Dozens Of CIA, FBI Agents "Advising Ukraine Government", German Press Reports

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Now that the situation in Ukraine has officially been upgraded to "war", what really happens on the ground will remain largely wrapped by the fog of war on either side, with just one thing assured: a war it may be but more than anything it is a proxy war - one in which both western and Russian interests are manifest in the fighting, and killing, of mostly innocent civilians in Ukraine - a carbon copy replica of what happened last year in Syria.

The latest reminder of just this comes from AFP which reports, citing Germany's Bild, that "dozens of specialists from the US Central Intelligence Agency and Federal Bureau of Investigation are advising the Ukrainian government."

From AFP:

Citing unnamed German security sources, Bild am Sonntag said the CIA and FBI agents were helping Kiev end the rebellion in the east of Ukraine and set up a functioning security structure.


It said the agents were not directly involved in fighting with pro-Russian militants. "Their activity is limited to the capital Kiev," the paper said.


The FBI agents are also helping the Kiev government fight organised crime, it added.


A group specialised in financial matters is to help trace the wealth of former Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych, according to the report.

On the surface, this report is hardly surprising: we reported a month ago, subsequently confirmed by the White House, that CIA director Brennan had "secretly" visited Kiev in early April. It stands to logic that he was hardly alone and continuing the proud tradition of Libya, Egypt and Syria, the CIA was merely getting started unfolding the agency's core competency: regional destabilization.

What is very surprising is that Germany's press is finally stepping away from the western media propaganda umbrella and starting to report the side of the narrative that is in direct opposition to US interests in either Ukraine, or Germany.

So just who, and why, is pulling the strings on Germany's media outlets in a way that goes against the official Merkel fiction, if in agreement with Germany's commercial and industrial interests (as well as those of Europe's commission himself)?

And how soon before Germany's position, one clearly against the imposition of further sanctions on Russia and the additional alienation of the Kremlin, puts Germany on direct collision course with Obama and the US state department? And what then: will Germany, shunned by the US, have no choice but to reallign with the ascendent Eurasian axis of China and Russia. Stay tuned.

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I guess the US government had some to spare. I thought they were all busy monitoring us!

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Proxy War..... hmmmmmm

I am going to pay taxes with proxy fiat.

Proxy... the new normal.

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Not a coincidence Rocky IV is on the tube right now.

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Germany is the real pivot point in this (explains the leak?).

Putin speaks German near as well as he speaks Russian.

His kids are/were schooled in Germany.

Merkel hails from East Germany.

The Nordstream and other pipelines to Germany are pretty darn important (all of its NG).

Germany/German regulators have put a little distance between them and the rest of the western finance cartel (Gold Fix, bank investigations etc and they still don’t have their gold back from the US)

Siemens, Daimler, BASF and Bayer are more important to them than Chevron, Monsanto, Cargill and CAT.

Obama is likely in a bigger trick bag than Putin is in this travesty of US policy.

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Remind me again: How many American bases and troops are firmly planted in Germany?

That could also be a factor in ZATO calculations....

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Wiki: The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is a governmental agency belonging to the United States Department of Justice that serves as both a federal criminal investigative body and an internal intelligence agency (counterintelligence).

Current Mission Statement:

Our goal is to develop a comprehensive understanding of the threats and penetrate national and transnational networks that have a desire and capability to harm us. Such networks include: terrorist organizations, foreign intelligence services, those that seek to proliferate weapons of mass destruction, and criminal enterprises.

Mission or taxdollar creep?


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Until proven otherwise, we should just assume all US federal-level agencies are working to take our money and our freedoms.  This is quiet work, but evidence abounds that my statement is true.

Exhibit One: So many agencies (Social Security, the Post Office, etc.) buying billions of rounds of ammunition.

Exhibit Two: FBI mission-creep (well put Bananamerican)

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Obama and his neocon advisors are continuing the overt destruction of America's reputation started by W.

Cathartes Aura's picture

actually, those "neocon" advisors date waaaay back, one might even re-search Nixon, Kissygrrr & the links to the red-shields, et. al.

chapters, admittedly, but currently important chapters to re-member.

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Ukraine government advised by CIA and FBI agents.

While the Russian separatists are of course advised by angels, fairies, and Russian fashion models in leather miniskirts and fishnet stockings.

dogbreath's picture

see eye aye assisting in booking rendition flights

Lore's picture

How long before Al-CIA-DA engages in proxy destabilization operations IN GERMANY? 

