor the every move of its citizens. Now imagine that the system is run by a fast-learning machine intelligence, that’s designed to spot crimes before they even happen. No, this isn’t the dystopian dream of a cyber-punk science fiction author, or the writers of TV show “Person of Interest”. This is Boston, on the US East Coast, and it could soon be many more cities around the world.


Behavioral Recognition Systems, Inc. (BRS Labs) is a software development company based out of a nondescript office block in Houston Texas, with the motto: “New World. New security.”


BRS Labs’ AISight is different because it doesn’t rely on a human programmer to tell it what behaviour is suspicious. It learns that all by itself.

The system enables a machine to monitor is environment, and build up a detailed profile of what can be considered “normal” behaviour. The AI can then determine what kind of behavior is abnormal, without human pre-programing.

Just what the world needs.

Oh, but wait, it gets even better…

What’s more, AISight permanently learns and registers when changes in normal behavior occur, so no ongoing programing is required from human operators. In order to do this, it employs a technology known as “artificial neural networks”, which mimics the function of the human brain.


What’s more, BRS Labs’ system is extremely easy to implement even across huge, disparate networks of outdated camera equipment. The company claims that it needs maximum of only a few days for the complete hardware and software installation.

So fast the public won’t have a chance for public debate!

After that, the system sets about “autonomously building an ever-changing knowledge base of activity seen through every camera on your video network.”


The software is already in place in other cities around the United States, such as Chicago and Washington.


“Our system will figure out things you never thought of looking for,” said Wesley Cobb, BRS’ chief science officer. “You never thought to look for a car driving backwards up the entrance of a parking garage, for example. Our system will find that and alert on it, because it’s different from what it usually sees. It’s taught itself what to look for.”

How about laugher, is that banned yet? How about thinking?

The inevitable security concerns have already been raised. While BRS claims to be “concerned about the privacy rights of individuals everywhere,” it’s not hard to imagine a future where our every move is assessed, quantified and judged by ever-smarter generations of artificial intelligence.


There’s one security camera for every 11 people in the UK, and it has been reported that the average British citizen is recorded on camera over 300 times every day.

Have fun serfs.

Now check out the promotional video. How completely creepy is the voice on it…

Full article here.

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DirkDiggler11's picture

Yea, the system is working so great in Chicago...

Meanwhile in Ga, a more effective way to deal with crime and criminals....

Even the USA today is slanting further left than it has always been, but the PRO GUN legislation in GA is just killing the gun control crime syndicate.

Alethian's picture

But if I've done nothing wrong, I've got nothing to worry about. Right?

Stuck on Zero's picture

Mr. Alethian, did you or did you not inquire about culpability on a leading right-wing extremist blog called


ndotken's picture

Imagine if every citizen wore a hat, sunglasses and/or ski mask ... how that would fuck with the "artificial intelligence" ... pretty soon the Presidebt would sign an executive order banning hats

seek's picture

Many countries already have bans on wearing masks. I wonder how long before excessive makeup is banned?

Pretty sure going Braveheart on their asses is going to fuck up facial recognition for a while.

john39's picture

camera meet wasp spray...  problem solved.

Leaping Lizard's picture

Speaking of gun control (I live at the moment in a castrated country), and the transhumanists say machines are immortal, but I wonder what a .22lr would do to one of these cameras when the time comes.

James_Cole's picture

Too bad they didn't have this tech in 2008 while TBTJ robbed America blind, especially considering it learns behavior. Would've put an end to the financial madness altogether.

Oh, it's a camera system with xbox kinect software installed? Dang. Well, at least it's cheap...right?

ACP's picture

Nope, this would not affect the criminal behaviour of sociopaths and psychopaths.

Only human beings. Bankers, Pelosi, Reid, and other are not human beings, they are psychopaths with no human traits whatsoever, so they would not have been caught by this new technology.


Edit: The EYE-BLIGHT promotion sounds like it's straight out of Omni Consumer Products...


old naughty's picture

"Too bad they didn't have this tech in 2008..."

