"We Are Essentially At War" Ukraine Admits, After Dozens Killed

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While there may be some confusion about why massive bond buying greeted yesterday's "better than expected" loss of 209 jobs in the 25-54 age group, dragging stocks down, the answer is actually very simple: there is a war in the Ukraine.

A war which just took a turn for the worst after at least 42 people were killed according to Reuters in street battles between supporters and opponents of Russia in southern Ukraine that ended with dozens of pro-Russian protesters incinerated in a burning building. The riot in the Black Sea port of Odessa, ending in a deadly blaze in a besieged trade union building, was by far the worst incident in Ukraine since a February uprising that ended with a pro-Russian president fleeing the country.

The clip below, not for the faint of heart, shows anti-government protesters jumping from the burning Odessa trade unions house: it appears when Yanukovich was "killing" protesters in February, the west couldn't get up in arms fast enough screaming for the former president's overthrow. But now that the acting post-CIA funded coup government is doing the same thing to its own protesters, the radio silence is stunning.

But while yesterday's tragic events in Odessa were the first time the Ukraine conflict manifested itself in pro and anti-Russian clashes in the Black Sea town, it will hardly be the last: not only does the port city have economic and military significance, it also sits between Crimea and pro-Russian areas in eastern Ukraine and the breakaway Transnistria region of neighboring Moldova.

The admission of the true state of affairs finally came from Kiev itself which said that Ukrainian forces pressed their assault on separatists today, freeing up a regional airport as the head of the country’s anti-terrorist center warned eastern regions are “essentially” at war.

The campaign in the Donetsk region left five dead from the Ukrainian anti-terrorist operation and 12 wounded, said the center’s chief, Vasyl Krutov, at a Kiev briefing, even as military observers were freed by anti-Kiev militants. Government forces have secured the town of Slovyansk as operations in Kramatorsk continue.

“What is happening in the east is not a short-term action, this is essentially a war,” Krutov said today.

War it is:

Open clashes are sweeping Ukraine’s east, from Donetsk near the Russian border to Odessa, about 100 miles from the European Union’s southeastern frontier in Romania, amid signs the industrial and coastal regions are slipping out of the Kiev government’s control. The U.S. and the European Union accuse Russia of being behind the unrest, while Russian President Vladimir Putin is “extremely concerned” and is studying the situation, his spokesman Dmitry Peskov, said today.

There was some good news: military observers from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe who were taken hostage a week ago were freed and will be delivered to the Council of Europe in Slovyansk near Donetsk, the council said today in a statement.

Bloomberg reports further that the U.S. and EU accuse Russia of stirring unrest to undermine Ukraine’s May 25 presidential election. Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk said at a briefing today in Jezioro, Poland, that officials are “losing hope” about a diplomatic solution to end the crisis.

This is a war of maybe a different kind, it is a war that’s undeclared,” Tusk was quoted as saying by PAP newswire at a media briefing. “But what we’re really dealing with is de-facto a war. You can clearly see that actions taken by the international community haven’t brought results.”

To be sure, Ukraine and NATO is putting all the blame on Russia - not only for instigating the conflict but arming the separatists, seemingly oblivious of factual evidence that it was the US that was doing precisely the same just over three months ago when it was orchestarting the overthrow of the then government.

Ukraine’s Defense Ministry said the use of advanced weapons showed the separatists were “professional saboteur groups” rather than peaceful protesters. In a statement, it called their tactics “characteristic of foreign military or mercenaries.”


Turmoil erupted yesterday in Odessa, where more than 130 people had been detained by police, with 10 criminal cases already started, according to Petro Lutsyuk, the head of the Interior Ministry’s directorate in the city, said on the agency’s website. The Interior Ministry later said on its website that Lutsyuk was fired.


The nearby city of Nikolaev hosts much of the country’s defense and shipbuilding industry, as well as Zorya-Mashproekt, a state enterprise that manufactures gas turbines for OAO Gazprom (GAZP), the Russian natural gas producer and exporter.