CuttingEdge's picture

Maybe this will happen around the time the dollar collapses, gold rockets, and Merkel starts saying Germany can't be arsed waiting seven years for repatriation of their tungsten bars the Fed are looking after...

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this is happneing to preserve what's left of the petrodollar

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Thank you USSA, for fucking up another country.

Pinto Currency's picture


It doesn't make sense for a country whose fiat petro currency has been destabilized by its central bank to go around confronting or creating chaos in oil producing countries that might go back to petro gold oil trading such as Iraq, Libya, Syria, Russia, Iran, etc. Or does it.

g'kar's picture

it makes sense if you are intentionally destroying that country.

Gaius Frakkin' Baltar's picture

Sometimes, I admit, I wish I had taken the blue pill and gone to work for The Empire's bureaucracy. What bliss to live in a delusional world where I believe my “hard” work did good for the Plebeians. What bliss to believe I deserve a hefty share of the loot taken from the Plebeians for that “hard” work. Oh, to be a prick among pricks... A thief among thieves... A murderer among murderers... Who are these people? Are they us barring just one blue decision? Or are they the spawn of Lucifer?

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Well, you would have a a pretty hard time attributing all the evil they have wrought (intentionally or unintentionally) to Divine Providence.

new game's picture

only logic is bullies know not their limits until smacked a good one from a weakling understood as owned...

haterd has no rules or boundries, and i know not which nation will strike, but plenty hate us...

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The neocons AND libtards (both under the control of the banking-military-financial complex) want desperately to send in the liver-eaters (trained by alCIAda) that they deployed in Syria, Libya, and Egypt; they want to ensure they successfully provoke a full'scale military response by Putin as a pretext to ratchet up the conflict.

And a friendly reminder about Victoria "Nuland":

Victoria Nuland is the daughter of Yale bioethics and medicine professor Sherwin B. Nuland, whose original surname was ***Nudelman***. Victoria’s paternal grandfather was Meyer Nudelman from a family of Jewish immigrants who came to New York City from Russia.  --married to Robert Kagan, whose father established PNAC (of "New Pearl Harbor" fame before 9/11), and related to Elena Kagan, former SCOTUS nominee - see how the web is interwoven?
Nuland -- > Is Elena Kagan Related to PNAC Founder and Neocon Extremist Donald Kagan?

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Of course, we all know the United States would view things differently if Russia were sending "advisors" halfway around the world to help orchestrate a coup in Mexico. Right? I mean, it's not even a question.

The US has outsourced much of its manufacturing, but it's still the world's leading producer of bullshit and hypocrisy.

0b1knob's picture

Replace "Mexico" with "Cuba" and your argument kind of collapses doesn't it?

Global Hunter's picture

cuba is a small poor island, mexico borders the usa it seems a very good analogy imo

SimplePrinciple's picture

Ob1knob, can you say:

Cuban Missile Crisis?

Bay of Pigs?

Obgoing sanctions?

Lore's picture

I wish America would stop sending its advisors around the rest of the world.  Some of them are needed at home.

Aussie V's picture

Watch this Knob, then report back and we'll see if you can gain 1 positive point!

FreedomGuy's picture

You make a good point, ob1. While everyone is in a hurry to jump on the USA is bad and behind all bad things conspiracy, let's be just a tad logical. If someone supported a free and independent state of Ukraine but did not want to intervene directly what type of advisors would you send?

What sort of advice and support do you suppose the Russian commies are sending. You think they are sending spiritual advisers? Maybe they are giving retirement planning advice!

If you were rational you would send both military and intelligence advisers to assist Ukraine. You would help them organize some sort of counter operations. Sending anything else or meals on wheels is a waste of time. Putin is KGB. He is playing for keeps. Do you think a former KGB officer is standing back and just observing?

I am no fan of Obama and I hate the security state but this to me is a fairly rational intervention. I am even less a dan of Putin and I do not want to see him succeed.

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Can we pass a law that when we start a war the presidemts children have to move to the war stricken countand help th all the fuck up mangled bodies. Maybe his own kids telling their dad to stop this useless killing will resonate. Nah what was I thinking he don't give a shit, besides he is not even the one instigating the damn thing. Its the fuking bankers and milatary complex.  Fuck ehat was I tnking let me go back to watching NBA baskeball

YBNguy's picture

Peace Prize Prez strikes again! I wonder if anyone brought that joke of an award up during his "roast" at last nights dinner.

shovelhead's picture

Quite a succinct analysis for a cat.

