French Joblessness Hits New Record High - Up 32 of Last 34 Months

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Hollande's promise to bring jobs to the nation is failing dismally. It is no surprise that Le Front National are gaining power as for the 32nd time in the last 34 months, joblessness has risen in France (to a new record high). Nothing to add here, yields continue to fall in Europe as nothing matters but hope for ECB QE as the 2nd biggest economy in Europe (and 5th largest in the world) is getting worse faster...



Chart: Bloomberg

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CAC at 5y high...

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Didn't Hollande learn anything from the USSA? All he has to do is change the way they calculate joblessness to exclude those who have given up on looking for work, found only part time employment instead of full time, etc.

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So isn't France totally all a service economy? 


They need Moar fast food shops paying 20.00 per hour 4 day week 15 year retirement and 4 year layoff money....simple

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is it safe to say that the world is unemployed?  they have us in a giant pressure cooker.  dependent on government handouts untill we cant take it anymore and go to war. 

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Don't worry people, there is nothing a French socialist couldn't make even worse.

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Hollande is too fucking busy (pun intended) with his jackhole girl friends.

If France ever wants to figure out WTF is wrong, they already have the answer.

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r u jealous of jackhole or girl or friends?

Being busy bee makes him productive. I guess he can say : I work overtime, so I need a bonus like those bankstas! 

Hollande was in Poland saying we should all have an alternate to Putin gas; hint hint lets buy fracked US gas! 

Now that should make Obammy happy seeing he is not making much progress in Japan and making Saudi, China and Putin hopping mad! 

Bad day at Black rock!  (no pun intended). 


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That will fix the unemployment.

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Transcript of an IMF Press Conference on Europe| Washington, D.C.  April 11, 2014


QUESTIONER: Do you think that it would be helpful for the EFSF money to be used to recapitalize banks, say, in Spain and Greece? Is it legal, according to your assessment, to use that money under the current framework? And secondly, can you rule out any sort of debt reprofiling or restructuring in the Ukraine bailout in the next 12 months?


MR. MOGHADAM: What do you mean by "EFSF"?


QUESTIONER: Sorry. The European bailout fund.


MR. MOGHADAM: You are referring to direct recapitalization?


QUESTIONER: Yes, instead of putting it on the state's balance sheet, having a direct recap. Right now in Spain, it is on Spain's balance sheet that they could cut funding costs, etcetera... read on..

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why would the ECB print?  the Fed and BOJ are printing and buying up all the euro bonds (and monetizing their own debt too).....for fuck sake, you really think Belgium is buying UST or the Fed is NOT tapering and using the waffles as a pass thru to directly monetize???

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We have technology and robots. Nobody needs to work any more.

Fuck it.

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Well done Eurocunts, another record broken!

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does that mean that their consumer confidence index is also at an all time high?

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how did you guess, but fact is no, confidene isn't at all time high, stock exchange bubble keeps popping higher tough.

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A maxim of government is: "Government always produces the opposite of the stated goal. Always."

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They only need to revise the method of measuring unemployment to get the numbers lower.  Works just fine here, should work there.  Their politicians are at least as inept and fungable as ours.

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French Motto: If you have a job, you’re out of character. The government is here to take care of you, so sit back and sniff your fellow unemployed workers ass crack to pass off the day.

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the french unemployment is chronic and its like abiotic oil, it keeps seeping out of the soil. 

A french worker takes pride in being on the dole; it means he resists those capitalist shills and stays at home as long as mother state nourishes him. Its nice to go fishing when others toil. 

Now there are two things that makes the frenchman happy : a glass of wine and a game of petanque. When you are unemployed you can really, really, enjoy them both; and sometimes the neighbour's wife as bonus!  

I have a flat by the beach which we rent out and by God its never empty. But, these days the flat instead of lodging four lodges six...that's the difference. The brother and GF on the dole get free hols paid by his brother who works. 

Thats solidarity, something those 1% don't even know how to contemplate. They'll never pay a wealth tax even if they are worth 1 billion.

No way, hell will have to freeze over and the North Pole have to melt before we see an Oligarch say : I'll pay more taxes for my Caymanista wealth! 

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They must have had a rough winter, too.

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Doesn't matter, the country is being turned into a third world multiculti cesspool by the kosher ethno-mafia and their progressive-leftist tools, like most of the West.

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La Révolution!
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On s'en fout on a gagné la coupe du monde, et on va la regagner !! Allez la france !! bitchesszzzzzzzzzzzz

And god blow up the FED !

Buy Bitcoin !

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If things get rough across the globe expect eyes return to Europe, where they continue to talk. I have not written much about the Euro-zone as of late because nothing is really happening. The Euro-zone is engaged in a talkathon, with fear of an immediate collapse off the table the members of the Euro-zone much like their political counterparts in America just talk about solutions without any action. Below is an article updating what is not happening in Europe.


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I think Hollande is doing a fantastic job of running France.

I'm really happy that he is actually running France into the ground.

I hope that he will be allowed to keep on doing what he is doing.

When France goes tits up,as it most certainly will,the result will hopefully nail down the lid of the coffin on the abomination that is the Welfare Socialist Republic of Europe, the two bit "politicians", hangers on, free ticket holders on the "gravy train"

and any body else who sucks on the teat or benefits in any way from the European largesse that has been and is being stolen from the few who genuinely produce products or services that have an added value.