Ukraine Accuses Russia Of Wanting To Start World War III

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Tired of being ignored by the west, which keeps promising financial and military aid, yet has done precisely nothing, Ukraine is stepping up the rhetoric to Hank Paulson levels. Moments ago, acting Ukraine PM Arseniy Yatsenyuk said at a cabinet meeting in Kiev that Russia wants to remove Ukraine’s pro-European government. Well of course - Russia has made it quiet clear, quite often how it feels about the illegitimate, "coup" government in Kiev which took power after Yanukovich signed a memorandum with the west that saw him remain in power until the next presidential election. But then Yatsenyuk also said:

  • Russia has done nothing to implement Geneva accord
  • Ukraine will continue to comply with Geneva accord
  • Ukraine urges Russia to keep promises, condemn extremists
  • Ukraine calls on international community to unite against Russia,
  • Russian invasion will turn into Europe-wide conflict, and the punchline:
  • Russia Wants to Start Third World War

So... in keeping with the Hank Paulson mold, could the west just signe the three page term sheet by the acting PM and deploy its armies to defend the country against the Russian bear. Yeah, crickets, much to the chagrin of HFT algos for which nothing is more bullish than flashing red headlines declaring the World War III buying momentum ignition now open.

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Haus-Targaryen's picture

Fuck you bankster neo-con warmongerers 

Vlad is going to cross the Narrow Sea (Russia/Ukranian border) with the Unsullied, 3 dragons, tortoise eating cattle, and will sodomize the Seven Kingdoms (aka EU).

Vlad is currently searching for his map of Poland. 

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Ukraine is a neoNazi, IMF debt slave state, with an unemected government, that likes to shit kick its Russian minorities. What is it that is worth saving of this country?

old naughty's picture

Whatever it is, can't say they're not trying hard...

and we all know who really wanted to start WW3, don't we?

Keyser's picture

It appears that the Obama administration's tactic of attacking your opponent with ad hominem lies has carried over to the Ukraine conflict. Oh dear, the shit is getting deep and the war drums are pounding because Putin has a backbone, the GOP, meh, not so much... 

ilion's picture

I'm fine with WWIII if that would include also justice and punishment for the likes of Greenspan, Yellen, Bernanke, Obummer, Corzine, Dimon ... shit I don't have 10 hours to type all the other scummbags here.

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do an image search of 'ukrainian girl'.  thats why

ptolemy_newit's picture

yea did that search, images of course.

half yoour age plus 7 years.

Supernova Born's picture

Free Greek tour for the Ukrainians. They'll see what the lowest tier of the EU looks like.

When intentionally getting yourself infected with AIDS looks like a good decision, they'll know they've been Troika'd.

jubber's picture

Oil...down, Silver...down... Gold...down LOL

Keyser's picture


You'd best check again as gold is catching a bid this morning on the war news... 

blabam's picture

Why would I "unite behind" a shitty, divided and broke ass country? 

Supernova Born's picture

Sounds like somebody needs a trip to Walmart for a bag of Cheetos.

Keyser's picture

And an AR-15 and some ammo... 


Old Man River's picture

Theys all a sack of dadgum freaks. Trying to stir up a skillet of rattlesnakes,.

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Yats better dust off his Israeli passport as his shelf life is running low.

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When they start saying world war 3 outloud, we're not far out from it for realz.

lolmao500's picture

As for the helicopter blowing up in Kramatorsk, my NATO sources says : it was shot down by pro-Russian militias with an anti-air missile... The Ukrainians say it was the helicopter that malfunctionned... and exploded all by itself... sure it did.

Pro-Russians militias are trying to take over the airport right now...

Sudden Debt's picture








I see no reason why we should fight every fight.


This reminds me of that little guy in a bar when I was young that kept pushing everybody. And when you hit him in the face, 4 more bigger idiots showed up to "defend" them.

Now, as a kids, I was a pretty agressive guy and if there where only 4 guys, I didn't see a problem in it.

