Quote Of The Day: Larry Summers To Elizabeth Warren - "Insiders Don't Criticize Other Insiders"

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Submitted by Mike Krieger of Liberty Blitzkrieg blog,

A couple of weeks ago, Princeton and Northwestern released a very important study that proved statistically what many of us already knew about the American political process. It is nothing more than an oligarchy. 

It’s one thing to read an academic study showing how cancerous the political system is, it’s quite another to hear a description of how things work from one of the biggest crony weapons of mass societal destruction himself, Mr. Larry Summers.

A recent review in the New York Times of Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren’s new memoir “A Fighting Chance” recalls a stunningly despicable quote by Summers. In the spring of 2009, when the banker handout, I mean bailout, was a heated topic of discussion, Elizabeth Warren attended a dinner with Mr. Summers who at the time was the director of the National Economic Council and a top economic adviser to President Obama. This is what transpired:

After dinner, “Larry leaned back in his chair and offered me some advice,” Ms. Warren writes. “I had a choice. I could be an insider or I could be an outsider. Outsiders can say whatever they want. But people on the inside don’t listen to them. Insiders, however, get lots of access and a chance to push their ideas. People — powerful people — listen to what they have to say. But insiders also understand one unbreakable rule: They don’t criticize other insiders.

What is so incredible about the quote above is that it essentially proves correct everything I and many others have been saying about how “things work” in America these days. The statements above describe a petty, childish oligarchy of arrogant fools. This small club of people call all the shots and do not listen to “outside” ideas whatsoever. This is why nothing changes. This is why the same people are recycled through positions of power over and over again no matter how badly they screw up and how many millions of lives they ruin. This is why there is a two-tiered justice system in which the rich and connected never go to jail, while the average citizen can have his home raided by police for a parody Twitter account. This is why the 0.01% have been able to loot all of the nation’s wealth while median inflation adjusted wages have been declining for 40 years.

The reason is because the “status quo” in America consists of a deranged, immoral, arrogant, selfish fraternity of inept children who protect each other at the expense of everyone and everything else. Until the status quo gets the boot, this nation will continue to decline. Forget reforms, the entire status quo needs to be tossed aside once and for all. The insiders must be turned into outsiders.

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Somebody send Summers a nail gun.

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Insiders must be turned into compost. There, fixed it.

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Insiders must be turned inside out.

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insider is just a term for one engaged in a reacharound.

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And to think Obozo wanted this turd to be FED chief!

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Obama makes no decisions.  No President has since Kennedy, and obviously the establishment didn't like that.  

All Presidents are puppets.  Even Bush Sr.

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A senior puppet is my guess.

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it used to be every month I'd ask the zombies to eat an Oligarch, then it was every week, now it's almost daily I implore the zombies to eat the oligarchs before they succeed in making the World Woar 3.0 go hot in Ukraine and WE ALL SUFFER because of them

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When the meme got out there in the minds of enough people, that it wasn't really 'their government' or 'the Peoples' revolution', the USSR crumbled.

The same thing will happen in the USSA. Its inevitable since it is a system of theft for benefiting the very few. They steal wealth, power, freedom, and security.

The American people are likely among the most lied to in the world (and by a very sophisticated liar system). The oligarchs are doing all they can to keep Americans in the dark for as long as possible. But eventually that will fail, as more theft is needed to maintain their system. The previously 'dumb, fat, and happy' will finally figure it out.

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Are you sure? Was it possibly a meme by design?

Is it just the "Americans" being kept in the dark?

I'll re-post my questions/comments because I think being "awake" means staying "continuously awake".

As one poster said: Putin -The guy would bleed on their flag to keep its red stipe. I doubt any american politicians would do that.

Yet Putin has not shown a hint of protecting inherent inalienable rights or creating them but somehow Russia is better than the USA??? What? A fry pan is nicer than a fire?

No, today Putin of the former soviet KGB is getting better PR than Obama another mere puppet of a global front run by the BIS etc which has decades of experience and interferance with EVERYONE including Russia, China, and the rest of the BRICS. So how come Russia was not on the 7 countries in 5 years memo????... and your private property rights will improve under WHO? Putin?

sample: http://www.globalresearch.ca/we-re-going-to-take-out-7-countries-in-5-ye...

 "Russia is more beholden to international bankers than perhaps any nation on the planet."


Used to voting red/blue? Now you get to vote east/west how awesomely symmetrical?

Look at the older comprehensive texts like Tragedy& Hope and Committee of 300.... then wish for the Putin "independant free world" its soooo free of the same shit, just a little less predictable for TPTB but perfect for their years of war/marxist interferance and support in Africa and South America.

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Great link, I've been sitting on the fence re Putin.  It's hard not to get suckered into this "good guy" "bad guy" thing.  We must be hard wired for it, it's tribal and permeates sports, movies, folklore.

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Ronald RAYGUN ( a USA president ) was fond of saying
.."Insiders, DON'T KISS AND TELL"

Sailors say "Loose lips sink ships"

What's new here Unicorns? Absolutely god-damn
fucking nothing.

Move along,

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It doesn't have to be "new" oh great and wise James; it only has to be timely and important.

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There will come a time when ALL people will be able to read the thoughts of others. This changes the status quo.

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The insiders must be turned in outsiders; not necessarily; corpses would do fine.

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"The statements above describe a petty, childish oligarchy of arrogant fools."

Who would feel any other way when absolute control is so nearly within their grasp?

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I think George Washington was right to say, the true measure of a man is when he can have absolute power, and realizes when to turn it down.

