FAA Grounds All Flights From West Coast Due To Computer "Glitch"

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Update: ye olde CTRL+ALT+DEL trick seems to have done it and the computer "glitch" has been fixed.

Now if only it was this easy to fix the busted economy and the rigged market.

* * *

The FAA has declared a "ground halt" on all flights at the following airports: BOS, BWI, DCA, EWR, FLL, JFK, LAS, LAX, LGA, MCO, MIA, PHL, TEB


LAX is citing "computer issues" as the reason (and a radar system crash across at least 3 Western states) which could mean delays up to 90 minutes.





According to the FAA site, the following airports are also on ground halt...

  • BOS - General Edward Lawrence Logan International
  • BWI - Baltimore-Washington International
  • DCA - Ronald Reagan Washington National
  • EWR - Newark International
  • FLL - Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International
  • JFK - John F Kennedy International
  • LAS - Las Vegas McCarran International
  • LAX - Los Angeles International
  • LGA - La Guardia
  • MCO - Orlando International
  • MIA - Miami International
  • PHL - Philadelphia International
  • TEB - Teterboro


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Stackers's picture

The entire IFR flight plan filing system is computerized. A network issue with it would cause lots of headaches

The Gooch's picture

<---John Bolton

<---Michael Bolton

Looney's picture

Is that a Russian “thank you” for our paying the Ukrainian gas bill? ;-)


eatthebanksters's picture

Was Sebellius put in charge of Air Traffic Control?

onewayticket2's picture

the East Coast airports are due to weather....LAX is flying, i'm told.

giggler321's picture

More like MH370 showing up everywhere so they turned the screens off

Freddie's picture

Stuxnet was feeling lonely and missed home.

UnpatrioticHoarder's picture

This is the centralized air traffic system which displayed false radar blips on 9/11 as part of a "training exercise"

mjcOH1's picture

(A)bort!  (R)etry!  (F)ail!

Oxbo Rene's picture

Testing, testing, testing ........

Save_America1st's picture

when in doubt, reboot tthat bitch...fixes the issue at least 90% of the time.

NotApplicable's picture

Then three more times and maybe, just maybe the windows updates will have finished.

drendebe10's picture

Sebellius:   "There ain't nuitin uglier than an old white woman."   Friend Sanford, Sanford and Son.

Freddie's picture

Putin said he can see Los Angeles, Mexi-Porn-ia from his front porch. 

AreaMan's picture

Dick Cheney could not be reached for comment.

drendebe10's picture

aka, the Left Coast.... God help them when the big one hits... Nevada will become beachfront property.....

Stuck on Zero's picture

Was the FAA software developed by the same people who did the Obamacare website?


Wile-E-Coyote's picture

Ahhh..... did Fukushima blow up again?

Apeman's picture

Russian countersanctions? I guess not, but would be sweet.

john39's picture

more likely blamed on al-cia-duh, Iran or Syria... 

Xibalba's picture

Radar down?  Guess we should expect to see some fireworks. 

Xibalba's picture

I'm sure it's all just a coinicidence.  Keep calm and move along. 

john39's picture

it apparently takes all the computing juice the world can muster to push the dow to new nominal highs.

thelibcentury's picture

Safe bet that this is related to the IE vulnerability...

HaroldWang's picture

No news here. Someone pulled a plug on the computer so his buddy could buy the only dip in /ES in AH market

McMolotov's picture

Flight 370 has been cleared for takeoff.

NotApplicable's picture

My immediate thought upon reading the headline.


DirkDiggler11's picture

Exactly McMolotov !

Just like the Phoenix rises from the ashes, so does flight 370 ! Or the ghost of flight 370 scaring the hell out of the NSA and FAA anyway. I'm sure Agent Barney Fife over at the department of homeland security has everything under control. Might be time to give Barney one of the 5 Trillion rounds of ammo the DHS has bought over the past three years ...

CrashisOptimistic's picture

Maybe this will help Q2 GDP.


McMolotov's picture

Maybe this is when the aliens will reveal themselves.

[cue dramatic chipmunk]

Winston Churchill's picture

My dipshit cousin wrote all the software and algos for the system.Got stinking rich from them too.
Time for a family call to ask how everything is going up there
at Harvaaard.

jubber's picture

Russian sanctions I would guess...

astoriajoe's picture

Is Putin laughing somewhere?

That's a nice airport you've got. It would be a shame if something bad were to happen to its computer systems.

Freddie's picture


Reference to Monty Python sketch with Luigi Vercotti and his brother Dino.


samsara's picture

China had a terrorist bomb blast just before.

Odd things are happening more often it seems.

Dorelei's picture

OMG an other centrally planned system not working !

In a truly  unplanned system every plane has the freedom to land and take off where he wants !

hobopants's picture

So what you're telling me is your feeble intellect is incapable of seeing the differences between a traffic control system and the economy?

Here maybe you'll learn something


Dorelei's picture

I mean it's run by taxpayer money wasted on a lazy air control administration ...

Better  to just fire them all ...

hobopants's picture

Only if you promise to take their place, we need someone with serious troll experience to keep the skies safe.