4 only meanth I could fight dirty and the goals was to see blood as quickly as possible so they would back down.

And if there was room to maneuver, the trick to win was to keep at least 2 on a distance.

I also knew that the fight only needed to last 2 minutes before my friends showed up because when we went for a drink, we went with about a dozen friends but always split up when we arrived. And the trick in every discussiun always was: surround the group and when everybody is in place, attack.

But mostly, numbers didn't matter. You're most likely to lose when they're in a group that feels strong because they have the numbers. Most of them don't want to bleed anyway. So first blood defines the game. And the small kid only serves to start the fight and give everybody a reason to do so.


Now in this story, Ukraine is the little guy, the 4 guys are the US and NATO who think they get to fight 1 guy with anger management problems but what those 4 don't realize that there's 12 more guys who don't care what the fight is about, all they care is that their man is cornered and those 4 are with their backs to where the real fight will start.


Sandmann's picture

NO !  Ukraine is a country hi-jacked by a clique to oust another clique and avoid any elections on 25 May

Sudden Debt's picture

you had me at "free booze" :)

Sandmann's picture

Ukraine is trying the Polish Trick. Get a Big Power on a short leash and take a suicidal run at another Big Power hoping to pull The Protector along.

Chamberlain fell for it in March 1939 when Colonel Beck lied to him - as Richard Overy puts it Beck was a 'menace,' 'arrogant and treacherous.'

So Ukraine will obviously pivot the US into conflict just as Israel did in Iraq......and no doubt the muscle-bound colossus will stumble into the one thing Richard Nixon did everything he could to avoid in 1973 - that Russians would ever face Americans directly - when Brezhnev had Soviet Marines leaving for Egypt


Obama truly is Chauncey Gardner

StychoKiller's picture

Meh, we should be so lucky as to have Chauncey Gardner as Prez.

Patriot Eke's picture

I respectfully disagree.  Our CIA director and VP have been there, and they went as the master, not the puppet.  It's the oligarchy behind the USSA that's pulling the shots here, and the end goal is war.  It's a war America is not meant to win too.  We are witnessing the next great empire shift, and it is going to be a hot and bloody one unfortunately.

yochananmichael's picture

israel didnt want the US to go into Iraq, they thought Saddam was a bulwark against the greater menace-Iran.

Invinciblehandaxe's picture

fuck you you nato nazi bitch

fuck you Yats

i hope the ukraininas will wake the fuck up

and hang you nazi fuckers in the street lamps

like dirty fucking dogs


Ribeye's picture

and those folks, are the rantings of a desperate man, 

go Vlad, take the fuckers out, 

then, if you would, give us a hand destroying the EU,

tks in advance, 

mandea's picture

buddy, then learn some russian, mybe they will offer you a job as janitor. see then, you will cry like a fool.....

Ribeye's picture

and you need to learn the difference between the EU and Europe, 


mandea's picture

oh, really? like former DDR, former "socialist republics", hyms to the Eastern Flag, Warshovia treaty, oh, oh.??

Buddy, Stalin stopped in Berlin, where Putin is going to stop? 


fleur de lis's picture

You're another MSM zombie. Stalin was a western creation. So was the USSR. And the Eastern Bloc. All a NWO construct. And turn off that TV, it has you hypnotized.

Invinciblehandaxe's picture


fuck you polish cunts

still not tired of being EU whore slaves?

fucking up wages every where you polish fuckers go

aint gonna buy a single polish product anymore

fuck you polish cunts the worst shits of slavic nations

fucking traitors

Max Damage's picture

Why should any western soldier give their life for these lieing, thieving banksters fuckin scum? I really do wish our armed services personel all said one big fuck you to the bankster elite and said we will defend our country, we will not fight to enrich you twats

Tale2cities's picture

Can I substitute euro for banister.? They're the same anyway.

ptolemy_newit's picture

there are annual banker events in all seasons and countries


just saying

keeperpine's picture

Ukranian helicopter down in Kramatorsk

keeperpine's picture

Depends which side you are on :)

I live in the Upper Volga region of Russia. So a junta helicopter down is a clear win for me. :)

SubjectivObject's picture

Even Zerohedge appears captured.

