Martin Armstrong Asks "Are We Headed Into Global Fascism?"

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Submitted by Martin Armstrong via Armstrong Economics,


Fascism has been a term applied to the manner of organizing a society in which a government ruled by a dictator/bureaucracy that is unelected or a republic with pretend “lifetime” politicians,  controls the lives of the people and in which people are not allowed to disagree with the government. Such systems have always placed the “good” of the state before the worth of an individual. The right to property is subject to constant search and seizure and courts only rule in favor of the state.

Berlin Wall

That was the closing days of Rome. It was also the Soviet Union and especially the East Germany with respect to organization. I went behind the Berlin Wall before it fell. You could not speak freely on the street but had to wait until you were alone.The Soviet Union was a Communist/Fascist State where you could not disagree with the government and they owned everything.



Government corruption may be at an all time high in history. I can find few periods where the state has hunted down its own people other than during the collapse of Rome. I have written about Maximinus who was declared Emperor by the troops and just consider them as government workers. Maximinus simply declared ALL PRIVATE wealth in the nation belonged to the state to pay the troops (government workers) so that government could retain its power. This was the first attempt at a Communist-Fascist State hybrid.

Italian designers Stefano Gabbana stands next to Domenico Dolce as they talk to the media during a party in Shanghai

In Italy, the famous Fashion designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana were sentenced to 18 months in prison this week for keeping hundreds of millions of euros from Italian tax authorities offshore. When I say there is a worldwide hunt for capital that is destroying the world economy – this is NO JOKE! Politicians have spent whatever they like and then imprison citizens for not handing over whatever they demand. This is not democracy – it is totalitarianism. The have NO right to take money from people and criminalize refusing to pay unreasonable sums. People come together to form societies because a synergy emerges that creates an economy from the Invisible Hand that is larger than the sum of the parts. It has historically be VOLUNTARY. Government has abused its power and looks upon the people as a herd of unwashed wild animals for them to drive in whatever direction they desire for their own self-interest. They retain that power by preaching to the ignorant that they are NEVER the problem, it is always the “rich” who refuse to turnover everything they own so politicians can live high and mighty.

This is WHY Thomas Jefferson, Madison, Adams. Washington, and Franklin, just to mention a few, forbid DIRECT taxation. They experienced that the power to DIRECTLY TAX the people destroys the liberty of the people for once a direct tax is imposed, you must account for whatever you do, earn, and have. The future of the present and younger generations is being systemically wiped out and therein we will discover the seeds of revolution. Justice Samuel Chase wrote in Hylton v. United States – 3 U.S. 171 (1796):

The great object of the Constitution was, to give Congress a power to lay taxes, adequate to the exigencies of government; but they were to observe two rules in imposing them, namely, the rule of uniformity, when they laid duties, imposts, or excises; and the rule of apportionment, according to the census, when they laid any direct tax.

If there are any other species of taxes that are not direct, and not included within the words duties, imposts, or excises, they may be laid by the rule of uniformity, or not; as Congress shall think proper and reasonable. If the framers of the Constitution did not contemplate other taxes than direct taxes, and duties, imposts, and excises, there is great inaccuracy in their language.

Clearly, taxes had to be fair to the states being uniform and apportioned by population. Only Socialists argued that taxes should be higher on a percentage basis the more you earn. They see any uniformity as an inequitable requirement. Let we claim women should have equal pay to men and there should be no discrimination with respect to race of creed. So where does this “social justice” come from other than coveting your neighbor’s possessions simply because they has things you do not.

The early Supreme Court solved the dilemma, when key Founders were still
Justices sitting on the Court, by interpreting “direct tax” strategically so that no tax was direct if apportionment was unreasonable. That solution was doctrine for one hundred
years, and courts need to return to it. Clearly, taxes that were not uniform or disproportionate had no constitutional weight. So much for Obama, IMF and Piketty.