Summers is without question one of the worst examples of the whole Economics profession and I think only is matched in his welterweight insight by Stiglitz or Krugmann for a mediocre mathmatician who is an excellent yes-man.

Yellen, we may all laugh at how she stammers or looks like your grandmother at Beamers, but she (unlike Bernak) came up with the original proofs, along with her Husband  that stated the QE monkeywork does not work in the end. Federal policy can temper euphoria, but all hangovers need a serious controlled reset and burst of innovation capital towards real hard asset factor productivity. Summers would have given no shits about yanking the rug out to give Obama enough headroom to push agressive taxation policy forward, then backing all the way back up the yield curve just to save his skin.

Best case? Yellen collapses the P/E's and bank's will be forced to collapse their repo chains as ROA's are rerated (like BoA's "discovery", well known to all who were short that dogshit going into March). The lack of financial capital flowing puts everything leveraged back into 1996 Japan like "recovery", which at that point will be when US Federalists will need to debate Presidential and Corporate reform. If the US goes towards commod. rent seeking and price controls like 1970, then it's game over. I got a long saying they will, with the Keystone denial + climate reforms that Obama wants to be his legacy being "just the tip".






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Understood and agreed on most of it.  Where I agree most is when you used the magic word:  Japan.  Focus on that and I think you will be closest to right in the long term.  

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Larry Summers looks like Hillary Clinton with shorter hair.

wee-weed up's picture

Ouch! Damn, he's ugly and fat, but don't crucify the turd with that burden!

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That fat fuck Larry Summers was probably born with Bill Clinton's dick in his mouth...

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Summers o'plenty inside the ego of Larry.

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Nothing new under the sun. I believe TPTB circa 1914 believed they had it all figured out too, and look how that turned out for everyone.

NoDebt's picture

TPTB circa 1914 won HUGE over the last 100 years.  HUGE.  

THEY won, not you and me, but there is no denying the system they set up is one of the most successful in the history of the world for perpetuating their own dominance.  It survived two world wars, a depression, the thread of nuclear annihilation a second depression (2008-current) and The House of Morgan still stands today with as much prominence as it did 100 years ago, if not more.

So I ask... how did it turn out from THEIR perspective?

Edward1290's picture

It turned out great for THEM........they stole all the wealth thru their 'debt based fiat money system'....they will go into hiding for a generation or two and then come back out and introduce another 'debt-based fiat money system'......and fleece the world all over again........same as it ever was........


john39's picture

game is not over yet.  appearances can be deceiving.  they are living on borrowed time, and the tock is ticking...

NoDebt's picture

Given current rates, I suspect they can keep borrowing against that ticking clock for a LONG time yet.

How far would you go to borrow against another guaranteed decade of life?  Another year?  Another month?  Another day?  

If the interest rate is almost zero, you would probably be able to sustain it much longer than most people would suspect.

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Summers is a Pig Beast akin to the Uruk-hai Orc's of Lord of the Rings, raised from the bowels of the earth, soulless and devoid of compassion. How these fiends survive as long as they do is a wonder to me, with all the disenfranchised folk you would think he would be on someone's list....

Infinite QE's picture

He survives because he is the public face of an even uglier, sub human Orc cartel.

Stockmonger's picture

Unbreakable rule #2: Is it good for the Jews?

BeanusCountus's picture

Its not "the jews". People of influence that corrupts cross every line of nationality, race and religion. The sooner everyone gets that the faster the problem will be solved.

Infinite QE's picture

How many non Jews are owners of the global banking cartel?

marathonman's picture

Fascinating question.  My guess is not many.

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Good luck with that! The system will crumble long before insiders have second thoughts. Here in Japan, we are much further down the drain and what will follow Abenomics is super-Abenomics, not a rethink of what is wrong. There is too much wrong and too many vested interest.

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We need seven more samurais to protect against these bandits.

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I have that particular exchange on video:


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Jesus, Larry Summers looks pissed at the end.

LetThemEatRand's picture

Say what you will about Warren.  Who else with an audience that isn't already convinced (e.g., Ron Paul) is calling out these fuckers?

Van Halen's picture

Warren's about as insider as you can get. And very good at hiding it.

LetThemEatRand's picture

Yes, this was an elaborate plot of her part.

Van Halen's picture

LTER, If I read you correctly, you gotta hand it to her: She's creeping around back there being the architect of a lot of the crap that's screwing up things today while her media team work relentlessly to make her 'defender of the common man'.

LetThemEatRand's picture

What makes you say that, exactly?   Does Ron Paul have a secondary agenda when he calls these fuckers out?  

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VH, I admit Warren knows how to talk the talk. My ladyfriend, a grounded, educated woman, despises her; it's amazing çause nothing bothers this woman. She says she's a fucking elitist, her words, and she seldom if ever swears. Me, I can't see it, yet I have to say over the years my friend's instincts have proven to be spot on.

Liz Warren does have a little Mitt in her and she lets it out on occasion. The problem is whenever I listen to her I find myself comparing her to others of the opposite gender like Hillary, Palin, Pelosi, Feinstein or Bachmann and boom, in my mind she suddenly becomes a freak of nature. Up until this year I had two others I used as benchmarks; my homies, Collins and Snowe, but Snowe retired and Collins voted for sanctions against Putin, and this after I took time out to write to her! Fuck me. LOL.

Rock on, brother.

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Feauxcahontas [Warren] will lie to anyone for a vote!

LetThemEatRand's picture

The jury is still out on Warren, but her quote is devastating to Summers and calls out an entire world of deception in a single line.  Summers is a powerful player in that world.