"Ukraine's US pupppet regime Accuses ..."


Ribeye's picture

iv got one word for ye bud, Noodles, 

as in Vicky, 

lakecity55's picture

Hopefully, enuff 'muricans will not buy a FF attack or call to fight in Ukraine.

If there was ever a clear-cut case "it's a bankers' war," this is it!

Element's picture



"Tired of being ignored by the west, which keeps promising financial and military aid, yet has done precisely nothing,..."

Tyler, when was this promised to Kiev?

They were offered loans which they can't afford, from the IMF, on what were called "suicidal terms", and they were the very same terms and same loans that were first offered to Victor Yanukovych prior to his govts rejection of those loans on November 19th.

And that rejection is what triggered the Euromaidan protests, and the Euromaidan puppet 'govt' was offered and did accept those same loans and same financially suicidal terms!

As for promises of 'military aid', the US is the biggest member of NATO and said openly all along that the military option was ruled out in Ukraine. There was never a promise of Western military aid that I can see.

At most Russia got the West to stump-up for half the gas bill.


Looks to me like the US and EU and Russia have all completely trashed the Ukraine here. But the Ukraine's worst enemy was its own govts, and the bunch of fools and desperado in Kiev now, are by far the worst, the most damaging, and most deluded of all, and they keep digging their grave deeper. The only thing those desperate idiots are doing now is trying to force intervention via more and more talk of invasions and war.

Rip van Wrinkle's picture

You seriously think the Ukranian 'government' is doing this of their own volition? Really? You don't think it is simply a puppet of US and, to a lesser extent, EU power players?



Element's picture

The Ukrainians clearly are the authors of the situation, they're broke and they made themselves broke. And now the euromaidan idiots in Kiev have deliberately spat on Russia, so Russia simply said we can't possibly continue to offer you discount gas prices if you're openly rejecting us as strategic partners and going with the EU as a strategic partner. Oh, and by the way you owe us billions in unpaid gas, so pay up now.

And all the EU did then was to send in Legarde's bunch to screw them over some more with loans which they can't afford to either reject (either politically or financially), nor to service them, if they don't reject them. So euromaidan took all they could get there, and it was a poisoned challis.

So the euromaidan idiots in Kiev have simply accepted the exact same loans that Yanukovych rejected as quite impossible, and out of the question. It wasn't that Yanukovych reject Europe association, he didn't, he rejected this aspect of the association deal, which made the European affiliation impossible to sign on to.

So if you want to call those basic facts 'naive', then you better do some reading about what actually took place, and how the euromaidan clowns made it so much worse than the hopeless mess, that it already was:

Ukraine has now thoroughly crapped in its own nest in almost every possible way, and every one of the bigger powers helped them to do just that.

Ukraine has gotten nothing from the west, the loans are terrible and they were not any sort of aid. And there is no military security provisioning from the west on offer. They successfully lost their navy without a fight and they're not getting one damn thing from anyone at this point. Frankly I can't think of a modern state that has screwed itself in the ass so badly before.

What NATO and Washington have done was opportunistic iceing on an already baked Ukrainian cake. And all the advantage-taking which is now to come, is a result of Ukraine never taking responsibility for the mess that itself, had made. What is for sure though is the idiotic euromaidan goofs in Kiev are going to keep making things worse by the day.


If you think the fault and responsibility lays elsewhere then I'm afraid it's you who are being naive.

The Blank Stare's picture

Ukraine is the carcass that the lion(Yanukovych) was chomping on. The lion is full and walks away as the scavengers gather. Now the buzzards and hyenas come in to pick off the scraps.