The Founders knew best. Any sort of direct taxation against an individual necessitates a loss of liberty, freedom, and rights. In the USA, you cannot be imprisoned for NOT paying your taxes. They imprison you for not telling them you owe taxes. This is the lawyer-politicians again and how they circumvent the fundamental principles of the constitution all the time. This is no different from locking-up people who protest by claiming they lacked a permit or walked on the grass. In Russia, they just lock you up and don’t bother to pretend you have rights. There is no real difference.

This hunt for taxation on a global scale is simply outrageous. They track $3,000 now, not billions.

A reader sent this in:


Hi Martin,
I just got a call from HSBC Jersey conducting a ‘risk assessment’.  They wanted to know why I had 6 different currency a/c’s & where all the money came from as well as how much money I earn in Asia & how I spend the cash.  The funny thing is I only keep GBP1,000 in the HSBC a/c’s anyway!!!!
I managed to speak to a ‘manager’ & asked if he knew how much HSBC were sued for last October, he had no idea HSBC even had a case brought against them.  Accordingly every expat is being interrogated as to what they use their money for while HSBC can continue it’s blatant misuse of funds.

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Are we there yet, mom?

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Got Mauser?

Oder Walther?

Und ficken Glock Scheiße!

Oops.. Gots to know.. Siggy baby!!

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Operation Choke Point.  Government program to force banks to close accounts for gun dealers and manufacturers, drug paraphanelia, pornographic film makers and actors, conservative groups and anybody else the government does not approve of.

Happening without any MSM coverage at all.   Most of the people and businesses have not violated any law.

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And in other news...


Looks like unemployment levels are about to fall drastically in the Ukraine as the neo-not-so-democratic government announces... yup.. you guessed it...


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Bitches need Credit Unions, bitchez.

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Just got a cimarron 1851 colt navy in 38 spl to replace all those lost in the lake, but Its just a ceremonial pistol you know for wearing when surrender terms are accepted and such

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Watch out, you will conjure up an "Anon" visit with those words.

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Less of a giant evil conspiracy HSBC is shifting their focus away from small money losing accounts. They already made the move in Canada.

Don't like HSBC? Get a different bank, gawddamn...

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Unless you got at least $25k with them, you're "nobody" to them, and not conducive to their revized biz model.

Rx: Get a basic checking account with a bank or credit union that has no fees.  Get Direct Deposit into said account (the big banks will give you a free checking account).  Save outside the bank:  Part cash at home, part in a Credit Union.  I'm partial to the SSP Bank (Serta, Sealy & Posterpedic), with 24/7/365 access, no fees, questions or attitude.

An added benefit of getting back to the habit of paying with cash, is that people who use cash are far more likely to spend money wisely, since they can't give in to impulse buying with a swipe of the card.  Not to mention that instant privacy from Big Bro.

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Where did you say your house is?

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Fascism:  where snarky authors forget how to spell simple words.  Any one else see the misspelled word in the description?

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Sharp eye.  There's one much more obvious than that, though.  And clearly not capable of being blamed on just a simple fat-finger of the keyboard.

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I gotta jet, so I'll give it away....

"outways".  No such word.  Outweighs is the proper word/spelling.

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Thought outways wuz kinda over yonder. (spitting sound)

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I can't believe it! Even Star Trek was conditioning us!! Is nothing sacred?!


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because they has things you do not

Couldn't resist.. That slip made me chuckle.

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Taxes on our Labor are the only true form of collatoral backing a majority of the newly created Global debt.

Think about that for a moment and then ponder the future.....

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calling henry george ......

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At the rate things are going, people will soon find out their actual bodies are collateral backing the debt.  Want to get out of a prison sentence?  You can just "donate" your kidney, in the name of setting off national debt.  It'll be the patriotic thing to do.

I am Chumbawamba.

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Under the fudge packer in chief, it has already made it happen with its minions and bureaucracies...

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"Send in the fascists?  Don't bother, they're already here."

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I got that.  Don't know how may others will, though.

