Pro-Russian Mayor Of East Ukraine City Of Kharkiv Shot In The Back

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On the day in which Barack Obama announced earlier he would unveil another round of sanctions against Russia (most likely involving the heads of both Gazprom and Rosneft), moments ago the already tense situation took another turn for the worse when Interfax blasted news out of East Ukraine that the pro-Russian mayor of Kharkiv, the second largest city in Ukraine, Gennady Kernes, has been shot in the back and is currently undergoing an operation.

Kyiv Post reports that Kernes was an avid supporter of former President Viktor Yanukovych and spoke out against the EuroMaidan Revolution that forced the ex-head of state to flee the country. Since then, Kernes has flip-flopped under pressure from EuroMaidan activists and the new Kyiv government in order to remain in office. 

Following the news, presidential candidate and close Kernes confidant Mikhail Dobkin canceled his scheduled press conference.

Will this be the provocation that finally breaks the Russian bear's back and forces the Kremlin to send in "peacekeepers"?


Some more early reports from Reuters:

Gennady Kernes, the mayor of Ukraine's second-biggest city, Kharkiv, is in hospital undergoing emerging surgery after being shot in the back, Interfax Ukraina news agency quoted the mayor's spokeswoman as saying on Monday.


"The doctors are fighting to save his life," the agency quoted the spokeswoman, Tatiana Gruzinskaya, as saying.

And WSJ chimes in too:

Kharkiv Mayor Gennady Kernes, a one-time supporter of the ousted Ukrainian president who has since taken a more conciliatory approach to the new government, was shot in the back around noon local time and was rushed to a hospital for surgery.


"Doctors are fighting for his life. He is now in the emergency room undergoing an operation," the council said in a statement on its website.


The statement offered no details about the circumstances of the shooting, but Zurab Alasania, the director general of Ukraine's state-run National Television Company, wrote on his Facebook page that Mr. Kernes was shot while swimming in a local spring near Kharkiv.


Kharkiv had been an early target at the beginning of a pro-Russian separatist movement, in which mobs seized government buildings in the east of the country, but authorities had been successful in forcing the protesters out, unlike in other cities.


The colorful Mr. Kernes, 54 years old, was elected mayor in 2010, narrowly defeating Arsen Avakov, who is now Interior Minister. Mr. Avakov and his allies claimed the vote was rigged, which Mr. Kernes denied.


Mr. Kernes was a staunch ally of former President Viktor Yanukovych. During the antigovernment protests this winter, Mr. Avakov alleged that Mr. Kernes helped recruit gangs of civilians that were sent to Kiev to attack protesters. He denies this.


When Mr. Yanukovych fled at the end of February, Mr. Kernes briefly left the country before returning and adopting a softer tone toward new authorities. In March, he was placed under house arrest while police investigate alleged connections to kidnapping and threats.


The diminutive 54-year-old is known for his colorful lifestyle captured on his Instagram account where he posts photos of himself working out and posing with animals.

Details of the mayor's condition or the motive behind the shooting are still absent, although it is clear this latest provocation will hardly reduce regional tensions. We will update once we get more.

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futures flying...Gold and Silver turn negative

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"Archduke" Kernes moment?</

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The Hedge have been 24 hours on twitter for the last week.


Methinks things are escalating.


All hail the Tyler(s) and their work in waking up the masses


197k followers on Twitter is no mean feat. Thanks.

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So now that people are *finally* shooting at one another, I'd like to see the ante-upped. 

There are 15k Ukranian soldiers in Ukraine right now, and anywhere between 40k to 50k Russians just a few Kms away. 

I think the Russians could pull off a 13-1 KTD before the complete surrender of Ukranian forces. 

Junk away d-bags

Headbanger's picture

Shot while  swimming in a river, huh?

He shouldn't do that when it's alligator season there..

But does shooting him count against the shooters hunting limit for the season?


Tengri Temujin's picture

Too bad that kind of stuff never happens in DC LOL

Latina Lover's picture

No, just Blackwater doing what they do best, sniping from behind.

onewayticket2's picture

another nail gun malfunction?

Tengri Temujin's picture

Who the heck goes swimming in an European River in East Europe, do you know how polluted that shit is.  Something is very suspect.  These guys are wealthy they have lap pools they dont need to go swim in a river.  There is more to this story.

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"Somebody at the hedge is getting up early these days. "

My sincere thanks to the Tylers.

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Boy ON, somebody defintiely wants war. No doubt.