Meanwhile, the theater by western leaders hit a new peak yesterday when Obama and Merkel did all they could: threaten more sanctions. At their news conference in Washington, Obama and Merkel said Russia must pull back support for the separatists so Ukraine’s May 25 presidential election can go ahead unimpeded. If the vote can’t be held, “we will not have a choice but to move forward” with more sanctions, Obama said. Merkel called the election “crucial” and said she’s ready to support economic sanctions if needed.

Ironically, it is German commercial interests which as we said back in March, are doing all they can to prevent sanctions of Russia as they know well they would be the biggest losers. Germany is Europe’s largest economy and had $127 billion in trade with Russia in 2013, according to the International Monetary Fund, making Germany is Russia’s second-biggest trading partner. Putin has threatened to escalate economic warfare if further sanctions are imposed.

“When we will reach a particular tipping point is very hard to say in advance,” Merkel said. “But all I can say is that the elections on May 25 are a decisive juncture for me and if there is further destabilization, things will get more and more difficult.”

Expect more furious bluster out of Germany and Obama, hoping that verbal escalation will finally cause Putin to pull back. It won't. Meanwhile Putin is keeping quiet. Which is the second good news because as we showed yesterday, all Putin has to do is give the command.

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There is war in Ukraine??? But but. VIX is 12. How could that be #UNRIGGED

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Just the same I picked a few more stocks in the MIC category...

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So... War in Ukraine means buy Netflix, right?

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It will also mean sell Gold. Not mine, mind you. 

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dont you two bitchez dare show your face around here unless you're as pretty as me. WAKE UP UKRAINE!!!

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Pretty Face(s)....

The conflict in Ukraine HAS NOTHING TO DO with Ukraine. The conflict in Ukraine is the ‘official’ beginning of WW-3, because of the collapse of debt-money—money borrowed at interest, to infinity—in a finite planet.


prains's picture

No better place to hide than in the Fog of Woar

strannick's picture

I guess the Mainstream Media will just blame Putin for burning 12 people alive

Volkodav's picture

Already did...and correct # is more than 12..and many survivors terribly injured..

I am told from Odessa friend that many women and even kids were in that building when the beasts threw fire..

Manthong's picture

I said it before ..  all Vlad has to do is drop piles of AKs and RPGs wherever the Fascists are NOT and the problem will fix itself.

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War is how civilization advances....by learning things the hard way

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Parents of the world, do NOT let your children fight this war!  Confucius say:  Sometimes the best way to fight a war is to not show up.

Arius's picture

i'll get Kerry and Lavrov together and lock them up until they come up with s lasting arrangement! ... and just in case bring Biden as an enforcement .... are these guys going to behave like adults  and stop these adolesencse behaviour of not picking up the phone because you said smt i did not like ... grow up!

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You have the amusing belief that Kerry and Lavrov actually have a say...

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If Pukin doesn't move now, he will be seen as a PUSSY, which is by the way, what he is, A PUSSY!  Too bad we have a BIGGER PUSSY in the White House.


TPTB want war now, it is their only way to try to avoid worldwide collapse...moar broken windows, FORWARD Soviet!


Read up on the Fabian Socialists sometime...I mean we all know Oblahblah is related to the windshield cowboy Bush, right?  Lookup Ann Dunham...cousin to the Bush's...ain't that swell.


Confucius say, Man who Fuck on Ground, get Piece on Earth!  


Good luck, Via Condios Amigos y Amigas, Brothers and Sisters all!!!!

jeff montanye's picture

putin has time on his side.  he doesn't need to move more than a wink and a nod.  he has morale, momentum, and, as a judo extra, the fool's momentum of his opponent to direct as well.

clash say he who fucks nuns will later join the church.

Manthong's picture

“Kerry and Lavrov together and lock them up until they come up with a lasting arrangement”

Nah.. lock both Horseface and O’Bonzo in a cage with this one until a compromise is reached:  


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At least now that they've met the 'war' requirement, the IMF will be willing to release the loan to the Ukraine.

It may seem like stickling, but conditions are conditions.

No bodies, no money.


mt paul's picture

in the nuclear age..


the only true enemy

is war itself...

Abi Normal's picture

I wonder if MAD still applies here?  Let's fuckin' hope so!

