Ukraine Denies Funneling Arms To Jihadis In Syria

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Over the weekend, Germany's Der Spiegel magazine published a report on the funneling of Ukrainian arms to jihadists in Syria via Germany. According to information obtained by Der Spiegel, a Ukrainian state enterprise is delivering rifles to Germany, but the German federal government allegedly doesn’t know what is happening with the weapons. In fact, as Spiegel notes, Berlin “can not dispel the suspicion that these weapons have been passed on to Islamist holy warriors to cause a regime change in Syria." It seems the "news" has spurred reaction from the peace-loving Ukrainian government who, as Interfax reports, staunchly denied any possibility of Germany's re-exporting firearms to Syria this morning.


As Syria 360 reports, Der Spiegel has just published a report on the funneling of Ukranian arms to jihadists in Syria via Germany. The following is a translation of the German text by Emily-Dische Becker:

“According to information obtained by Der Spiegel, a Ukrainian state enterprise is delivering rifles to Germany. The German federal government allegedly doesn’t know what is happening with the weapons. Are they being used in the war in Syria?


According to information obtained by SPIEGEL, the Ukraine is apparently doing arms deals through Germany. As the German Foreign Office acknowledged in response to a request by Die Linke (the Left party), the Ukrainian state company Ukroboronprom has been exporting semi-automatic rifles of the SKS Simonov variety to Germany. These imports were approved by the responsible government agencies.


The Foreign Office however is concealing where the weapons are ending up in Germany: The delivery terms of the German contract partner are “a business and a trade secret.” The rifles, it says evasively, are being delivered to Germany “for the purpose of modification.” The American Jamestown Foundation think-tank, which is said to enjoy strong historical ties to U.S. intelligence agencies, believes that the weapons are being delivered from Germany to Syrian rebels. Jamestown estimates the delivery of 54,000 small arms in the years 2011 and 2012. These could have been used for ” covert operations ” in Syria.


The federal government is aware of the suspicions of the Americans, but does not want to investigate them. As stated in their response to the Left party’s inquiry, they have “no findings of [their] own on this matter.” Neither the German army, nor the military counterintelligence agency, nor the federal intelligence service (BND) are involved in the purchase of weapons [the federal government claims].


The Left party’s expert for foreign affairs, Sevim Dagdelen, is alarmed by the government’s ignorance: “It is scandalous that the federal government can not convey anything about the whereabouts of these weapons. ” To make matter worse, Berlin “can not dispel the suspicion that these weapons have been passed on to Islamist holy warriors to cause a regime change in Syria. “

And now this morning, Interfax reports the denial...

  • Ukrainian agency denies possibility of Germany's re-exporting firearms to Syria

Now who do you believe?

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ndotken's picture

The delivery terms of the German contract partner are “a business and a trade secret.”   "Trade secrets" ... hmmm, where might they have gotten that term?  ... it looks like the US Government has trained them well


knukles's picture

Ah hah! 
So now we come full circle.
Where was the Gulf Gas Pipeline supposed to run through?
Who else was involved because their country is the competition's (Russia's) transit point for gas?
Ukraine, between Russia and Europe.

And wherefore art them arms and ammo originate, is the 64K question.
As in flew in from to, as in manufactured, as in stored, as in whose inventories?

Betcha they aren't from Ukraine's inventory

No shit, Sherlock
Ever wonder why shit like this happens?


Like current Ukraine gov't is US puppet, is supporter of Syrian rebels fighting against guy in charge of Syria who said no to pipeline who is Russia's puppet.

Another fucking coincidence

Infinite QE's picture

This is the reason they need Common Core education so that people cannot become wise and astute such as yourself and be able to connect the dots and have a memory retention longer than 15 seconds.

IridiumRebel's picture

it's a small world after all......

cynicalskeptic's picture

C'mon..... same old business, new decade.  Maybe it's just an entrepreneurial type at work trying to make a fortune the old fashioned way - meeting a need.

Similarities to 'Lord of War' and Viktor Bout are not a coincidence.

Dr. Engali's picture

All parties involved have been so duplicitous in this whole affair that I don't believe anybody, especially anybody who has ties to the U.S. Intelligence (is that an oxymoron?) agencies.

BlindMonkey's picture

No. The are smart. I am sure that they think, and possibly are, the smartest kids in any room. That doesn't mean they are wise. At all. They are cut from the same cloth as the cocksucking parasites that leave college to go to the vampire squid. They are just the poor ones that don't have family connections to get them into manhattan.