Like our friend in the thread above.

these little escalation will go on and on, without a big breakout. This is fear factor time all around.

What began with the mysterious dis appearence with all it's esoteric symbolism, the 370....this is long term stuff. It all actually began to unravel in December 2012.


Long cycles and their crushing, un-stoppable momentum...


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Re Shooting of Karkov Mayor:


Your USSA taxpayer dollars at work.

PT's picture

So soon after posting a comment elsewhere about how much I hate the Russia/Chess meme, now I am the guilty one.  For those who are also sick of the Russia/Chess meme, my apologies in advance, but I could not resist:

1.  Move your piece out of the way.
2.  Block the threatened piece with another piece (preferably one that can fight back).
3.  Attack.



Or perhaps it is time to move onto Command & Conquer - decisions have to be made in real time and you cannot always see everything that the enemy can see.  Fuckit, face it, when you're building real sky scrapers, Meccano is a step backwards.

Flagit's picture

getting shot for being accused of being a flip flopper?



all pro-putin accounts I'm following are posting against , some of them even accuse him of supporting RightSector -

123dobryden's picture

finally revolution is catching the right people...



q2ev's picture

kernes is a jew, he supports whatever on his road to the power. thats why people there not respecting him

Tengri Temujin's picture

Is he another appointed politician by the KIEV coup?

The only people that shoot Jews in the back are the Nazis, given that the Jews have aligned themselves with the Neo Nazis so they can steal and loot Ukraine's gold I guess its only fitting.  You sow what you reap.

The Jews in Ukraine will only wake up when the headlines read mayor and wife and two young kids shot in the back while swimming.

Where is the worldwide Jewish community condemnation of the Jewish oligarchs and those in the Coup who are destroying and plundering a nation.

Charity donations always buy silence.

Skin666's picture

You like death Targaryen?


The fact that winter is coming doesn't mean you should want to see innocent people die.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

No one likes death. 

I am just a pragmatist.  Perhaps I am more like Sandor Clegane. 

I know that the number of actors on the world stage that have the ability to break this unholy-USA/EU/IMF/Fed/ECB/BOE/BOJ-alliance funded by an ocean of funny money are quite small.  Really Russia, China, and India in a decade or two.  So when I see the opportunity present itself, where some 3rd party could send the Bilderburgers scrambling and losing control of the situation, I tend to support whomever this 3rd party may be. 

So, whether its 3 Dragons and a Naked Blonde, Ancient Aliens, the Teenage Mutant Ninga Turtles or some Eastern dictator named Putin, I am inclined to support them.     

123dobryden's picture

...supporting means keyboarding on a website...

Haus-Targaryen's picture

Or writing my Congressman, my local German representatives, I try and talk about this Orwellian double-speak which is promulgated by this US/EU/IMF unholy of alliances with anyone who will listen, and I am opening people's eyes to the fraud which is our system.

Our system only works as long as people have confidence in it. When that confidence begins to evaporate is when the thing begins to unravel. I am completely insignificant, but if enough people who think similarly to me do what I am doing, then we, in aggregate, can have a profound impact on things.


Skin666's picture

The USSA and the EUSSR don't need to be destroyed by anyone. They will destroy themselves quick enough. When the dollar and the Euro cracks, it's game over. It will be a repeat of the Athenian Empire, The Roman Empire and the USSR.


This is nothing new under the Sun...


Stand well back with stacks of gold, silver and crypto, and get away from the cities.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

And while I have no doubt that the USSA and EUSSR will destroy themselves, my fear is it will be later rather than sooner. 

Like any empire in its death throws, the closer it gets to the end -- the more and more dangerous it becomes, not necessarily to outside actors, but to its own populations. 

I know that the current group of elites will do whatever it takes to hold onto power.  They will never relinquish it voluntarily, and our best hope of ridding ourselves of their ilk, is having third party actors do things which deviates from our Elite's story line, for which, hopefully their plans aren't as well thought through. 

I hate war, and would much prefer Russia-China axis to dump $1.4 Trillion in Treasuries in a 3 hour period to bring about the end to this madness.  Regrettably, war is far too profitable for all those involved to forgo a good opportunity for it. 

Skin666's picture

We'll have to wait and see. I honestly don't think the Western Powers have enough money for any long scale wars. The First and Second World Wars were financed with the capital accumulated in the 19th Century. That capital has been well and truly squandered in the 20th century on on the Welfare/Warfare State. I think they will collapse not with a bang but a whimper as the USSR did. And soon...

