Obama Assisted By Merkel In Explaining The Russian "Costs" - Live Webcast

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Two months after Obama first mentioned the "costs" to Putin should he continue to do what the Russian leader has been doing for, well, the past two months, namely copycatting how the US would act if in the exact same situation, Obama today will be assisted by Germany's Angela Merkel on her first visit to D.C. in three years, to further reinforce the US deterrence idea of "costs" (perhaps to Germany in the form of a third of its gas imports being cut off?), just in case Obama alone can't handle Putin. Somehow we doubt Russia will pay much attention - after all it has been revealed time and again that Russia has all the trump cards.

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bets on how late he's gonna be?

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I'll take the over.. whatever it is.

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Will we get another selfie?

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She will get the Peace prize this time.

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lying through his teeth here...what's new? 

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She looks like Hitlary's fat more femanine sister!

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Oh, and by zee way. May vee have our gold backz?

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Told, to much dismissive and degregating comments, my Progressive friends that this Obie Administration was going to be the clusterfuck of the century, for the Man, His Messiah, was a Community Organizer meaning all he does and will do is talk talk talk talk.

Et Voila!

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Did this fuckin guy Obama just get asked about Snowden and spying on Merkel and he just completely answered a different question?

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The word you're looking for is "lied".

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Fainting women and bathouse boys are looking for the selfie of the dick with ears.

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Loved those fainting women.

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I also warned all my Progressive friends.  I started in May, 2008, when I read Obama was getting more in campaign contributions from the Finance sector than either McCain or Mrs. Clinton (who was still in the race at the time).  That told me that the Finance sector was collapsing and had pre-arranged the bailout that continues full-steam today.  For that I was called either a Fox Viewer or an America-Hater with Bush Derangement Syndrome, because obviously nothing was wrong with the US Finance sector in May 2008. 

Then in late September 2008, when both Obama and McCain promised, if elected, to appoint as Secretary of the Treasury one Timothy Franz Geithner, I reiterated to those who would listen that the fix was in.  And again with the appontments of Rahm Emanuel, Hilary Clinton, Eric Holder/Lanny Breuer, and the rest of the Deep State gang.  Obama never has been a "Progressive," never mind a "Socialist," "Communist," or for that matter, not even a "Liberal."  He's a corporatist like all the rest of them.  The differences are only in the patter they serve up to pander to their various constituencies.

I've more or less kept my opinions to myself since then.  Most Americans are so conditioned to react to the label on the packaging that they don't notice that it's all the same shit sandwich inside, made in the same factory from the same ingredients.

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As always, right on  cue.... whenever liberal progressive democraps are confronted with facts,  their knee jerk reflex response is an ignorant ad hominem attack....

Q:  How many democraps does it take to change a light bulb?

A.  That's not funny and you're a racist...


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You're right (and the joke is funny), but you're leaving out some idiots.  As I recall quite clearly from the moment in 2003 when the process of refinancing the tiny little house I had at the time led me to realize we were in a massive housing bubble that would collapse with bad results for the whole economy.  I was told I had "Bush Derangement Syndrome" and I "Hated America," "Hated Free Markets," "Hated the Ownership Society," and "wanted everybody to live in state-issued, section 8-paid, concrete apartments, Comrade."

I'd broaden out the targets of scorn here, to include all Americans who receive their knowledge and opinions from outside sources, and whose desire to pick a team and root loyally outweighs their need to understand what is happening and why.  If you won't acknowledge faults even among those with whom you tend to agree, and only see faults in those with whom you tend not to agree, you're not a critical thinker.  Critical thinkers are unwelcome in all hives, not just the hive of "liberal progressive democraps."  I haven't seen much EEG action from the hive of "conservative knuckle-dragging repukes," or however the vernacular would have it, either.

Prisoners_dilemna's picture

"Critical thinkers are unwelcome in all hives"

What about the ZH hive?!?

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Still stuck on stupid?  Playing left/right games?  Pavlov's dog syndrom.

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They make it about abortion or gay marriage because they know it enflames passions.  To quote from the script "(The people) ...without compass or direction, anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the true light".   Aside from that, it's different faces on a multi-headed beast.  

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Amen. You wouldn't believe the flak i get in telling people that Obama is the problem and enemy not a solution.  The red and blue team are on the exact same fuckin sides.  They look at me like I'm crazy.  Now I stay silent. 

