GDP Disaster Sparks Bond & Bullion Bid But Stocks Shrug

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Stocks jerked higher on the ADP beat and dumped on the GDP miss to end approximately unchanged from pre-data levels but bonds and bullion are well bid (for now) ahead of the FOMC.


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Can this be in percents so we can se how little are supposed to how they should be ?

Occident Mortal's picture

So green is up or down, ADP or GDP, beat or miss???

The Shootist's picture

And nobody cares? Need moar DOWbell!

GFORCE's picture

We'll see what happens when the volume comes in at the open. Add 1 more unknown to Fed/Russia/valuations etc.

Sell in May?

BullyBearish's picture

Financial Engineering...unsustainable

casaananda's picture

Fuck this. Gold and silver are DOWN. Hardly what I would call well bid. The dollar is way down, too. Does this make any goddamn sense. Nooooo

Xibalba's picture

Stop looking at the rigged price and count your ounces

GrinandBearit's picture

A complete shit show.

the not so mighty maximiza's picture

Belgium to the rescue!!!!!!!!

Seasmoke's picture

Those are some fucked up manipulated charts. 

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Just traded a bunch of FRNs for some money..

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I accept it from my employer becuase I have to, but I convert my extra currency into money each month. 

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All that matters today is the FOMC.

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Jeez, would not you just love to see Gold up $100 today!!! It damn well ought to be.


firstdivision's picture

All the market cares about is the next POMO fix, with little attention paid to funnndermentals

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Pretty simple, this is economic war. China and Russia like gold.  The 1% and the Corporate shit bags like free money and stocks.  Not hard to see which side our governement and the fed are on.  It's a long war that will probably go on longer than my life, but I'm not going to change sides.  I'm not sided up with the chinks or the rooskies, but I'll be GDed if I'll give aid and comfort to the other shit bags.

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At some point youd think the Fed{up} and the west would try to stop the bleed in Au from west to east,instead they make it cheaper for them to accumulate...somethings wrong with this picture

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How much currency is spent daily to hold PM down? And despite a falling $.