Russian Warplanes Repeatedly Enter Ukraine Airspace; Helicopter Buildup By Latvia Surges

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If the following news had been "sourced" by Ukraine news agencies, we would caveat it by saying it is almost certainly propaganda. However, since the source for this AP story appears to be "US officials", we will only assign a 98% probability to it being propaganda. Hot on the heels of our report that the Russian "Doomsday Plane" had been seen in the vicinity of the Baltic states, we learn of more Russian airborne acrobatics, this time involving Russian fighter jets which flew into Ukrainian airspace a "handful of times over the last 24 hours, in what one called a continued provocation of the heightened tensions in the region." One, of course, being a "US source" - the kind that was behind the original armed coup in the first place, so one should take this "news" on a somewhat salty basis too.


The officials say it's not clear what the intent was, but the aircraft could have been testing Ukrainian radar or making a show of force. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to talk publicly about the issue.


The flights come as Russia increases military exercises along the Ukraine border, including moving a broad array of fixed wing and rotary aircraft, infantry and armor troops.

But that's not all: Bloomberg also reports that Russia has increased the number of helicopters at a military base close to the Latvian border from 30 to about 100 during the Ukrainian crisis, according to the Latvian Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkevics at news conference in Riga. In response, NATO has provided reassurance package for region, signaling that Baltic states are part of military alliance.

Well, yes: Russia did warn repeatedly that any escalations against east Ukraine citizens will provoke a retaliation, and when the Ukraine army launched its latest (however brief) anti-terrorist campaign, which lasted for about 12 hours before Kiev pulled it back after seeing a massive Russian army surge on its border it made sure of just that. Russia also warned NATO that any buildup in its forces would be met in kind. And since NATO did build up forces in East and Central Europe, why should one be surprised by Russia's response.

It is a very simple game theory strategy: tit for tat. And now we have finally entered the constant mutual defection phase. This will continue until at one point the cost to a player to continue defecting will be great enough that a military "release" will be the only option.

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Russian Warplanes Repeatedly Enter Ukraine Airspace; Helicopter Buildup By Latvia Surges
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Exercises to warn off NATO exercises to warn off Russian exercises to deter NATO form warning off Russia's deterrents and warnings to deter them likewise until they stop or are done which ever comes first between the bunch of 'em deterring one another.

What could go wrong?
Whatever happened to that good olde mutually assured destruction? 

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I prefer tits over tats any day.


Tits with tats is not bad.

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The mother of all false flags may happen.

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the NWO is getting systematically backed into a corner... 

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...I prefer tits over tats any day

I’ll take a set of three tits over a dozen of tats any day! ;-)


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Isn’t that better phrased  “ tit for twat”?

We’ve all seen Vlad’s tits and we also know who the twat’s are.

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False flags are getting more difficult to sell these days.

The new "gold standard" is the reverse false flag where you attack them instead of yourself but you leave really bad quality evidence at the scene that makes everyone think that the other side was conducting a false flag attack against itself.

I'm trying to develope a double-reverse false flag strategy but my brain is melting down...

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how about goading most of western civilization into destroying each other in a brutal war...   thinking you will rule your little corner of the world afterwards without any interference...

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I won't believe it unless I see it on YouTube.

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it would be boring!

No this is just madmen!

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Yeah. Always leave a fresh business card at the scene of an attack.  

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if ww3 starts over the weekend, losing a couple grand in the mkt is the last thing to worry about.  If it doesn't start, rally.

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either way its BULLISH !  just think of all those broken windows

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< tits

< tats

It is a very simple game theory strategy: tit for tat.

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Tit for tat is obviously a dying strategy.

No-one is willing to give the tits up.

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"I like tats on tits..."

Think about when you were a kid, grabbed a cartoon image on your silly putty,  and held it by the top edge long enough for gravity to work its magic.....

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Tit for tat is also an effective way for chicks to get free tattoos.