Vampyroteuthis infernalis's picture

Vlad will show up with the big guns soon enough. He is letting the Ukraine gov't hang themselves before full commitment of the Russian military. 

Putin: + infinity

golfing pigeon: 0

Ukraine gov't: - infinity 

Oh regional Indian's picture

Warmongers are machines. They connot be human because NOTHING can justify this.

Not all over again.

Not for such specious reasons.

Also interesting what a general sense of inevitability and blaise-ness to it all.

Coming to a neighbourhood near us.

Anytime. The "great" HG Wells predicted it. He had written, and I have th esource somewhere, that there would come a time in the world when sstreet bombs were so common that it was common to consider everyday you made it home a good day.

That is their vision anyways. Iraq/Libya/Syria/Somalia/Southern Sudan/Nigeria/Congo are living it. Pakistan, Afghanistan....On and on.

Munition usage and weapon replacement.

Yeah, that's the ticket. Buy UTX. The F-35's a sure "fire" winner.



Lore's picture

Maybe the number '12' is a mistake resulting from poor web page translation of "dozens." 

Did you notice the blackness of the smoke pouring out?  The nazis must have used some sort of incendiary. You don't negotiate with psychopaths who pull a stunt like that. You start another fire and throw them on it. 

JesusUp's picture

ciafbinato is controlling tactics from kyiv, thus

the WACO solution,

case peasants elsewhere(us) get ideas

Jack Burton's picture

Pro Russian people used the building to escape the Euro Maidan death squads in the streets, many of them bused in from Kiev. There were women and children there as the building seemed a safe place to hide from the street violence. Nobody was occupying the building as part of protests. The videos show clearly the whole expisode and how people died. Many faces of Euro Maidan gang members are clear on video, even those throwing fire bombs to burn the people. Thise who escaped the fires were beaten by the Euro Maidan gangs, again, this is all on video. The Euro Maidan movement gets daily pay checks from the USA and EU, 40-50 Euro per day to support these fighters for the EU. Thus, the EU has funded with money the murders, in public, of many ordinary Odessa people. This is a crime, terrorist in nature.

The USA has claimed Putin is responsible now for these deaths, and Euro Maidan employees of the US State Department did the killing because Putin made them do it.

The mental sickness and power grab by the rulerrs of the USA and EU has now gone beyond rational into the realm of pure Nazi Power Politics and murder. The vidoes show many faces of the killers. Western media is either saying little or blaming Russia for Euro Maidan killers actions.

In the East, military moves are more about Ukrainian army taking checkpoints and holding open roads so that Right Sector and Euro Maidan gangs can come into towns and villages to do their dirty work.

The civil war has now begun, the people of the East must have no choice now but to fight, or be killed by America's Euro Maidan gangs. The question about Russian intervention remains open, for now I don't see Russia entering Ukraine. The west is trying to bait Russia into invading, the actions of the west show that they want war and now Ukrainians will die in large numbers so that EU and USA leaders can have the war they want so badly.

Tradehard's picture

Absolute bullshit! There was a peaceful pro-Ukraine rally by footbal fans which was attacked by a group of pro-Russians, killing 4 people. Pro-Ukrainians retaliated and the Pro-Russians fled into the building, getting what they deserved! You reap what you sow.

Squid Viscous's picture

Zev Blitzer? welcome to ZH!

Volkodav's picture

Buses of paid outsider radicals had been arriving by bus for weeks...

had been instructed to keep low, but everyone knew about them..

That is direct from my friend in Odessa...which is city population 80% plus opposed to Kyiv gang

there was 2000 of the animals, threw fire and burned women and kids

Oh regional Indian's picture

If that is true and I believe it is.....holy shit...where do they train these sociopaths that carry out such orders? Are they producing them in some deep black intelligence project.....

Un believable what we do....hmans that is. The sword lynchings in Libya, public baying for blood....


Planetary scale madness...


macholatte's picture


where do they train these sociopaths that carry out such orders?


C'mon ORI. They are everywhere. They're called the military and they're called the police. All day, every day men, and now women, are trained to just take orders and attack head on. They are not held responsible for what they do except in certain politically correct moments. They are trained not to think about consequences or the rightness of their actions. Cops everywhere arrest and brutalize people. Soldiers are trained to kill on command.  Nothing new here. Why are you shocked?


