The West Prepares: These Are All NATO Aircraft Deployments In Response To The Ukraine Crisis

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It's all the Russians' fault? This does not exactly look like de-escalation to us...



Source: @IHS4DefRiskSec

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Those are weather tracking planes....duh.



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thats enough firepower to wipe out the entire russian airforce i assure you they are no match for western fighters. Say whatever you want bout Sukhoi's or MiG's latest and greatest... Russian pilots get 1/10th flight time ours do.

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Air defense is an outdated concept..the modern day equivlant of the Maginot line. The Russians are years behind and any S-400 'defense' would be dismantled by cruise missile and drone strikes before it ever posed a threat.  

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If that were true, which it isn't, the Russians would nuke all the bases launching those fighters. I hope you aren't suggesting the "west" can win a war into Russia. That's laughable. Please read up on your history. 

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The real story is the LBMA crisis and China getting ready to trade gold and oil in Yuan giving the Yuan received as oil payment convertibility to gold.

Petrogold is coming back.  No stopping it.

Now all those broke NATO countries that have been leasing out their gold have a problem.

War time.

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This is de-escalation, USSA style. From the State Department Ministry of Truth:


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No number of aircraft in East Europe can compensate for the total lack of testicles in Choomboy's nut sack.   Or the lack of a brain in his head.

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The bolockovs are Vlads secret weapon.

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Just keep stackin' phyzz Ag, folks, cuz there's nothing we can do to stop these psychos from getting their war or whatever is going to happen.  They're fucking crazy sociopath scumbags top to bottom.  So as long as they wanna keep it on sale we need to be scooping it up while we can, while supplie is still out there, and while premiums are still nice and low too. 

Their bullshit war may be the cover they need for the destruction of all fiat so they can sneak out the back door acting like nothing happened.  We need to stack that phyzz insurance high just in case the SHTF.  And even if this doesn't escalate into WWIII we're still going to have to face the collapse one of these days in the not too distant future, so get that Ag now while it's on the cheap! 

Just sayin'...

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This poster 'Denninger' seems like a doltish troll. Taking the position that the outcome is written and there is nothing he does not know seems foolish at best.

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"We are in the position of a man who has seized a wolf by the ears and dare not let him go." ~ Major-General Friedrich Wilhelm von Mellenthin

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I guess Russians only get 1/10th of the flight time ''ours'' (?) do, because they cant afford the avgas? Oh wait a second...

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No, he ment that russian planes have 1/10th of ground repair time compared to the west.

But hey, we need the jobs!

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That's what happens when you surround yourself with only ass-wipes and sycophants and delete anything and anyone who has a different opinion. In the end, you actually start believing you're all that when in fact you are no more 'freedom loving' than the power crazy psychos you claim to be railing against.

Every tyrant in history operated under this self-delusion.

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"No number of aircraft in East Europe can compensate for the total lack of testicles in Choomboy's nut sack."


Reggie HAS to let him have them back in case of war.  

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I think Russia has more than 70 planes, LOL


Mountain out of a molehill... next!!!


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The Anglo-American Axis Provokes Russian Fury

"Consequences will be catastrophic in one way or another for the West."

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"The Russians are years behind and any S-400 'defense' would be dismantled by cruise missile and drone strikes before it ever posed a threat."

Good luck stopping every single nuclear missile Russia has.  I am sure they have done some "lying" as well, when it comes to things like "Start Treaties" and nuclear missile reductions.  You might kick Russias ass conventionally, but they aren't going to just sit there and take that.  If it goes nuclear, you can't begin to stop everything they send.  Even if only 20 100 megaton warheads get thru, its Good Game.  LOSER.

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There is no winner... They are going to do what they always do and fight the New War by the old rules only to discover too late that the game has changed.

"I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones."

-Albert Einstein

What an optimist...

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Russia has been studying our tactics for decades. We have been too busy bombing 3rd world hell holes. Guess who has the advantage?

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Nobody? There are no tactics in nuclear warfare, just extinction.

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Would you like a nice game of chess?

Dang, I reckon that is some serious wishful thinking on my part that we could end this the way that War Games ended.  At this rate, we'll be lucky to engage in a game of tiddlywinks or jacks!

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Putin vs Matthew Broderick? 

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Hollywood? Try Committee of 300.

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Their heavy study of 'american' tactics does not show. Might be ruse of war.

As long as Putin shows nothing else than a desire to be an 'american', 'americans' have their way.

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Russia is discontinuing its huge multi-megaton bombs.  And a 100 megaton bomb is physically immense.  It's not going to fit on the top of just any missile.  Had the clad the secondary (and tertiary?) stages of Tsar Bomba with U-238 instead of Pb, it would have been somewhere around 100Mt.  Look up how big that bomb was in terms of its physical dimensions.  They're moving to smaller, more compact warheads and they're MIRVing their missiles. 


You actually reach a point of diminishing returns when it comes to the yield of the bomb.  Going bigger means that maintenance costs more, delivery systems cost more, etc... and going twice the yield does not do twice the physical damage once you get to a certain point, the possible exception being bunker busting.  Remember, Nagasaki was hit with a bomb that was around 20kt.  I know one of Russia's newer missiles is setup to take several MIRVed 550kt warheads.  Nagasaki was royally fucked up by 20kt.  550kt is a fucking city flattener. 


