Russian "Doomsday Plane" Flies For 4th Consecutive Day; Accompanies Putin On Spiritual Mission

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Following three consecutive days of missions by the Russian "Doomsday Plane", i.e. the Tupolev Tu-214SR communication relay aircraft, which as we reported first on Friday, has been circling in proximity to Finland, above the island of Valaam in Lake Ladoga, moments ago, deep in the Russian night, the plane which traditionally accompanies Putin took off from Moscow's Vnukovo airport and is once again making loops over Valaam island (flight can be tracked in real-time for the next several hours with FlightRadar24).

It appears that the reason for the now daily flights centered on the island of Valaam, is that Putin is visiting his “spiritual mentor” in a monastery located on the island far from the mainland, the Valaam monastery is one of the Russian Orthodox Church's holiest and most isolated sites.

Those who wish to learn more about Putin's fascination with the Valaam monastery monks can do so with this BBC report investigating the growing assertiveness of the church - and its relationship with the Russian government ...

... and also watch the following RT documentary as he meets the monks, mucks in with the volunteers, and encounters a special group of children in one of most spiritual places in the country.

As we previously reported the Tu-214R is a Russian version of the U.S. E-4B, an airborne command and control role, most recently sean above Sochia and above Crimea more recently. As The Aviatonist summarizes, "while NOTAMs can expose the position of the Admiral Kutsnezov aircraft carrier, Mode-S transponder on Russia’s “doomsday” plane will most probably tell you where Putin is."

Then again, it is likely that Russia is aware that the entire world can track Putin based on a free public website, so one probably shouldn't put it beyond Russia to maybe just send the plane on a wild goose chase now and then so that it doesn't telegraph to the entire world where Putin may be found next...

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So... much like American Presidents consult theirs before doing something stupid... uh oh.

johngaltfla's picture

No big deal. The United Kingdom wouldn't notice because apparently they don't have a Russian analyst on their intelligence agency staff (MI5). Yes, seriously they are looking:


NATO is ****ed – MI5 Want ad for Russian Intelligence Analyst

lolmao500's picture

Only 30 000 pound sterling for the job? LOL?

johngaltfla's picture

Yes, seriously, 30K, that's it. And no Russian porn stars to keep one entertained. What a clusterfuck NATO has become....

gmrpeabody's picture

Look..., over there...

This is too easy...

knukles's picture

Fucking amazing
This along with a couple of other Commercial services can track all sorts of aircraft all over the world... Available for years..
And all the bad guy military craft are tracked down to payloads over millions of square miles
But nobody has a fucking clue about Malay 370


This charade is getting tiring

john39's picture

Putin takes a spiritual retreat...  obama?  i don't even want to speculate.

CCanuck's picture

Obama is known to go on spear-it retreats.....Reggie Loves feeling Obama spear-it!

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I said from the beginning that MH370 will never be found, nor any of its passengers and crew. It was a well orchestrated hijacking by people who knew exactly what to do. The reason for the hijacking is still speculative. One thing is certain. Everyone is sick and tired of the MSM (particularly CNN) never ending coverage and within a week or so, nothing more will be heard.

pitz's picture

They'll probably throw all the qualified resumes out and hire a foreigner for the job.  Just to save a buck. 

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Don't let those mentors down, Vlad. Don't stop until you reach Brussels!

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" that Putin is visiting his “spiritual mentor” in a monastery located on the island far from the mainland, the Valaam monastery is one of the Russian Orthodox Church's holiest and most isolated sites."


Does "our" fearless leader have a spiritual mentor?

Fearless Leader

<Shouldn't that be a question mark over the Emperor's family jewels?>

q99x2's picture

The President of Washington D.C. gets his philosophies from Al-Queda cannibals.

Lore's picture

Would someone here like to comment on the connection and state of relations between the Russian Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic Church?  Does one fall under the rubric of the other?  Is one more or less corrupt?  Are the fraternities distinct or intertwined?

Anecdotally, I find it interesting that Hollywood recently began depicting powerful organized crime in America as being largely of Russian origin.

john39's picture

the russian mafia isn't quite russian if you know what i mean.  most belong to a particular minority.

Anusocracy's picture

Homo sapiens psychopathicus?

old naughty's picture

You mean Homo sapiens hybrid psychopathicus, no?

i-dog's picture

Au contraire, John ... the Khazars are very Russian (and very non-Semitic, notwithstanding that they profess membership of that tribe).

It's a cute mind trick that any criticism of the Khazar mafia is decried as "anti-semitism"! :-/

john39's picture

I hear you. nailing it down isn't simple, far from it.  in the end, there is only way to really go about it...  'ye shall know them by their fruits'....

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The Khazars are a different people than the Slavic Rus', the Khazars were defeated by the Rus' and seek revenge even until this day. The Khazars were dispersed, there was a diaspora with the Khazarian tribe adopting many different costumes/religions and 'integrating' into many different cultures. A large number of that lost tribe settled in eastern Europe, namely Poland and 'West Ukraine', and even as far west as Germany.


i-dog's picture

A closer study of history will show you that the Khazars first invaded the Levant 2,600 years before those events you mention ... and that they have been intimately involved in Judaism, including its creation, from its very beginning. Indeed, it is my contention that the Judeans (later known as the Pharisees) and Israelites were in fact the Khazars that had been driven back out of Egypt around 1500 BC (where they had been first depicted on Egyptian monuments as the blonde-haired and blue-eyed 'Hyksos' invaders of 1800 BC).

They have left a very long trail of destruction and attempted domination.