Tortfeasor's picture

Ukraine denies beating its wife. Story at 11.

knukles's picture

Westen powers deny beating their puds.  More at 11:05

NoDebt's picture

Really?  When did they stop beating their wife?

nmewn's picture

Stupid question.

Who's supplying the ammunition? I know, I know, details details...

knukles's picture


maniacal laughter

nmewn's picture

ROTFL!!!...well, (only half smirking) they have the budget for it.

I'm still trying to figure out the "modify" part of this, modify what? Put a sling on it?

This whole Ukrainian thing has more moves than a monkey in a forty acre

Xibalba's picture

Pentagon set to destroy a billion dollars worth by shipping it to them. 

BlindMonkey's picture

Hopefully it won't be any "Project Eldest Son" surplus. That shit was bad.

fonzannoon's picture

Alan's Snack Bar!!!!!!!

Jack Burton's picture

It sure seems Al-Qaeda has a whole lot of support from the Western Block, not the least of which is the US CIA, who are known to be not only active but very influential in Ukraine, Mossad even more so. Strange times, our governments are some of the biggest liars on earth. War on terror, from an exporter of terror? And Kiev coup members call Russian Ukrainians terrorists? You must be fuckn' joking!

john39's picture

We put the 'cia' in al-cia-duh after all... how clever is that?

lakecity55's picture

The origins of AQ go back thru the MB to NAZI Germany; taken over by MI6 after WW2 and handed over to CIA.

g'kar's picture

"Islamist holy warriors"


You have got to be fuckin' kidding.

ForTheWorld's picture

I was going to point this out too. The rhetoric has changed from "rebels", "insurgents", "terrorists", "towel heads", "goat fuckers" all the way up to "holy warriors".

TBT or not TBT's picture

"Sand People" is how George Lucas translated it for the PG big screen.

g'kar's picture

Meanwhile the Jawas in the Whitehouse keep trying to sell the American public broken droids.

Yen Cross's picture

  This shit is so pathetic! These assholes might as well be at fucking daycare with all the other (4) year olds.

knukles's picture

Might as well be at daycare fucking the 4 y'o's if the Brits are involved

tony wilson's picture

libya has no gold cia stealing and shipping weapons to syria

ukraine has no gold germany buying weapons for syria

merkel must have a regiment nay a hollocaust of corpses in her closet clearly being blackmailed.

i here the mi6 and cia took a kodak plastic 35mm film cassette container of semen from argentina squirted it into some fat cunt.

it turned out it was merkels mom and the kodak cum was from hair adolf hiltler

lakecity55's picture

"Do as we say, Angela, or everyone finds out you're Adolf's secret daughter!"

"And I suppose you haff ze same evidence on Bath House?"

"No. Bath House is proof that Egyptians fuck camels."

Continue With This's picture

You are one illiterate fuck.


You can't write in proper English.

kurt's picture

Have you located the OberfuhrerJism ?

   Contact me in our agreed method.


Is the cooling vessel intact?

Please bring some American Cigarettes

BeerMe's picture

The bullshit governments set up.  Do you want to kill some Russians?  Or some Ukrainians.  Or some Americans?  Maybe some Germans now?

Colonel Klink's picture

Obama's Ukraine Contra operation.

cynicalskeptic's picture

Who's handling the drugs (and getting future Presidential pardons)?

and here I thought that the Opium from Afghanistan was being processed into heroin in Kosovo for distribution.......  no sense in letting US military transports fly return trips empty (which is why we're leaving TONS of military equipment in Iraq and Afghanistan - I guess it's not worth as much)

Bobportlandor's picture

Stupid question.

Who's supplying the ammunition? I know, I know, details details...



What government agency's have billions of Bullets?



g'kar's picture

Obama stopped importation of Russian guns and ammo a few weeks ago. Puttin' has to sell it to someone.

ThisIsBob's picture

"Ukranian agency denies possibility of Germany's re-exporting..."

"Believe nothing until it has been officially denied."

Infinite QE's picture

Anyone else getting the feeling that this whole zioCON agenda is falling apart at an accelerating clip?

junction's picture

Obama seems to have been very busy in 2011, funneling weapons from Berlin and Benghazi to the Syrian jihadists.  The big question is: Who is Obama's organ grinder?

kchrisc's picture

When everything is a lie, only lies are truth.

TBT or not TBT's picture

The first casualty of lies is truth.

kchrisc's picture

Actually, "The first casualty of war is the truth."

One could then use the volume and level of mendacity emanating from the criminals of the DC US, at all levels, as an indicator of the degree of the war they are prosecuting against us, the American people.

kurt's picture

Neighbor Denies Sucking a Goat Dick!