Lore's picture

All valid points, but beware of the tendency to generalise.  SOME cops are psychopaths. SOME soldiers are psychopaths. SOME lawyers, nurses, bankers, politicians, bankers and environmentalists are psychopaths. In a work environment dominated by psychopaths, you find quickly that your career is unable to advance past a certain stage, because they can spot their own kind and weed you out.  "SHIT FLOATS TO THE TOP." 

new game's picture

alphas, way species organize in a "higher" order...i say morph to a real human if not already(majority already live compassionate lives!); oh and burn a bank, if you need to vent some frustration-empty of humans, of course...

Squid-puppets a-go-go's picture

well, even here on ZH there's the odd commentator that has more than a little bloodlust (not you, dude)

SDShack's picture

So Tit for Tat violence is your view of world diplomacy. You are a perfect tool for sociopaths. Learn to identify root causes of problems, and focus efforts on eliminating the root cause. Only the rigorous enforcement of the rule of law will provide the correct mix of freedom, peace and stability.

Mr. Delicious's picture

They deserved this?


Your assessment is, of course, a false one.


Had "pro-Russians" murdered "pro-Ukrainians" you'd be making quite a different claim, wouldn't you, you bitch?



Tradehard's picture

''Had "pro-Russians" murdered "pro-Ukrainians" you'd be making quite a different claim, wouldn't you, you bitch?''

Read my post again. THEY DID! THEY KILLED 4 PEOPLE! Pro-Russians drew first blood in this conflict! I don't need live leak because I get my information from people on the ground right now in Odessa.

Tradehard's picture

''Had "pro-Russians" murdered "pro-Ukrainians" you'd be making quite a different claim, wouldn't you, you bitch?''

Read my post again. THEY DID! THEY KILLED 4 PEOPLE! Pro-Russians drew first blood in this conflict! I don't need live leak because I get my information from people on the ground right now in Odessa.

Overflow's picture

probably they did it again.  Remember snipers at Maidan...  a few "false flag" shots and the beast is released.


BlindMonkey's picture

"peaceful pro-Ukraine rally by footbal fans"


Wow.  Do you realize how stupid that sounds?

JR's picture

This is what de-escalation looks like when the Geneva agreement signed last month left out one of the key participants in the Ukraine crisis: the people of Ukraine. They were not asked if they agreed to step back and let the banker wave pass over them: tyranny, debt and loss of liberty.

Instead, they didn’t leave the administration buildings they took over and they refused to back down in face of Ukrainian armor (NATO).

On December 13, 2013, Victoria Nuland (born Nudelman), said that the US State Department had spend $5 billion to take “Ukraine into the future it deserves,” by which she meant, according to Dr. E. Michael Jones, “ripping it away from Russia and handing it over to EU and the looters from the IMF.”

Nudelman is the wife of Robert Kagan, “a notorious Neocon warmonger and one of the key figures behind the Project for a New American Century, the group of Neoconservatives which pushed the Bush II administration into America’s disastrous trillion dollar war with Iraq.”

The main weapon in the war, says Jones, is the NGO, the non-governmental organization – one of which is the National Endowment for Democracy which currently is giving financial support to 65 groups inside Ukraine to “destabilize a government in the name of ‘democracy.’”

Writes Jones in Culture Wars: “The Jewish Hungarian Billionaire George Soros was also heavily involved in funding Ukrainian NGOs, as was the CIA. All of them working hand in glove with the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The goal was to load the Ukraine down with debt and then take over Ukrainian assets when they defaulted on their loans.”

Continue With This's picture

Money is just a tool for the zionists.

Since they print it, since they control all tax havens, since they control all black funds and black pools of money around the world, I think that they are not after more money.


Control of people is the real deal. These zionists want to be demi-gods on this Planet, with their satanic AntiChrist being the God-in-chief.

Every event they cause has only one real objective, who might be hidden in many other objectives: control the people.

Debt is just the tool for them. With debt you enslave people, and that is the real objective.