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I'm getting my WWIII and WWII jargon swaps, Tit for Tat:


Putin for Patton

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If there is a real push by Putin to exit the NWO I would think he could make it a little more obvious.


Why not just lay out the 'Truth' about the NWO / terrorist activities worldwide over the last 65 years available online in a simple to read format.


How hard is that?   


The truth about the real history would be the most damaging thing possible.   9/11 intel / proof would be a good start.   The west would crumble inside of a week.







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there are no innocent children

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so you've met my kids he...:)

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The NWO better hope that Putin never learns English and speaks to the world directly or they are fucked.

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americans are by and large too lazy to read or listen to him...  they want the msm to package up and interpret for them.   recall, he did write into the New York Times not too long ago.  How many read that piece?  or read anything that the Iranians publish etc?  the truth is out there if people would just get off their asses.

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most of the masses are not yet ready to hear the truth.  they would shut down, and the effort might backfire...

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Sad fact is West would not crumble if Putin exposed 9/11... the countersurge of massmedia deflection and Bieber news would distract the bulk of the masses... new events would be triggered new mass shootings to hog the moment of the day..  most are hypnotised.

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I actually agree with this.  But none the less it would be fun if Putin layed it all out on the table with evidence for all to see.   It would always be questioned sure but, think of the irony if Russian history of the United States was actually more accurate than the Us's own history books told. 

This would be easy to do for them I would think.  They must analyse all major events to the point where they know exactly what transpired.  Information equals power and all that.

It helps to know where the skeletons are burried and I'm sure the FSB / KGB knows quite a bit.

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One of my favorite authors.

That Which is Seen, and That Which is Not Seen

by Frederic Bastiat, 1850


Also good:

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Ya, but the broken windows are all on the first floor.

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So the proxy war of the US vs Russia is evident to anyone who doesn't watch TV at this point.  All out war in Ukraine seems inevitable.  The question I have is when does the soil of Amerika or Russia start to see the contflict?  I would imagine that will be the case at some point, no?

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They got it on TV!
What channel?
I wanna watch! 

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This is going to take a lot of people by surprise.  Unless you are following alternative sources of media, the depth of this conflict hardly exists--all, if not most msm sources are barely touching on this subject.  For all we know, we could have a full scale meltdown come Monday morning.

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no shit, I think it will be time to put some bugout bags and equipement in the car over here.
This is not just some replay of the cold war you know...
Damn... I live about 60 miles away from Nato headquarters... let's avoid that place for a while I guess..

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Hahaha USA diplomacy getting blown the fuck out!

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Dutch combat jets intercept Russian bombers: Germany

Russian Bombers Conduct Test Flights Over Northern EU


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Wow, thanks for that link. A refined aggregator for the thinking man who enjoys the company of intelligent women. Not that I know anything about that. But I do know aggregators and I have no idea how I missed this one.

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WWIII won't start before the market close.  3:30 ramp still coming.

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they need a starting time from yellen

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3:30-- time to turn the VIX into Scallopini

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as usual nothing will happen until the weekend when the market is closed.  Come monday the market will open at record highs and gold will drop like a rock.

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Tit for tat is essentially unbeatable in the prisoner's dilema. I'm not sure how many strategies have ever beaten it, but it's a very small amount. So we will continue to have the stupid escalations until someone folds or BTFWWIII.

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Contrite TFT.

Russia will forgive the US once. Then never again.

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Can we hold this WWIII thingy off a couple more months? I'd really like to take the kids to the beach before we are incinerated. Of course I can't think of a coast that we won't get either poisoned or radiated so maybe we're better off.

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Come on, this can't be fucking serious. Obama backed down from war with Iran and war with Syria, there's no way he's fucking stupid enough to drag us into war with Russia. Even Bush the Lesser was smart enough to avoid that and left Sakashvili twisting on his masticated necktie.

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But, this ain't just a fun war in the sandbox, which is mostly to make money for the Merican cronies and pump-up the slow-motion eagle's dick.   We generally play there by ourselves. 

This is more like a gang-turf battle.