Fed's Linguistic Tapering: Fewest FOMC Statement Words Since October

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Everyone who thought today's FOMC statement would, like the Fed's own balance sheet, set a new all time high record in verbosity, has lost. At 811 words, today's Fed message was 66 words shorter than the March one, and the "briefest" since October. It appears we may have passed the point of peak Fed complexity, and it is all downhill from here - so first a reduction in the pace of liquidity injections, then the communication. All that's left is the "rigged, manipulated" market.


Of course correlation is not causation but one has to wonder as the Fed uses fewer words to explain its only possible tightening path... then stocks are a little over their skis...

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NidStyles's picture

So they have a plan and are just following it now... 

Stoploss's picture

Call it the Sterling plan.


bania's picture

Wake me up when they hit zero.

StacksOnStacks's picture

I was off by exactly 100.  I think they read my comment earlier on ZH.

superflex's picture

They could have said it with two words.  

Belgium bitchez.

Dr. Engali's picture

Glad I didn't bet a sandwich on this one.

machineh's picture

I am claiming moral victory on the pop quiz.

Like Obama, I deserve a mulligan.

Groundhog Day's picture

That was a big non event....is mr yellen speaking later today?

Grande Tetons's picture

Remind me again....why did I buy Silver? 

That's right...I enjoy pain. 

Dr. Engali's picture

We can average down when it gets to zero.

Grande Tetons's picture

Ha! I stopped buying awhle ago. Thank God.  I have no intention on selling. 

My wife asked me awhile ago....honey..how is our Gold and Silver doing? 

In the shithouse, honey! 

NotApplicable's picture

What's so painful about buying insurance and paying yourself the premium?

Grande Tetons's picture

The price of the policy keeps going down. 

I here you...I am in this for the long haul....but, sometimes it is hard to be on this ride. 

Manthong's picture

Just to keep things in perspective..

Give or take a few cents..

A 1964 quarter would buy a gallon of gasoline in 1964.

Even at suppressed valuation, that same quarter can be traded for enough fed fiat to buy a gallon of gasoline today.

The distortions since early 2011 will eventually be wrung out of the system and it will fetch a lot more.

Hopefully there will be some criminal necks wrung as well.

Colonel Klink's picture

Peak word count!  We're running out of words.

machineh's picture

... or horse manure, as the case may be.

what's that smell's picture


new encrypted currency built upon the random unknowable word-count of FOMC speak---the yellencoin.

TonyCoitus's picture

Very bullish.  Keep buying Bitchez

derek_vineyard's picture

spot silver is struggling.  may be a fire sale in next few months.

i_call_you_my_base's picture

I thought they were going to raise interest rates.


DavidC's picture

"The market is not rigged...the market is not rigged..."


blindman's picture

secret minutes of recent fomc meeting,
urgent memo distributed and discussed:
no more selfies or instagrams with
minorities and this.
mandatory viewing, the "financial" system
if it were petroleum isomerization unit.
BP Texas City Explosion
participants advised to keep away from operator
and operations util further notice or complete
annihilation of the plant. emergency personnel
will be sent in first.