Soros and his ilk tried the same shit in Romania in 90's, immediately after the '89 revolution, attempting to balkanize the country.

Groups of ethnic hungarians, who are about 25% of Transylvania's population started rioting and causing violence against Romanians.

An Icelandic TV crew, who just happened to be at the exact place and time, recorded a violent beating of a man, Mihaila Cofariuwhom they claimed it was a Hungarian being beaten by Romanians.

When in fact it was a Romanian being assaulted by Hungarian thugs.


Somehow, elements of the Romanian secret services, managed to get the situation under control, and Romania didn't balkanize.


Soros also is funding many NGO in Eastern Europe, some of them being involved in demonizing Romanians and trying to confuse Western audiences.

That's why in the last 10 years, there is this talk of Romanians and Romany people (the gipsy). The 2 terms only create confusion.

Romany, being a political correct word for the gypsies.

Ask your average Western European about the Romany people, and they will all think you are asking them about the Romanians. There is this demonizing of Romanians in Western Europe, mainly because of crimes committed by gypsies.

Now many gipsies from Eastern Europe, not necessarily from Romania, when caught claim to be Romanians.


Also, there is this Vlax concept, devised by a Soros NGO, claiming that Vlax is somehow a language spoken by the Romany people.

Vlachs (plural) is the old word to identify Romanians. The Vlachs were the Romanians of the middle ages that prior to 19th century were identified also as Vlachs.

Spot the confusion trick? 


We in Romania, know exactly what Soros is up to. The dismemberment of Romania, and apparently the creation of a gipsy state in southern Romania.

An ex-army general, wrote a book about a plan made at the end of the 80's by Soros and co. to do exactly just that.


Somehow, up until now, those plans haven't materialized themselves. Yet. I don't want to congratulate the Romanian secret services yet.

But there  is a general idea in Romanian society, that there is a hidden war in Romania between ex-Communist Party Members and ex-Securitate (secret service) guys.

Kinda like Putin (who is ex-KGB secret service agent) versus ex-communists.

Who were the ex-communists? Zionists in disguise and mainly globalists.


But the work is done at least into brainwashing Westerners to think that gypsies = Romanians.

The same demonizing is done to Russians now. 


Soros and his ilk are very good at using and manipulating ethnic and racial groups of people, and making them kill each other. 

JR's picture

Our understanding of the pattern of IMF and NATO is that the IMF "monetary system" generally enables the political leaders of a country to solidify their positions by giving them more ammunition in governing their people, particularly an increase in military armaments and capability in order to strengthen their rule and to assist the purposes of a US-dominated NATO .

And, as you say in your highly informative and excellent post, to use debt as the tool to control the people.

My question is, from your vantage point, what are the developments in Romania as the Ukrainian crisis continues in relation to what we read here in the media?

I see that yesterday Romania’s Foreign Minister Titus Corlatean requested a strengthened presence of US and NATO forces in Romania in response to the Ukrainian crisis, visiting Washington to discuss the situation with members of Congress and the Senate.

His visit included Sen. John McCain who wants an Aegis-class missile defense based eventually in Romania, and Sen. Dan Coats, member of the Senate Intelligence Committee who wants increased sanctions on Russia and wants to destroy the favorable coverage of the Sochi Olympics which Putin and Russia received, saying “we need to destroy this narrative.”

Most of this is attributed to a report by Romania’s ACT Media.

The IMF playbook, as described by John Perkins’ Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, dictates that in countries involved with the IMF, the people’s standard of living will not be raised. Instead, the politicians get more help to strengthen their control over the population and the IMF gets the people's resources and the power. In short, inefficient tyrannies are turned into efficient tyrannies.

If the Economic Hitman is successful,

“…the loans are so large that the debtor is forced to default on his payments after a few years. When this happens, then, like the Mafia, we demand our pound of flesh. This often includes one or more of the following: control over United Nations votes, the installation of military bases, or access to precious resources such as oil or the Panama Canal. Of course, the debtor still owes us the money—and another country is added to our global empire.”

It appears Romania is falling ever more closely into US domination - from being the “tiger of Eastern Europe” of the 2000s it then suffered severe recession and became the largest debtor to the IMF in 2010.