Haus-Targaryen's picture

You raise a credited point. 

The American treasury is as indebted now as it was in July of 1945.  Assuming a hypothetical WWIII costs as much as WWII (as a % of GDP) then a new WWIII style engagement would cost the United States around $15 trillion. Without a doubt, it would be less as the Europeans would be contributing (lol) and paying part of it, I imagine that the Control and P buttons on Yellon's keyboard would be doing most of the heavy lifting. 

So funding could come from one of two sources -- lots of printing, which would kill off the Petro-Dollar heremogony, the good ol' US of A could roll out the "Golly Gee, Gee Wiz, 4th of July, Fireworks, Apple Pie and Baseball" schickt and get the general public to convert equities into debt, because, you know, the Fed is good for it. 

But yes, funding it would be a fun one to watch. 

"Oh I know, if North America and Europe could share a currency it would make their effors to fight the Russians that much easier." 

This conflict would financially destroy the United States, yet our politicians still push for it.  It makes me seriously wonder who they are really working for.


james.connolly's picture

The end of history is here,

Sure WW2 had to be financed and FDR was almost broke,

Vietnam busted the USA,... into bankruptcy,

Every since the USA print's USD FIAT to infinite, for free,

All war's since the 1980's have been with free money, and the world has now played along for 40+ years, ... no end in sight.

Belief that the USA pay's for its US-MIL with DEBT, or that is financed, is just like believing in Unicorn's, or Fairy's.

The taxpayer doesn't finance the USA, it is financed by FIAT, worthless nothing, money created from nothing, and only the fear of DEATH keeps the USD alive.

But the USA has proved again and again they will kill anyone and steal anything to KEEP this GIG in operation,


Haus-Targaryen's picture

Like they did to Gadhafi when he started to demand for his oil in gold?

I really really really hope Putin does the same thing -- but if he does -- I hope his praetorian is better than Kennedy's was.

Ghordius's picture

utter bullshit. ""Oh I know, if North America and Europe could share a currency it would make their effors to fight the Russians that much easier.""

it's the BRICs who are pushing for a global currency, and this mainly a counterattack to USD hegemony. what you are parroting is probably some garbled rear-guard action regarding something completely different, i.e. the fact that all G20 countries except the US (specifically, the US Congress) are pushing for IMF reform and increase of IMF shareholding

nobody in the US or in the EU is "proposing to share a currency", as far as I know, and for sure we europeans are not going to share the EUR or merge it with the USD

you seem not to realize that the EUR was formed so that our smaller currencies would not have to be pegged to the USD. this is what would have happened without the EUR, including for the CHF and a whole lot of smaller currencies that are now pegged or "floored" to the EUR

further, where does this "fighting the Russians" come from? we want trade with Russia, remember?

Haus-Targaryen's picture

I would much prefer to trade with Russia as well, but tell that to your leadership, who, depending on your EuroNation (but based on your use of "our" when referring to the EUR and your very good English -- I am guessing Finland or the Netherlands." Either way, if we want to trade with Russia sanctioning them is a great way to cut-off trade, especially over a poorer version of Greece without the Agean. 

That being said -- said smaller currencies need not be pegged to the USD.  For example, the old dMark was not pegged to USD since 47.  If there had been a currency union shared by nations who are similarly economically situated, then you would have the "Neuro" (Northern Euro und auch eine spaßige Wortspiel auf Deutsch) and a Seuro doing very well independently -- however, the EURO was not instituted to "fight the Americans" but was designed as a lubricating mechanisim to ease the continent into a US of E, which is a stupid idea.  It goes back to the "Europe as Disland 'All Europeans are One People Fighting Arm & Arm, Hand & Hand against injustice, oppression, etc., etc.,'" nonsense, which apparently you buy into, hook-line and sinker. 

If you don't think the USA and the EU sharing a currency isn'T some wet Dream of the Bilderburgers, you are very naieve.

Ghordius's picture

so conflictual. did I write "the EUR was designed to fight the Americans"? just a question: how old were you when currency grids were the common, recurring themes of european financial papers? did you ever read about the 1979 European_Exchange_Rate_Mechanism? Are you old enough to remember when Soros attacked the Pound Sterling?

there are two projects in europe, and both are done despite the US. it's yin-strategies, not yang-strategies. your "neuro" is a confrontational yang-strategy

ThirdWorldDude's picture

WTFU, Ghordo, your favorite Brusselsprouts are selling out (almost) everything that you believe in to multinational corporations. TAFTA is going to be concluded as soon as this coming winter and it will mean, among other things, moar GMO fruits and veggies, moar hormone-treated pink slime and removal of every environmental law sand barriers concerning watertable and existing wildlife, in order for Europe to be fracked to hell and someone's greed be tamed, if only momentarily...

