Putin Questions US Motivation Over Sanctions; Reconsiders Western Company Energy Deals

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Having been quiet all day, Vladimir Putin chose just before 330 on a Tuesday to respond to US and EU sanctions:


And while he said he sees no need for counter-sanctions currently, he did warn that Russia may reconsider participation of Western companies in egenergy projects if sanctions continue.

Earlier in the day, Lavrov explained...

U.S. and European Union sanctions against Russia for its role in the Ukraine crisis defy " all common sense," visiting Russian Foreign Minister Serguei Lavrov said here Tuesday.


Russia has accused the United States and NATO of what it called "provocative" statements as the crisis in Ukraine unfolds alongside a NATO military build-up in eastern Europe.

But Putin goes on to note,


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Hold on a second.  I will go short me some VIX futures and be right back.


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west was expecting Russian escalation...  Putin sits and waits...  west confused, now what?

Aknownymouse's picture

Putin is not waiting.  He got his forces unmarked doing all the business, taking the east of Ukraine one city at a time.  He handcuffed the dumb messiah

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Have to love the fact that not a single mention of that NBA guy is being mentioned here.  Just shows that ZH is the anti-msm

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Nice to see ZH turning into Putin's Russia spokesperson...

TungstenBars's picture

Someone's still drinking .govs Russophobe cool-aid..

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The USSA spends $5 billion to run a coup and install a puppet govt in Ukraine and then sanctions Putin and his friends because the Ukrainian people object to an imposed unelected government that proposes to launch the army at them.

What is it about this logical sequence of events that Putin fails to understand?


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TungstenBars -

The Anglo-Saxon/Anglo-American world has been Russophobic since 1854. Sour grapes and it's just never ended since then.

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Anglo Amer financial system in collapse.

Must start war.


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The thing that bothers me the most is that the actions of the USSA regime will not go unpunished or forgotten by the rest of the world; so when the inevitabe day comes when the USSA falls off its high horse, who do you think the rest of the world will brutally serve justice to? I doubt it will just be the psychopaths in Washington that get vengence. Americans have a target placed on them for the evil deeds of Washington; that target won't go away, and I highly believe the rest of the world will deliver on it. It's only a question of when and how brutally. 

Which makes me wonder, why the f does Washington hate Americans so bad as to do that to them and their kids?

john39's picture

Americans are not in control of their own government.  The people who control Washington don't give a shit what the rest of the world does to Americans later, they have moved on by then.  it really is that simple.

sushi's picture

And a lot of them have estates in quiet backwaters such as Patagonia. If the conflict goes hot and the rockets fly they will be safe for some period of time in the Southern Hemisphere. You and yours? Not so much.

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USA is a democracy. Americanians vote.


Of course, the majority are dumb rednecks neo-protestants vs dumb hipster fags. So they vote wrongly. But they still vote.

So not just the Washington people are guilty of the crimes against humanity the Pentagoons have perpetrated in Vietnam/Iraq/Serbia. It's also the citizenry that pays its taxes and votes for the criminals.

And for many decades, the Americanians have benefited from this. Cheap credit sustained by cheap oil that was traded in dollars.

You, the commenter, have now realized that the cheap everything era is over in the US, and are pissed about it. You also correctly point out thst the whole world hates you. Yes, including the europeans that supposedly you saved in WW2 from the Nazi and then Communists.



Payback is coming for you. To be an Americanian is to be guilty of exploitation of others. Your country was built by masons, your founding fathers were freemasons. They were and are Satanists.  America was never supposed to be a "light" to the World.

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I suspect that quite a few decades ago "they" identified the once highly educated, entrepreneurly savvy, individually free thinking and well armed American citizenry were the biggest hindrance and threat to the establishment of the New World Order.

Since then, an at first slow but ever quickening systematic multi front, multi layered "take down" of the people of the US and by extention the world has been perpetuated.

But as we see with many such ventures the closer one get's to a long and cherished goal of high complexity and risk (ie NWO) there is a proportional acceleration of the chance that a minor miscalculation at the last minute can FUBAR the whole plan (...hmm we can hope).

ps. Maybe it's just me but there seems to be an edge of panic creeping into some parts of the "establishment" lately...

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Ya, Hannity, what a rube, classic dumb as a post Irish catholic voter.

McMolotov's picture

You've got a way with words (that make you sound like a moron).