(What is ypur definition of) They?

Do you believe movies "project" new techs, or show them?

Minority Report came out 2002 (I had that strange feeling about the tech then)...AISight, they re-name it to?

Bros, lots of thingy to ponder...

And then it will soon come to a neighbourhood near you. Live.

ACP's picture

Yes, the worst thing to ponder is that Tom Cruise is 12 years older now, which makes me feel hella older.

Shit, let me un-ponder that...

MeMadMax's picture

Sounds like another boondoggle created by someone who thought it would be cool to spend millions of dollars on his buddy in some video software business...

macholatte's picture



just convert to Islam and wear a burka..... it's all about "religion" U No.

ID that.

JerseyJoe's picture

LOL  Good one.   Show some respect for the fascist religion of Bits and Pieces.  Burka that?  :-)  

Fear not - PC Progressive Marxists will save us.  Smile for the camera. 

Van Halen's picture

Interesting comment macholatte, because I suspect the cameras would flip out if they couldn't see anything but a black-robed figure.

Bangin7GramRocks's picture

And he looks 12 years younger. That fucking wierdo has truly found the fountain of youth. 

Shad_ow's picture

Too bad we don't have these cameras in the halls of Congress, The White House, and every other fricking office we own, finance, and have no say in how our business is conducted.

That's where they should be legally placed.

Skateboarder's picture

Down with Skynet. Someday man will learn to hate cameras and enjoy real fucking thigs.

Judas Priest - Electric Eye

weburke's picture

I am amazed at the silence about capabilities. I dont dare be the first to cross that line, or even cross it ever.....  Man has mighty powers.

PT's picture

Come on, let's get real here.  The thing is an empty black box that is connected to a lawyer who takes you to court and sez, "This man is a criminal because this black box told me so."  And by "court", I mean he just sez it on TV.


Oh, sorry.  The black box does have a computer inside it.  When it figures you have enough stuff worth stealing and not enough debt, then it alerts the "authorities".

"This man did not stress out when interest rates went up.  He must be a criminal."

PT's picture

Detects odd behaviour?

"This man went to a pub but did not get drunk.  He must be a terrorist!"
"This man claims to be a banker but did not order a hooker with blow all over her boobies.  He must be a fraud." 

PT's picture

Just wear a Jon Corzine mask and do whatever the hell you like.

PT's picture

To the average yob, a super-duper-predictive-computer is indistinguishable from a medieval witch hunt.


We'll never see the code.  99% of the population wouldn't understand the code even if they did see it.  No-one will really know what it is doing or whether or not it is working as advertised.

effendi's picture

Many security cameras are covered by other cameras, so your act of destroying one will likely be recorded by others and you will be tracked down by the Network.

If people take to wearing burkas to hide their identity then the authorities will take steps. Most countries (including the US) have laws against wearing masks. Won't be long before burka wearers, ski mask wearers and motorbike helmet wearers will have to carry a RFID chip embedded government issued ID in public (my passport has one). Go out in public with your face covered over and no RFID chip will get you picked up by the cameras and the police notified to detain you. 

sunaJ's picture

Concentrated power assumes Metastatic Caretaker Envy (my social diagnostic invention for the  process of pathological power consolidation - mostly based upon power-loss paranoia).  A lot of P's, I know, but ZH readers should be used to alliteration.  The symptoms, language and signs of an MCE diagnosis: "doing God's work...", "defending freedom", " "with us, against us", the evolving meaning of terrorist, etc.  Consolidated power will assume its right to seek out whatever threatens it in its delusional, god-like manner.  But we have - at the root of the master/slave relationship - the capriciously-applied salve of mercy.  They buy our compliance with increasingly awful iterations of the human condition: first, assurance of their protection and goodwill; second, assurance that you will not be "processed," or some other form of merciful rehabilitation; and third, adulation, where you must praise the dear leader, ecstatically, at all times and in all places, just to survive the destruction of full-blown Metastatic Caretaker Envy.  It is the sliding scale of survival that Orwell and Huxley have illuminated for us, for us to figure out what we want to do about our servitude.


