The Odessa Images Spooking The Market Ahead Of The Weekend (Up to 38 Reported Dead)

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UPDATE: Up to 38 reported choked to death in the burned buildings of Odessa.

Wondering why Treasury yields plumb new depths, gold's having its best day in a month, and stocks can't keep a bid no matter how many times JPY or VIX is slammed? The answer lies in these disturbing images from Odessa which show Pro-Russian forces under attack by Ukrainian forces, buildings burning, deaths, and of course - most critically - the kind of anti-Russian actions that Vladimir Putin said was the red-line for him taking action...


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International Bankers are getting wood at this very moment!  War Profits are rising!

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Problem is, if we get sucked into a shooting war with Russia, you think that Russia won't target the financiers?  I sure as hell would.  In a real war, the kind of wood that the bankers might get is a 6' pine box. 

1stepcloser's picture

We'll do what we always a proxy army or mercs with borrowed money...

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Yeah,  and they'll shit their pants soon when those pictures are coming from the streets of New York, Chicago, LA....

1stepcloser's picture


Hence Homeland security and FEMA camps for us.... they (bankers) will watch it burn, from their protect compounds off shore... Problem, reaction, solution.. sad but true...


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“The fiercest serpent may be overcome by a swarm of ants.”

-Isoroku Yamamoto

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IMF "do what must be done lord Turchynov, do not hesitate, show no mercy"

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Notice how the whole thing is done in 1 hour 30 minutes, from the planting of the bombs by the (police?) to separatists being loaded into vans.  And the two bodies still on the street?  Meant to send a message, more than anything.

In Medieval times, walled towns would 'display' the town's last reported thieves, murderers and rapists outside the gate.

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In Medieval times, walled towns would 'display' the town's last reported thieves, murderers and rapists outside the gate.


Little Bill Daggett: Well, sir, you are a cowardly son of a bitch! You just shot an unarmed man!

Will Munny: Well, he should have armed himself if he's going to decorate his saloon with my friend.

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These sit in protest things are fine to get a point across to the media, etc.

But when the rocks and Molotovs comes a flying, I want Mr. Kalashnikov to be reporting loudy in my response.

I think that at this time in most of the east the sit in Ghandi thing is over. Odessa seems to be as well.  

These events (Odessa) are not civil war in looks, more like mob violence.  


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Buses of futbol thugs and other paid have been arriving Odessa for weeks. Hundreds of them.

That is from my friends there in last 24 hr. We have not talked since this big violence.

Odessa citizens is more than 80% opposed to Kyiv gang...

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I love the idea of the United States.  But for real, I really want 500,000 Russian troops to pour into Eastern Ukraine and not stop until they reach the Atlantic Coast of France.  

How fucked up is our world when you have economists and pragmatists agreeing that Russia is a more free country than the USSA and EUSSR at the moment?  

Fuck our world leader.  

Fuck the Bilderburgers.  I hope Putin fucking levels that Marriott in Denmark next month with all those fuckers there.  A few hundred pounts of C4 or a Delta Class sub with a few Medium Range rockets would do the trick.  

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You're a good man HT. I particularly enjoyed your lenthy debate with Ghordius on the EU the other day. But the bankstas have you going so they've induced you to make your first mistake in English that I've witnessed. It's "pounds of C4." Kudos for the impeccable English. My Fabulour Frog Girlfriend who lives here, stateside, would be tres jeleous of your abilty with English.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

I hear the Frogs don't shave.  

Being 27 and making fucking bank betting against the banksters, and working at a large bank in Frankfurt, seeing many 'a' international Beaver isn't that uncommon.  

My quesiton for you is this -- 

Is it a full-on untrimmed monster Bush, with crazy shit going everywhere, or is it a trimmed landing strip of a bush?   

German girls, albeit irrestibly attractice all have the exact same looking vaginas.  Completely bare.  While it isn't so bad in porn, after a while it gets old.  We have a new French intern.  She isn't from Paris, which is a plus (not STDs) and I am curious how her down stairs looks.  

Protips would be appreciated. 

August's picture

I really want 500,000 Russian troops to pour into Eastern Ukraine and not stop until they reach the Atlantic Coast of France. 

No half measures, please.  I suggest the Welsh Border.

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This is almost as bad as a typical Saturday night in Chicago.

fooshorter's picture

Do you even live in Chicago??

I get the perception, but the North side, loop, and suburbs are just fine. No one ever goes near the South side or west side. And its a god damn tragedy that young kids have to live in a war zone in America with revenge killings.  

Go on /r/Chicago to get a real sense of the people who actually live here on a daily basis

Blazed's picture

I do, and the Obama "youths" and "teens" and their older cohorts act the same whether they are on the north side or on the south side, perhaps you should see Uptown, or not.

Infinite QE's picture

Or try Michigan Avenue when the south and west side natives get restless and get tweets from Holder telling them to go give whitey some hell.

They'll be machine gun nests near the el stations soon enough.

fooshorter's picture

Taste of Chicago, was brutual last year, Taste of Randolph was awesome though..

scrappy's picture

Would you care for a side of irony with your meal sir?

Meal Sickens People at Food Safety Summit.

McMolotov's picture

No one ever goes near the south side or west side — except the poor folks who live there, and I doubt they're posting on reddit.

I realize it's a generalization to call Chicago a hell-hole when it's only parts of the city that are bad, and perhaps I should have been more specific, but those parts of the city that are bad are absolutely terrible. War zone is an apt description. I'm sure there are decent areas of Detroit, too, but when people hear "Detroit," they picture Dresden after the firebombing. That's just the way it is.

fooshorter's picture

I realize Im calling out a darling of zero hege here and I do appreciate the reply. I doubt the people on zerohedge go to the south side, same point (?) 