Wikipedia: Romania:

“Worsening economic conditions led to unrest and triggered a political crisis in 2012.”

Combined with the intentions of US Neocons to strengthen US military presence in Romania and statements such as the following from Hillary Clinton (US Secretary of State 2009), is this not a widening extension of US/Zionist Empire?

“Romania is one of the most trustworthy and respectable partners of the USA.”



Continue With This's picture

Mainstream media in Romania is spinning the same idea that MSM in the West says: Russia bad, Kiev good.

They all get their propaganda material from the likes of Reuters, Washington Post, BBC and such.


The comments of the people reading those propaganda materials though, are not so much pro-West. The opinions are divided: some side with Putin, some with NATO.

You need to take into account the fact that Romania lost territory at the end of WW2. Mainly Moldova, what is actually called the Republic of Moldova, is in reality the eastern part of a historical region called Moldova, half of it being now in Romania. Moldova was historically part of Romania, until the 19th century, when Russian empire started having an influence in the region. After WW1 went back to Romania only to be lost to Stalin (the famous Ribbentrop-Molotov pact, which forced us to join the Nazi to get Moldova back).

Because of this, many Romanians are highly anti-Russia, because, well Soviet Russia made that possible, and some are still with the mindset that  Soviet Russia = today's Russia.

But at the same time, the economic situation, where Western corporations bought everything on the cheap, and the politician's mantra seems to be "we need to privatize everything from water supply companies to the electrical grid companies, well simply coz' we gots to do it" and the fact that the standard of living isn't great, and after the privatisations, everything is not like the politicians say will be, but way more expensive, many Romanians are waking up to the idea that the West might not be so "benevolent" like those peachy-puffy Hollywood movies.


In 2010, our current president, informed us that we need to take a IMF loan to the tune of 20 billion USD, "to pay the pensions and finance infrastructure projects". When does IMF gives out loans to "pay pensions"?

Then Romanians had a 2500 USD per capita external debt. After that loan, debt magically has risen to 5000-6000 USD per capita, but no infrastructure projects have been even started. We are the country in Europe with the least KM of motorways per capita.

Before the loan, external debt of Romania was about 35% of GDP, and now is 65% of GDP. Basically, one giant rape by the IMF, facilitated by our crony corrupt political class.


The real deal of that IMF loan was to give it to Western banks (Austrian, Italian, French ones) so that those banks could then pass the money to the home-base (mother lands) to keep them solvent, especially the Austrian and French ones, like Erste and Societe Generale.

The  money didn't go "to pay pensions", since pensions were cut. Some teachers were fired, and the rest saw their salaries cut.

Oddly enough, the last years, police salaries have increased, and police riot gear  look very similar to Western ones. Romanians hardly ever protest, so I'm familiar with Romanian police gear, because a Romanian protest is always breaking news, since it happens so rarely.

So when the 2012 riots broke out, well the police riot gear looked renewed, westernish in appearance and definitely military-looking also.



So in this economic climate, I'm sure Romanian politicians (corrupt Western puppets) will want young Romanians to fight for them, in the coming WW3.

Problem is, many young ones, if they are somehow forced to enlist, the first thing will do will either desert, or start some real revolution in Bucharest.

I don't think politicians will be that stupid to give young Romanian weapons. That's why, in 2004 I think, Romanian army went from mandatory every men enlisting, to mercenary wage-slave soldiers.


Also in Romania, there is a war now  between the President (right wing apparently), which is seen as pro-American, and the prime minister (socialist apparently) which is seen as "the Moscow man". I don't know what to think.

The president is definitely an ex-Securitate agent. The prime minister is part of the PSD (the socialist democratic party) which are the heirs of the ex-Communist party.


The daughter of the President (which supposedly is anti-Russia, he made some public remarks which can be seen as anti-Russia, like his famous remark that "the Russians see the Black Sea as their own lake"), has a law office, and she represented Gazprom in Romania, in some important deal the Russians made.

So it's hard to tell who is who, lots of smokes and mirrors.


Curiously enough, the Romanian president has Crimean Tatar blood in him. We in southern Romania have a small minority of Tatars, which historically have come from Crimea.