Donetsk Riots Break Out In "Scenes Of Absolute Brutality"

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It seems the US and EU sanctions escalation has done nothing to calm the tensions between Ukrainians and pro-Russian forces in Donetsk, where according to report ultranationalists from Kiev are involved in a skirmish with local riot police. As the following clip suggests... "rocks and missiles are being thrown from both sides - there are injuries and scenes of absolute brutality as both sides clash."




Minutes before the violence erupted...


and then as violence erupted...


It got serious..

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Save_America1st's picture against missiles, you say?  Sure wouldn't wanna be on the rock-chuckin' team out there. 

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Thanks  USSA, for fucking up another country.

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Congratulations Victoria Nuland, for ripping apart another country, ruining a few million working people's lives, and gaining access to more fracking territory for your partisan corporate sponsors.

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those guys throw like girls ! !

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Considering all of the news this morning is completely focused on using the Clippers owner rant to educate everyone on how racist white teabaggers are, despite the fact this guy is a liberal democratic jew with a black hispanic girlfriend (while married) and about to recieve an NAACP lifetime achievement award, I thought it would be worthwhile to point this out.

If the US was as racist of a country as we are all told every day, people would be throwing rocks and missiles at each other all the time just as is happening in Ukraine (and many other places) today. 

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You really can't make this shit up.

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We are destroying the Ukraine, and about to start a civil war there -- for what?  

The bankers, the political elites in Europe, and the Western Nat Gas Brokers.  

Fuck'em all.  


Oh yes, fuck Janet Yellen and Ben Bernanke too.  Mario Draghi for good measure. 

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Baroness Ashton requires only stability on this, her home planet.

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Venting is such a good anxiolytic. Better than the pharmacological approach favoursed by many.

Any other "Major Players" you'd like to share your heart-felt feelings on?? Most of the "Well Connected" in the UK / EU "High Society" are certainly no better, and possibly much worse (however they prefer to "do their evil deeds" under the cover of "State Secrecy" laws, to ensure the masses remain conveniently oblivious).


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Sorry to burst your trolling bubble but, "L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling, whom commentators tried to tie to the Republican party immediately after his alleged racist statements became public, has in fact only given money to Democratic candidates, according to campaign-contribution records."


Eat poop and die, trolling whore.


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"educate everyone on how racist white teabaggers are"

You must have missed the memo, but Sterling is a democrat... 

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Did you read his whole post?  Maybe you should.

 -1 for poor comprehension

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Oh noes!

Someone has offended a negro!! Will we ever in this nation git beyond the terribal lagasy of da slabery?

I personally endorse shooting him in the head, stripping his team from him, and dragging his mutilated corpse through a hooting Compton.

The sophistry of this Nation is literally immeasurable. Let.It.burn.

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I guess reading comprehension isn't your strong suit.  Re-read what he wrote and think a little bit on it, and let us know what you come up with.

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And apparently a nigger hating jew.  If I'm not being redundant.  But it's ok, he's rich and jewish so all should be forgiven.

Yeah I said it, whine a little now.

EDIT:  And frankly I couldn't care less.  I hate the NBA and most sports team owners.

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A good time to keep an eye on what the "other hand" is doing.

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Once again we see how Black Racists - just like the Gay Mafia - use wealthy people whose agenda is to be liked by the masses no matter what the truth is about them.


It's all a shakedown. The irreverent Al Sharpton is the Master, with Jesse, Jerimiah, and Eric close behind. They will elevate you to sainthood so long as you are pumping dough into their coffers - and you keep your racist, homophobic, comments and lifestyle reality off the radar.


The most infamous example is Alec Baldwin - a racist, homophobic, nuclear bomb always going off. The Queer Stream Media hid his hate and insanity for as long as they could - and for as long as his appearances created cash flow into the Gay Mafia and Black Racist organizations.


But when his last explosion was too public - and had too many other incidents before it - they turned on him like the vicious pit bulls they murder as pets.


There is a message here - the Black Racists and Gay Mafia are all about the money. Look at the Black Racist pig Al Sharpton - at the young age of 29 he was working the title of "Rev." into his name while at the same time he was being set up for a take down by the FBI when he took the bait for a cocaine deal he thought would set him up to become a drug lord in the Harlem ghetto.


Al will burn in Hell after one, or a combination of, the four Families get their payback on him.


But the principle that these are nothing but blackmailing extortionists - "Pay us or we will destroy you as a racist or homophobe" - will live on. The power of the Black Racists and Gay Mafia is without precedent in America.


It will not end until, "fixing" what Oprah said, "The last (Black) Racist is dead."



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The only reason people aren't throwing rocks at eachother is that there are millions of young black men in prison.  They are there for reasons that go well beyond having a piece of crack in their pocket.


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He was about to receive his SECOND NAACP lifetime achievement award. 

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these firms arent out of politics as a codex requires. sooo

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Crap! You'd think they've just won the NBA Championship

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Clausewitz was wrong...move along.

Is the policy to take and hold territory or not? There is no vote getting in "Crimea"...let alone Ukraine proper ...and this ain't no gun fight.

Besides cash can someone please explain what financial RESOURCES are being brought to bear here?

We do indeed seem to be sanctioning ourselves.

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There have been reports of mercs being recruited in Georgia. Largely unemployed young people with no current political affiliation. It is reported that ex premier Shaskavelli (sp) has acted as a conduit for US funds in recruitment effort.


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"Congratulations Victoria "Fuck the EU" Nuland, ..."

There.  Fixed it.

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if one chooses to look more closely at Victoria Nuland's backstory, including her family history (as portrayed, and then some), and her husband, etc.

then some current events seem more in line with a larger agenda, no?

connect the dots for the big pictures, don't get caught up in the individual puzzle pieces. . .

