Where The April Job Additions Were

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While not nearly as horrific as recent months, in which the vast majority of job additions were relegated to the worst paying sectors possible, the month of April did see a pick up across virtually all industries (except for one of the best paying fields of course, Information), however four of the top six industries that saw job pick ups were once again in the lowest paying fields: Education and Health, Retail Trade, Temp Help and Leisure and Hospitality. The two best paying fields: Financial Services and Information saw a combined 3K jobs added between them.

The full breakdown of jobs added by industry in April and March (revised):

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I think the biggest additions to jobs were in the Birth Death area.

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This jobs number is just spectacular! Are you serious?288k JOBS? This is frikin awesome! What a slap in the face for all the naysayers that didn't believe in the recovery! Stocks are soaring, gold and silver have been flushed down the toilet, and every major economic indicator is indicating sunny days for the US economy. If this isn't enough to make ZH cynics and greasy golbugz cry, then I'll be damned.

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Yes, flushed down the toilet.  How careless of me.

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That's one hell of a commode. 

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greasy golbugz”  ?

Sir, I will have you know that I Gunk my gold in the shower with me weekly, at the very least.. and finish up with a nice refreshing Triazicide rinse. 

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I think MDB looks good in pom poms....

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Yes! I lost my gold in a horrible toilet accident too!

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288k? how do they count these numbers? i'm still trying to figure out how many died at sandy hook?

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You are right.

Another interesting observation. I'm a part of an interesting start up with ops in west coast USA.

FInding good talent, especially in fields led by Amazon, Goog etc. is near impossible and horribly overpaid.

It really is the whole combined Fake .con boom + housing boom + runaway financialization of everything just like 1995-2008, only 2 things being different.

Value of the dollar...and the sheer size of the bubble:



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Why would anyone set up shop dead center in tech bubble-land?

There's plenty of good IT talent around without having to chase the bubble-chasers. Pick any decent sized city that has a university and watch the talent come to you.

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288 vs 1,000. Great.

and not too many tool creators.

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  1. All time highs bitches
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all time highs on a friday in the lovely month of may....

like it was written long ago...

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Are we still pretending this report was real?

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Report's real.  The jobs aren't.

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NUMBers....it's called that for a reason....

Iiiiiiiiiii...iiiiiiii....have become....


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but...but...but.... he is the chosen one.....

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there is no point in believing in these "additions" as 75% of all the jobs supposedly created came from an estimated number (small business birth/death estimate of 240,000) and 1 million people "left" the labor force.


It's like believing in the FED surveys or confidence surveys - like the UMichigan confidence survey actually cold calls people randomly - yeah right.

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Summer of Recovery, 2009 Style!

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At least this time he didnt say most of the jobs went to the 55 and older crowd.  Maybe 2pm. I will check back

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'OK Wall St, we've been keeping your nuts out of the fire so now it's time you help us politicians keep our phoney-baloney jobs!'

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Ex-White House Official On Benghazi: 'Dude, This Was Like Two Years Ago





I think Shrillary said it best when she asked:


What difference does it make?

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We are the ones we've been waiting for.... now excuse me while I go take a bunch of selfies.

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Manufacturing did not add many jobs yet the ISM came out yhesterday and we were at an 8 year high.  Think we are being lied too? 

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The FSA ought to be added to the job numbers as employed. They are after all paid to vote.

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Numbers are even better when you count "jobs saved"!!!

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Construction jobs.... Should be easy to find out which company added the jobs on this magnitude. What are they building now more than after Hurricane Sandy? I would have believed the number coming out after the clean-up a year ago but now... not so much. CAT, Dr. Copper and Lumber say otherwise. Keystone isn't approved either. Jobs in the Dakotas are good and maybe they had layoffs during the winter and are now hiring back.

Business, Professional ex Temps.... Are these people hired to redesign logos and business cards? Pray, tell which industry is so hot right now. Has to be related to implementation of Obama Care which brings me to ..

Health Care Sector... Of course there's hiring going on because your premiums have doubled and the providers can afford to put more unemployed nurses, receptionists and janitors to work.

Now all you have to do is to believe this, go out and take a big mortgage and then get sick from making the payments. Then you're the perfect American debt slave and patient.

America is booming!


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Out of respect for Mom's everywhere, I'm going to replace the F bomb, with the following hot key assigned (original sin). To be clear for those who are offended by my use of the word (original sin) and all those who are just as offended by my NOT using the (original sin) word, I'll make the following legend, and attempt to use it in a sentence for further clarification. For example.

(original sin) the Affordable Care Act...should be self explanatory.

Some times the (original sin) word needs an ing placed at the end so it would look like this.

(original sin)ing . In a sentence, the (original sin)ing BLS reports today reflect the length, breadth, and height of how ignorant they think the American public really is when referring to the unemployment figures.


(original sin) also has other useful prefix that shall be explained below. Example, (original sin)ers which may look like this some times (original sin)er's, either way, in a sentence.

The (original sin)er's would have us believe both are true, 

A. Is true if the unemployment print is now 6.2% vs. yesterdays print at 6.7%, ahh the magic, or 

B. because the same (original sin)er's contend the number of American households without an income, is a mere 20%, and wait, there's more. I'll explain below.

(original sin), the recovery is over and I missed the bus! According to the (original sin)er's at the Bureau of Labor Statistics(BLS) the number of EMPLOYED people are just over 70%,  While the number of UNEMPLOYED people rests at a mere 6.2%. So the (original sin)ing BLS.gov, is a lying (original sin)er, and the (original sin)ing idiots think we are too dumb to do the simple math.

Thanks for understanding Moms everywhere.

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Every aspect of financial punditry, MSM misdirection and government spin is directed  with the expressed purpose of lying to the American people about almost everything that happens in society.

Why are we arguing about the various manipulated labor statistical models. All models are constructed to hide the truth. Academic and Financial Economists  are the equivalent of plantation foremen, working for the 1% and for the eventual financial enslavement of the American worker.