So, is it any wonder that this is where our technology or innovation goes?  It is a sick society that is using the technology of that society to subjugate itself.  The revelations and consequences of our times will continue to confound the uninformed and ill-prepared.


TheObsoleteMan's picture

There are three ways to defeat ANY camera/lens system: 1. Highly polished mirror placed in front of the lense, 2. A laser directed at the lense, 3. 12 gauge deer slug directed at camera. Take your pick.

Oldwood's picture

Recognition technology will only be required until we are forcibly chipped to qualify for healthcare. Don't doubt me on this.

Bytor325's picture

Groucho glasses for all

Drachma's picture

Gait Recognition

On another note, there's this to look forward to:

RaceToTheBottom's picture

Bullish Anonymist masks.  Wait, it would learn that all who wear them are evil.  Never mind, I will use my average joe mask.

Oldwood's picture

zerohedge has no "wings", only a pointy tail.

AreaMan's picture make it happen

prains's picture

Is that a Buffet place?

Payne's picture

clogg the system with so much pre crime behavior that it is meaningless.

in4mayshun's picture

Don't bother...Have you seen all the weirdos that roam cities these days? I saw a homeless guy with Levi's wrapped around his head with the legs shredded so he could whip them around like hair. Let the AI chew on that for a while

El Vaquero's picture

LOL, that must have been funny. 


When I was a teenager, I saw a guy in front of the K-Mart in Raton, NM playing a guitar.  He had a ZZ Top beard and was wearing a wedding dress.  And this is in a town where it is illegal to ride your horse down the street while wearing a kimono.  Or it is illegal for a woman to do it.  Or some shit.  I know there is some shit that is illegal in Raton that involves horses, streets and kimonos. 

seek's picture

The Ministry of Funny Walks would put this stuff into overload pretty fast.

kchrisc's picture

Sorry to correct you, but it is NEVER about crime or whatever. It is always about contracts, money, and control, power.

JerseyJoe's picture

Since most Libs live in our urban makes sense that Obama's Brownshirts feel the need to keep an eye on them.   

Now if we could only figure out how to keep them in the urban keep them from fleeing the nightmare of their own making and spreading like the metastazing Blue State cancer they create when their socialist utopianism unravels into crime and bankruptcy.   Got Detriot?   Shitcago is well on its way.  

The Blue State cancer is real but curable for the rest of us - keep them in the cities...under the watchful eye of Obama's Brownshirts.  Before they spread.  They are the disease...and are largely incurable.

jimijon's picture

Really simple solution to crime.

1) Police can't protect you. 

2) Police need to solve crime.

3) Let the residents see through the cameras!

4) ....

5) Peace

dirtyfiles's picture

should be installed around the block in Washington D.C.

JerseyJoe's picture

LOL Better yet, in the Well of the House and Senate.  

Trillion stolen there every year...increasingly spend on imprisoning the tax-sheeples.   Hey - why not...the USG is insolvent and everyone paying attention knows are many blue state cities and most blue states so sure...waste more money borrowed from China err, Belgium, to keep the tax prisoners in line and paying for their own imprisonment.  

Makes sense...Right?  

Another way to look at it...

The Blue State Cancer needs to be supervised and to be contained...because it spreads...just ask NJ, or NH, or WA, AZ or it loads up on blue state nitwits fleeing CA's bankruptcy in the making...bred to spread their socialist utopian fantasies and fan out across the land.    

SilverDOG's picture

Holy Flock... of sheep!

booboo's picture

"You've been Teriminated" ..wait, wrong movie.. thats next years conspiracy theo.....fact

intric8's picture

Whats the point of having pre-crime measures when the cops dont even come?

holdbuysell's picture

Building our own prison, one brick at a time.

Dewey Cheatum Howe's picture

This actually a big security liability that can be exploited easily...


Millivanilli's picture

Is this why the pentagon only released 5 frames of the "plane" hitting it?