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Sorry for exercizing a bit a critical thinking and not abiding by the strict ZH thought police guidelines... You see, I have no sympathy for the ruling class of the US, but I have no more for the Russian one too. I'm always skeptical about anything that comes out of the mouth of a former KGB spy.

Keep drinking ZH's kool-aid if that makes you happy. I'm just not ready for becoming a Putin cheerleader. 

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Recognizing that one asshole (Uncle Sam) instigated a fight with another asshole (Putin) does not make one a cheerleader for the second asshole. This should be fairly obvious.

I despise John McCain — doesn't mean I'm a cheerleader for Obama.

Xibalba's picture

As opposed to Jay 'Circus' Carney?  I'd take the info from RT over CNN any and every day.  But know that it's a Cuomo narrative vs. a non-corporate advertising driven one. 

RaceToTheBottom's picture

Massive Man Crush, nothing more.

KnightsofNee's picture

I love Putin! He is my new hero. Standing up to the school yard bully.

Magooo's picture

Anyone who stands agains the Deep State --- is on YOUR SIDE.


Remember the Deep State is the master of Obama and all the policitians you cannot stand -- whom you rant against for their corruption --- who are robbing you and your children and their children blind --- who send your jobs overseas.




You need your heads examined.

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Go move along to the MSM.?who really gives a shit about the MBA.

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+1 until I figure out wtf you wrote

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There is some evidence of that.

Remember, the major agricultural areas are in the east, the Russian regions.  China just leased land there for 50 years, and before this is over you can bet those lease payments will not be going to Kiev.

The bottom line here is the EU is going to have to fund the nat gas and they absolutely don't want to do that.  All these yelled about plans to "reverse pipeline flow" and send nat gas from Poland or the Czechs to Ukraine never answer the critical questions (plural)

1) how do they get paid for it and

2) if they reverse flow, how do they get nat gas themselves?

Russia has the dominant position, but the LAST thing they want to do is go military.  They collect $500 billion/year from their enemies, drained from them, money that might have built weapons, and they do it by selling their enemies things that they burn immediately so that they have to buy more.

Why would you want to go military when your enemy is cutting his own throat?

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Actually the major agricultural regions are in the west.

The major industrial locations are on the Donetsk Basin due to the fact this region also had significant supplies of coal.

Russia is the primary customer for Ukrainian industrial goods.

Not sure where the Chinese land investments are located.

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Europe buys 1/5 (conservative estimate) of its grains from Ukraine.  I'd say that is substantial.

sushi's picture

And Saudi Arabia and some other Middle Eastern countries are also heavily reliant on Ukrainian grain exports. Don't have the tonnage or % but one can see that KSA has an axe to grind in this fight. Open conflict would likely result in food shortages in ME and that will lead to riots and social unrest. Food shortages were a primary driver behind the unrest in Tunisia and Egypt.

KSA will be heavily conflicted over this issue as KSA and Turkey are co-operating and seek USSA intervention in Syria in order to advance Sunni interests. Russia has provided support to Syria and driving Russia out of western markets will result in increased Russian interaction with both Iran and Syria. Elsewhere on ZH is a story about Russia bartering Iranian oil for industrial goods. Not sure if S-400 systems qualify as "industrial goods."


CrashisOptimistic's picture

You're wrong.  I looked it up very recently.  The west grows only sugar beets.

The major area is in the east.  I posted links to ZH too.

And here they are:


Most Ukraine grain goes to the middle east.  They know where it grows.



China has reportedly agreed with Ukraine to lease 3 million hectares of Ukrainian farmland for the next 50 years, making Ukraine China's largest overseas farming center.

Chinese media reports said on September 22 that China's Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps (XPCC) had signed an agreement with Ukrainian government-controlled agricultural firm KSG Agro to lease initially 100,000 hectares in Ukraine's eastern Dnipropetrovsk region.

And here is where that is:


At least look shit up before you post.



sushi's picture

I looked it up too! This is what I found in regard to growing areas and major products.



central and south central region

Oblasts: Kiev, Cherkasy, Kirovohrad




Eastern regions

Oblasts: Karkiv, Luhansk, Donetsk, Dnipropetrovsk, Donets



east and southern region

Oblasts: Karkiv, Luhansk, Donetsk, Dnipropetrovsk, Donets, Zaporizhia, Kherson


Sugar beet

central and western regions

Oblasts: Kiev, Cherkasy, Kirovohrad, and about 11 other oblasts.




The Dnieper River runs North - South through central Ukraine.


At least read your own shit before you post it.

Other than that snark thanks for the link.