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The whole world is Eretz Israel as far as they are concerned.

Zionist fascists.  Deception and the use of force (financial, or the kinetic variety) are their 'gods'.

Cathartes Aura's picture

I prefer to refer to those with the PNAC agenda as having a Zionist agenda - "Zionist fascist" is another appropriate moniker, as is pointing out their "use of force/deception" to guide events. . .

to use "jew/jewish" as a label plays into the media-hysterics that has been implanted in the post WW2 generations, where minds are *closed* on the topic.

whereas "Zionist/fascist" jumps right over "nazi" into a place yet to be fully co-opted.

it is also important - in my opinion - to stop blaming current figureheads and truthfully point to the agenda that has been ongoing for over 20 years - the PNAC dudes have been behind that all the way - and then take it further back to Nixon "opening" China for the Rothschild's colonisation, "ending" Bretton Woods, etc.

what was sown then is being reaped now, with consequences. . .

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Duly noted.  And, you are probably correct.  However, there is ample overlap, and as you so eloquently pointed out, the mass media has indoctrinated a couple of generations of Americans to be gunshy when assigning blame.  Pointing out the obvious is strictly forbidden these days.


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Ah, a member of the tribe.  What a shocker.

I was speculating with one of my friends (who is pro-Israel) the other day about the apparent over-representation of jews in all the things that are getting messed up lately (economy, foreign diplomacy).  I contend that the jews will be answering for things going awry once again, whether justified or not.  I'm totally neutral on the brutality of the blowback.  I don't care one way or the other.  Israel----fuck you for all the espionage you conduct on the US, and for the USS Liberty.

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Plus 100+

Remember the Liberty and those who died in her.


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Based on their actions the past few years I have no doubt whatsoever that zionists like Nuland and her husband would resort to blaming jews for the problems in the west if they thought it would help them hold on to power themselves.  Begin a program of persecution or pogroms against orthodox/hasidic jews (more visually identifiable jews) while they slither off into the shadows.

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please note their connections to both media and the PNAC/neocon/CFR folks too - because this goes much deeper than many realise, and it's good to keep the truths in motion/alive.

Kagan spent 13 years as a Senior Associate with the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, before joining the Brookings Institution as a senior fellow in the Center on United States and Europe in September 2010.[9][10][11][12][13] During the 2008 presidential campaign he served as foreign policy advisor to John McCain, the Republican Party's nominee for President of the United States in the 2008 election.[14][15]

Kagan also serves on the State Department's Foreign Affairs Policy Board,[16] originally under Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.[17] He is also a member of the board of directors for The Foreign Policy Initiative (FPI).


don't take artificially created sides folks. . . THEY don't.

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Consider that Kagan is probably short for Kaganovich and things really start to add up especially since he started his killing spree in Ukraine.

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Let's see.  Palestinians vs. Hebrews.  Sunnis vs. Shia.  Chinese vs. Japanese.  Ukrainians vs. Russians.  It's a great playbook we have here, isn't it?   And cui bono?

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"Congratulations Victoria Nuland, for ripping apart another country, ruining a few million working people's lives, and gaining access to more fracking territory for your partisan corporate sponsors."

It's all part of the plan.

Breaking News:

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How does an unelected wench like Nuland get access to this kind of dangerous power then slink off into the shadows when violence erupts? She should be dropped into the riots she recklessly started. 

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The neocons AND libtards (both under the control of the banking-military-financial complex) want desperately to send in the liver-eaters (trained by alCIAda) that they deployed in Syria, Libya, and Egypt; they want to ensure they successfully provoke a full'scale military response by Putin as a pretext to ratchet up the conflict.

And a friendly reminder about Victoria "Nuland":

Victoria Nuland is the daughter of Yale bioethics and medicine professor Sherwin B. Nuland, whose original surname was ***Nudelman***. Victoria’s paternal grandfather was Meyer Nudelman from a family of Jewish immigrants who came to New York City from Russia.  --married to Robert Kagan, whose father established PNAC (of "New Pearl Harbor" fame before 9/11), and related to Elena Kagan, former SCOTUS nominee - see how the web is interwoven?
Nuland -- > Is Elena Kagan Related to PNAC Founder and Neocon Extremist Donald Kagan?

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We need to commit our reserve pile of hashtags.

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I wonder how much Nuland paid for that march.

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IMO, this has taken on a life of its own, outside of US control.  I'd be surprised if the CIA wasn't in there fucking shit up, but they will not be able to control this.  IMO, this is going to get to the point where any CIA agent trying to control shit is going to wind up with a strange sensation that is akin to sticking his dick into a hornet's nest.

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The creature turns on the villagers....AGAIN! Nothing new under the sun.

After thousands of years of the same-old-shit, one would think the lesson would have been learned. Is it purposeful, or are the human doings who occupy positions of power, really that stupid?

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@latina lover, amen to that. Victoria Nudelman is no doubt in a great mood today, along with the rest of the satanic demons in the administration. She's apparently picking up the klunch tab today when she meets her card carrying neo nazi friends in Kiev.

franzpick's picture

Rumor has it that Nuland's going to make a stop first to deliver some bisquits de arsenic to mayor Gennady Kernes in the Kharkov hospital.

Tengri Temujin's picture

Not likey, he is a dual citizen like her, she will most likely offer him a trip on a state dept plane to Tel Aviv so he can get top treatment.

Canadian Dirtlump's picture

You're speaking of arseniy "the aids nerd " yatsenyuk I think. The newly minted US puppet. He's talking about a pro russian mayor who was shot in the back.


Speaking of laces baked goods I'd love nothing more than to see a couple of sleeves of my grandmother's special drano brownies delivered to the head honchos in Ukraine.