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If you voted for Rommey or Obummer in 2012, you are a fascist.  You just don't know it will when the boot comes down on your neck.  Hard truth to swallow you little libtards and Statists.

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You had me at voted.

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2012. . . ahhh, how well I remember the lengthy arguments on so many threads over the months.

you had me at "voted" as well.

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All the methods of appointing authorities that have been tried, divine right, and election, and heredity, and balloting, and assemblies and parliaments and senate?have all proved ineffectual. Everyone knows that not one of these methods attains the aim either of intrusting power only to the incorruptible, or of preventing power from being abused. Everyone knows on the contrary that men in authority?be they emperors, ministers, governors, or police officers?are always, simply from the possession of power, more liable to be demoralized, that is, to subordinate public interests to their personal aims than those who have not the power to do so. Indeed, it could not be otherwise.



Leo Tolstoy


Chapter VII

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Man, that's a bummer.... big time...  so just string em all up....

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Socialists are fascists who form a mutualist relationship with the commoners, fascists are socialists who form a mutualist relationship with the elites, and where socialism means someone else pays and fascism means that they have complete control.

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sounds like socialism > fascism, if you're part of the 99%.

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Armstrong doesn't even know the difference between Marxism and Fascism.

Fascism is in defense of traditional values. This regime destroys it (genderism, gay-marriage, feminism, gender mainstreaming, Pornography, ...)

Fascism is in defense of the cell of any nation, the family. Marxism calls for the destruction of the family, to create the "new human".

Fascism defends the European culture. Neo-Marxism destroys culture, to create the "new human".

Fascism means primacy of politics. In this regime the money masters rule, the politicians are only actors.

Fascism is authoritarian. Authoriarian means that the person with the authority is responsible. In this regime, a plutocracy, the ones that are elected have no power, while those with the power are not elected.

Fascism is not egalitarian. Marxism claims genes are nothing, socialisation was everything.

Fascism is not an internationalist ideology and fights world government. This regime destroys national sourvereignity to reach world government.


It's Plutocracy combined with (Neo-)Marxism, stupid!

So is this done for disinfo purposes, or because Armstrong is such an incredibly uneducated man?



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Marxism, Fascism, Communism, Statism....who gives a fuck what the specific details of each are, NONE of them rest of the laurels of LIBERTY and that is all that matters.


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They do matter.    Especially when you add the word NEO to the front of all of them.   The peasants get confused and turn on the game (which is the entire point actually,  dazzel-em with bullshit).

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No, that is why they can't matter.  Tyranny is still tyranny by any other name.  Armstrong would have been better served using an all encompassing word like that instead of selecting one of the branches of tyranny.

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zh'ers up-voting a defence of fascism lol

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Re:  zh'ers up-voting a defence of fascism lol

What's more kick-ass daddy authority worshipping than ZH'ers who vote for the small-limited-government-loving Red Team?

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Given that the Christian Identity assholes (or is is more like buffoons?) have lately shown up peddling their shitty wares, the end of this site is not far off.  It's going the way of Free Republic, which started off useful and interesting in the mid 90s and went right in the shitter around 2000.

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i stopped reading freerepublic when the catholic taliban took it over, as if I care about their silly Opus Dei nonsense.

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which also implies the downvotes are defending marxism or just plain ignorant?


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Who should read books, right?

Againstthelie's picture

Well, if the ruling ideology is Neo-Marxism and you have no clue about the goals of the Frankfurt School and instead believe it was Fascism, then you simply don't understand what is going on!

If you are not educated, then you do not understand the differences. And if you do not understand the differences, then you cannot judge. But if you cannot judge, then you also cannot develop a profound personal opinion based on knowledge and facts.

But in case you are even that naive to believe, that your preferred ideology has no flaws, then you are a dogmatist.

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99% of the people out that can't be bothered to learn the myriad of details about each form of tyranny.  You have to say it in 140 characters or less.  So, screw the Frankfurt School and all of that.

Call it tyranny.  Keep it simple for the stupid.