Raphio's picture

Thanks for the info guys...

CrashisOptimistic's picture

Well answered, but here are the quotes:

Hmm, why can't I paste from that arab link.  Well, you can read it yourself.  Only the sugar beets talk about the west.  Corn is east.  Wheat is south central, aka not west.

Only sugar beets appears with a search on the word "west" in that article (which is excellent).

Again, good answer, but clearly there ain't much in the west.  A look at the map shows the river east of central btw.

God knows what the EU is thinking.  They are going to wind up feeding a bunch of parasites.



sushi's picture

And you had it right in regard to the Chinese investment.

There appear to be two or three other extremely large "industrial agriculture" undertakings in Ukraine. 

The Chinese option and a second one in the East and a major sugar beet conglomerate in the west. As I understand the stats the west are basically the poor cousins of the industrial and agricultural heartland in the East. East Ukraine might be able to stand independently but I doubt that would be possible for the East hence the putschists adverse reaction to the concept of "federalization."

Plus any serious conflict is going to render the growing areas unusable for an extended period. There have to be a lot of global players looking at this situation and coming to the realization the white anglo exceptionalists are exceptionally insane because if this goes down at lot of folks are going to feel the hurt, not just those in the RF.


Volkodav's picture

Further West is more forest, central and some west is some beets, some potatoe and other. soils are light...no comparison to other regions east and south

These are former Polish lands and where the banderist radicals thrive..Lvov and that area


Volkodav's picture

Sushi   did you not post that major agriculture was west?

then post opposite from Wiki and act like never happened?

better read your own shit firstly...

Raphio's picture

US Agri Business giants are salivating at the prospect of getting their teeth into Europe's breadbasket... and Russia just put a 3 year moratorium on any GMOs...


CrashisOptimistic's picture

That China leasing article above, some associated links said Monsanto was going to build a seed factory in Ukraine, but agreed it would be non GM.  All fertile, multi generational seeds.

Raphio's picture

I don't know too much shit from shinola... but if the US and China are both so actively involved in Ukrainian agriculture... then obviously there is another big friction point

Volkodav's picture

Monsanto lies...anything to get foot in the door...

Volkodav's picture


Russia has normal wholesome food, fresh grown produce and natural dairy, even fresh raw milk from vending machine.

Volkodav's picture

Major Agriculture regions in the west?


West is Polish poor part...beets there and central...west is forest

South and East is deepest topsoil, up to 13 meter...Wheat Barley Nuts Vegetables and other.

China deal sounds real..different way business is run there...

I was offered 50,000 acre freepay or near nothing for decades long lease in Volga Region.

Putin Administration is following example of Great Katerine who invited German farmers, bankers and other to build economy...

Bolshevik 1917 thru Stalin Soviet destroyed the progess, murdered the farmers and much lands abandoned in real.


power steering's picture

He's mounted his trusty steed Tammerlane shirtless with bow and arrows in hand to rectify any western indiscretion to the cheers of his countrymen...... unlike our drooling, flatulent leaderr

HardAssets's picture

No matter what you think of him - pro or con, there's definitely a great gap between the gravitas of Putin and US 'leadership':

- Putin is trained in law and specialized in international law

- He was one of the 'black colonels' in the KGB and has a background in counter-intelligence at street level.

- He is a multi billionaire who threw out the oligarchs who bought up the assets of the USSR after its fall


On the other side ?    Well, what can you say . .

lostintheflood's picture

hard assets...you forgot to mention that you can look into his eyes and see his soul...

StychoKiller's picture

Hmm, so the typical Russian living in Ukraine would be more than happy to see Ukraine get "Cypressed?"  Check yer premises.

LawsofPhysics's picture

Indeed, what part of "nationalized" energy companies don't the western oligarchs understand?

McMolotov's picture

The West is trying its best to provoke Russia without being obvious. That strategy is failing, so expect the provocations to continue to ramp up until Putin is forced to react (thereby making it "Russia's fault") or until we set aside all pretense and send in troops (again, thereby making it "Russia's fault").

No matter what happens, it will be blamed on Russian escalation — even if said escalation doesn't exist.

Cast Iron Skillet's picture

"without being obvious" ... huh?! But the rest of the post is spot on.

McMolotov's picture

Don't get me wrong, it's obvious to us here on ZH.

But people who get their news from the big talking box still think this is all a rational reaction by the US government to Russia "invading" Crimea. The government wants to keep those folks as clueless and uninformed as possible. The illusion of righteousness must be maintained.