And there you are, Ghordo, talking about Europe's yin-strategies... So many idiots, so little time.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

Does it matter how old I was? I know I have a whole wall of fucking diplomas that tells me I am competent to talk about the ebbs and flows of money through markets on a macro scale.

I am quite familiar with Soros' attack on the Pound.

My "Neuro" idea isn't my idea, sorry to say, that comes from the AfD, which I am sure you are familiar with. You know -- those pesky Germans who threw the EU Religion out the window, and substituted it for economic pragmatism, and went from 0% to 4,9% of the vote in less than 9 months.

Realize you, as an Austrian, and given the country where you live makes you, statistically more competitive than people a few hundred kms south. There are many reasons for this, and no matter how *BADLY* you want to skim over the cultural differences that have led to massive economic imbalance within the EMZ -- it is there, and unless you want to work until 67 to pay for the French doing your exact same job retiring at 60 -- or having your taxes increase to pay for Greek sewer systems then I encourage you to dislodge your head from the blue and yellow coolaide you are drinking and admit that this yin-strategy of yours is an abysmal failure.

The difference between 2,5% and 0,8% is 1,7% x 15 years -- is a material difference in quality of life, then consider the 500B€ that Germany has given away, then stick that bad boy in your TVM and it tells you how much Northern Europeans have sacrificed (that includes you too) for what?

A bankrupt south that hates you with a passion, skyrocketing energy prices, and the reopening of the Russian front?

The EU, economically, is one of the worst constructs to grace this planet in the past 150 years. I can think of a few others on this scale that were equally as horrible -- the Soviet Union, Weimar Reichs Mark, and Japanese monetary policy for the past 20 years.

I seriously hope, for the country I live in now, that the EU and the EURO with it dies a quick death, preferably overnight -- never to return again, and the continent of Europe can go about its business, and I can use the word "Europe" without having to preface it with "the continent of" to spite a political religion.

Ghordius's picture

stop assuming I'm Austrian if this is what you do with that

a whole wall of diplomas. as Dr. Krugman's, I guess. I have to assume you aren't really interested in debating european FX history, with it's why's and whens

AfD's religion, you mean? I'm wasting my time with you if you cite AfD as your new gospel

Skin666's picture

I'll be honest with you, I think that the Neo-Cons and the MIC/NSA Surveillance State are so out of touch with reality that they don't know how capital is produced or accumulated. I honestly think that the Puppet Politicians and TPTB that control them really do think that they can print pieces of paper forever to maintain US Military Hegemony over the rest of the world.

The intellectuals and 'Economist's (in other words paid shills) are also clueless when it comes to basic economics. Apart from the Austrians (and no-one who licks the jackboots of government power would dare be an Austrian) there is no cohesive Mainstream Economic theory of Capital and Interest.

I really think that when they lose control of this monetary shit-bomb that they in all honesty won't have a fucking idea what's going on. Why would you for example sell/lease all your gold reserves to the East unless you infact have absolutely no idea what gold is and means?

I don't even think the Banksters (which are behind every war) understand the difference between money and capital anymore. The more I read, the more I laugh at how utterly clueless these a-holes are!


general ambivalent's picture

But you forgot to carry the double irrational plusgood exhuberance.

Ghordius's picture

Jesse of Jesse's Cafe Americain has an interesting sentence I'll attach to the half-baked inanities:

"If Europe had any decency, leadership, and moral courage they would take the US financial system's car keys, sit them down in the kitchen, pour black coffee down their throats until they sober up, and then arrange for an extended intervention. 

And they need to do it because the American people themselves have fallen into a slumber of indifference and denial about what is being done in their name, and how the world sees their elite."

Jesse is American, with his nation's peculiar misjudgment about what options we have, here in Europe. for example ZH would go apeshit if we europeans would do anything even remotely resembling what Jesse thinks would be a decent response from us

patience. it's a virtue, too

james.connolly's picture

The FED has been by way of the BACK-DOOR sending TRILLIONS of OFF BUDGET FIAT to INFINITY to Brussels for years now.

The EUROPEANS are so addicted to FIAT MILK from mother FED, that if the back-door were to close all of EUROPE would implode.

