Relax! SEC's Mary Jo White Says "Markets Are Not Rigged" - Live Feed

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During her testimomy to the House Financial Services Committee, SEC's Mary Jo White confidently proclaimed (despite her questioner doubting her beliefs):


"Investors should be protected from shisters," blasted the committee member, as he took White to task..


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Can you see the stick up her arse? And the bankster in the corner throwing his voice?

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WTF is this circus act?  

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say many words without saying anything.  fuckers trying to get a soundbite to take back to thier sheep.  #riggedgovernment #riggedeverything

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Gay president.  Gay nation. 

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Saddest part is that she actually believes that....

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lying under pressure is tough 

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It isn't true until it's officially denied.

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Looks like Adolfs granddaughter. ...she looks like she knows her way around a strap on

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She is every bit as attractive as Donna Shalala.

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Only a week person attacks the person and not the debate/argument.

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A "week"? I only have a minute.

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I don't like B.O. just because he has big ears.

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Politicians and captured regulators are FAIR GAME.  No holds barred.

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Brith name: Joseph White aka Jo White.

Stick 'Mary' in front so people go easy on him.

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Any jackhole --- or American traitor scum --- who dares utter such bullcrap should be taken outside and immediately strung up from the nearest lamppost.

This is one totally dishonest and complete fucked up jackhole, in charge of the DOJ legal team which originally went after Enron in the early 2000s; no wonder they took so long to do so little!

A complete Wall Street fraud, and yet another perfect reason to:





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"She was great in Poltergeist."

As well as this classic:

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She likes to ride the mushtasch... go ahead... have fun!

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Pods you have spent way too much time at the lake fishing by yourself.

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Last time I saw a mouth like that it had a hook in it!

<hat tip> RD

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Janet Reno and Dennis Kuchinich's love child? 

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Janet Reno Dance Party!!!

<couldn't find a decent video>

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Founding Member, Tongue-In-Groove Club.

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Her and Yellen got a BOGO deal on bowl cuts. Meanwhile Bill Gross is lamenting that he doesn't need the competition for "sweetest monastic hairdon't."

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Congrats, sir.

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Shit, that's Janet Reno's ugly sister.

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Yeah, cute in a Super Mario Brothers goomba kind of way. 

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She's like Mo of the Three Stooges.  Anyone old enough to remember them?

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Wir haben es nicht gewusst!!!
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+1 you are refering to the Belgian members of Parliament when this whole child molesting and child porno investigation blew up in their faces, right?

We had King Ludwig who was drowned with his lover because nobody wanted to keep paying for his eccentric lifestyle. Where is your pd King now?

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I am pretty sure Neuschwanstein has paid for itself 10 fold since its construction.

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21th century technology, 19th century business model,  priceless

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What an amazing amount of blather.

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Fred Sanford said, "There ain't nuthin uglier than an old white woman."

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This isn't testimony, it's a job interview.

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dingdingding!  We have a winner! 

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Ding ding ding....We have another bank runner....

RBS head of forex in Europe takes 5-month sabbatical

LONDON, April 29  Tue Apr 29, 2014 10:55am EDT

And then the Chinese moved into Turkish banking system....

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Ltd has agreed to buy a 75.5 percent stake in Turkey's Tekstilbank for $316 million, as the world's biggest lender seeks to benefit from the rising trade between the two countries.

Meanwhile, in India, 18 people with illegal foreign bank accounts were finally thrown under the bus and are now at the mercy of India's Supreme Court. While LGT bank in Liechenstein will suffer consequences of lower business and client withdrawals beginning right about now...

Govt discloses names of 18 persons in black money cases to SC


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she's right. there is no market, therefore how can it be rigged?

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blah blah blah blah blah blah

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blah, blah, blah . . . .

Yeah I thought the same thing & didn't bother to watch it all

Why do I waste time watching this kinda dribble, when I know the outcome of it will be nothing but a b.s. white wash that does nothing ? 

There is no 'represenation' and there is no 'regulation' (for the purpose of serving the American People, that is)

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"The markets are not long as the SEC fees are paid." MJ White

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Dude looks like a lady, 0 credibilty.

Sick of these swinging dicks posing as aunt Bea from Andy Griffith telling us all is well.