If you have never been to chicago come for a nice weekend there are fun and safe parts of the city and if eating deep dish pizza, grabbing a cubs game, having some good beer, or going to some awesome musuems isnt your thing then fine. 

I also recommend a great post on ZH about the income disparity of what I call the two cities. Chicago is very segregated more so then other cities, such as NY where everyone has cram in the same subway. In fact NY has parts that are just as dangerous, looking at you South Bronx (poorest zip code in the nation). 

tl;dr : If you never been to chicago come and enjoy a cubs game ;)

McMolotov's picture

I've been to Chicago and enjoyed it (+1 for being a Cubs fan). What's weird is St. Louis has some areas that are just as bad, but it hasn't gotten pegged with Chicago's reputation for some reason. Better PR? My friend has had his car broken into three times in the last year in St. Louis. Told him it might be time to move.

Berspankme's picture

St Louis is an absolute shithole, especially East St Louis. But let's not start fighting each other's cities. All/most of America's major industrial cities are hell holes courtesy of our bankster and corporate masters offshoring people's livelihoods for decades. Turn your anger where it belongs and start them swinging from Lampposts. Jamie and Immelt are a good start

fooshorter's picture

I still want to go to St. Louis for a Cards game, that really is a tough situation for your buddy,

I think what gets me is the MSM loves to sensationalize the Chicagos tragedies, but I don't know why that is their agenda, I mean New Orleans is crawlling with homless people ( a tragedy on another level from katrina) and its New Orleans is great! The city is back! Ignore the 9th ward!

Chicago has fallen behind, it will soon be replaced Houstan. For me I moved because the city I love so much (NYC) was too expensive to be realistic to live there. Chicago is the next best choice (along with boston and maybe sfo) that is a big city as in downtown experience that is affordable. 

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True. Part of me wants it to happen soon. The lies are just depressing.

Dr. Engali's picture

I think you mean printed funny money. I doubt China will loan us currency to fight a proxy war with Russia.

1stepcloser's picture

still has to be borrowed from the printing source...its all funny money.. Question is will they accept it for payment

socalbeach's picture

Fed printed money isn't borrowed from anybody.  It retires government debt and acts as revenue to the US Treasury.


edit: read and learn - Seigniorage

"Seigniorage..., from Old French seigneuriage: right of the lord (seigneur) to mint money, is the difference between the value of money and the cost to produce and distribute it. Seigniorage is a convenient source of revenue for some governments..."

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Indeed, our rulers can be evil but truth be told if there was not what seems like an infinite pool of (useful) idiots to make their wills they would not achieve shit.

grekko's picture

I hope they hire Blackwater.

RealityCheque's picture

I think they're called "nothing to see here, hey look over there!-water" now.

cougar_w's picture


They are on like what their third corporate name change now?

Blackwater --> Xe Services --> Academi

Did I miss one?

sushi's picture

--> MerkCoup

" Nation building through destabilzation operations is our specialty. Fluent in all dialects of Ukrainian: 7.62, 7.92, 12.7, 20, 30"


BlindMonkey's picture

You forgot the 5.45.  Very important modern dialect. 

The Chief's picture

From your lips to God's ears. Please.

mtndds's picture

why does stuff like this happen right before a weekend?  Come monday the markets will bee green and at record highs.

The Chief's picture

The enemies of humanity are in Switzerland, Belgium and Tel Aviv.

That's where Vlad needs to look. Then London. 

I think if the folks on ZH can figure out who is pulling the strings, Putin knows for certain. Nothing like a vaporized sitting room, yacht or polo match grandstand to make shit real for those monsters. Me thinks that Vlad would get some attention real quick. Vlad knows, as most human beings know, that these evil fuckers don't consider average citizens as humans. As such, these fuckers need to be treated a bit differently.

After that, it's merely an oligarch mop-up exercise. I hope it lasts years. These fucking scumbag western boy-lovers in Ukraine need to pay for the destruction. Doin' right aint got no end.

I'm not overly religious, but I'm praying everyday for Putin and his family.

kchrisc's picture

In my world banksters get two boxes: one for the body and another for the head.

Wahooo's picture

Nah, the bankers will beg Putin to go in and settle everything down. They sure as hell can't count on the kenyan to do it.

Wile-E-Coyote's picture

The trigger for Putin has arrived.

So it ever was....

Winston Churchill's picture

The Uke army got nowhere on their assaults on various cities.
Putin has no need to do anything but wait right now.
The Kiev putsch is a joke 'govt.' getting desperate ,whilst
impotent to achieve anything.
Tick tock.

Wile-E-Coyote's picture

There will be a body count trigger for Putin.

Winston Churchill's picture

That political calculus is above my pay grade.
Might be hundreds, maybe thousands.
Putin audience is the other BRICS,and the non-aligned.
Whatever it takes for their approbation is the trigger.

Wile-E-Coyote's picture

No it's simpler than that, to justify invasion he just needs public opinion on his side, nothing like dead teenagers to stir the loins.

Winston Churchill's picture

You're wrong.
Ukraine is a tactical battle in a war over the petrodollar.
Might not have started that way,but that's where we are now.
To win that war, not just this battle, Putin needs the other BRICS and the non aligned with him.
If he needs to sacrifice some ethnic Russians , he will.
Not too difficult for a sociopath.He didn't get where he is
without being one.

SheepDog-One's picture

Eh....we're all just evolved bacterium flying thru space on a rock, no big deal.

A Nanny Moose's picture

To paraphrase George Carlin: I'm rooting for the meteor.