(I'm probably 20 miles from one very likely target and 60 or so from another.  You can say I'm adamantly opposed to anything that might turn nuclear.)


That's one of the problems with nukes.  All the guys who have seen them go off are either ancient or dead.  Humans just don't have the perspective to comprehend what even a 1kt explosion is like unless they witness it.  That perspective is just not there today, and the big secret with them is not how to build them, it is that they work, and that cat is out of the bag.

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You got that right, the brevity of our collective memory scares me the most. The proverbial kid has found his dad's gun.

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All they need is one of those to destroy our electrical grid. Soon after, our nuclear plants all go up in smoke when the cooling systems fail. 1 100 megaton bomb at 200 miles would seal the deal I would think. The rest of the nukes would put a lot of people out of their misery quickly.

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you all ever see that movie "Threads" from 1984?  Ironically enough it's about America escalating shit with Iran and Russia until Russia finally goes full nuke and so do we.  It takes place in England and depicts life in small English town leading up to and after the nukes drop.  Pretty nasty was very graphic for being that old of a movie.  Everything gets obliterated...that's not a spoiler since we all know how nuke war turns out anyway.

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I watched it last weekend. Very well done.

The regular people are first completely unaware of the seriousness of the situation as it unfolds thousands of miles away in news reports on radio & t.v. played in the background. (Sound familiar ?)

In  the end, the horror is controlled by mad'men' and the people have absolutely no final say in the march of events. They believed in all the years of flag waving & by the time they experienced the consequences of those beliefs . . . . well I won't spoil the movie

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You guys must be too young to have learned how easy it is to protect yourself in case of

nuclear war. I learned in grammar school in the 1950's. Just duck and  cover under a table. I

know it works, 'cause that's what I learned in school.

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In addition to the "Threads" (1984), following documentation about the nuclear warfare is also worth of watching

UNSURVIVABLE (a short nuclear warfare documentary)

A dark, gruesome, but wholly true depiction of the threat of thermonuclear war, the consequences, and Obama’s deployment of a major portion of the U.S. thermonuclear capabilities in multiple theaters threatening both Russia and China.

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Darn. Can they save that big one for Belgium at least?

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Basel my friend.  Basel.  I'm willing to let the Europeans fuck themselves in exchange for a major blow against central banking. 

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El Vaq,

As you may know, Teller et al - the guys that designed our original nukes - also  knew how to defend against them. (Not too diffcult for air bursts of 1 megaton or less.)

Our gov leaders at the Fed and state levels now have their blast and radiation shelters operational. The Russians have been on a crash program to update and decentralize their civilian shelters for some years now.

Ordinary citizens here in the U.S. are on their own

The first exchanges would be against military targets- still survivable if you are in the right place.

However, our greatest existential threat IMO are the 100+ nuke power plants and their spent-fuel pools in the U.S. that would go Fukashima in a week or so after a grid-down event.

Get this book:


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uh, couldn't kick afghan farmers conventionally..

Former Afghan commanders have respect for the Russians, tell they were better enemy while despise the Americans

Georgia?  lesser number Russian/Ossetian/Chechen with older T72 and even T55 to T64 armor routed Georgians and "advisors" with billions of taxpayer supplied latest equipment and training....


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Soviets couldn't beat the Afghans either.  Afghanistan has been called the graveyard of empires.  And when you really look at the way the US military is equipped, it is geared more towards wars between nation-states.  Ignoring the occasional droning of a wedding, of course. 


The US is very good at killing people in war.  But being very good at killing alone does not guarantee a victory.  We won most of the major battles in Vietnam, and still lost the war. Even taking into account some of the inflated body counts, we killed far more of them than they killed of us, and we still lost the war. 


And now, in a major war, we will be feeling an oil squeeze.

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The US is very good at killing people in war.

No, it's not ! It's very good at killing moderate numbers of people in the most expensive manner.

Germans AND Russians had the most effective killing machine in modern history.

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Actually if the Emperor hadn't surrendered, the Japonese were well on their way to extinction. Something not done to a people since biblical times.

AnAnonymous's picture

Because the Indians are not on the verge of extinction?

Or maybe they are not people? Problem solved.

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No, it's not ! It's very good at killing moderate numbers of people in the most expensive manner.

Germans AND Russians had the most effective killing machine in modern history.

The most effective killing machine? At killing themselves or the enemy?

Considering the nature of the 'american' order, anyone better at killing people than 'americans' are would have taken the position held currently by 'americans'.

Both nazi germany and communist russia failed the test.

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Another stupid fuck,I saw it on the internet so it must be badass.Who made the video dumbass ?

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Yes, they might be weather tracking planes.

"If all people are brethren, then why are the winds and waves so restless?" - Emperor Hirohito

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Don't forget that while Putin's troops train for combat, ours get 'diversty' training so they can be sensitive to the needs of the gay, transexual, and transgender  among them.