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"There's a bit of a problem with that one. Don't worry, it's safe... you can see it through the bars, look. But, as you can see, this door needs two keys to open. We've got one, no problem there. But the other one was last signed out by... let me see, here... can't read the handwriting... does that say Damon or Domon? Demon, maybe? Anyway, whoever this guy is, he's got the other one. Soon as he turns back up with it, we'll be happy to open her right up and you can get your tung.... sorry... slip of the tongue, there. Had a late night. Yeah... you can have your gold..... what was that? The other door in the back wall of the vault. No idea where that goes. We've tried to open it but no-one around here seems to have a key for it. Maybe this Damon guy knows?"

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From the prospective of Obama in Wonderland, Putin is insane.  

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From the perspective of Putin in Reality, Obama is an Incompetent, Impotent, Narcissistic Fool, aka, The Boy King

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Bambi just doesn't get it.  What a ass.  What if Putin says were taking over the space station. Get your guy out in X hours or we kick him out.

What if, Putin tells Europe freeze next winter.  What if Putin makes deals with North Korea, Georgia, Turkey, Iran and China.

What if America stays out of something that is NOT our business.  It's not like Putin is asking for Alaska back.

Too Many What If's and bad ideas from Bambi. the only thing he has are the repukes who are pushing him into this catch22.

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Putin has to compromise on transporting u.s. asronauts to the ISS: agree to take them up and then maybe revoke their re-entry permits.

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I bet there are some very interesting conversations taking place in the space station.

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... aka fudge packer in chief....

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LOved the NSA questions.  Merkel did not appear happy.  

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He just wanted to cuddle.

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If an article features a politician or govt 'statistics', . . .  ignore it. Do not bother to read it.

You knew it was b.s. when you read the title. They always lie. See how much time you saved ?   :)

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She ain't black enough to get it.

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Looked quickly and read, "Obama Assasinated by Merkel."

How cool would that be?

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You think that Frauenstein Merkel could wield a machete?

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remember when the market used to go down every time Obozo opened his gay, lying pie-hole? what happened?

Oh regional Indian's picture

this ladies and gentlemen will be the 4th reich addressing.....

let neither sex, nor colour nor any appearence tell you otherwise.

The pinnacle of the paperclipping of Amerika. 

Do not miss the golden eagle, so equally beloved of both nations....


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You are so stupid and your blog is pathetic as shit.

Why do you peddle your shitty blog?


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Thanks for taking a moment out of your day to add to the quality conversation.

Oh regional Indian's picture

I'm just blown away by the doublespeak.

Holy smoke and god or who/what ever help the world.

Hearts go out to the Afghanistanis? Bladfaced lie #1

Russian backed, Russian Backed, Russian BAcked....say it often enough, and it will stick, Bernays 101

Sheeple going Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.........rack!

What lies, aaargh....lead-ers....take us down.


Snidley Whipsnae's picture

ORI... About Afganistan since you mentioned it; Russia has granted US supply route to Afganistan through Russia. 

The other supply route is through Pakistan. 

Pakistanis are not too happy with US drone strikes on wedding parties, women, children, mosques, etc, so the Russian route is much more secure... right now.

Oblamer is not in the same league with Bernays.

Merkle has her own agenda and it will surface in time. I continue to believe that she will not throw Russian oil/gas to W Europe under the bus to stay onside with US. Obama is stepping into an empty elevator shaft while thinking he is approaching the first tee.

She knows how dangerous it is to anger a declining power.

drendebe10's picture

... will they be selling tickets to see fudge packer in chief go splat @ bottom of elevator shaft.

Oh regional Indian's picture

@SnidleyW : yes, like a game of pyramid chess....more dimensional thinking required in these weird times...

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Welcome to the site, Continue With This, you've been here two weeks already.

11b40's picture

Hopefully, long enough to realize when the sarc tag has been omitted.

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Waiting for Putin,s response...probably comes in the form of TANKS!

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it's just a television show.  the scripts have been written, the actors read their lines and the fiction takes life.  but not real life, of course, not one of truth but rather a frankenstein-like imitation.

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I trust obama, the CIA, and the merry band of Jews promoting them more than Putin.. Whatever talking points the merry band of Jews hand obama is honest and true! The CIA and the US gov't are not involved.


And they are not spying on you either! Putin is just a bad character because he will not go quietly in the Central banks takeover of Kiev.. He should be ashamed.

drendebe10's picture

..... and now more some vacuous lying gum flapping from the corrupt, arrogant narcissitic illegal alien indonesian kenyan socipathic fudge packer in chief....  break out the Charmin...

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Obumba is wise.. LOL!

FightingtheFed's picture

I think I heard him using some of that Negro dialect which Harry Reid was speaking about...