My dog is jealous. He only gets editorial duties between naps.

Atomizer's picture

Thanks. You made my day.. Sitting in LAX. Surrounded by libtards. One more connection flight to Palm Springs..I swear on my mom's grave, these people are beyond retarded 

new game's picture

i concur-recent trips totalling 6 k miles and i observed the same...

nation of lost souls with no purpose except some bling...

g'kar's picture

Overthrowing governments isn't unusual for our beloved dicktator. He overthrew the US Government with ease.

lotsoffun's picture

nba.  boogies.  n*ggers.  so sorry.  stupidity.  truth.


Berspankme's picture

Is that Donald Sterling dude playing today? I don't follow basketball

MFL8240's picture

The US has not won a war since the second world war and we are ADVISING them?  Is this a fucking joke?

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Faacinating that Germany is a pivot in the emerging scenario once again. Key pivot.

France meanwhile is busy trying to sign deals to keep itself solvent (again a repeat), the UK is a lame duck with war happy leadership, no churchillian figure yet, Farage?

Ahhhh... the EU hit by the Farage Barrage...

And It is, once again....Orthodox, Protestants, American Style Revival Born Againism, Catholics, Muslims....

Ranging up against the godless communists...while fighting each other ont he side for the sake of "Munition and human fodder consumption"...

What a joke...axis, allies, fronts, third front, eastern front....blah blah blah....



Lore's picture

I was thinking that Farage has been quiet lately, but as usual it's a matter of digging through media fog.  It appears that attempts are being made to hijack and discredit UKIP, much like we saw with the usurpation of "Tea Party." 

Nigel Farage pledges to reverse 'racist party' view (Telegraph, 4-May)

Nigel Farage Hit With An Egg By Protester, Goes To Pub To Recover (Huff Post, 1-May)

Nigel Farage: enlargement of EU creates gateway for organised crime (Guardian, 4-May)

Continue With This's picture

Farage, an ex-banker.

That Farage?

You don't leave The City of London banks and become a voice "for the common man" and live to tell the tale. You get suicided for that.

Farage is just controlled opposition. Just like Chomsky is controlled opposition for the leftists.


God, you people are so gullible. So easy to divide you rednecks from Britain.

Farage is just as Obama. An actor. A puppet in the hands of the real power.

If some bald, lots of tattoos, ex-super-commando-army-soldier comes up, and starts shouting "immigrants this, immigrants that, EU this, EU that" you would vote for him in droves. Only to find out he's just a populist who is controlled by some Army general that wanted to pull a coup and install some nasty fascist regime.


It's so easy today to construct electable politicians these days in the West. It has to be the shallowness and emptiness and the superficiality of the Westerners.

So many decades of advertising, of movies, of cheap "feel-good" propaganda that simply make automatons out of Westerners. 


So many centuries of rationalism and materialism has made Westerners have no inner-intuition, no inner spiritual experience (I'm not talking about gay yogga shit here) that indicates that something is wrong in the Matrix.

It's like, for Westerners life has become a mathematical formula. It's like humans in the West are a system, with certain inputs and predictable outputs.

If you know the correct inputs to feed the automatons called humans in the West, you would get the result you want. If you know their fears.

Better yet, you create their fears.

Life is for Westerners a product that needs to be consumed. Voting is the same shit.

Every Western politician is a product to be consumed by the masses. And every one of them tells the right words (advertising) to target his designated audiences.


For the Muslims in UK, you create this George Galloway actor.

For the "shitty-sexual-life-single-women" out there, you create this Clinton/Blair actors.

For the "I-hate-everyone-who-is-not-part-of-my-tribe" you create this Farage guy, who knows that all problems the UK has, could be solved if "just there were no immigration".

For the blacks-gays-lesbians-marxists, you create this Obamao-the-Messiah-in-Chief character.

For the "God-Bless-'Merika-let's-bomb-us-some-brownies-boys" you create this illiterate cowboy Bush character.

For the "stack-gold-bitchezz" you create this old, pensioner, bingo playing Ron Paul character.


God. So many blind and stupid people in the West.

But I admit, had I been born in the West I'd be just like you. 

Maybe you, Westerners, deserve to be obliterated by what's coming.