UrbanMiner's picture

I'm familiar with the idea of the Hyksos being the 'tribe' or part of, though details are somewhat vague and obscure due to the passage of time and the burning and re-writing of histories....

Fun fact to help dispel 'The Russian's are Inept' meme:

Moscow is currently 866 years old!


i-dog's picture

The details are becoming much less obscure in recent decades through the latest DNA, archaeological and linguistic evidence. Speaking of which, the Basques are also another "lost" Khazar tribe, which spawned the Jesuits and the Borgias.

UrbanMiner's picture

Completely different and unrelated structures. The Eastern Orthodox priests are allowed to have families, this is one core but major difference. There is a much more family based social aspect in the Orthodox faith, the Roman church however is very much an institution, and very removed from its members lives. 

Anything coming out of hollywood that has anything at all to do with Russia will be 90% fabrication, 9% twisted truth and 1% sexy Russian ladies. In other words, it will be a work of fiction (minus the Russian ladies)

Fun Facts to Dispel the 'Russia is violent' meme:

Russia's peak homicide rate was in 2002 and was 44,252. By 2011 that had dropped to 16,798. The rate is expected to be under 13,000 by the end of this year. Moscow, Russia's largest city of 11 million, has a lower crime and murder rate than New York City, Moscow's murder rate is 4.6 out of 100,000, New York is 5.6 out of 100,000.



Lore's picture

Thank you to all who responded. This is terrific.  I am learning that all is rarely as it seems superficially. Labels and placenames can be misleading. Hijacking and exploiting others seems to be a pattern: "Psychopathicus," indeed.  Rgds

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Russian Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic Church...



One point of similarity is in their emphasis on Icons.  Religious relics are peculiarities many people in the US have little or no experience with due to our more predominately reformation minded original governmental constructs.


I was taught for example, Jesus demeaning the leaders of the temple in Jerusalem for giving more value to the gold of /in the temple when what they should’ve done was / is to value the proper administration of law, mercy and justice which the temple embodied and which gave value to the gold used for adorning certain articles used by the priests in their duties.

Frontier evangelism of the kind early settlers in the US were accustomed to, had little in the way of comparison and instead relied on the portable sacraments of baptism and simple communion rites to convey the truths of New Testament Christianity.


Our closest homegrown version of an icon based religious order would be Joe Smith and his sidekick Brigham’s monstrosities first built on the barren flatlands in Utah.



For a more in depth history, I found this to be pretty decent:

Lore's picture

Fascinating. The interest in icons is noted. I intend to read more. Thanks.

Sorry_about_Dresden's picture

It is also strange that most of the best computer programmers, the ones writing code, are Russian as well!

It seems you can steal 780 billion dollars and get away with it (GS) but, try and email your own code written for GS to yourself. and the NYPD is all over it and you, 

Sergey Aleynikov

will be arrested in 2 hours.


ZerOhead's picture

Somebodies "family jewels" are probably inside his "deposit box"...

Mike in GA's picture

Saul Alinsky and the Prophet Muhammed.

ZerOhead's picture

Note to editor:

"Spiritual" and "Doomsday" and "Mission" are not reassuring words to be using in the same sentence right now...

seek's picture

Man, how far we've come. I'm a cold war kid and the idea that an average civilian can track the doomsday planes in real time from pretty much any computer on the planet just blows my mind.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

The doom porn is SO much better these days then the drivel we were served in the 60's and 70's.

seek's picture

I agree, but still, nothing matches the feel of hearing EAMs on the shortwave radio know that one of them could be the order.


Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Don't you think "they" could spoof this info real easy? I could think of a few reasons both "sides" would want us to believe one thing while hiding another.

seek's picture

Funny thing, the transpoder says it's American Airlines but doesn't broadcast the fact that it's grey, nuclear hardend and covered in antennas... Yeah, not exactly a challenge to spoof.

Thanatos's picture

Countdown to Looking Glass.. 1984 Was some decent Nuke Porn.

My Favorite was Dr. Strangelove.

Threads and The Day After were OK, Threads being a bit grim.

According to the guys at ORNL; the Interwebs won't work once "Things Get Hairy".

Check this out if you you are interested in Nuclear Weapons Effects and their effect on Human Survival..

813kml's picture

Just wait til the ICBMs start flying, hopefully nuclear Armageddon won't affect your broadband speed.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

How long does it take to download doom porn via short wave radio?

Dave Thomas's picture

Well the ionosphere will be ionozed pretty good, so it'll be difficult at best, but say 300x240 pixel images delivered via slow scan television, an average of abour two minues per picture give or take 30 seconds depending on the background.

August's picture

Fortunately, no one will bother to direct any nukes at New Zealand.

Unfortunately, the Kiwi population will end up as slaves to our new Chinese overlords, toiling until death in their underground sugar caves.

bigkahuna's picture

Well, we're all slaves to something even right now. The good part will be that the Kiwis can pick up their rifles / sticks / rocks and throw a big riot on whoever decides to invade the island and hopefully the invaders will pull a Hadrian: "uh fellas, we don't want any of that" and just go away.

LetThemEatRand's picture

In light of the fact that Putin is apparently one of the wealthiest people on the planet, and the Western oligarchs are thinking about taking his stuff [for themselves under the guise of sanctions], maybe this isn't just the fluff that I thought it was.  

Putin:  "want my $70B?  If I can't have it..."

Real wars always start over taking the money of some guy in charge, or some guy in charge wanting someone else's money.  And my guess is that his wealth is not stored in fiat that can be printed.

Randy Goodnight's picture

Nice Yacht!  He even outclasses Obummer in his photo ops.