Meanwhile In China, Bayonets At The Ready

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It was only a week ago when we reported that the Chinese Police, for the first time in over 60 years of "pacifism", has resumed arming itself as more than 1,000 street-patrol officers began carrying 9mm revolvers. "Shanghai officers, according to the city police bureau, will increasingly be equipped "to respond to all violence and terror" with a revolver using real and rubber bullets.  It said officers are getting training in the largest cities in Tibet, Xinjiang, Hunan, Sichuan and Yunnan, where Kunming is the capital."

However, perhaps nowehere is it clearer just how nervous the Chinese authorities are getting about the restless natives than in the following series of photos posted moments ago on Sina, showing security forces in China's Urumqi province learning how to use... bayonets?

h/t @ChuBailiang

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"Shanghai officers, according to the city police bureau, will increasingly be equipped "to respond to all violence and terror" 


So they will be using them on themselves then? 

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And some people say the SKS is outdated...

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what percentage of those billion slaves don't believe they are slaves?

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dont the chinese have automatic weapons?  bayonets are not going to conquer anyone

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Some of the most fascinating weapons of defense can be found at your local Home depot in the Garden tools section  :) just saying.

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Pruning clippers are a very effective defense when used against the air hose of an attacking nail gun.

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I understand that Norinco makes some weapons. The MAK90 is an interesting workaround of the Clinton era bans, for instance. And the SKS will work too, though the AK doesn't seem as awkward to work with. 

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Shades of Shao-Lin!  These guys are going for medieval weaponry....lots of pain and blood...but the masses can overwhelm them.

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Some of the most fascinating weapons of defense can be found at your local Home depot in the Garden tools section :) just saying.

Yup. I once fought off 14 ninjas with just a bale of peat moss and a Garden Weasel.

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Oh noes!! Attack of the Strawmen!!!

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Please to look up"Human Wave" and repost!

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Depends on how much "fodder" you have to use them.


Unlimited, and unvalued, labor can accomplish anything. 

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Bayonets stike fear into an enemy that bullets can't.  There is a visceral reaction to being attacked with bayonets.  Besides, with a potential 1.3B enemies you just might not be able to change mags fast enough.

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Good question.  I wonder what percentage of those slave are carrying their own "9mm", compared say to the average 'merican slave.  China and America have been on the same page for quite some time, they do appear to be learning from one another...

hedge accordingly.

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Firearm ownership law in the People's Republic of China heavily regulates the ownership of firearms. Generally, private citizens are not allowed to possess firearms. Firearms can be used by law enforcement, the military and paramilitary, and security personnel protecting property of state importance (including the arms industry, financial institutions, storage of resources, and scientific research institutions).

Civilian ownership of firearms is largely restricted to non-individual entities such as sporting organisations, hunting reserves, and wildlife protection, management and research organizations. The chief exception to the general ban for individual gun ownership is for the purpose of hunting.

Individuals who hold hunting permits can apply to purchase and hold firearms for the purpose of hunting. Illegal possession or sale of firearms may result in a minimum punishment of 3 years in prison, with the maximum being the death penalty.

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Sounds like a good democrat gun control plan.

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~"...bayonets are not going to conquer anyone."~

Bayonets, (technically, pikes), are very effective against unarmed humans. They can be defeated by a) opponents with longer pikes, b) flanking maneuvers, c) projectile weapons. They are extremely effective when wielded by combatants whose superiors are holding firearms (behind them), to keep said combatants from thinking about retreating.


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Sounds like they better join some  "sporting organizations".

zuuma's picture



Awesome looking Tactical tennis shoes!

Maybe they could intercept some of the SWAT-style cheapo boots they ship to Sportsmans Guide.

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I thought all Chinamen already knew how to use that stuff?

Kung fu theater lied!


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Dude, Chinaman is not the preferred nomenclature.

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What about "Oriental"? Or is that a term just used for food in the 40's?

Conax's picture

"Oriental" isn't China specific.  At one time they were called 'celestials' but that is a little too spacey.

Chinese is the right term, 'Chinaman' is an American colloquialism.  No offense intended.

There is no eskimo tribe, but we call the Alutiit, Inuit, Inupiat, and the Yupik  eskimos.   We're just crude that way.

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OTOH, who gives a shit?

FilthyHabits's picture

Probably said "chinaman".... Though it's kind of like you suggested, calling a Viking; cracker. Please do it.. I could care less. Lol

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So, where does that leave "chink"?    

FilthyHabits's picture

I use chink to describe a dent in my woodworking or my welding projects.. I guess one could call them dents as well.. And by that I mean, the chinamen..

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These images are clearly for internal consumption.

No better way to quell any potential internal uprising than to scare said public with images of different ways a police force can use it's power.


Heads up people in China.  


Perhaps yet another sign that Governments around the world are preparing for what is coming.

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 Perhaps yet another sign that Governments around the world are preparing for what is coming.

Global Warming!

The dangers, the peril.

Just today:   Lib Rag Guardian Claims Global Warming Sank The Titanic…

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A recent survey showed that Chinese people claim they are free at a higher rate than US citizens do.

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SKS klutzy but serviceable. Ammo still cheap. Trumps spears.

Chicom police now with firearms - a good thing. The people finally have a go-to source.

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looks like the Western Banks are starting to prep the populace

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9mm revolvers huh. Wow I haven't seen a 9mm revolver around recently. Have seen a few 9mm semi-auto "pistols" though. 

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Ruger marketed one in 9x19 a while back.

This could be journalistic "expertism" at it's best, too. 9x17 (.380) and  9x19 are .356, while .38/.357 are both .358 nominal.   Hard to say.

And last but not least:  just because it's a wheel gun doesn't mean it won't blow your fucking brains out.  Getting shot pretty much sucks, gun snobbery aside.

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Have fun reloading that thing when the 1.3B strong mob is bearing down on you.  Nobody is debating the power or accuracy, just the RoF.

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Someone needs to sell these guys some "no hesitation" targets.  I hear US law enforcement has a lot of them...

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Is this what is referred to as setting up and attacking "straw man" arguments?

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These poor bastards are no match for Paul Krugtard's straw man destroying abilities.

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I think this is a pretty clear indication if what may happen to anyone protesting in China.

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Maybe the no hesitation targets should feature Krugman.


Kill two birds with one stone.


As it were.

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"I hear US law enforcement has a lot of them..."

No. Becuase of the public backlash, Obama's DHS suppossedly stopped buying them after ordering only five million dollars worth. Of course, that was enough to give us a very clear smoking gun to complete the pattern and divine their intentions.

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Nice......... people should pay a vist to their homes for a come to Jeus meeting.