The idea that European Elite would quit sucking the USD tit is not even an option, except in the circles where people believe in Unicorn's, not unlike ZH, or Jesse Cafe.

Germany will not allow secret  EURO's to created to INFINITY, thus everybody goes along with Uncle-Sam, cuz its the path of least resisstance,  besides all those USD's to infinite make even war in EUROPE seem to feel painless to the Elite, who can afford to weather the storm in safety.

Ghordius's picture

this is old propaganda. specifically, the big FED-ECB trillion dollar swap. which was reversed

Haus-Targaryen's picture

So we have it backwards, and American banks and states are solvant based upon a sea of liquidity printed into existance at the expense of the "European" population by the ECB?  Wow, missed that headline. 

Ghordius's picture

you have it for sure mixed up. remember that the EBC did indeed follow the FED's balance sheet's expansion (and engage in the Big Swap, now reversed).

now the ECB is shrinking it's balance sheet again (since quite a long time) while the FED is "tapering"

further, you seem to categorically misunderstand who was shocked (and who profited for decades) by Nixon's shock

Haus-Targaryen's picture

"since" and "further," -- You've gotta be a native German speaker, so we are either at Austria or Germany.  Given Austria is 9 million people and Germany is 80, I will assume you are German from now on. 

The ECB expanded its balance sheet with low interest loans in Feb. of 2012.  Lent out almost 1T€ and super low rates.  If memory serves me correctly it was called the LTRO, or something of the sort -- and as it gets paid back the ECB doesn't recirculate that cash, so their balance sheet would contract, which is the way its supposed to work. 

However, the Fed has printed money, out of thing air, with no intent to take it back out of circulation and lent it to EuroBanks at next to nothing, and then materially impairs said loans.  This was per Bernanke's grilling which one can watch on CSPAN from 10 months or so ago. 

Ghordius's picture

assume I'm Austrian, then. and going back to the original comment: "The EUROPEANS are so addicted to FIAT MILK from mother FED, that if the back-door were to close all of EUROPE would implode." what is your take, there? otherwise we talk around the bush. imo a rehash of the old propaganda from the times of the Big Swap

Haus-Targaryen's picture

Gibt's einen Unterscheid zwischen Deutschland und Österreich?  Ich dachte, dass Österreich nur die größte Bundestaat Deutschlands ist. (Sorry für mein Ami-Deutsch)


The Fed lends money to EuroBanks.  These banks then lend this money out to whomever, most likely their sovereigns (PIIGS+France) who in turn can use these Spanish/Greek/Italian/etc., etc., bonds, which they now hold as assets as collateral for EZB loans.  If you turn off the source, you return the EuroBanks to the ELA for liquidity so they can support their respective governments, and it becomes public once again who screwed the PIIGS really are. 

Ghordius's picture

is Deutsche Bank a EuroBank? perhaps you have to realize that in Germany as in the rest of the eurozone there are three kinds of banks (if you count Landesbanken and similars separately). and no, megabanks are not really attached to any system anymore, they form a genus for themselves

are you familiar to the fundamental difference of how the average european firm funds itself, compared to the US? that financial markets are not the preferred form?

Haus-Targaryen's picture

The problem is that there will be no "decency, leadership and moral courage" within Europe as long as its leaders force-feed their respective (and independent) populations this "All European Cultures are Equally Valuable" Berkeley School of Sociology nonsense. As long as Europe continues to live in this extended Disney "Its a Small World After All" coma -- nothing will change.

Europe needs to seriously look at itself introspectively before it will ever be able to go toe-to-toe with someone like Obama, much less Putin.

Ghordius's picture

"All European Cultures Are Equally Valuable" might be Berkeley Shit... in the US

here, it's what we are keeping up as standards. of a compact. what you don't realize is that it's important to us

which is why you see us as a Big Disneyworld. and just makes me wonder what you see, when you are in Europe

Haus-Targaryen's picture

I have a laundry list of stats which prove that the Northern European countries are more valuable than the southern ones. Deal with it.

People like yourself prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt that, for many, the idea of Europe is not merely a goal or political ideology, but a religion, where you will ignore a plethora of facts that refute your point of view, and focus on talking points.

This compact you talk about was sold to millions of "Europeans" as being a free trade zone, nothing more -- nothing else. Here we are, 30 years on, and why a "free trade zone" needs embassies, its own passports, politicians, parliament, etc., etc., is beyond me.


I live in Germany so my experience with "Europe" is pretty first hand.